FarmVille Rolls Out New Neighbor Visit Feature

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FarmVille Rolls Out New Neighbor Visit Feature

Posted on August 31, 2010 7:29 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Neighbor Visit Notice

As mentioned by last week’s FarmVille Podcast, a new Neighbor Visit feature is being rolled out in FarmVille. Please note, currently this feature has limited access, not all farmers will be able to see this function yet.

The updated FarmVille neighbor visiting will allow you to visit your neighbors’ farms and complete tasks such as

  • Harvest Trees
  • Harvest Animals
  • Plow Land
  • Fertilize Crops

FarmVille Neighbor Actions Icon

You will be able to complete up to 5 actions or tasks per visit.

FarmVille Neighbor Visit Information

Upon completing tasks while helping out on your neihgbor’s farm, both you and your neighbor will be rewarded with XP and coins. After completing tasks on your neighbor’s farm you will be rewarded instantly, similar to completing neighbor tasks in FrontierVille. However, if someone helps on your farm, you will have to accept each task they did to be rewarded.

FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb Helping a Neighbor Out

Do you like this new neighbor visit feature? What are the pros and cons for you?

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219 Responses to “FarmVille Rolls Out New Neighbor Visit Feature” »

  1. SuzieO Says:

    I’m just posting here so nobody will say first which is so lame.

  2. John Says:

    Such a tragedy… this feature is going to be a pain.

  3. judy Says:

    Maybe this one will work as it should??????

  4. MarMar Says:

    when will this feature be available?

  5. ADS Says:

    I was just able to harvest all my neighbors animals, +50! The next farm only 5 :(

  6. Lily Says:

    It’s really a pain!!!! OMG I don’t believe they didn’t hear us….It’s a nightmare.

  7. Kelly Says:

    I see they also get the coins for harvesting the trees and animal. bBut does the person who’s farm it is get the coins also? and can they harvest the chicken coop, dairy and stable? And for the record I don’t like this.

  8. Destroyer of Worlds Says:

    T -minus 3 hours 19 minutes until farmville crashes from these updates

  9. Cherie Says:

    A little example of how well this works in Frontierville… #%$#!! It doesn’t.

  10. Faming nut Says:

    Yeah and as usual, Zynga has screwed it up. I can’t visit any of my neighbors. Their farms just lock up. I really don’t want my neighbors doing this. Thanks Zynga. Novel idea. Before rolling out a feature like this, ask the Farming community if they want the new feature. “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should,”

    Please roll out the nursery barn upgrade. There are tons of little calves/horses out there that need somewhere to call home.

  11. Kay Chambers Says:

    I absolutely do not want this used on my farm!!!! Is there any way to block it?????

  12. stormsavage Says:

    No way! I do not want people harvesting my animals or trees. I don’t want anyone doing anything on my farm but me, I have too much time and money invested, the only reason I play FV is because they didn’t let neighbors do stuff like steal animals ect like some other games I saw.

  13. valerie baxter Says:

    I already have the new feature…I’m just glad that they have put in the option that you can either accept or dismiss the action of your neighbour. If they come and fertilize, feed chickens and tend the foals fine, but if they try to harvest my horses, stables and dairies I will dismiss the action.

  14. dawn Says:

    I don’t think many people will even bother will this feature. My neighbors don’t have to worry, if I go to their farm it’s to look and fertilize/feed, nothing else.

  15. patrick Says:

    this is GAY very very GAAAAAY

  16. patrick Says:


  17. Anon Says:

    Doesn’t seem to work for me yet…out of interest why don’t you guys want neighbours doing those things? it’ll be cool if they harvest say the horse stable as then i may actually get a rare foal instead of giving them all away?

  18. Joey Black Says:

    Noooooo! I do not want this feature! Is this another Zynga trick to get us to re-activate people’s farm so Zynga can get another “hit”….People are leaving Farmville left and right and Zynga is getting us to do their dirty work. It’s not fair to penalize the person who did the work when I DISMISS their work they did. Not nice. It’s not enough that Zynga now thinks for me, tells me when to do what, makes MORE work for me, that now I have to tend to OTHER people’s farms…ghessss CAN”T even GET ON them 99% of the time…..and don’t tell me it’s my computer! Not enjoying the game anymore. THANK YOU for stopping the pop ups tho!

  19. Sandra Says:

    Patrick – I am not gay, but I have plenty of friends who are. Grow up and work on your vocabulary.

  20. fred schecter Says:

    At least one of the five actions isn’t sleeping with the Farmer’s daughter!

  21. Jaymes Says:

    the way i see this feature if for lazy people that want other people to harvest their farm for them but still get the the rewards.on the other hand if you have a farming plan of how you wanna run your farm, you have the option to decline the help.however, your neighbor would have done all that work for nothing and would be pissed off at you for declining the help.the thing to do is talk with your neighbors and tell them if you want the help or not.cheers :-)

  22. Suzie Says:

    Well at least you can choose to either fertilize/harvest etc… I will just continue fertilizing… it’s easier and quicker.

    And I’m glad you can do a max of 5, rather than 5 of each… I have many farms to visit each day, adding harvest/plowing etc.. would just take far too much time :(

  23. Nutty Farmer Says:

    I most definately dont want people doing these things on my farm. I would be absolutely horrified to come to my farm and find that some well meaning person had harvested my dairy barn for example…or harvested my cows!!!
    My neighbours cant possibly know why I am leaving them unharvested or what I am doing on my farm and why. And whats the joy for me if every time I come to my farm everything is done cos my neighbours visited.
    No thanks.
    Thank goodness I will at least have the option to decline their actions on my farm.

    @ anon…the reason some people wont want their neighbours harvesting their stables and barns is cos of the stuffing that many breeders do to get rare foals and calves etc.
    Hard to know if you know what that is cos I dont know what level you are or if you breed.
    I have ONE cow in each of my dairy barns waiting for it to be ready to fill with others so I can share rare calves with my friends and neighbours…same with my stable…if someone came and harvested them for me I would be sooooo pissed.

    Bad bad move on zyngas part…there is already a mounting mutiny on the fb feed about this.


  24. Suzie Says:

    Also.. I think if you dismiss the help, the other farmer will still get their coins/xp.

  25. Jean Says:


  26. Barb Says:


  27. wolf123rt Says:

    it dosnt work for me and plus i dont want anyone harvesting from my farm then all the work i do wont mean s*** because they already took the coins and stuff

  28. valerie baxter Says:

    On second look you can’t harvest the stable or the nursery, I guess the dairy would be the same. Only the animals out side can be harvested, but breeders keep all their horses out. I like the new feature which allows you to send a particular gift to the person whose farm you are on at the time. On the left of the screen it will have a picture of what your neighbour wants, click and it is sent.

  29. valerie baxter Says:

    There has been the option put in to reject/dismiss what your neighbour has done. Use it. No problems.

  30. Kellie Says:

    Please help!! i send back!!!

  31. joe Says:

    i hate it so much

  32. Pam Sal Says:

    And how does this affect those of us that are breeders of horses, cows, etc? Does this mean that visitors can harvest my animals and play havoc with my breeding system? Really, this explains why my breeding hasn’t been working properly for over a month with coins going backwards, not being able to post foals in Messages to friends, losing horses and not being reimbursed, and farm freezing every time I try to post a foal with a subsequent LOSS OF 50-100,000 coins EACH time I refresh or get an OOS message, which is constantly. I see now why Support will not assist me with all of these issues…they’ve been TRYING to do away with the breeding feature by making it so difficult and frustrating. THIS is the final straw, though. I want my money back for all of my “cash” breeder horses.

