FarmVille Scam: Beware of Sheep on Your Facebook News Feed!

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FarmVille Scam: Beware of Sheep on Your Facebook News Feed!

Posted on March 2, 2011 12:21 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Faisel's English Stars Sheep FaceBook Scam

In a new FarmVille scam, this time the FarmVille Sheep are the target, specifically Sheep that we saw featured on teasers from the FarmVille English Countryside.

The way this scam works is similar to other Facebook News Feed scams. The notification that you see on your Facebook news feed may look legitimate which may tempt you into clicking on it, but after clicking you will see something like the image below.

FarmVille Faisel's English Stars Sheep Scam

Remember that any link that you click that is not directly from FarmVille or Zynga is most likely a scam, especially if it offers you unreleased items or in-game goods.

Please share this post with your FarmVille neighbors and help keep everyone informed.

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28 Responses to “FarmVille Scam: Beware of Sheep on Your Facebook News Feed!” »

  1. MrsFarmerM Says:

    I have seen this posted several times on my feed :(

    Knew it was a scam even though everything looks right (except for the fact that these are not out yet)!!

    So when are we ever going to see the English Countryside??? I thought the podcast said last week :(

  2. EMMA Says:

    i have just seen the post AGAIN for about the 10th time today after being fooled myself this morning also.. but unfortunately have deleted the post it generated on my page…

  3. Bonnie Says:

    I Saw this quiet a few times yesterday (Monday 3/1/11)

  4. april Says:

    I also have seen it on my feed, I was almost fooled but When it went to the second page I knew better… I deleted it and then sent a message to my neighbor who posted it….

  5. Andrea Clifton Says:

    I was fooled this morning :( Do we know what happens when you click? Was it linked to a virus or anything?

  6. JustG Says:

    Why is it that we always see these AFTER THE FACT..I know not to click on these, but NEW USERS don’t. I wish these would STOP.

  7. Lynn Says:

    I could tell it wasn’t from FarmVille because it said “click it” rather than “claim It”. I went to the site and reported, then blocked it. Once its blocked, you’ll no longer see these bogus posts on your feed. And make sure you put a comment on your friend’s post prior to blocking the site to warn others not to click on it and advsing them to also block it. Helps to get the word out :)

  8. Kerrinda Says:

    I too fell for it, but when I clicked it I only got a white page….. after the page with the date on it. What kind of BAD thing did I unleash?

  9. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    I always check new items, and it is very easy to do so without clicking any link.

    Every Facebook application has a unique ID number. Farmville’s ends in 99. If the last 2 digits are not 99, I do not click.

    Hover your mouse over “via Farmville” then look in the lower left corner of your browser to see the number.

  10. Moni Says:

    The English STARS sheep SCAM needs to be reported to FaceBook Security. All the scams are trying to get you to grant additional Permission/access to your FB account so they can scam and spam your friends, maybe hack your account. The URL to report is

    Report it to

  11. CarrieBee Says:

    @Moo…. I checked every one of my farmville posts on my feed. Not one of them ended in 99. They were all exactly the same number and all were actual posts. But not 99.

  12. Mark_W Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, im an avid sheep collector and have been sorely tempted to click the links, so thanks again :)

  13. Erica Stafford-Cherry Says:

    This post has been on my Facebook feed a lot. It is a really nice sheep. Hopes that in the future you will compete against English Countryside.

  14. Sue D Says:

    i got a polka dotted sheep by clicking on the british plane. the post looked legit. Are the polka dotted sheep in any way a scam?

  15. nathanial Says:

    Nope polka dot sheep are real the purple 1 is

  16. Teresa Stokes Says:

    @Sue D, you are OK with that sheep from the British plane, that was from Zynga and appeared on the farm itself. The fact that you actually got the sheep proves it was not a scam; a real scam will always fail to deliver the promised item.

  17. lucky Says:

    hey zynga-farmville,why is it everytime i tried to grow my mystery sapling my farm cash decrease by one…please let it back to me i need it….

  18. Catherine Marks Says:

    I report the scams on Farmville for our blog and this one has been reported. It’s off a page thats been going around for the past few weeks now. They just keep changing the graphics every time something newer comes out.

  19. Hey You Says:

    This one is really good. Fooled me. :-( It has the farmville ear of corn. When I was suspicious and clicked the X (remove) button it came up asking if I wanted to remove farmville. So it all looked good. I clicked on the link and then I saw that we had to “like” the page I knew it was a problem.

  20. LeaRaye Says:

    I saw this yesterday. It looked so real, but I knew it was a scam since the star sheep have not been published by Zynga yet. These kind of scams come out on FB often. We players usually tell each other this is a scam, do not click. Newbies on FB FV may not know at first, but they soon find out. This is worrisome for the reason that a virus could be in them and make us all sick. :(

  21. Gurk Says:

    Zynga is driving me completely NUTS with their stupid limitations on itmes I am allowed to take from the wall! “Come back after on hour” “Tomorrow”


    All I am doing is taking mystery seedlings from the wall, to make tree for my neighbours….

    Why do you want to slow me down Zynga? Why do you want to control our lives?

    Get your act together

  22. Teresa Stokes Says:

    If a post is authentic, the url will change to as soon as you click. If it’s fake, the words onthefarm will be replaced by some other rot.

  23. Patricia Says:

    This keeps being flooded to my Fb account from neighbors falling for it. even after I sent them to look at this site at the scam status and I posted it on my Status on fb NOT to click sadly they still do. I try to remove whatever scam posts that pop up on my feed due to newbie’s getting all exited clicking then messaging me cause they didn’t get the item. the one I saw last night said “Click it” rather than “claim it” now it’s saying Claim it. all I can do is post a warning that it’s a scam just wish everyone would stop spreading the stupid link.

  24. Lori F. Says:

    I clicked on it yesterday and continued to play using both the app on Facebook and because F/B doesn’t show the game feed. I clicked back to and the log in page appeared and nothing worked. Although, it’s trying to do something because on the little rotating circle and corn cob icon on the tab are shaking/jittery.

    Great article about scam posts and how to detect them. Too bad that I didn’t read it 6 hours earlier.

    Thank you.

  25. Carol Says:

    Seen it many times in the last few days….

  26. Jenny Says:

    I saw the feed to but it said click it not claim it, so that was the first thing I noticed. If you hover over the claim it on a legitimate post you will notice at the bottom of your screen it says and posts that are not from Farmville do not start that way. Also I noticed if you look really close at the orange sheep post the ear of corn beside how long ago it was posted does not have little kernals on it like the real farmville one does.

  27. karen Says:

    what about the polka dot sheep from the airplane?

  28. sravani Says:

    i tried for so many times.that made me fool that the sheep is not having permission in my country.wat the heck is dis!