FarmVille Server Problems & Technical Issues

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FarmVille Server Problems & Technical Issues

Posted on May 29, 2010 6:55 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Update 2: It appears that most users are now able to access their Tuscan Wedding content. Is this the case for you?

Update: The following has been quoted from a source at Zynga – “FarmVille is having a few technical issues right now. The new Tuscan Wedding content, as well as the Double Mastery bonus are currently disabled while the developers work on fixes. I’m sure you have all seen something of that already. I want you to also know that we have disabled withering and puppy hunger to prevent people who are impacted from having a setback on their efforts.”

As of early this morning’s irregular Saturday updates, FarmVille is currently experiencing problems with their server.

These issues may cause you to experience difficult loading FarmVille, specifically connection issues. Many farmers are experiencing difficulty accessing FarmVille.

From FarmVille:

Official FarmVille Notice

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473 Responses to “FarmVille Server Problems & Technical Issues” »

  1. Farmer Says:

    Same here, FV not working.

  2. Lois Says:


  3. Crys7y Says:

    Same. FV not working :(

  4. SachinIndia Says:

    broken fv makes fvf double the fun with intresting whining… c’mmon guys make me proud

  5. Anon Farmer Says:

    Wonder if they’ll give us an extension on co-op jobs? I started harvesting but the counter didn’t pop up; trying to open the jobs window freezes the whole game. Grr.

  6. Carter Says:

    Overload just getting stuff for the wedding but i’m leaving them til the game fixes

  7. Malcolm Says:

    managed after I cannot remember how long to harvest my coop – my counter did not pop up but they were still being counted, don’t think I have the patience to sow a field right now though!

  8. N2PTF Says:

    I can pay from, but I get constant “saving game, do not close your browser” messages

  9. N2PTF Says:

    I meant to say I can “play” not “pay” -LOL!

  10. JM Says:

    FV just enhanced

  11. N2PTF Says:

    I meant to say I can “play”, not “pay”–LOL!

  12. N2PTF Says:

    I can play from farmville website, but get constant “saving game” message

  13. Cheryl Says:

    Why didn’t FV fix the “mail” notification for getting your gifts when you are at the farm! I cleared the newsfeed gifts and still shows 50! BEFORE THE WEDDING STUFF. MY new cream horse (from a Clydesdale colt) is so huge he’s weird in size — goes with the TOY soldiers at Christmastime! I have my gift box full of farm hands (animals & trees) and need to sell them for zero coins! There that’s my complaints for the morning!

  14. DawnK Says:

    Where’s the surprise that after an update Fv isn’t working?

  15. randomer Says:

    its gone back down to +1 mastery for harvesting :-(

  16. Atochabsh Says:

    Yeah, its just impossible to play the game like this and too frustrating to even try. Time to just pack it up for the weekend and do something else. Of course we should have expected it with the new farmers’ market and this Tuscan wedding thing.

  17. 3xpt0 Says:

    I can access the FV but can’t join any Co-Op :(

  18. Rondha Says:

    lol@ SachininIndia.. I too am waiting for the next round of whining… ahem complaining! But on a brighter note I might actually get to use the two unwithers in the gift box. Been saving them up for something just like this lol

  19. pipwizard Says:

    i woukdnt know im at work so it may b ok but all yesterday it was slow and co ops pif i cant do them any more keep getting the job dont exsist totaly pain oh and let me moan a tad more 5 blooming gift boxs and no sodding lake how crap is that but!!! Luv the park stuff well thats my moan over and out lol

  20. Farmer Says:

    The Game works on … slowly but works =:)

  21. sandra ringer Says:

    have today, 5.29.2010 at 10:18 clock card with a recharged farmville paysafe my cash. money
    was debited but I got no farmville cash. can you help me?

  22. Grandpa6 Says:

    I just can’t understand why the “whiz kids” at FV don’t fix the bloody problems that exist first, rather than bring out more crap in an unscheduled update. All it does is add to the problems – it took me two hours to get into farm and another hour to harvest, plow and seed, with constant “saving your farm” messages popping up. I love the game, but unless they start fixing the problems before they bring out more stuff (you notice they never do anything about increasing size of farm), I may seriously consider giving it up. I can get frustrated just doing things around the house – I don’t need a virtual game to add to it ….

  23. sue brophy Says:

    I have 47 gifts in my enverlope and they dont clear ?????

  24. Steve Says:

    If you try to buy coins or Farmville cash, that part still works. At least they have their priorities straight. :-)

  25. Wee John Says:

    enough with the saving farm msgs how many times dose my farm need saved ! really id like to do stuff and not get that window poping up and freezing everything .

  26. Ann Says:

    When it lets me in it isn’t giving my double mastery points and are ya’ll going to turn off the wither option

  27. Dawn Says:

    Too many problems. Just got the Mustang for the 3rd time, once again never to ask emails, this time FV has been enhanced shows up.

  28. Monika Says:

    I’m so annoyed! I can’t harvest my crops right now! Ugh!!

  29. DuKeFX Says:

    Due to these server issues it’s faster to harvest/plow/seed 1 by 1 instead of using vehicles. The “saving your farm messages” are wasting more time than the vehicles are saving up. Just a friendly advise.

  30. Kelley Says:

    I have been on-line mmoprgs that have the same problem at times. At least with them (ps’s) they do shut down the game while they are working on it. They also let people know BEFORE-hand when they are putting in new patches.

  31. Renee Perry Says:

    Come on get this fixed it is double this weekend you can harvest, you can’t DO ANYTHING, so is this one going to take 3 days to get fixed and we all miss out of the specials for the weekend

  32. muriel Plaisance Says:

    yen a mare c’est d’une longueur désespérante il me faut 10 mns pour choper un cadeaux et encore 15 pour entrer dans mon ranch beurk beurk sans compter les cadeaux qui disparaissent!!!

  33. Vicki Says:

    Come on guys! This is getting ridiculous! Get your creative staff working on operational issues! This is just not acceptable. Whine, whine … you betcha! I spend a lot of real money in this game so I do expect the product to be delivered.

  34. John Says:

    farmville withdrawal

  35. Sharon Says:

    Oh, not again…. I’m suffering from these issues for three-four months. It’s not fair. :(

  36. Carol Says:

    C’mon guys. The most popular feature. Get your butts in gear and fix this thing.