  33. aletta Says:

    Who’s lame idea was this? i dont mind some of it but allot of us do our trees when all is Ready. as for harvesting animals umm who gonna get the xps on it ? my farm .

  34. olive smith. Says:

    No Way,not happy about this, I dont want ppl harvesting my animals,this is the part i enjoy doing myself,do we have any option on this crap Idea..

  35. Isabelle Says:

    This feature will be a nightmare. I don’t want my neighbors to harvest my animals, trees and barns. :x

  36. Kelly Says:

    #26 where do you find this option to reject or dismiss?
    Please share

  37. Shannon Says:

    anyone else have farmville freak gone from facebook? has their page been deleted? i found the Italian but not English. wondering if anyone else has this problem.

  38. Paul Marciante Says:

    If even one of my neighbors attempts to do this to my farm I will go in and sell everything on my farm and delete everything and then Zynga you can take all your games and shove them up your asses. I will delete anything that involves Zynga from my facebook page and make sure I do not get any postings from you ever again.

  39. Skannarr Says:

    you guys, both you and your neighbors get the coins if they harvest your things. besides the glitches, the feature is great, being on their farm just takes longer. stop complaining about a free game.

  40. cyrusPH Says:

    will we be able to harvest from buildings like coop/nursery/pigpens/dairyfarm or just animals in the field?

  41. vanessa Says:

    NO this is BS and i am so pissed about it if i wanted to do that crap id go play fn farmtown! i will delete any neighbor i have who does this shit

  42. John Says:

    They better not touch any of my horses or cows or they will be deleted as a neighbor. What a stupid f*cking idea some jack off at Zynga thought up!!!

  43. Mamie Says:

    Just for the record, I DO NOT LIKE THIS FEATURE, they have added take it away.

  44. devona Says:

    like frontierville
    and for the record i played that game for about 2 weeks before I blocked the application from my page.

    farmville is fun I been playing since almost day 1 and im only level 58 I like the way it is dont make it like frontierville please

  45. christina Says:

    noo this is so annoying! I leave all my animals and trees so there ready at the same time then use the farmhands and arborist and now the people visiting my farm will ruin the routine and having animals ready at all different times and this will do my head in muchly , argh! :(

  46. Aaron Says:

    I’ve already been able to successfully get this new feature to cause an Out Of Sync error.

    Visit a neighbor A’s farm. Harvest trees, visit the neighbor B’s farm, do nothing, visit neighbor A’s farm again, and fertilize the crops. Visit neighbor B’s farm and do whatever. Out Of Sync will happen shortly.

  47. Ken Says:

    I guess I’m in the minority. I love this change. I have a whole field of pumpkins that can use unwithering. I just went and unwithered a bunch of my neighbors crops. Why are so many people upset that someone can harvest your trees or animals? Whats it going to hurt?

  48. John Says:

    Good Aaron, hopefully that will discourage its use!

  49. Nutty Farmer Says:

    @#31…Everyone has a right to express their opinion…you think its great…others dont like it…for you its a free game…some people actually choose to pay REAL MONEY to play. :-)

  50. Carol Says:

    I will be opting out of this feature

  51. Norma Says:

    I will not play farmville if this happens

  52. Norma Says:

    this will be chaotic

  53. Stephanie Says:

    This is by far the stupidest thing Zynga has put on FV. This is going to cause lots of people to delete the application and/or delete people from their friend list. I mean… plowing?! WTF??? That’s such BS!!!

  54. ruthie Says:

    NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL QUIT!!! PERIOD..

  55. Ken Says:

    Oh and i also love how you dont have to wait for your character to move around to do the harvesting anymore. Don’t have to worry about neighbors whos farmers aren’t trapped.

  56. philippe Says:

    this is s**t I was thinking of deleting anyone who touch my tree but now you will only loose time I’ll canceled anyone who touch my tree :) lol nothing for you , if my neighbors wanna keep there xp and coins just fertilize the crop :) simple as that

  57. ruSh.Me Says:

    I just received 1000 coins less while harvesting my trees… Neighbours can do whatever shit they want.. I want the same amount of coins while harvesting as before… Those are my trees and animals, and I DON”T WANT TO SHARE THEM!!!

  58. Ada Says:

    Get Really!!! What is the purpose of being a farmer if you have people farming for you!! Real stupid!!!! I normally time my crops and it would piss me off if someone comes on my farm and harvest and plant, imagine if they plant three day crops and you want 4 hour crops. PLEASE this had to be the dumbest thing on farmville so far.

  59. Kelly Says:

    Can someone please answer where is the option to dimiss or reject. And do both my neighbor and i get the coins when this is done? or just them

  60. debra Says:

    If and when this happens I can’t see myself playing farmville anymore…I DO NOT WANT other players on my farm fertilizing, etc.

  61. Linny Says:

    i don’t mind i only have one active neighbor who barely vists my farm but i still like it but could understand how i would suck for people who breed

  62. Linny Says:

    oh what a surpirise

    Hey Farmers! We are currently experiencing technical issues and have disabled withering while we investigate the problem. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

  63. mary Says:

    this feature is going to be a not like it..

  64. ruSh.Me Says:

    Wait Wait Wait!!! Can any one make me understand this?

    “Upon completing tasks while helping out on your neighbour farm, both you and your neighbour will be rewarded with XP and coins. After completing tasks on your neighbour farm you will be rewarded instantly, similar to completing neighbour tasks in FrontierVille. However, if someone helps on your farm, you will have to accept each task they did to be rewarded.”

    Okay, e.g. I have 20 Pomegranate trees. and they get ready at 10 am. NORMALLY SPEAKING, at 10:01, I should get 20X108=2160.. Now a neighbour harvests them at 10:01.. I don’t care how many coins s/he gets.. All I want to know, when I log in at 10:02.. I want all my Pomegranate Tree “Ready to Harvest” and I SHOULD get 2160 when I harvest them.. Now is that the same thing???

  65. Jim Says:

    Bad move Zynga. Should have read all those posts and instead you’ve manage to tick off a lot of farmers. Please fix the other problems before giving us more head or heartaches. I will block these feature sorry neighbors.

  66. Shelly Says:

    All this fuss over something so innocent! What is the big deal? If you don’t want a certain action to happen, dismiss it. Simple as that! Oh wow, it might just cause you a little more work/time! Cry babies!!! Get the freak over it! And those of you threatening to delete neighbors who will do such things, I pity you. You’re not much of a neighbor yourself for overreacting to this new feature. It’s trial and error. Some will like and others will HATE it. Take your tears elsewhere!

  67. John Says:

    People…its ime to untrap your avatars!!! SET THEM FREE!!! hahaha

  68. Aisha Says:

    egh…i dont like this idea…i dont want people harvesting my horses when I want to try get more foals by placing / removing horses to get more bonus’ from the stallion

  69. ruSh.Me Says:

    #46 Ken, Unwithering is a different story.. But how will you feel, never getting those 2160 coins for your 20 Pomegranate trees; May be you pay real Cash to buy FVC n Coins; I don’t. Trees and Animals are a steady source of coins, I don’t want any one eat into it!!!

  70. donna marler Says:

    I don’t like this… what about my ugly ducklings which i adore and don’t want harvested into swans? And what about our pregnant pigs? Will this option be put in the hands of our neighbors? Are we all considered helpless to do our own animals and trees? Will we have the option of rejecting this feature on our individual farms?… i hate having my decisions taken out of my hands

  71. diver Says:

    I DO NOT LIKE this new feature too. I like doing my own farm and harvesting my animals the way I want to. SIGH :(

  72. Frances Says:

    People please leave well enough alone.. there are so many improvements you could work on. If enough people visit my farm before I get there and do all my harvesting then what do I get ? do I keep the same coins.. how about letting us share some of this crap you come up with and shove down our throats.. take it or leave it is your attitude. Take a poll on new features.. or an accept or reject option.. same with the Proxy, we have them and can do nothing about it.. I can’t stand mine.. I could be done while waiting on her to get from point a to b.

