FarmVille Scam Beware: Reward for Helping Blue Notice

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FarmVille Scam Beware: Reward for Helping Blue Notice

Posted on April 15, 2011 12:01 am by FarmVille Freak MaddMadamMim

FarmVille China Pagoda

It seems every opportunity these scammers get, they try to take advantage of us! So beware of this scam for helping Blu learn to fly is popping up on the FaceBook news feed. Very rarely will Zynga use FaceBook notices to promote ways to get Farm Cash. Most Farm Cash promotions can be found on the FarmVille game page, under the game screen.

FarmVille China Pagoda FaceBook Notice Scam

This is not a post from the official Zynga FarmVille game! For your safety, and your friends, please do not click on this! If you have, we suggested you report the page to FaceBook and update your password. Often the purpose of these scams is to gather your private data (entered on FaceBook) and any data of your friends that can be reached through your account. Several players have reported receiving viruses from similar posts in the past.

FarmVille Scam Page After Helping Blue

Please pass this message along to help keep everyone on FaceBook safe from these scammers, click our “Share on FaceBook” link. Visit us again soon to keep up with all your FarmVille news!

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13 Responses to “FarmVille Scam Beware: Reward for Helping Blue Notice” »

  1. bender.chic Says:

    haven’t seen this on eye..but I will keep an eye out for it!

  2. Beth Anne Says:

    I’m rather tired of the stupid people re-posting this so their friends have to deal with spam on their newsfeeds. Come on, people. Stop spreading this crap around! If you have to like a page to get a gift, its a stupid scam.

  3. Candi Says:

    I’ve come across this one, and two others, just today. What’s sad, is when you move your mouse over the via FarmVille, it’s the id for FarmVille. These stupid people are getting smarter by the minute.

  4. Kim Says:

    Beth Anne,
    That’s not necessarily true “If you have to like a page to get a gift, its a stupid scam.”

    Not too long ago, Farmville had their own “like” for Fan Calf and Fan Sheep.

    Most of the time it’s after you’ve had to click on numerous links do you find out it’s a scam. Heck, I’ve done it myself and always turn the scam site into not only Facebook, but to Zynga as well.

    However, I will agree that if a “site” is offering lots of Farmville cash for clicking “like”, it’s definitely a scam!!

  5. Beth Anne Says:

    Stupid people are the ones reposting this, knowing that its a scam. Stupid people are the ones not deleting it from the wall or commenting that it is a scam. Perhaps we aren’t all tech savvy; but we should know exactly what to look out for. Hovering a mouse pointer over the word “farmville” is not enough. You can right click on the link and get information, or simply press the “x” to get more information. Or, to see the ID in its entirety and the name of the App, just right click and open it within a new window and block/report it. If you have to like a page to get an item, its not through Farmville.

  6. louise Says:

    There is one on my feed right now for the love potion. The ID numbers for it are the same as the real Farmville. How is that possible unless someone from Zenga is doing it?…If you hover your pointer over the word Farmville in a post the ID numbers come up in the lower left hand corner of your screen. Farmville’s ID number is is this scams..Usually with the scams they are different.

  7. carole hurd Says:

    i myself if i accidentally click on one tell overyone it`s a scam by clicking on add a comment under the window, also if someone else posts i react by putting scam underneath it in capitol letters

  8. MaddMadamMim Says:

    Yes, it really helps Carole to keep the scam post you mistakenly believed was real on your page, and put a comment under it so that others know it’s a scam. This will help everyone see what’s going on. Rather than deleting it.

    Thanks for visiting the site and please, if you see a scam not posted on, send us a quick message to let us know so we can get an update put up.


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