  37. Ingried Paradeiser Says:

    Is so slowly

  38. fred Says:

    Why don’t the farmville people stop adding new items, features, etc until they can keep the game running consistently? What benefit is the new tuscan wedding stuff if we can’t even get onto our farm, or be able to stay on it, or do basic stuff like plant and harvest? Have they ever heard of priorities??

  39. Gerald Says:

    I can harvest,plant…can’t send gifts,post gifts,friends thank-you,loss stuff from gift box..can’t hatch friends on bottom to go to help…just a day on farmville like the rest

  40. Ann Says:

    Found wild mustang, but can’t invite a simple 5 of my many neighbors to help me snag it :( The invite page went away with the “oops lost your bits” page. How do I get back to the page to invite for help?

  41. Sheri Says:

    Hopefully, withering will be turned off, the whole bushel thing, co-ops, etc. It seems that they’re trying to do too much at one time. What would be helpful is if they would let us expand our farms so that all this new stuff will fit on them. I have the FV $$s but no room.

  42. MARY ROBEY Says:


  43. melina Says:

    Took a lot of patience but finally got on through Once on, kept on getting message not to close browser, farm being saved multiple, multiple times.

  44. Michelle Monroe Says:

    Nothing we can do but wait and hope it’s not that long. I’m going to go outside and do the real farmville. Planting/landscaping and till the garden. I would think it would be back up after I finish all that:)

  45. Carol Says:

    I would like to see more energy spent getting FV to run smoothly then new cute items to keep us busy. Launching the Market Stalls and the Tuscan Wedding on a long weekend when people had extra time to play may not have been the best idea.

  46. Willie Says:

    I am wondering how i got the market stuff a full day before anybody else. and when they were added to everybody on farmville the one i had went poof!. Now there is a market under buildings but it says i need to add more neighbors or pay 20fv dollars. What really kills me is that amount of neighbors is not standard. I talked to a few and it seems almost all of them have to add neighbors.. why would they do that? and yeah. error 503. such is life.. I did email Zynga. I never get replies to emails to them but what the heck, not like i was farming or anything. :)

  47. Patty M. Says:

    Sometimes you have to wonder if this is worth it at all. I’m addicted to this game and wish I wasn’t. It seems that FV is “experiencing” more trouble than the allowed time to play. PLEASE FIX NOW!!!

  48. Uncensored Says:

    OMG! Now i lost all the truffels recived as a gift from friends because i didnt accept them on time… because of your server problems! : I whant my truffels back!!! :(((

  49. Patty Says:

    please do not try to accept any gifts either until they fix it. i tried to get my gift of truffles and it said it was a LE item and no long available. now it’s gone =(.

  50. FarmerCat Says:

    I’ve got things to do, gifts to collect, plots to plow, crops to seed… arghhhhh! I hope they get their server problems fixed SOON!!

  51. Susan Turner Says:

    So did they take out the wedding stuff cuz now when I try to claim a gift like the truffles from request box it says it was a limited edition and no longer available.

  52. Gina Says:

    OK….I will make you proud. I lost gifts, I can’t adopt pets, I CAN’T play…..I need my fix for today. I feel like something is missing……. ARRRRRGHHH!!!!!…..I guess, this is what you call ADDICTION. LOL. Hope they fix it soon.

  53. fred Says:

    So now when loading it says that we need to update our system to flash10. Fine, I will “fix my issues” but then it still doesn’t load even after that!! Really FM creators, fix the damn problem. Games are supposed to be fun and enjoyable, and this is definetly not anymore. Fix the problems asap or lose a lot of people, including me!

  54. Matt Says:

    surley a big company like zynga should have fixed this by now

  55. SachinIndia Says:

    @pipwizard – your moan is officially registered, pls re-install your os n try again

  56. lyeneia Says:

    started getting kicked out at 4 this morning. hoped it would be cleared up by the time i had to harvest a little before 8. no dice, i’ve managed to get 1/3 harvested in 30 minutes of trying and now the farmville website is completely gone. i still see neighbors posting bonuses, so evidently it isn’t everyone. (insult to injury is what that is. have to watch them play and i can’t even accept the bonuses.)

  57. Danb2666 Says:

    I think its a case of releasing to much to quickly with out seeing how it affects the game play. Harvesting bushels and wedding collections in the same week, not to mention the foal/calf growing…something had to give. They need to space these things out more.

  58. Hangman Says:

    This is getting on my nerves. I tried to get rewards from friends but nothing. I hope they fix it soon.

  59. Christina Says:

    I’m going through withdraws already lol! I hope it’s up soon….

  60. bobbi Says:

    I am using comodo dragon and it seems to be working for me so far..
    Don’t know how long though. Comodo Dragon is open source software by Chromium…

  61. Thorsten Says:

    I think they took the wedding out / off again – which was a good idea.

    It’s just all too much over a short period

  62. Ferdy Says:

    This is what it should say: Howdy Farmers! We have managed to screw up FarmVille once again so you may want to go ahead and scream because you are missing out on double XP and double mastery bonuses this weekend, can‘t complete your wedding tent… Please standby while we drink our coffee and laugh at all you farmers freaking out!! Btw thanks for spending so much money!!

  63. Linda Ainsworth Says:

    your problems now make me have problems..always refresh then trying to get the tuscany wedding crap it lost from the box to the feid because of refresh what can we do to get another tent????????????????

  64. MissChatterbox Says:

    You know, I really wish some of you would stop and think about everything that goes into making fv work from Zynga’s end.. Quit complaining, it is just a game. If it doesn’t work for an hour are you going to “wither” away? Probably not. Give their servers a break and walk away from the computer. Maybe when you come back it’ll be worked out. I’m sorry I’m just sick of the whining.. if you hate it so much why do you play at all?

  65. Christina Says:

    #61 so true! Sad but ture!

  66. Jaya Says:

    Oh! I had planted Blue Berries.. :( I hope they turn off withering till they fix the issue.

  67. crystal Says:

    how long is it be down i still cannot get it to load? :(

  68. olivia Says:

    I keep getting this message everytime i log on
    “Loading Game…
    If your game does not load within 10 seconds, you may need to upgrade your version of Flash. Please do so by clicking here”

    mind you i’ve logged on through safari and firefox and updated my flash with both browsers. still nothing. all i can do is send gifts and buy cash and coins. not cool.