  73. Fran Says:

    This is a pain for breeders!!!

  74. Renea Says:

    do not like the idea of someone harvesting my trees i like to keep my trees blooming unless I need my money. I t makes my farm prettier

  75. Melania Covey Says:

    There are a lot of complainers out here.

    1. It says that you have the ability to reject whatever your neighbor did. So you can still breed, harvest all at the same time, keep your pretty trees, etc.

    2. When your neighbor does something that you want to accept, you are also supposed to get the coins and XP as you would have had you done it yourself. Nobody is stealing anything from you, it’s more of a bonus to whomever stops by.

    3. I’ve gotten a ton of OOS errors tonight so I’ve decided to visit my farm later. They’ve turned off the withering so I’m not going to lose any crops because I can’t be on my farm right this very minute.

    4. I plan on posting a little sign by the Avatar with my wishes on it. I only ask that everyone not waste their time harvesting my crops as I use my market bushels to speed up the mastery. But you know what? If no one reads the sign, I’ll live because I don’t have to accept their actions.

    Get over it people!

  76. John Says:

    @ Melania

    I don’t have time to click accept or decline actions for the 40 – 50 neighbors who visit my farm each day. I want a one time setting that says “No” to all to stop them from doing anything other than feeding chickens and fertilizing my crops.

    We spoke our minds in the Zynga forums where the vast majority of us did NOT WANT this feature and they went ahead and implemented it even though the vast majority of us don’t want it. For people who do want it, fine they should be able to sign up to have it implemented to their farms. Why the hell should the 78% majority of the people who do not want this be forced to do all this nonsense for???

    I am about ready to quit this game anyway. Absolutely no more FV cash purchases ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Aaron Says:

    I like how they implemented the new gift sending technique with this update. Only needed gifts are sent now when you visit their farms.

  78. Carol Hunt Says:

    Don’t like this at all, I don’t want ANYONE else doing anything on my farm but fertilizing and feeding the chickens. From my neighbor’s comments no one is liking this. I don’t want anyone messing with my animals, trees or crops that’s my job so HANDS OFF!

  79. dev Says:

    people complaining out here are so fucking stupid!! have you guys even tried this out before moaning and complaining??

    I tried this with one of my fake accounts.

    I have it in my neighbors list. I went on it as a neighbor and harvested two calves. I got 160 coins. Then I logged in on my fake account and checked the farm again. The calves were there with the THE PINK BALLOONS STILL ON TOP OF THEM. THAT MEANT I COULD HARVEST THEM AGAIN!! IF YOUR NEIGHBOR HARVESTS YOUR CALVES OR TREES, IT STILL APPEARS UNHARVESTED ON YOUR FARM.


  80. Mia Says:

    ANother thing they can do is unwithered your plants if they died…
    At least I could do that on my neighbours farms

  81. Deb H Says:

    I have mixed feelings about this & I always get anxious when they really change things up – usually there are more bugs / glitches as a result ! I might say no at the beginning & see how it goes for those who use it.

    Guess I’ll be making more use of the Known Bugs Forum page at Zynga, which is where I finally found the answer to my 3 month old glitch.

    Who knows? Maybe I’ll learn to like it….my friends who like “breeding” are really against this though. I hope they don’t make it too much like Treasure Isle & Frontierville, I quit both of those games. They were too time consuming.

  82. Jessica Says:

    you know instead of doing dumb like this, why not give us the ability to gift from our inventory while fertilizing instead of adding stupid crap! We want to be able to gift our stuff to each other! XZynga how many people have to beg for this feature? instead waste ur time, money and energy on something that’s just a BAD idea!

  83. donna marler Says:

    #66 above… had my daughter check this out and find that my fears so far are groundless… doesn’t touch the pregnant pigs, stables, barns, pigpens, or chicken coops.. or the ugly ducklings… if this remains this way i’m willing to give it a try… also read Dev’s comment #71 and am in agreement there… thanks Dev…

  84. Heidi Says:

    I don’t want anybody harvesting my animals & trees, or doing anything else on my farm except fertilizing and feeding chickens. I have my stuff timed so it works with MY schedule. I believe each farmer should have the option to “opt out” of this “feature”. And could FarmVille pleast stop with all the popups. If I want to send my neighbor a gift I will. I will shop at my neighbor’s market stall and get bushels from them. The fuel popup when fertlizing neighbors is a royal pain. There are now plenty of ways to get fuel. I really don’t want anybody else working on my farm.

  85. Deb H Says:

    I read the following release of clarifications at Farmville Release (Zynga site):

    Hope that URL works for you. They cleared up a few issues with it.

  86. ruSh.Me Says:

    #70 Dev, Most of us assholes haven’t yet gotten the chance the see it.. You are lucky one.. :)

  87. kkennie Says:

    why is my other email blocked? i cant post here do something about it asshole farmville freak

  88. Mz Piggy Says:

    I am adding my voice to the majority here, I don’t like this feature either. I won’t let anyone on my farm. Zynga, please stop crossing over features from other games. We play different games BECAUSE they are different, not similar.

  89. Pillan Says:

    I HATE THIS! I dont want anyone else to work on MY farm!
    Its MY trees…MY animals… If I want my trees to look beautiful with all the fruit on it – Why cant I have it that way???
    This was the worst news ever…. :((

  90. Dominique Says:

  91. Famer Peter Says:

    People would you just relax its only 5 actions! I for one love the new update as it works very well in Frountierville and if its exactly the same then you both get the coins and bonuses ect. Stop being so negative its only a game. A game whichhas been build around socialisation and fromn some of the comments on here i dont think you’ve quite got that point. Games are for fun.

  92. ANNICK Says:

    i completely agree with PILLAN

    I HATE THIS! I dont want anyone else to work on MY farm!
    Its MY trees…MY animals… If I want my trees to look beautiful with all the fruit on it – Why cant I have it that way???
    This was the worst news ever….

  93. Hangman Says:

    Why don’t you guys simply read the post which says that you are able to undo any changes on your farm? You all go crazy although there is no need to.

    “However, if someone helps on your farm, you will have to accept each task they did to be rewarded.”

    So if you don’t accept it,it will be undone.

  94. JRunyon Says:

    I like the idea, but, don’t like the fact that everyone didn’t get the release. I play everyday and help my neighbors several times a day. When Farmville releases an update it should be for everyone. My husband, mother, sister and my son also play Farmville and we all have different functions we can perform, what’s up with that? Although none of us got helping your neighbor update.

    I think I would like it.

  95. Alec Says:

    Why Zynga does always has to come up with another ”brilliant” idea?
    Why don’t they work with other useful things such as changing the grown up animals from the nursery.They are great but my farm(such as many others)is filled with the same animals and having them all over,makes it quite lame.Please Zynga work with these stuff and stop mixing up games!

  96. Dan Says:

    That ”MUCH MORE” really freaks me out!!!

