FarmVille Remove Neighbors Feature Coming Soon

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FarmVille Remove Neighbors Feature Coming Soon

Posted on May 18, 2012 12:09 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Remove Neighbors Feature

Finally! FarmVille will make it easier to remove those pesky inactive FarmVille neighbors that have been cluttering up your neighbor list.

As easy it is to remove an app, some people who have stopped playing refuse to take the time to uninstall FarmVille, but that won’t matter for much longer. Now, you can clean up your FarmVille neighbor list yourself with this new Remove Neighbor feature “coming soon” to FarmVille.

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Mohammad for finding this upcoming Feature!

What do you think, FarmVille Freaks? Are you happy to see an easier way to remove your unwanted FarmVille neighbors? 

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27 Responses to “FarmVille Remove Neighbors Feature Coming Soon” »

  1. Penny Says:

    What’s the point?? Just delete them all together. I don’t get it.

  2. sharon Says:

    this might be a kool feature

  3. Christine McCreary Says:

    There is already a remove feature you can use. I would like to see a remove feature that tells how often your neighbors are playing ie. daily, week, etc.. this would help us to know if we should getrid of them to make room for more!!

  4. KaraS Says:

    Good, I have a lot of neighbors on my list who don’t play any more, some of whom I’ve unfriended. I’ve tried to remeve them from my neighbors list but they won’t go away!

  5. Sandrina Says:

    Oh, wow, that’s great! I’ve got tons of neighbours who don’t play farmville anymore and some have already been begging me not to send them gifts or requests anymore. So right now, I’m always sorting out who to send something an who not. Love that feature, finally something really useful! :D

  6. Jake Williams Says:

    I think it would be handy because I have some neighbors who do nothing but take, take, take and won’t help with a darned thing, while the ones who DO help wind up with the short end of the stick. I help all I can, so is it wrong of me to ask them to help me out now and again?

  7. Paula Jo Szegda-Davis Says:

    AWESOME!! Let’s hope it actually works!!

  8. David Says:

    Does this mean we can finally clean up our neighbour list of former neighbours whom are no longer Facebook friends but still listed?

  9. Ursula Stoltz Says:

    yesssssss…:)))) . cant wait that we get it… I need to clean up my list badly… but if I go to the neighbours page, its all freezing up.. and I need to pass first all the other friends to get to the neighbours…and then it needs really much time to remove one by one… :(

  10. alli Says:

    this is really going to come in handy for me. I have a lot of friends that don’t play farmville anymore. It’s going to make it that much easier to remove them as fv neighbors instead of removing one and waiting for the page to refresh to scroll down again.

  11. Tala Says:

    I have family that no longer play, but I can still get points for visiting their farms.

    What would really be useful is a way to customize the gift sending lists. I don’t want to remove them as neighbors, but I would like to not have to pick my way around them when I send out my gifts three or four times a day.

  12. russell Says:

    Wait till it actually works without glitches before you start celebrating. At least they are addressing a needed feature instead of creating anouther FARM CASH game. (Of course they could make us pay FARM CASH to use it.)

  13. Cindy Court Says:

    hope it is faster than the system we already have. I want to see though if you delete someone as a friend it deletes them from the neighbours as well. I am sick of having people who I am no longer friends still claim items – but I can no longer see them to delete as neighbours

  14. Connie Says:

    But will it work for the people FV has on there that aren’t your neighbors and don’t play FV. That’s who I need to get rid of on that list so I don’t have to page through a million people to find ones that play!

  15. judy Says:

    Hope they give us exact instructions on how to use it!!!

  16. Becca Says:

    Now this could work. At least then we would know who plays the game and who doesn’t. Love that idea. If I can get them off my neighbor bar I’m all happy about that!!

  17. Johno Says:

    Where can I find this feature – I have quite a few who no longer play that I want to delete?

  18. Phyllis Says:

    what a great idea cuz the way it is not won’t even load half to time and is so slow I have just given up trying to delete some that no longer play should make it the same for all games

  19. Soozka Says:

    How do you uninstall the zynga games which you no longer play?

  20. Tammy Says:

    This is actually a really good feature. I had a problem and I just couldn’t solve it for weeks. I couldn’t buy a single bushel for my bakery/tiki bar etc, it just kept telling me that none of my neighbours had those goods for sale, yet I knew that they did!. Finally I decided to delete every single neighbour I had to see if that would somehow “reboot” my bushel problem… and it did! BUT it took me over 2 hours to delete all of them as each time I click to remove a neighbour it had to refresh the page and took about 1 minute ish to become clickable again. So now I can buy bushels and I have just re-added my active neighbours, hopefully if this happens again this new feature will allow me to remove those pesky neighbours again but much faster :)

  21. QueenGSA1 Says:

    But if you remove them, whats to say we arent going to get some other quest or expansions or some of that nature where we will need 120 or so neighbors? I have the bodies now, if i need more neighbors, whats to say they dont want to join Farmville again? I know you have the choice to remove or not to remove, Im just saying.

  22. Loretta Says:

    I’ll be so happy when this comes out!! I know there is the other thing to add and remove neighbors, but mine has NEVER worked. I have had neighbors forever, yet, it doesn’t list them as my neighbors… and ones I have taken out, still appear as neighbors on that screen.. sorry, but the old one is total crap, and can’t wait for one that actually works!!!!

  23. Geraun Says:

    I think what Zynga should do is look into persons who have not played the game for x amount of time and remove them from the game. I don’t think I should be deleting a neighbor that is a friend of mines and have them show up when I am requesting/ sending gifts.

    I have stopped playing other Zynga games and I am still known as a player and neighbor. I have blocked the game. And still I am known as a player and neighbor.

    So instead of me deleting a neighbor, I hope the feature is like this: “Hey farmer this person has stopped playing farmville and has been removed from our farmville file. Would you like to delete them from your neighbor list?”

    Now that sounds much better. But I also believe that a closed account feature should be added. Let players opt-out of playing the game when they want to stop all together. This would help me with my other Zynga games.

    They can also save your progress for 1 year if they want or you start back over at Level 1.

    Just my opinion.

  24. Eric Says:

    Some neighbors don’t play anymore so it will be nice to remove them, but I want to still keep them as Facebook friends. Hopefully this will only remove the Farmville connection.

  25. Sue Gillen Says:

    When is this going to happen?

  26. isepiq Says:

    You should have a completely separate account for your GAMES!!! Another completely separate account for your Family & close Friends. I have all games & such completely blocked on my Family & Friends account. It makes it much easier to play the games that way also.
    Question: How do you determine whether or not a neighbor is still playing Farmville or not??? How is everyone doing that??? Thanks.

  27. Jennifer Jaynes Gayman Says:

    Well it is January 27, 2013 and this feature still does not work. Can’t delete neighbors. New friends are not even showing up in the “add neighbors” tab, so they can’t be added as neighbors. Emailed support and was told to do what I have already tried.