  69. ju Says:

    wedding tend not working here…

  70. Uncensored Says:

    How about the dogs??? If i cant feed i and it runs away?

  71. LadyKatt Says:


    *sips coffee*..

    *chants a mantra*’s a free game…it’s a free’s a free game :)

  72. Carol Says:


  73. bimse Says:

    what can I do when this comes and I already updated the Flash?

    If your game does
    not load within 10 seconds, you may need to upgrade your version of
    Flash. Please do so by clicking here

  74. Trishfish Says:

    They better have turned off withering! I planted raspberries to take advantage of the triple masteries and now on multiple different ocmputes all i get is Update Flash!!!!!

  75. BUSTA Says:

    see what happends when they try to please you farmers!!!!!!!!!! fukn whiners

  76. Hethler Says:

    maybe because of the “double your crop mastery” weekend promo.
    i opened and tried to harvest around 4pm, after few plot harvest, it hangs up; tried again, harvested several crops; hanged up again. then finally around 7pm, im good to go, fully harvested my crops.

  77. Christina Says:

    There goes my harvest and my dog runs away.
    Spent all day yesterday so I can expand today. Who will pay this.

  78. lugia Says:

    I can’t harvest my crops!!! NEDD FARMVILLE >:O

  79. JokersWife Says:

    SachinIndia Says:
    Posted on May 29th, 2010 at 7:08 am

    broken fv makes fvf double the fun with intresting whining… c’mmon guys make me proud

    I totally agree!! I went on Zynga’s website and it did NOT disappoint..You should read how many people are saying ” if you don’t fix this soon, I’m leaving the game!” I’m sure Zynga will get right on that..God knows they can’t afford to lose those players out of MILLIONS! Let the whining commence!

  80. Rachel Says:

    i’m getting a message saying that if my game doesn’t load within ten minutes then i need to update my flash player. dude i’ve done this with googl chrome, mozilla, internet explorer and safari and the same things shows up. i download the stupid thing but it’s still giving me a hard time and i planted RASPBERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Sree Says:

    I updated my flash abt 20 tyms

    but it still says update my flash
    tried restarting and everything i know but my farm wont come up

  82. pafarmgirl Says:

    hmmm..I have 2 farms, one I play on Internet Explorer and one on Firefox. On one, I never got my wedding tent, and was finally able to harvest and plant, but now can’t accept gifts, get on, anything….on the other, I got my wedding tent placed on my farm, but haven’t been on since.

    A message said to download the newest version of Flash, so I did. Did not help. No farming available for me now, and I am on east coast of US and it’s 10:00 a.m.

  83. FFB Says:

    i have a coop job running..dont wanna miss out on the gold…pls fix this Zynga!!

  84. Terry Says:

    If you can’t log into Farmville, you must have placed the Tuscan Wedding Tent on your farm.

    I checked my account, my wife’s account, and a dummy account, and that’s the main difference. The dummy account works. Go figure.

  85. Rashad Says:

    i cant even post anything when i share its not popin up to publish……… what the hell

  86. Jaymes Says:

    this kinda crap always happens on holiday weekends!

  87. Pokerface Says:

    I didn’t get tripple mastery on Raspberries with my bushel. Did the bushel fail or the double mastery weekend fail?

  88. fvplayer Says:

    arrrgggh! this is ridiculous! please fix the game now! I spend real money in this game too, I deserve some respect! I understand server problems occur sometimes, but what I’m really hating is the time it is taking to fix the problem! is too long!!! I could buy fv cash, but can’t play! that’s ridiculous!

  89. Karen Says:

    Problems here too……must have had the refresh your browser 10 times this morning resulting in my wedding tent disappearing completely and the items I moved in order to place the tent are now back in their original positions. Anyone else have this issue?

  90. Michelle Says:

    LMFAO @ SachinIndia and Rondha … .Hmmmm…perhaps the truth of the matter is that in reality it is the developers that are playing a game and we are just the saps that they use as their game pieces… the game goal is to see how many things they can tweek to make the game totally non player friendly in the fewest moves… get the most complaints and whining in the shortest time frame from the greatest number of players.. Summary ..How to piss of 80 plus million people in 5 minutes or less..There oughta be a support group

  91. farah Says:

    yea, must be the wedding tent, my sis and mum’s farms working fine.. they dont hve the wedding tent… its jst mine which aint loading, got the wedding tent…

  92. Farmer Says:

    If your game does not load within 10 seconds, you may need to upgrade your version of Flash. Please do so by clicking here

    Already did, nothing happened.

  93. Willie Says:

    I remember when Jimmy Carter was President. One gast station offered gas at 9cents per gallon, however they had ben out of Gas for a month. Guess it is the same with double experience lol

  94. General mvkr Says:

    Now i can’t see the screen play at all !

  95. petuliah Says:

    Looks like im going to be out today!! lol,,, Actually TY Farmville for not working… I can get out and go to the beach!! YAY….

  96. lenaa Says:

    Terry (comment 72) may have a valid point! I also have two farms and only managed to get the wedding tent on one of them earlier this morning…logged onto my second farm fine five minutes ago (the one without the tent), went to get back on my main farm and it doesn’t load saying I need to update flash (the one with the tent). Hmmm.

  97. Mozarkite Says:

    FB down not working! Grrrr

  98. Keigo Says:

    I can’t play Farmville.

  99. Greywolf Says:

    Why did they set up the market places, wedding, mustangs ….all at once?

  100. Mozarkite Says:

    FarmVille down not working! Grrrr Losening crops right now!

  101. Kaya Says:

    When will fix that =(( very bad luck :(

  102. Irene Says:

    TORINO Italy ore 16,35 del 29/05/2010

    tutti gli agricoltori sono molto arrabbiati
    prima di inserire nuove funzioni Zynga dovrebbe stabilizzare quelle vecchie. I problemi sono dovuti a troppe cose nuove in una settimana. Chiediamo a Zynga meno cose nuove ma una espansione urgente!!! Non ci stà più nulla.

    TURIN Italy 16.35 hours of 29/05/2010

    HERE IN ITALY nothing works !!!!!!!!!!
    all farmers are very angry
    before inserting new functions Zynga should stabilize the old ones. The problems are caused by too many new things in a week. We ask Zynga not new things but a growing urgent! Does not fit anymore.