  97. Millie Metzler Says:

    Zynga has went over the edge. Why would I want a neighbor to harvest my animals! WRONG….WRONG…..WRONG…JUST WRONG

  98. dali-farmer Says:

    this is going to be a pain, i can see it being like frontierville having to do jobs on other peoples farms to finish tasks, thats why i left that game, and having to click not to have some one doing a job on your farm is going to be like the pop ups a pain

    and why do i have to go to the crafting cottage as soon as i start playing zynga as soon as i load i go strait to it, another thing we dont need is to be told how to play the game

    by the way lightning is fast it does not hang around for months

  99. Lizzie Says:

    I don’t like this, mainly because it’s going to greatly increase the number of pop-ups, which is my main frustration with the game right now. Also I just don’t like the idea of neighbors changing my farm without my knowing what they’re up to, and then I have to decide whether or not to accept their changes. The farmer should always be in control of their own farm. I play Farm Town, and the neighbor thing works perfectly there. When you’re on your farm, you can hire people to harvest or plow, or do it yourself. Nothing ever happens unless you create it yourself. Time is valuable, and why should I have to put up with a series of clicks to undo what my neighbors have changed on my farm?

  100. Marie Says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I’m tired if all the clicking and I do not want more clicking to accept or not accept! Keep the games fun and leave out all the marketink bs! Too many pop ups as it is and it’s frustrating how they lock up the website! Keep it simple! This is crazy! Frontierville bites because of it’s features and now farmville is changing to the same features…let the two be seperate! Give us that choice!

  101. mike.g Says:

    Since this latest update release I’ve noticed that feeding chicken coops hasn’t been working when visiting farms.

  102. ed bradley Says:


  103. Laurie Dobbs Says:



  104. Lily Says:

    People, I sent many e-mails to Zynga telling them about our opinion in this issue, but as you can see, they didn’t care about our mind. I’m very sad because I think they depend on us on account of the fact that WE are the players. ….well, if a neighbour harvests my cows or some animal or barn, if only ONE person does it, I’m sure I will stop playing it. I’ll return to my videogame and play some RPG from Square Enix.

  105. Anne Says:

    Hey guys, please look up on facebook Petition for a Reasonably-Priced 32×32 Farmville Land Expansion and click LIKE if you are in favor of a bigger land expansion in farmville. I appreciate the superb storage zynga has provided in farmville but I think we could really use a bigger tract of land. Anyway, it doesn’t mean people are going to stop buying. It only means some people want to farm and harvest more or are just simply delighted to decorate their farm with the stuff they bought both with coins and cash. Thanks!

  106. Daniel Says:


  107. sally sereno Says:


  108. Hannah Says:

    This doesn’t sound too bad, despite all the ranting. If you don’t want your neighbors to mess with your farm, put up a notice on facebook & politely ask them not to help you out. I’m sure people will cooperate.
    I don’t have this yet, so I haven’t tried it, but it will save me getting calls from my kids to sign into their facebook accounts to harvest their fields because they are away or busy or whatever. [I don't have bakery mastery signs yet either.]

  109. Sparki Gal Says:

    I have noticed that this feature is only a limited one. So does this mean that the people who CAN access it will get rewarded, while people like myself who CAN’T access it miss out on the rewards? If this is the case, then it is TOTALLY unfair. Either EVERYONE should benefit, or NO ONE should benefit. Come on Zynga, you’re better than this!

  110. Charles Says:

    This is the dumbest thing zynga has ever come up with by far. Is zynga actively trying to get everyone to stop playing farmville? Cuz if they are then they are doing a great job of it. At this rate ill be surprised if theres anyone left playing by new years.

  111. wrestling Says:

    Read before webhosting “”"”Upon completing tasks while helping out on your neihgbor’s farm, both you and your neighbor will be rewarded with XP and coins.”"”"”

  112. Valerie Says:

    NO THANK YOU! I already have difficulty trying to visit neighbors farms to fertilize as the game just freezes up and I have to exit and reload. I don’t wan’t other people messing with my animals and trees. there had better be a feature to not allow this to happen on my farm. As it is, my farm freezes and goes out of synce when someone visits and fertilizes or buys bushels or things from my vineyard. this is just another glitch waiting to happen.


  113. judy Says:

    It would be great to have someone come in and take care of your farm when you are on vacation for several days or if you are sick. But I don’t want to be “guilted’ into doing others work just because they never seem to harvest their animals (those poor cows) or their trees. I think each farmer should be allowed to pick up to 10 friends to be able to do this and that way not every Tom, Dick and Harry (and Sue, Sally and Jane) would be allowed to work on your farm.

  114. laralie Says:

    hi everyone,
    this feature is going to be alot like frontierville’s feature and you will be able to accept or decline the help from your neighbor. if it works like frontierville and you decline theirr help then they still got extra points ect. but if you accept you also get extra points,coins ect.. i like the feature on frontierville so i probably will on farmville too.

  115. ,:Ra:. Says:

    Yea I’m not pleased about this, it’s a pain. Now I have to click ok for someone to fertilize my crops >:(

  116. Sara W Says:

    I dont like how they have changed it to be more like frontierville. that was why i stopped playing that game because it was annoying to have to deal with everyone else coming to my farm. i think the changes are annoying. WE NEED A ACCEPT ALL GIFTS BUTTON AND A EASIER WAY TO ADD AND DELETE FRIENDS ON FV;) Those are things Zynga and FV should be fixing instead of this crap;p

  117. Farmer B Says:

    What a completely stupid idea. I will not meddle in my neighbors farm, and I do not want them meddling in mine. If they do I will reject, period. Why do they have to fix things that aren’t broken? Not ONCE have I heard anyone say how they’d love to go to another farm and tend it. Zynga you are taking the joy out of farming. What’s the point if someone is going to do it for me?

  118. outherealone Says:

    for all of you complaining try this feature out in Frontierville, you get the rewards, plus your neighbor does too. you also have to option to accept or deny the help. stop complaining until you know how it works…

  119. Tammy Says:

    Come on people use your heads, this new feature is just like frontierville, you go to your neighbors home and do 5 things, harvest trees, chop down trees, feed animals, revive/harvest/water crops, if you don’t want to accept your neighbors help, you do not have to, you can dismiss there help, the same here, this feature gives us more to do and gives us more coins and xp than what we was doing. And yes both people get the coins and xp, when your on your farm and you see someone there you click them and it will say accept help or dismiss help, regardless they already got there reward, but if you dismiss there help you won’t get anything!!!

  120. RWK Says:

    The majority of you on these comments can’t read huh?! YOU DON’T HAVE TO ACCEPT WHAT YOUR NEIGHBOR DID AND YOUR NEIGHBOR DOESN’T LOSE ANYTHING AND NIETHER DO YOU!! your neighbor still gets xp and coins and u still get to breed all your precious animals. If some of you are smart enough to write a hateful comment on this page y don’t you be smart enough to read all about it. Cause honestly don’t threaten to give up your farm to Zynga. It’s not your boyfriend/girlfriend it’s FREE PEOPLE!! It’s true when they say 80% of people can’t handle change.

    Some of you are really sad

  121. Shadow Harper Says:

    1) Most of us don’t like people messing with the systems we have set up.
    2) You can accept or dismiss help by the session/visitor, NOT individually – if your visitor does 3 things you like and 2 you don’t, you have to decline or accept all of them as a package deal (I hate this in FV too).
    3) Breeding requires very specific timing and if someone else tends your “ready” horses or cows, you probably are going to get reset, balloons or no…

    Personally, I haven’t put much $$ into this game, but I was thinking of it. Now I’m thinking I’ll spend the time and money on Verdonia or something from another company. Zynga is trying to do too much too fast, and they wear hob-nailed boots when they walk over their customers this way. Life is too short to keep being annoyed with this game.

  122. Tara Dactyl Says:

    I like peanuts.

  123. Mun Says:

    “Upon completing tasks while helping out on your neihgbor’s farm, both you and your neighbor will be rewarded with XP and coins.”

