FarmVille Scam: Beware of the “White Kitten” Notice

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FarmVille Scam: Beware of the “White Kitten” Notice

Posted on March 9, 2011 6:37 pm by FarmVille Freak MaddMadamMim

FarmVille White Kitten

We’re here again to alert you to another scam. Like they say, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” The newest scam popping up on our news feeds is for an adorable White Kitten.

FarmVille White Kitten Scam FaceBook Notice

This is not a post from the official Zynga FarmVille game! For your safety, and your friends, please do not click on this! If you have, we suggested you report the page to FaceBook and update your password. Often the purpose of these scams is to gather your private data (entered on FaceBook) and any data of your friends that can be reached through your account. Several players have reported receiving viruses from similar posts in the past.

FarmVille White Kitten Scam Page

Please pass this message along to help keep everyone on FaceBook safe from these scammers, click our “Share on FaceBook” link. Visit us again soon to keep up with all your FarmVille news!

Do you suspect you have received a virus after clicking on this or a similar post?

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17 Responses to “FarmVille Scam: Beware of the “White Kitten” Notice” »

  1. Apple Says:

    its so adorable!! =)

  2. Kas Says:

    There was also a new one today with a clover pony. Wouldn’t let you click skip. Nasty little thing!

  3. Bob Says:

    i want the white kitten but don’t have enough for mystery game :(

  4. me Says:

    Zynga really needs to take drastic steps to stop this poopoo. if you look where the post comes from you can’t tell it’s not from Zynga. my question is…..could Zynga teks be the ones behind this copy cat Farmville posts.

  5. ranita Says:

    I clicked on it before I saw your post…..YIKES!!!!!!

  6. Debbie Lee Helms Says:

    I can’t find how to report the “White Kitty scam” to Facebook. Can you tell me how to do that?

  7. Tfoxy Says:

    Yeah. I saw your post earlier then got one from a friend. Is it possible that my friend’s account could be compromised? I didn’t click on it, hopefully mine is OK.

  8. Chelsea Maffitt Says:

    By mistake clicked on this. Quickly changed my password, what else can I do to keep myself safe? How do you report the post if you see one on your wall?

  9. GeryAnne Says:

    i received this white kitty thru the mystery game for 16$. how could this be a scam if this kitty is one of five mystery gifts. i had to throw a dart and it was the first animal i won. plz explain.

  10. Debbie99 Says:

    Another one has just started appearing for the Irish Cob Foal. Watch out… It’s exactly the same format as the Kitten, and the Clover Pony Foal.

  11. MKW Says:

    I got one about an Irish cob foal….anything else we can do other than changing our password to protect our accounts?

  12. Terri Says:

    There is another one for an Irish cob foal

  13. Guinastasia Says:

    It’s a scam because it offers to let you ADOPT the kitten. Which you can’t — the kitten is only available from the Mystery Game. Duh.

  14. Sweet Spirit Says:

    So basically anything that is in the mystery game that someone tries to pawn off as free is fake. :)

  15. Angel Says:

    I clicked this but got suspicious when the next page was one of those where I had to click “yes” or “no” and also showed an instant pop up. Nasty scam! It wouldn’t let me deny to accept it, that pop up just came back!
    Only way to deny it was to close the browser.

  16. Vicki Says:

    There appears to be a new scam using Union Jack eggs… It looks EXACTLY like a FV post until u click on it and it asks you to keep reposting it on your wall.. Anyone know about this???

  17. Naomi Says:

    I have a pic of the Union Jack Mystery Egg scam – how can i send it to you?