  103. Hangman Says:

    I don’t even get a Flash update message,the play screen doesn’t even load.

  104. LYNN Says:

    This is so irritating! My raspberry crops have totally withered & I just lost a whole 400-crop harvest, not including the double I get with a bushel! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  105. ChrissyD413 Says:

    okay NOW I am very annoyed! My daughter and I use the same laptop…. her farm is loadin BUT she didnt add the tent thing…. I added it and am getting the Download Flash player add thing…. WTF!!! I think this whole mess is perhaps caused by the tent issues?!?! any input peeps?

  106. Dora Says:

    Yeap, it’s all because of that wedding tent. I checked on another account, one without tent, and it’s working, but mine (with tent) is not. Plus, from the working account I can visit every neighbour’s farm, except for the ones with a tent!
    Now…it’s not like the end of the world, but still…so, so annoying. They take too long to fix the problem.
    And they should really think of giving more space. Or maybe they just want farmers to sell their old stuff and renew the arrangements and decorations every few weeks:):):).

  107. Florence Says:

    I NEED HELP WITH MY Wedding Plz add I can get you your blue ribbon

  108. Avril Says:

    The wedding tent issue being placed on farm does not make a difference. I have a number of farms, with the tent only placed on one, and cannot load farmville via facebook or at the moment.
    However I was in the game about 5 hours ago, came out, then all hell broke loose, aaggghhhhhhh!!!!!! Zynga get your *ss in gear……..

  109. adil Says:

    same here cannot access my farm any advice how can i play farm ville
    plz help my crops will get wither

  110. atom bomb Says:

    this sucks. it had to happend on a double mastery weekend. I wonder if Zynga will compensate for the loss of precious double mastery time lost for the weekend by extendig the deal or organize another one next week.

  111. Carter Says:

    FV Gods are idiots they made a dauble mastery weekend and you can’t actually get it because all weekend the farm won’t work :D

  112. adil Says:

    i get the flash update message again and again even if i update it it says the same

  113. ERWIN VAN ELDEN Says:

    SOME PROBLEMS???????

  114. choesnah Says:


    i need help to get 2 of 7evelen jumping cow, i can send money via paypal

    please help :P

  115. mohamad Says:

    i just clice to play he not working

  116. Claudia Says:

    I didn’t give gift in cafè world I didn’t enter in FV is impossible play Stop this update please!

  117. Jun Says:

    Lenaa n Terry must be right. I also hv 2 farms, the one with wedding tent wont load, not even hv the screen play, the one without tent works just fine.

  118. melyana Says:

    wadauw… my fv can’t opened

  119. malo Says:

    pokerface , i got the triple mastery with blackberries this morning , but now it’s just blank . i’m seriously getting p*ssed !

  120. Joe Says:

    it seems its everyone with the tent that cannot get on. I have the tent and my girlfriend didnt. She can play, I cant… same computer.

  121. JR Says:

    My wedding gazebo disappeared and when I tried to collect truffles, goat’s milk, FV said “Limited Edition, no longer available!”

  122. melyana Says:

    how can i play FV. Help me please…. my corps will get wither!!!

  123. wipp Says:

    Give me xFV to recover DOGss …very angreyyyyyy!!!!

  124. Yaeli Says:

    I just get a blank screen and not even the sidebar or game feed load. Tried petville to check if it was my flash or something and it worked, sort of, but it started to have some problems too (maybe overload from people who usually primarily play farmville). Hope they fix it soon.

    Oh yeah, and I definitely vote for bigger farms and a pigpen to store all the black pigs!

  125. Carter Says:

    everyone who has the wedding tent on their farms won’t be able to access FV until the developers realease the tent again :)

  126. Thorsten Says:

    The wedding is off!

  127. Jasonius Says:

    Well, so much for gold in the co-op mission I was doing *turns red in the face with anger*

  128. Wayne Says:


    FV sucks (again)…

  129. Paula Says:

    EVERYTHING Farmville is gone! I can’t even see posts from anyone regarding Farmville nor can I get in through Zygnia direct. It’s no longer in my bookmarks etc.

  130. Matt Says:

    i had crops to harvest before and they must be witherd by now i hope they have put they non-withering thing on

  131. PHT Says:

    Way to crash the game for people with your own event Zynga. How about testing these things before releasing?

  132. riza Says:

    why the message prompted to adobe flash for uploading. it’s been uploaded. my other neighbors can access, i cant

  133. sam Says:

    am i missing something? i can’t send Tuscan wedding gifts, cant receive them (they just disappear when i try to accept) and I haven’t received a basket/tent to collect the gifts in… :(

    also i can’t accept gifts because my giftbox is ‘full’ even though in have nine things in there max.

  134. Bram Says:

    I can’t connect right now. Blank page!

  135. Pangki Says:

    I’m worried about my dogs because i can not access the FV

  136. riza Says:

    i can’t even collect my truffles

  137. Johnnyafc Says:

    If your game does not load within 10 seconds, you may need to upgrade your version of Flash. Please do so by clicking here

    oh its still dead…… must get on with my real life ;-)

  138. jerry Says:

    When you going to get it fixed and will we loose all are crops we got planted

  139. Snack Says:

    It’s driving me crazy!!! I finnaly have spare time and I’m trying to catch up my neighbours with planting strawberries and now I am in deep ****. I could have got double mastery points, but now it all looks like my farm is going to wither :( It’s dead for 3 hours or more now. Please fix it ASAP!

  140. Laura Says:

    This is absolutely pathetic. Once again Zynga releases several things at the same time and the system, what a surprise, goes down. I’m sure there has been a surge of folks playing to try and get the new foals/calves, the bushels, the extra mastery for this weekend only, the wedding stuff – all very nice stuff BUT TOO MUCH AT ONCE!!! When will they learn? So now I’m going to lose my crops, I can’t go for the limited time mastery points – at least for today, well just fantastic. I love farmville but am slowly turning against it with these constant, boring faults. Get your act together Zynga – or start taking your time to get the faults put right first.
    Fed up, I’m going to do some ironing, that’s how bad I feel….

  141. Anon Says:

    Well, here the game is not even showing anymore.

  142. Nikki Says:

    I get a plant crops now message in the toolbar but I can’t get in at all to find out what’s going on– my crops WERE all planted most just needing harvested –which I can’t do — plus now I lost out on gold on my co op too

    I have real money invested in this game — if it is lost I want Real compensation –anyone else??