  124. Penny Says:

    I do not have the new feature available to me yet. I’m not interested in getting it. All I do know is, I haven’t been able to feed my neighbors chickens in 2 days. That stinks.

  125. Angel Says:

    I absolutely HATE this feature! Everything on my farm is timed: trees and animals that are ready in 2, 3 or 4 days, are always ready to harvest AT THE SAME TIME and if someone would mess it upp I would be pissed off! I hate this feature!!!! The people at Zynga are IDIOTS!!! The game already lags, lags, and lags whenever we are about to fertilize neighbours plots and feed chickens rarely work at all. Just imagene how much the game will lag, lag and lag now with this new feature! People will probably stop playing…

    I think Zynga should make an option for us to turn on/off this feature! Iam going to email them about it and beg them to make it optional for us to let neighbour mess up our farms…

  126. bdreamer Says:

    NOOOO! zynga, fix your bugs first. we all know there are TONS of those. i don’t want other people harvesting my crops/animals/trees. planting and harvesting are the most satisfying part of the game. let me take care of my own farm! keep it at fertilizing and feeding only please!

  127. amykeshe Says:

    NO NO NO! I do not want anyone messing with my farm. I will not play if someone starts interfering with my planting/harvesting schedule.
    It would be nice to be able to help out more on the abandoned farms but that would not make up for the irritation of someone messing with my stuff.

  128. wolf123rt Says:

    how come it dosnt work for me?

  129. Kara Stocking Says:

    Don’t like it at all!!!

  130. outherealone Says:

    @Angel – Lag has everything to do with your connection and the amount of junk you have on your farm/friends farms…

  131. Angel Says:

    I wrote a mails to Zynga about this feature and then I screen dumped it to my Farm photos. Everyone should be able to see it and share it with their friends even if you’re not my friend.

    Please “LIKE” it if you agree and feel free to share it with everyone!

  132. Tessah Says:

    NOOOO I HATE THIS. I don’t care if I can deny it, I still don’t want anyone touching my trees, animals, and ESPECIALLY I DON’T WANT ANYONE PLOWING MY LAND!!!

  133. Lea Says:

    I am currently using this new feature and absolutely love it! What’s not to love!? Someone above mentioned they did not want anyone harvesting the barns/buildings. Don’t worry. It is not possible to harvest your buildings. I can harvest 5 of your individual animals, or trees, or fertilize 5 crops, or plow 5 of your fallow plots, or unwither 5 of your withered crops. Feeding chickens is much quicker too. You simple click on the bag of chicken feed and it is done. No more clicking on the chicken coop. FarmVille has gone above and beyond to give us these time saving upgrades that make farming more versatile, fun and fast! Oh, and quite possibly my favorite feature is now all those avatars running amuck can NO LONGER follow me around while I tend those farms. Bonus; I love signing on to my farm and seeing all my neighbors avatars standing in my fields where they tended my crops. A simple click on their little head allows you to accept or dismiss what they have done on your farm. Your choice but I am a grateful neighbor and accept any and all help! It is nice to know what each neighbor does for me…..immediate reciprocation is guaranteed! THANK YOU ZYNGA – FARMVILLE FOR THESE WONDERFUL UPGRADES!

  134. Angel Says:

    @Outtherealone: No it has nothing to do with my connection. I’ve tried a lot of different internet connections and different speeds, different computers and opertating systems, I’ve shut down ALL background programs but guess what…

    It still lags.

    I’m sure you are right about how much junk you have on the farm but hey, if we can’t have all that stuff, Zynga should not let us have it… I’ve noticed that some of my neighbours farm that are small load faster but it’s not a big difference. It still lags and most of the times onle one thing work of the chicken feed/fertilize, rarely both.

  135. sue bee Says:

    NOT GOOD !!!!!!!!! When it says someone has extra fertilizer, you only get to drop 5 bags, not 10, AND this new feature does NOT give me the opportunity to post and tell my neighbors that I have fertilized their farm = (

  136. John Says:

    With this feature, I shall seek revenge on all those neighbors who do not send me gifts. MuWuhahahahahhaha….

  137. Marylouise Says:

    I don’t understand why people are so negative. I see this as a positive, I don’t know how many times I have had a friend who can’t play for some reason or another and could use some help. Change is good, not to be feared

  138. Deborah Says:

    I definately don’t like the idea of someone being able to do more than just fertilize my crops and feed my chickens. I want to be the one to decide when i will harvest my animals, i like to breed foals and like to keep my ready horses outside. Will we have the option to not let our neighbours do certain things on our farm. If the answer to that is “no” then it will be by by farmville for me!!

  139. John Says:

    “Change is good, not to be feared” As we’re currently seeing in American politics.

  140. MGreer Says:

    did anyone have the same problem I did?
    I go to “help” my neighbor with this new thing…
    and it doesn’t count for my Good Samaritan ribbon!!!???
    I have less than 300 helping to do for blue ribbon
    this sucks ass
    and I don’t want people on my farm either :/
    time to revolt, I think

  141. Cujo Says:

    I might like this, but it hasn’t worked for me yet.

  142. Julia Says:


  143. Nancy Says:


  144. Jean Says:


  145. Martin Says:

    Hmm, you only get 5 actions and fertilizing counts towards this. That means only in very rare cases is this useful as otherwise I’ll just stick to fertilizing. Basically you can use it to harvest animals on abandoned farms where there is no plots to fertilize.
    You’ll also need to accept help that neighbors gave on your farm, it seems this help is canceled out once you do the work yourself before accepting help from neighbors.
    It’s a neat little feature addition, but with only 5 actions available not something to get too exited about.

  146. Debra Says:

    I don’t want anyone on my farm..This idea is not right. It’s my farm and I want to take care of it. No help wanted!

  147. John Says:

    I just came back to my farm and there are like 18 avatars spread out all over it. They are neighbors who have come and done fertilizing and harvesting, etc. while I was away today.

    I have to click on each avatar individually to accept or dismiss what they have done on my farm. What a f*cking pain in the ass this is. WTFing go Zynga, you bunch of f*ing knob heads.

    I don’t want this sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get F*CKING RID OF IT ……NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Jose Says:

    what is everyones problem? if your @$$hole is so tight that you need everything just right before you shove your mouse up it before you click +700 times, then enjoy all the more personal time with yourself.

    ***PRO’s about the latest update:***

    If someone didn’t box in the character spawn you don’t have to have your guy walk all over the place. They are stuck in the middle and you dont have to waste time moving.

    Free one plot unwithers that also give 1 xp. So you dont miss out if someone misses their harvest.

    Easy chicken coop feeding

    *** CONS***


  149. Theresa Says:

    I have had problem’s with out of synk and am unable to help my neighbors.I did try the new application to harvest my neighbors farm but it didn’t work eather. These problem’s have been going on for 4 day’s now and I’ve tried every thing I could to stop the problem’s and nothing is working on my end, so I think who ever developed these new apps need’s to fix them A.S.A.P. I have also been having problem’s with fishville and mofia wars. IS ANY ONE OUT THERE? HELP!!!!!

  150. Jim Says:

    Yes this maybe like Frontierville but it’s Farmville. If I want to play Frontierville then I would join it. What’s next Petsville or Cafe World? Keep each game different and unique. Just my opinion.

    Just hate more added pop ups.

  151. Bobbie Says:

    I’m not crazy about people wandering all over my farm harvesting my trees and animals. It is something I enjoy – sometimes I let things build up so that when I use an arborist or farmhand I get my money’s worth – I feel like with all the sharing and more sharing and letting other people do your work we’re being manipulated by a bunch of commies.

