FarmVille Scam Beware: Love Potion Notice

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FarmVille Scam Beware: Love Potion Notice

Posted on April 15, 2011 12:21 am by FarmVille Freak MaddMadamMim

FarmVille Love Potion

The second most popular scam found today is for Love Potions. These scams look just like the normal Love Potion notices, except for a little wording and of course how you go about getting the Love Potion.

Take notice of the “Give Potion Please” text in the title, this looks like it’s written from the poster themselves, but it is not. It’s just another attempt at making everything look legitimate.

FarmVille Love Potion FaceBook Scam

If you do happen to click the link your browser will take you to a FaceBook page for FarmVille-Items. This is not a post from the official Zynga FarmVille game!

Are your neighbors repeatedly falling for these recent FarmVille scams? Instead of deleting them from your neighbor’s list, why not share this FarmVille Freak article with them?

FarmVille Love Potion Scam Page

Here are some tips provided by Zynga, concerning FarmVille scams:

  • Feeds containing art never seen in game are most likely not from FarmVille.
  • Feeds containing offers that are never mentioned in game are most likely not from FarmVille.
  • Feeds that offer Farm Cash for clicking are never from FarmVille.
  • If the icon in the lower left corner of the feed isn’t our corn husk icon, the feed is never from FarmVille.
  • If a link is posted by an entity other than FarmVille, and supposedly contains FarmVille content or a redirect to the game, we do not advise clicking on it as we cannot control URL’s that are in anyway removed from our game flows.

“Keeping these guidelines in mind will help assure that your FarmVille experience stays pleasant and fun. Thanks and happy farming!” (Source: Zynga Customer Support)

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30 Responses to “FarmVille Scam Beware: Love Potion Notice” »

  1. Sheila Bourland Says:

    I am so sick of seeing that.. Think you are a bit behind though everybody has been aware of this for about 13 or 14 hours now.. good thing they don’t depend on this site for information in a hurry! lol

  2. Chris Says:

    not true, it’s the 1st i’ve heard of it.

  3. Sheila Bourland Says:

    It has been on my wall all day long. I just mark it as spam and go on. It also comes up as a post for you to adopt different foals then says you can give your friends potions by posting..

  4. Heather Bull Says:

    The terrible thing about this one is that when you mouse over the link that says FarmVille, it actually gives the correct id# for FarmVille. However, if you copy and paste the link for the potion (instead of just click it as usual) you can see that the id # is totally different. This one is also linked with a small Clydsdale foal that has written on it Give Potion Please. The same thing happens with the foal post. You mouse over the FarmVille link, think it’s legit and click. Next thing you know, they have you elsewhere.

  5. MaddMadamMim Says:

    Thank you for letting us know Sheila. We will try to do better next time. Much like the rest of you we have busy lives, but we do try our best to keep up with the new information in the game. And if you happen to see a scam post, feel free to send us a message so that we can get right on it. We depend on not only the people who run the site, but the fans of the site to help us keep everyone informed. :)

  6. Cathy Says:

    The main thing that tells me it’s a scam is it says “I need” instead of “Cathy needs” love potion….

  7. Sheila Bourland Says:

    lol sorry you got all offended Madd just saying after marking so many as spam this morning I don’t even see them anymore. This has been posted by several other sites like this one early on in the day.. :) Not gonna argue the point with you was just stating a point.

  8. brian Says:

    It should be posted more then once. Not everyone lives on the computer like the first poster. This site is great and if you don’t like it go make your own LOL

  9. MaddMadamMim Says:

    No, no Sheila. It is perfectly okay, you were right. :) And these scam posts are frustrating!

  10. Sheila Bourland Says:

    Yes they are. Wish there was more that could be done to make them go away. I used to just hide them but now mark them as spam so hopefully they go away faster.
    Haha Brian yes I do have extra time on my hands :) not enough to make a website though because if i tried that I would be behind..
    Madd wasn’t trying to come across as rude in the first post had just been seeing this from so many sites today lol then one more popped up..

  11. Herb Bolt Says:

    They have been very annoying today with the scams. I hate seeing those posts, then they tend to just spread at a fast rate and before you know it they are all over the page :(

  12. Dianne Says:

    admit it, Sheila- u were being rude. Just apologize.

    I love this site. Y’all do a fabulous job!

  13. angela kadeer Says:

    Because the farmville number was the same I did click on it then realised maybe it wasn’t legit when it came up with different items to click on! Is this harming my computer or just a nuisance ?

  14. Ang Says:

    Actually I saw this (or similar) 1 or 2 days after the potions came out! And was not able to exit the page until I ctrl + alt + del to close/exit!

  15. Sheila Bourland Says:

    Haha actually no I wasn’t I was just being blunt.. Which of course tends to come out rude.. Madd, I did look over the site and I don’t see a way to report those things so they know sooner..
    Yes Dianne I do apologize for coming across as rude. I do realize it takes time and work to keep a site like this going. It’s great that this site is here with info for everybody.

  16. Tom-azing Says:

    For those of you who are smart enough to tell the difference, hover over the “via FarmVille.” Down in the bottom, left-hand of your screen, there will be a number. The number is 102452128776. Just remember the 8776!

  17. fv Says:

    whats the point of doing this?!

  18. Vee Says:

    I blocked one of these fake ones…and it blocked all the real FarmVille posts as well.

  19. denise Says:

    this scam was pretty easy to spot actually – it says ‘Farmer is breeding…’ instead of having the actual NAME of the farmer – i always comment on these so my neighbors will know its a scam :)

    happy farming! thanks farmvillefreak!!

  20. donna Says:

    I’ve also noticed on some of these new scams like the one for potions and the new clydsdale foal is there is no where to even leave a comment to warn others its not a real link. All of the other farmville posts allow you to comment to say ty or whatever.

  21. donna Says:

    Mousing over does not work on all browsers either. I use firefox and numbers never come up

  22. cheryl Says:

    There is also one from farmville items telling you you that you get free farmville cash and a black clydesdale foal if you like their pg

  23. Steve Says:

    These scams are getting very clever – I’ve seen one too, and like others in this thread the App ID is correct – so Tom-azing, your solution no longer works as the ID now matches – they are getting harder to spot!

  24. Allison Says:

    I came across one of these because i was too quick to grab the potion since lately all love potions have been going by quickly. Zynga needs to find another way to give us potions, maybe when we harvest the sheep pen we can find either bottles or potions? that would be nice

  25. Black Cat Says:

    here is another one:

    Claim it Now
    He needs Love Potionsto breed special lambs!
    He is breeding baby lambs and needs LovePotions to succeed. Be a good friend and give them one – you’ll get one too!
    22 minutes ago via FarmVille · LikeUnlike · · Give LovePotion

    this one shows the image of the 3-pack of potions

  26. Black Cat Says:

    that one also has correct ID as far as i can tell…i see 8776 at the end….but it is so obvious, to me at least, that its a scam just by the bad English used! lol

  27. Harriet Says:

    Also, if you run your cursor over the picture and look at the bottom left-hand side of your screen, if it is legit, it will say the farm/…..
    The “on the farm” means it’s Zynga.

  28. Emily Says:

    I’ve been really good about being able to distinguish a scam from a real farmville post, but I was caught off guard today =( and I’m a bit worried. I was clicking to help farmers and accidently hit an “egghouse” one without even looking at the text. Of course it was fake and required liking 3 pages in order to get the item. I didn’t like those pages and immediately left the page. Am I going to get a virus or be affected by hitting the link but not liking the pages? Please help. Thank you


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