  143. DuKeFX Says:

    If you see a blank page on it’s because your account is being stored on a specific server which is down atm. Log out of facebook and try again. It’ll be up, but once you log back in –> blank page again.

  144. flora Says:

    Same as everyone else, I cannot get into my farm. “If your game does not load within 10 seconds, you may need to upgrade your version of Flash. Please do so by clicking here” which I have done a few times already.

    So much to do and so little time.

    My sister is worried about feeding her dogs as it is well over 24 hours since she fed them.

    I hope Zygna is going to fix the problems quickly.

  145. Franklin Says:

    First off, surprise Zynga sucks at developing games and you can’t play on your pwetty wittle farmy! Oh no! What will you do? I hear there is this thing called life. Some people actually engage in it. If you walk outside there is this thing in the sky. It’s a star, our star. It’s a yellow dwarf class star. Some scientists say that you need exposure to it to ward off depression. Also there is fresh air outside (depending on where you live). If you are in Beijing then you are out of luck. But fear not little zombies. Zynga will soon get your “dose” working again and you will be able to mindlessly feed off it while life passes you by.

  146. Franklin Says:

    Oh and your Farmville dogs aren’t real. Have you fed your real family or pets today? Do you worry about them as much? No? I didn’t think so.

  147. Korina Says:

    Not only will my farm not load but I cannot accept feeds off my wall or accept gifts. Also, no one can even visit my farm :(

  148. choesnah Says:

    i’m absolutely annoyed as my beloved virtual amuse is not up :x

    anywayyyy, is there anybody from the US who can help to buy 7-elev 2 jumping cows please

    i’ll pay via paypal..

  149. Franklin Says:

    @Ferdy: You nailed it! That was awesome!

  150. geo Says:

    i cant play too grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr that breakin my fuckin nerves so many hours without farmville grrrrrrrrr

  151. Noel Marie Says:

    #60 FERDY…TOO FUNNY! I laughed so hard that I had to copy and paste your post. Couldn’t have said it better!

    This is what it should say: Howdy Farmers! We have managed to screw up FarmVille once again so you may want to go ahead and scream because you are missing out on double XP and double mastery bonuses this weekend, can‘t complete your wedding tent… Please standby while we drink our coffee and laugh at all you farmers freaking out!! Btw thanks for spending so much money!!

  152. bearysoft Says:

    It’s all over the FarmVille forums, if you put a wedding tent on your farm you are locked out. Several of my friends already had the tent and they cannot get on or collect from feeds. Nor can I access their farms, all I get is an Out of Sync message and Cannot Load Farm. Thank goodness I didn’t put the tent on my farm. There is just no room for anything new.

  153. Louise Says:

    Currently I am only getting a message saying:
    ‘Loading Game…
    If your game does not load within 10 seconds, you may need to upgrade your version of Flash. Please do so by clicking here’
    Asking me to install Flash, So i did

    BUT I STILL CANNOT GET IN, others are getting errors!

    Its all since they released double mastery weekend,
    I think some noob at farmville pressed the ‘delete some important coding to mess up farmville’ button!

  154. Stray Says:

    I’m trying to remember this was supposed to be FUN.

    Can’t see my farm. Know I’ve lost @ 450 White Grapes.

    Is it a concidence that we’re down when the Double Mastery is being offered? Why would FV add the Tuscan Wedding when many of us STILL couldn’t send or receive gifts. Couldn’t it have waited until gifting was fixed?

    Not happy here.

  155. fay Says:

    My nerves. What happens with the co-op? We lose gifts and xp. This is unfair because some servers are ok.

  156. bobbi Says:

    okay I just tried to accept truffles from about ten friends and they all said it was a limited gift and they were no longer available even though the date said they were only available until June 11,2010. So I guess it doesn’t matter what browser you use. The gifts are not working. i tried using Comodo Dragon,.Firefox and Google Chrome. All 3 have issues with these truffles…What is the deal here?? I lost all my truffles… :-(

  157. Nori Says:

    Maybe someone can help me… up to 4 this morning I was able to get into FV.. kept getting that big A– Cow or I was crashing… Now it is telling me if it doesn’t load in 10 seconds I need to update my Flash Pllayer… I have installed it 5 times and still getting that D– thing…. What on earth am I doing wrong… I’m a graphic designer… not good on this updating software crap and it doesn’t work even when it says it was installed… Is it a FV problem or is it my problem and need to find someone to figure out why the software didn’t update correctly… Thank you ahead of time for helping because I’m getting a little pissed… Why can I get into Farm Town and work… don’t they work off of Flash Player too and all the other games… Oh, It will let me accept gifts.. let me see my neighbors.. it just won’t let me get into the game itself….

  158. Dora Says:

    Your irony may have a point, in some cases, but on the other hand playing a computer game is also part of “life” and for people tired of work and busy schedules it can even be relaxing and amusing. So chill out and let it be:).
    And just for the record, I would love to have a real farm, or at least a small garden with a few trees and a few flowers, maybe one or two cats, a dog and a rabbit:). Since I can’t afford it, at least I can have some fun playing this game, which, of course, it’s not really working for the moment…:):):)

  159. Mark Says:

    When it works, FarmVille keeps many of us entertained for hours. The frequent game enhancements only add to this enjoyment. On a holiday weekend, we look forward to having this as one of many options for how we spend the time. I seriously doubt thhe Zynga folks are sitting around slurping coffee right now… pretty certain their own “money tree” is in serious WITHER mode right now!

  160. Oz Says:

    Everything was fine with the new updates early this morning (~12:00am Pac). Included double mastery or +3 with bushels and the tuscan wedding with gift-able truffles. So something must have gone wrong between then and now.

  161. Vito Says:

    May be putting up new stuff right before a holiday weekend wasn’t the smartest either. They better be putting in some serious overtime to get me back on my farm! Stupid Wedding Tent!

  162. TorontoFarmer Says:


    Why don’t you look up the definition of whining before attacking others for speaking their mind. Of course if all you care about is making yourself feel high and mighty, than why would you bother.