  152. sally Says:

    NO! EFFING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What group sits around ad figures out the dumbest shit to do to us and this game. MY FARM STAY OUT!

  153. Goni Says:


  154. Gisele Says:

    OMG, call the wahhhmbulance. I just got the best laugh out of all the people with their panties in a knot about this. Hit the decline help button and get over it.



  156. Jaymes Says:

    i will not be playing FV until they get rid of this stupid ass neighbor help shit!

  157. Sheena Says:

    I really don’t mind this new feature… But why doesn’t it count towards the Good Samaritan ribbon????

  158. Ann Says:

    Have done this on a couple farms now, you get a lot more coins for doing the chores, and it doesn’t effect the persons farm you are doing when they log in they will still have trees to harvest or the animals or whatever.. So personally I think it is a GREAT feature.. why don’t you try things out BEFORE you start bitching about them?

  159. Laurie Says:

    This is a pain in my a..!!!!!You guys need to leave well enough alone. I haven’t been playing this that long and there has been more changes than people do their underwear. I just get everything figured out and you change it. I not need something that is suppose to be a game to be such a pain. This was fun while it lasted leave things alone except for changing gifts and such. I DON’T LIKE THIS, I WILL NOT VISIT MY NEIGHBORS BECAUSE I DON”T KNOW WHAT THEY WANT DONE. GO BACK TO HOW IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. cheri Says:


  161. kay Says:

    i’ve never posted a comment before but please get rid of the new neighbour visit
    i have neighbours all over my farm when i log on. its a disaster.

  162. Farmer Henk Says:

    Splash screen says it’s there, but I get either the old system, but without XP gained, or OOS error

  163. [kby] Says:

    To me it’s a mixed bag. As has been pointed out, extra fertilizer is currently meaningless. But you do get more coins/points for each bag of fertilizer. And you have the chance to get lots of coins, if for, example, you have a neighbor that doesn’t play a lot and has high coin animals to harvest.

    It allows you to get to the chicken coop at any time—no more trying to find that last hidden square to fertilize that can’t be reached b/c it’s behind a building.

    It will get things out of sync on your farm if you care about that (I marginally care but can probably get used to it).

    You get to see what someone actually did.

    I haven’t seen how this works on the iPhone yet, either…

  164. [kby] Says:

    Oh, and they seem to have set the timing back to a 24-hour-since-last-visit cycle again, rather than always changing at midnight Eastern time.-kby

  165. Adam Says:

    I dont know why people think this is such a bad thing… Maybe they cant read or something.

    YOU Choose if you want to accept the help, and Both get the bonus not just your neighbours. So people saying they are leaving because other people are getting bonuses are just stupid.

    Also it works both ways ;P, people are coming on your farm to help, just like you are to theirs.

    If you want to keep it the same as before all you have to do is ask your Neighbours to just Fertilise and Feed Chickens, I am sure they will oblige

    :D For the Record I love the New Features, I can help my friends get on top of all them animals waiting to be harvested.

  166. Tarou Says:

    I can honestly say that this new feature has ruined my game in more ways than one. I do not want to touch anybody’s trees or animals – not even by accident – and I do not want anyone to touch mine. I do not want to click “deny” etc. each time I want to prevent things like that from happening.

    Due to all this, I won’t be visiting my neighbors as often as I used to, and I know it’ll have an effect on my own farm as well. I’ve spent real money on this game, and now it’s starting to look like the game has changed too much to please me anymore.

    I hope Zynga will get rid of this feature eventually; otherwise, I really don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t want to quit just yet, but I really don’t feel like submitting to these new rules either. Grrr.

  167. Jan Says:

    I had those ghost people all over my farm yesterday when I finally got in. My neighbors apparently picked the animals that paid the most money to harvest. All the animals I purchased with fv bucks, they harvested. All the rest left untouched. I had to address the ghost people to get them off the farm. If these people are going to do this on our farm, we would like to know who they are. I personally, will delete them. And yes, they did convert the ugly duckling. I dismissed that one, but they still got coins for doing it. BUMMER!!!!!


  168. outherealone Says:

    @Angel – the more things you have (espcially animated items) the slower it will load no matter what the connection. Zynga makes no claims on load times (from what I know) and honestly if the load time is that bad sell some chickens or something, or store some things.

  169. Malinda Says:

    I am withholding judgment until I see it in action. I do not breed horses or cows like lots of my friends do, but I get ALL my trees ready at one time (about once every 3 days) and then use an Arborists to harvest them…this forces a cooper butterfly or blue feather (or both) every time. I will be furious if they have made it so I can not harvest all my trees at one time.

  170. Tigerfeet Says:

    Hi there, am quite new to this forum – am looking for new neighbours to breed and exchange foals with – any takers?

  171. Lily Says:

    Because of this new feature, the loading bar and farming are too slow. It was not fast before, now it’s almost impossible to play.

  172. Millie Metzler Says:

    Pretty Simple…I will block any neighbor that collects trees, animals, etc. on my farm.

  173. Toni Says: i do not want people doing stuff on my farm. i already sent out a message to all my neighbors to leave my stuff alone. i have a system on my farm..yes it may be a little OCD, but that’s how i like it and i don’t want anyone screwing it up.

    thanks Zynga this is a great idea…not. maybe you should have gotten our opinion on this first cause no seems too thrilled about it.

  174. Vito Says:

    One of the best things about FarmVille Freak is the asinine comments people make.

    I do not have this feature yet but I look forward to checking it out. Anything that can make people this upset, especially when they haven’t even seen it, has got to be interesting.

    As for people who claim it’s “unfair” that some have new features and some don’t please get over yourself. If Zynga rolls something out slowly to make sure it does mess up everyones farms than great. Yes, I get frustrated when I have to wait for the new stuff, but i much rather wait than have FV blow up when I try and load my farm. It’s not unfair.

  175. Hannah Says:

    I still don’t have this, & now I have problems visiting my neighbors’ farms. But my son has the new system & he says that he can’t harvest buildings & only gets 5 clicks altogether, including fertilizing, harvesting trees or animals, or unwithering. Good to have a free unwither option, but 5 plots doesn’t help much.
    As I wrote yesterday – stop ranting & post an “opt out” notice on your facebook page if you don’t want this feature.

  176. Marge Says:

    Think they turned it off. I had it yesterday and this morning it was gone. It was back to the old way when I just tried it.

  177. Kathy Says:

    I have used this feature twice. Haven’t been able to harvest animals but that’s okay. I am at my neighbor’s farm to fertilize and feed the chicks. If the neighbor has left a fallow field, you can plow 5 plots rather than not being able to do anything. I have been getting 5 XP for fertilizing & 10 XP for feeding the chickens. I refuse to give that crappy special delivery box as a gift but like being able to see they need a board, reed etc. and give it to them.

    You no longer have to deal with untrapped farmers walking around or wait for that silly dog to run up to you. Also, you don’t have to hunt for the chicken coop – just click on the chicken feed and you are done.

  178. Leslie Says:

    I and most of my neighbors agree that this is a very, very bad idea. I earnestly hope that Zynga rethinks this “enhancement” and trashes the idea!!

  179. Juliane Garstka Says:

    I don’t want this at all! Please remove this option or give people the possibility to make it impossible to harvest anything!

  180. RWK Says:

    Omg!!! 80% of you couldn’t tell your face from your ass.

    All of u complaining are just a bunch of degenerates that can’t read!! This feature doesn’t do anything u don’t want it to do!! Instead of spending an hour writing a paragraph about how ur gonna quit(no one cares) why don’t u read about the feature which is super cool!! I’m a breeder and a bushel user and this does not affect me and won’t affect anyone else either.


  181. giles101 Says:

    it dont work,i fertilise and get bugger all for doing it i only get paid for feeding chickens ,then it locks up when i try to do the next neighbour,,.it wasnt broke so why try n fix it

  182. Callie Says:

    The people in the corn scare me….

  183. Dave Says:

    How come all those that rile against the “no” voters (like RWK above) have to get personal and become name callers? I’m also a breeder and bushel user …. it doesn’t matter ….. I don’t want others in MY farm. Why is that wrong ….. do I have to lose control of my own farm? Do I have to accept or reject what other’s have done after the fact??? Get real …that type of play is crazy. DROP it Zenga … you can’t manage correctly what’s out there today. There already are too many features in the game that don’t work correctly or efficiently. To add more complexity is irresponsible and absurd. I just hope there is a way to option out or BLOCK this feature entirely (before the fact). If not, I hope that after you reject a neighbor’s help, they will be locked out of coming back a second time to “hellp” again.

    To the yes votes out there …… work your own farms to earn coins and XP …don’t be greedy and expect to earn the “FAST BUCK” by harvesting the crops I planted (all in the name of helping your neighbor.) To me this is similar to justing in the the tail end of a co-op job only to get the prize, coins and XP. Greed and the “I want it immediately” syndrome are everywhere …. even in Farmville!!

  184. Dc Says:

    This is okay however…

    I’m not happy about people messing with my crops or trees..
    Harvesting animals is great..

    Zynga.. make it optional.. please.

  185. [kby] Says:

    This shouldn’t really affect the horse breeders, unless you only breed once every 3 days (those I know do it every day most of the time), since nothing can be harvested unless the animal is ready. Cows or chickens (but who does those) are a different thing and would be affected. Pigs, not really too useful now, would also be minimally affected as they are every 2 days.

  186. Kayla Says:

    This feature is horrible for the following reasons: 1. the avatars all over my farm are annoying. They are hard to see and find and I keep harvesting before I click on them. annoying! 2. I like to see the sparkliness of my fertilized crops. Since this new feature it seems like nothing is actually getting done. :( 3. I don’t want to think that hard when I go to others farms, should I fertilize, harvest animals, trees, unwither 5 stinking plots (argh) and I hate the idea that I’m putting annoying avatars on their farms. I don’t visit as much anymore. Don’t cross pollinate this game with Frontierville!!!! ACK!

  187. KT Says:

    Please add me as a friend so I can add you as a neighbor. I need more neighbors on my farn so I can expand it more. =)

  188. Winter BelViso Says:

    I won’t be allowing this feature for many reasons – one of which is, if I set up my crops in a certain way for a ‘farm of the week’ type of picture, having someone harvest it would ruin my intention. I am glad there is a way to disallow the function.

    If I cannot get to a crop in time, I typically have my daughter or my granddaughter in law harvest for me. I have their passwords also and will often get a text, “Please harvest me,” just as they do from time to time.

    I won’t bitch about a free game.

  189. Tally. Says:

    I think it’s beautiful, maybe farmville wants to get it’s player’s mad. Obviously not, It’s not such a big deal people. You can deny the help. All farmville ever hears complains, yet you still play. chill, I like the feature. (Sarcasm).

  190. Jo Says:

    What does it harm anyway, all your animals will still be ready at the same time cos when you accept their help the animals go back to 0%, not when they harvest them.
    I love this feature, the only thing that is wrong (which i’m sure they’ll correct) is that it is not contributing to the Good Samaritan Ribbon.
    All you people moaning about something you don’t understand and saying you’ll quit, well hurry up and delete your farms so it’ll speed it up for the rest of us :)

  191. Tara Says:

    I have already gotten this, and it isnt too much off a difference. You can still fertalize and all the normal stuff. But now you can bring crops back to life which may come in handy.

  192. Sue Says:

    It’s got some positive and negatives to it. If I don’t like what my neighbours have done on my farm I click dismiss. No biggie.

    BUT…there are a few things that have been found that have made a few of us in our house irate. Since the introduction of this feature, helping on other’s farms does not count toward the Good Samartian ribbon. NOT HAPPY!

    But even more annoying than that, while my farm is (currently) fine, there are two other people in the house who play famville as well. Both there farms are reverting every time after they harvest and plant new crops. Go back, visit again and lo and behold, reverted back before it was harvested. Not just crops, but then also crafting has not been saved, animals not harvested etc. There is a big issue with Farmville saving correctly at the moment for some people.

    Yes, Zynga know about this bug, and are ‘actively working’ on it. But in the meantime it is annoying, frustrating, and down right BAD!

    Zynga, by all means, implement new things in the game. But listen to what people are saying in forums about new features first. Clearly this new feature was not going to be popular before it was introduced, so maybe a rethink was needed.

    People will say ‘it’s just a game’, ‘it’s free’. It’s free as far as you choose it to be, but there are NUMEROUS people who pay cash for many things on their farms. So it’s not free in all aspects.

    Yes, some people are whining, getting their information wrong about buildings etc, but it doesn’t stop this from being a change that people don’t like.

  193. joe Says:

    i was only 65 away from the good samartitan blue ribbon…. does this mean i cant get it now??? so much time and effort….

  194. Vicki Says:

    I HATE IT!!!! It is SO ANNOYING to have my neighbors’ avatars on my farm. This just may be enough to break my addiction to farmville. So, the positive side is that I will stop playing (or at least play only when I’m super bored), and I will do other things in life that I’ve been neglecting. This feature SUCKS. SO. MUCH.

  195. Sug L Says:

    I do not like this, I am having the same problem. It took me an hour to get my farm harvest, plowed and planted. Redeemed Shovels. Went back later, and lost all the things I redeemed and the things I claimed from a friend, and farm was back like it was before I started harvesting.
    Another thing I do not like. I don’t harvest my trees. I like seeing the fruit hanging on them. Now someone has harvest all my trees and they are just plain. If I wanted plain trees, I would not have fruit trees all over my farm.
    If going to do this, give us a blocking option.

  196. Karen Says:

    Hate it!! I’m one step closer to giving up Farmville altogether.

  197. tigerrr Says:

    I like it. Don’t have to walk all over the place or find the chicken coop. Seems much faster to me.

  198. Vanessa V-F Says:

    Thank you, Melani!!! Finally someone with something positive to say.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new feature. Keep in mind, your visiting neighbor is not stealing from you. I have 157 neighbors and I visited everyone of them. Did it in record time (1-1/2 hrs.).

    Try it first, then give your opinion. I really didn’t like the idea about allowing my neighbors to harvest/collect from my animals. I was not able to do this for any of my neighbors. I wonder if this feature is for neighbors who have stopped playing for awhile, then maybe you are given the option to collect/harvest. I dunno.

    BUT…I do like that:

    1) While fertilizing, the Avatar will not move if it’s not “locked” up.
    2) Feed the Chicken Coop is 1 click (on the icon). It will automatically find the coop & feed it. Done!
    3) When neighbors fert’z you (etc.), you have the option to accept or not accept. Of course if they fert/feed….I will accept.
    4) There is no limit on how many neighbors you can fert. LOVE IT!

    Thank you, Zynga!!!!

  199. Stray Says:

    #133 – ITA I love seeing my neighbors standing out in my field.

    And in the words of the old adage, if you don’t like what they did – JUST SAY NO. Or, in this case just say delete.


  200. nicolas Says:

    hey … i didn’t ge t the last ribbon of “good Samaritan” and i am unable to do so after this new feature have been added….
    i’m visiting neighbors and helping them but the counter is not moving …
    any idea how can i ge tthis ribbon now ?????