  163. Bee Gee Says:

    Well, my crop will be withering as I type this, has been 6 hours since I have been able to get onto my farm .. I hope FV give us extra time for the double mastery points .. and for some co op expanded time (not that I am in a co op currently) .. not to mention all those poor puppies that will have ran away. I can’t even get the log in page either via FB or the site, just a blank page :(

  164. Jackie Says:

    Really cheesed off. FV was out of sync, freezing & refreshing before it crashed. Now can’t access at all. Neither FB or are working. And it looks like I lost some truffles before it went down as it said they were LE and no longer available. Too much at the same time guys. Introduce 1 new aspect at a time and it’ll be less likely to crash. Not a happy bunny today. >:(

  165. Huzefa Says:

    Showing this error :
    Loading Game…
    If your game does not load within 10 seconds, you may need to upgrade your version of Flash. Please do so by clicking here

    Even after updating the flash player… it shows the same…

  166. Rob Says:

    Serenity now. Serenity now. Serenity now.

  167. lyndon Says:

    when will it be fixed???

  168. bj antolin Says:

    i cannot even adopt an animal.. grrr

  169. Falguni Says:

    come onnn…its time to feed my puppies…u guys r ..wt to say?? sm ppl can access,sm cant..isnt it stupiddd ??? :X

  170. danielle beltzung Says:

    ce serait sympa si on pouvait jouer a farmville !!!
    ou en seront nos cultures quand ca remarchera ? pourries !!!

  171. Pam Says:

    You know this is a great game when everything goes well but time and time again they release new things and they don’t work!!! You would think they could get this game right once in awhile!!!!

  172. Eric Says:

    waiting, waiting, waiting….finally…oh, shoot…ok, waiting, waiting, still waiting…

  173. Darrid Says:

    And they wonder why gamers are leaving them in the millions?

  174. Eric Says:

    still waiting…………….thank god for a three day weekend. Who needs farmville anyways?!?!?!?!

  175. Hemali Says:


  176. Eric Says:

    DANGIT, I NEED IT!!!!! waiting, waiting, waiting……..

  177. Falguni Says:



  178. fed up Says:

    I can’t even get any of the offerings on the mainwall like extra fuel, the page goes white. There are six of us that work together and only two of us can’t get in and we have crops to get out. This happens everytime they add somethiing!

  179. Justin Says:

    So have they turned off withering? This is so unfair. Not a single day goes by without Farmville being %$*@ed up for at least half of it. Isn’t this supposed to be fun? If my crops are wilted, I’m done playing.

  180. Jango Says:

    Farmville just doesn’t load !!!! What about our crops ? Are we supposed to lose them ? Lose our co-ops ?
    We spend money…..we are Farmville Freaks….and it seems that they
    just don’t care !!!! C’mon….it’s a weekend….we have time to play !

  181. b. bracken Says:

    This problem has been going on since I placed that darn wedding tent on my farm. My sister and daughter in law placed one of their farm too, but my son DID NOT…he is the only one of us who can get on his farm…all of this because of a tent…and they can’t get it fixed in 8 hours???? OMG!

  182. Nate Says:

    I just find it frustrating that, on a long-weekend with a double-mastery promotion, they’d suddenly have outages for the game. It’s not that I’ll have nothing to do but whine about it, but it would be nice to be able to spend ten minutes on Farmville, just to take advantage of the weekend promotions. Oh well, way to go, Zynga.

    ***Not that I’m surprised. Many IT people tend to roll-out new updates/additions without thinking about bugs before hand. Happened all of the time when I worked at a national healthcare provider. Release now, think later! ;-) ***

  183. malo Says:

    let’s start the farmville abc game while waiting


  184. Jack Says:

    Ahh! i now cant get on my farm because i have to download adobe flash player! >:(

  185. Mark Says:

    Bushels of blueberries

  186. raye Says:

    Oh how i regret putting the bloody wedding tent on my farm.

    Now my carrots will wilt
    And we won’t get a gold medal for the co-op

    Le sigh.

  187. raye Says:


  188. Mahmoud Says:

    the games doesnt start, just white page, specially after the flash 10 update, i dont know when it will be solved, i am so upset

  189. linda Says:

    Can’t get in from FB or Cannot accept gifts. Shows my gift box is full…oh, well…..

  190. Eryn Clerc Says:

    I planted some crops yesterday, and joined a co-op… this morning when FV loaded, my entire farm popped up – with one exception… I HAD NOTHING TO HARVEST!!! There were no crops planted!!! Will the coin I spent to plant seeds on my farm be replaced??? WTF???

  191. linda Says:

    PLEASE give us more land before you add more items for us to use! I have 4 farms on Farm Town!

  192. MaryE Says:

    no FV since 7:30 this morning,and my crops are ready for harvesting. I think the powers that be should be sure not to let crops wilt during this outage. It’s just a thought.

  193. NeeC Says:

    i can’t get my presents…there’s a screen telling me that all the gifts were expired………

  194. david Says:

    my fv is still not working… :( but my frnds are able to play fv…

  195. Dorothy Bell Says:

    And all this time, I thought it was my “curse-cursed” ol’ puter. Thanks for FarmVille Freaks, I am freed from my repeative Madness trying to access my Farm….but I have plantings to harvest and many things to do there. Work fast, my FarmVille technies. Your fans will love you the more for it.

  196. vincenzo Says:

    la mia farm è bloccata da oltre otto re ed i miei amici non possono effetture nè visite e nemmeno prelievo colture.
    inoltre non posso raccogliere eccetera eccetera………
    aspetto fin quando non mi rompo gli attributi definitivamente

  197. crystal Says:

    i still cannot get in!!!!!!!!!! how long is this gonna take

  198. Traci Says:

    took me 2 hours to harvest, plow and seed this morning, constant “saving” and “enhanced’ please refresh…and my wedding gazebo is now gone from my gift box AFTER i moved and sold stuff to make room for it! UGH

  199. Tamara Says:


    Blooming Farmville. When this has happened before, do they remove the withering function? And will I ever get my farm back, with or without the wretched wedding tent? Wish I’d never accepted it :-(

  200. ferhat Says:

    I hate this game, always there are many problems. That’s enough Zynga. Many players going away, Wake Up!!!

  201. Sense Says:

    I have had problems getting into my farm since aerly this morning.. Cant even get in through This is boring. Anybody have any idea when they are going so solve this problem.. Because it seriosly starting to be a biiiig problem.

  202. Mark Says:

    despondent ducks?

  203. leroy Says:

    come on guys fix this crap i have lost my gifts and now cant get on the farm or any thing fixe it

  204. pfeffi Says:

    same here,

    I installed the wedding tent and was looking forward to be able to finish the ghost chili over the week-end with the bushel and special feature.
    Since that, no way to reach my farm, I just get a white screen on or facebook…
    Such a cr…p. As soon as I will be able to get into my farm, I will remove this tent cause it will be too much work to collect everything and I am not impressed by the presents.

    I guess, I am really a farmville freak, the glitch is making me crazy ;-)

  205. sue Says:

    evaporating elephants!

  206. Siddhartha Says:

    What about my crops????? They are about to wither!!!!!! Pls fix the problem ASAP…..

  207. MUDPUPPY MUDD Says:

    My co-op rewards were lost due to FV flipping back to desktop
    before i could accept my rewards! how do i get these back?

  208. pam beck Says:

    frustrated hubby sat there planting up his farm why i am twiddling mi thumbs not happy

  209. Philippe Says:

    I sincerly hope they put the unwither on while there’s connection issues … otherwise it suck cause as of now everything must be dead on my farm :( QUICK FIX IT PLEASE

  210. Tammy Says:

    Yesterday, while I was trying to sell a pink calf, I accidentally sold my dairy farm with all of my Tuscan, Fan, Groovy and Neopolitan Cows in it! I realized that it said Dairy Farm as I clicked the “Accept” button thinking it was my pink calf but it was too late, gone! I wrote ZYNGA and explained what happened but they won’t do anything about it! Please help me and others that have had this happen to them. You could be next! After all the things that we have to put up with from Zynga: slow loading issues, sorry, bits got lost on the way to your computer, your game is out of sync, farmville has been enhanced, please refresh, accepted gifts not showing up, down for maintenance…. When we mess up, I think they should help us out after the headaches that they cause us! When I wrote Zynga, this is the response I received: I know that you have worked hard to get your
    farm where you wanted it and to progress within the game.
    Unfortunately, we are unable to restore items that do not fall within
    the parameters of the FarmVille Item Restoration Policy. This includes
    free gifts, levels, lost crops, experience, cash, and coins from
    ribbons, achievements, etc. This policy also does not allow for the
    restoration of items that were accidentally sold, deleted, or
    accidentally purchased. If you would like to help, please join this group:!/group.php?gid=114473948595699&ref=ts

  211. Franklin Says:

    Oh and don’t worry folks. If your dogs run off or your buildings disappear, Zynga will kindly inform you that according to their terms of service if you did not pay rel money for the missing items then you will have to repurchase them with your Farmville coins and rebuild your buildings. Happened to me and a friend. My friend lost four buildings. Just vanished. Huge chicken coup, nursery, stable and maison. Farmville did the whole “worlds smallest violin” thing and told him tough titty. Get over it. So have fun buying a new puppy and feeding it, and then teaching it all the tricks again. Yeah, Farmville is great.

  212. charles Says:

    My plan was to leave Farmville at level 70 which as we all know there is no life above that. Right now I’m at 68 1/2 and was hoping the underground storage would be here before I was gone so I could put everything there and leave an almost blank slate.

    I went through the issues of installing the stupid FV toolbar. Had to disable the world to do so and guess what? The FV $$$ they said I’d get was not in my gift basktet Go figure FV screw up!

    The farmers market left a bad taste in my mouth as it was to give me a whole bunch of fuel credits and well it never did. Typical loss of FV wins or should I say LOSS

    The new Wedding thing is a joke and now I’ve not been able to finish my early AM harvest.

    Oh and when I have had issues lately and go to the support link there is no way now to contact support unless it is an issue with a FV $$$ purchase! LOL

    Why can’t we get a larger farm?

    FV you are running out of time here. I’ve spent a lot of MONEY and time with you and I’m more than likely going sooner than later but now I”m thinking of DELETING my farm and blocking your app instead of just letting it sit there for others to collect rewards from.

    Click, click, click!

  213. michael Says:

    UK. my FV not workin& it crashes a lot when i go full screen to play

  214. Nightfalls Says:

    Hmm the toolbar is back now, i only cant click on it

  215. TorontoFarmer Says:

    Eggplant!! :)



  217. John Says:

    Well i was online last night and was farming away, sent some truffles. leveled up to 57. goofed off a bit. did some fertilizing then the problems started, Now my farm is GONE > as in not there, Had my friends and neighbors try to check it and it is just plane gone. 57 levels down the tubes.. well this is fun, maybe i will get an email from Zynga in the next few days, or weeks, or months, or years,

  218. blabla Says:

    pff i cant enter farmville.. so stupid at the moment :@

  219. robbo Says:


  220. Amanda Soutter Says:

    Hi all,
    I still cant get on but my freinds can any advice please?

  221. Ulla Says:

    so whats up with this, cant get it fixed??? some have no problems to play the game, others are just looking at a blank page????

    Hurry up!!

  222. michelle ecklund Says:


  223. Bill Says:



    S T A N D -
    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? B Y ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  224. tam Says:

    i just had a friend leave me a comment and they said it’s only down for the people that have placed the wedding tent on their farm. i don’t know how true that is. i do see some of my friends posting FV feeds but don’t know if they have the tent on their farm. but i do have a few friends that are complaining they can’t get the game to load. it’s really a load of crap. they need to get all these bugs fixed BEFORE always giving us new stuff!

  225. joi Says:

    charles, we all know you’re not gonna quit farmville so just shut the hell up.

    oh, and stop sounding as if spending money on this game makes you a god/golden VIP customer of zynga.

    and the toolbar didn’t gave you 25 farm cash? probably you’re using IE cos only MF works this time. or maybe zynga just can’t take your bullshit anymore and decided to piss you off so you will quit on your own.

    oh pathetic charles, grow up soon k? i should probably send you stuffs from the children’s day theme.

  226. Jhonny The FarmNuke Thizzlam Says:


  227. gnaburself Says:

    this sucks. Farmville better make up for this, my crops are gonna go bad, have to feed the dog, I’m involved in a co-op, and they are having these shitty problems now?? How are we supposed to get double mastery points if we cannot get in????? yeah, stand by, amen for how long???????????????????????

  228. Taeyeon Says:

    FarmVille ABC game? That’s easy.