  201. Erin Says:

    I have real $ and alot of my time invested in this game. Your new feature blows. I do not WANT OTHER PPL to Tend to my farm other than to fertilize my crops & feed my chickens. WHY ZYNGA didn’t ask all of us farmers if we wanted this feature is beyond me? I will no longer dump any cash into their pockets. They are F##king up our game~

  202. Rob G. Says:

    The EXTRA BAGS of Fertilizer doesn’t work.I just clicked on a link from a friends page…and I could only do 5 things not 10!!!

  203. Arielle Says:

    Question: I have noticed with this new update I’m not getting credit for going to my neighbors farms and working on them (for the one ribbon). Is anyone else not getting credit? Thank you

  204. Vicki Says:

    The fence around my avatar no longer works. Why do some of you say it is faster now? To me, it’s waaay slower. Would it help to remove the fence around my avatar? I’m going to stop playing if I can’t get all these stupid neighbors in control while I’m trying to play.

  205. Sugar Says:

    The feature works OK – I like the fact that chicken coops seem to respond faster, and you don’t have to wait for the avatar to s-l-o-w-l-y move across the field if the farmer hasn’t trapped it. HOWEVER!!! No credit toward the Good Samartian ribbon? This is an obvious glitch and needs to be fixed!

  206. Jules Says:

    HoW can i get the blue ribbon in good samaritan with this feature?HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW?????????? I was so close and now the countdown stopped!!!!!!!!!

  207. Pi$$ED Says:

    THEYS TAKIN MAH MONIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  208. BerlinBear Says:

    I hate it…with the new feature you cannot see the item names of your neighbors anymore if you hover your mouse over the items. THIS SUCKS SO MUCH

  209. Dawn Says:

    Just for the record in my experience so far…. Ive gone to my farm accepted all to see what would happen.. then another day I dismissed all. Even tho I dismissed actions on my breeder horses, they were set at 0% ready… so I basically lost my chance to breed foals for my neighbors. Yes it was my choice to spend cash for the horses or whatever BUT not being able to harvest/breed them for my self for fun has been taken away and thats crap.

  210. Jenny Says:

    If any of you read this, you would know that you BOTH get the coins/XP points, so don’t have a nervous breakdown. AND you can dismiss their help if you don’t want it. Jeez people, take a breather….

    Directly pasted from above:

    Upon completing tasks while helping out on your neighbor’s farm, both you and your neighbor will be rewarded with XP and coins. After completing tasks on your neighbor’s farm you will be rewarded instantly, similar to completing neighbor tasks in FrontierVille. However, if someone helps on your farm, you will have to accept each task they did to be rewarded.

  211. farmequis Says:

    I found an important failure with this issue.
    Since this new feature was implemented I can’t see anymore (on mouse over) the name of the items and the seeds planted in my neighbors farms. That was very usefull to have a reference of unknown items/seeds for those players in lower levels, and to see the seeding activity in case of co-op jobs, for example. When the seeds are recently planted you don´t recognize if its a vegetable, a flower or what..
    Now says “fertilize?”, but I don’t know what I’m fertilizing.
    Let’s say I’m looking for a queen bee and want to fertilize only flowers… i’m f****d!

  212. [kby] Says:

    Hmmm, Zynga seems to have made a change to it tonight. One “useful” (read “mercenary”) feature of the new scheme was that you got the harvest value of the item you harvested—so all your neighbors who played last Christmas and got the Christmas trees, but don’t play a lot now had trees that yielded 150 coins. Jackfruit trees were close at 140 coins. High coin animals (arapawa goat, belted cow or pig) were an even better deal, but usually not as likely to find harvestable (and don’t worry, the owner got his reward). Better yet, if these really were people that didn’t play, the same trees/animals would be ready to harvest again the next time you came (and were allowed to do anything, which appears to be 24 hours :-). I guess they wanted to encourage people to fertilize more, so they now limit you to a max of 50 coins on any particular item you harvest. Grrr…

  213. Louise Says:

    Does anyone know why the ‘good samaritan’ ribbon has stopped counting down?

  214. Carrie Says:

    I just noticed the 50-coin-cap this morning. So now my new favorite feature blows just as much as everything else they’ve added in the past 6 months. F*ck off, Zynga!

  215. Nutty Farmer Says:

    Hmmm ok….
    So its not as bad as it could have been.
    I dont have to accept what anyone did…so they cant mess with my horses/cows, trees, timing of harvest etc if I dont want them to.
    I tend to just dismiss all in case I cant see straight away what they did…they still get their coins, my farm stays the same.

    I love the fact that when I visit a neighbour who hasnt finished a building I can send them something they need straight then and there.
    I hate the fact that I get soooo many special delivery boxes and they are full of stuff that I dont need…

    I dont like that I cant hover over anything on a neighbours farm to see what it is anymore…I like to know what new stuff is and what things are called…and I like to know what I am fertilising but meh…no biggie.

    Only the last 4 visits show up for you to accept/dismiss…the ones before that get dismissed (except fertiliser and chicken coop stay) but the neighbour still gets their coin/xp.

    Not gonna make it go away soooo I stuck a bunch of stuff in the middle of my farm (high coin trees and animals) with my chicken coop so people could harvest that stuff, I could dismiss, it would be there for the next person and so I was helping out my lower level neighbours and anyone else who swung by.
    Didnt change what I got when I decided to harvest but helped others get some extra coin. Win/win.

    So now Zynga have changed the value of what people can get when they visit my farm and its not worth all the time and effort I put in to rearrange my farm to work WITH the feature and get the best out of it…now its just another pain in the arse pop up that I have to go and accept or dismiss. Sigh.

    And by the way…there are a lot of comments here…and some of them I find extremely offensive because they are rude and abusive to others who have posted here…calling people idiots, arseholes etc etc really just reflects the poor taste of the name caller…and I for one dont see how these posts pass moderation.

    Just because people dont understand, agree with or like/want something doesnt make them stupid, an arsehole or any other such thing.

    Happy farming people.

  216. MSG Says:

    I hate this feature. My farm used to be full of fertilizer. like every plot. Now there are very few who fertilize. I always reciprocated and I do not do as much as I used to before the undocumented workers started showing up. It wasn’t broke, so why fix it!!!!

  217. courtney Says:

    I can scarcely describe the words to tell how much I HATE this feature. It’s horrible. First of all, when you want to accept what’s happened on your farm, you have to look for your neighbors’ avatars. Sometimes it’s easy, because they’re in the field, but sometimes it’s hard because they’re standing off blending in on the side! (Some neighbors like to stand by my chicken coop) Also, I LIKED being able to mouse over my neighbors farms and see what crops are currently being planted if I didn’t recognize them, what animals, and what trees, and what buildings they have on their farm. I don’t know the name of everything on sight. Now, even after you’ve helped, when you scroll over a crop, it still has the stupid little “Fertilize?” pop up. Zynga really took a step back with this one.

  218. [kby] Says:

    I suspect with the 50-coin cap there will be more fertilizing again as it is usually the most “profitable” thing to do. They could change the mouse over to act more like the old way and show you what the item is—that’s not integral to the way the new system works. But yes, I wish it would tell me what and not have the 50-coin cap. Funny thing was, this was the perfect way to insure people would go to farms that are “abandoned” so they could try and get them back in the game—like they try to do with all the to-do items, pregnant pigs, etc. that all seem biased toward people that aren’t currently playing.

  219. Anon Says:

    How do you send requests and visit neighbors that arent your FB friend?