    Why? Because Apple Tree, Bushels of Blueberries, Carrots, Despondent Ducks, Eggplants…F…F for what…?

    The very reason why we’re here. F for FarmVille of course.

    Well I might as well say Foal since FarmVille is too obvious.

  229. Franklin Says:

    It’s OK people. Soon they will get their mediocre product kind of working again. Then you will sort of be able to take advantage of their offers that may or may not work. In what other part of your lives would you accept this blatant mediocrity?

  230. Paul Says:

    This down time is ridiculous, especially for a game that is as “graphically challanged” as Farmville.

    They can blame this on server failure, but I believe it is a simple lack of testing. Family members in my home who woke up late and did not download the wedding update items can still play, right now. Those in my house that woke early and did download the update items are locked out of the game completly.

    Zynga – The Q in QA (Quality Assurance) stands for Quality not Quick. Although it should stand for Quit, which is what the people responsable for this fiasco should do!

    A billion dollar a year company and you cant get a game as basic as this to run smoothly for more then a couple of days in a row. Fire your friends and family and hire people who know what they are doing, please!

  231. Tiffany Says:

    My Farm work fine! I dont got no problem, for some ppl work and others dont!

  232. Barbarella72 Says:

    FV doesn’t load, nor on Zynga website, nor on Facebook. I cannot play but my friends can.
    What’s going on? Why some players can and others cannot?

    Are we losing crops and gifts and….?

  233. maud Says:

    ferdy ………. no. 60….. hats off man. copied ur post to put on my FB… and gave u credit !

  234. Dylan Says:

    Franklins comment is a interesting one, Both my wife and I play both FV/MWs my MWs primary was erased in a server upgrade last week – after 5 days and several emails zynga restored the character and 90RPs compensation….must be different policies in different development teams…

    Yes I made the mistake er I mean choice to install the wedding tent…..wife must have too …I cant log her in but our coop crop mules work fine…

  235. Franklin Says:

    Isn’t his nice of them. They get you to accept a new item and place it on your farm. Doing that kills your ability to access your farm. Then you try to receive the times for this new farmville feature and you get this message.

    I thought BP was run by morons. They are nothing compared to Zynga.

    “The gift you tried to accept was LIMITED EDITION and is no longer available. More limited edition items coming soon!
    Do you have more pending gifts to accept?”

    I suppose if you say yes they are likely to say “tough, we have deleted those aw well. Thanks for playing and thanks for making Farmville a success in spite of it’s shoddiness.

  236. Michelle Says:

    I can’t get any of the tuscan wedding features! is it down for anybody else? =\

  237. Thorsten Says:

    They crashed the wedding

  238. Franklin Says:

    People there are other cool games on the internet and there are companies that run more smoothly and actually care of their customers are happy. Well at least they pretend to and provide better service. I think I am going to follow the lead of all my friends and leave this wretched application to rot in it’s mediocrity.

  239. nise Says:


  240. Jonny Says:

    the problem is with the tuscan wedding tend , i’ve think they deleted , but all the people that bought the tuscan wedding don’t access to farmville. the people that didn’t accept the tuscan are working fine.

  241. nise Says:

    quickly please ……….i has waiting all day just sit down infront comp to wait that farmville official fix it….PLEASSEEEEEEEEEE

  242. -Jp- Says:

    Ferdy I have to repost. Like some one else said that was to funny.

    This is what it should say: Howdy Farmers! We have managed to screw up FarmVille once again so you may want to go ahead and scream because you are missing out on double XP and double mastery bonuses this weekend, can‘t complete your wedding tent… Please standby while we drink our coffee and laugh at all you farmers freaking out!! Btw thanks for spending so much money!!

    Yea, taht stupid Wedding tent is causing the problem. I have a dummy account with NO tent. It loaded and I can do my crops just fine. My main account BLANK on facebook and My hubbys account get the you ahve to load Flash.

    They should only do two things a week less on the servers. But then again they will never learn.

  243. Aaron Meijer Says:

    i know what’s the cause!!!!!!!!!!! i found out that people who don’t have the tuscan wedding don’t have server problems!!!!!!!

  244. Paul Says:

    Franklin, I hear you. I had ALOT of fun playing a game called Runescape. Took a break from it when i picked up FV. Think I’m going to check up on my old account and see whats new.

  245. Harmony Says:

    Nori I have the same problem. But I know my computer is right because my sister is able to play (we share the same computer). She doesn’t put the wedding tent but I did it of course !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  246. norma Says:

    loaded tuscan wedding……now problems….other of my fv friends samething after loading this…

  247. Vezok Says:

    Server problems are getting more of a monthly thing now. C’mon, I got Carrots to harvest! :(

  248. Alyce Says:

    And they actually wonder why people are leaving FV.. -_-’

    Hopefully they’re ‘kind’ enough to apply unwither to crops that has wilted.. XD

  249. Jessie Says:

    The issues do keep continuing as you add another item but you add too many items at once..people are not done building botanicals and you botched that for help..lucky we can still build the stable and nursery until you put the kabotch on least you brought the Maison back long enough for us neighbors to help our friends..
    I have been watching a white screen to nothing for 6 hours..the ones that are lucky to get on get booted out..that happened this morning to me..I got 20 minutes on my farm and wham, gone like the wind.
    I was lucky to have friends in Europe, in the Indian Ocean, and on the west coast of USA I am in the midwest to see how they were faring..on and then zippo.
    Please give us the reasons for all of the problems..thank..
    ps try to get your servers on board

  250. Nightfalls Says:

    FarmVille is currently experiencing some technical issues. We are working on resolving them ASAP, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

    From the FV twitter

  251. Amanda Soutter Says:

    Hi all I am still having problems cannot get fv to load at all. Any suggestions welcome

  252. Crystal Says:

    What a bunch of whiners! Go play another game. Go outside! It’s a holiday weekend! Your life will not end because FV is down.

    I too wish they’d slow down their new stuff, but guess what? When they don’t have new stuff out all the freaking time they have thousands of people whining that there is nothing new in the game EVAR!!!1!1!!!11!!!

    And it’s not just Zynga that gets this treatment. Every single game, especially MMO’s, get this. You think it’s easy to balance the needs of millions? :P

  253. lyndon Says:


  254. Rob Says:

    It seems to be the same people week after week who have had enough, who are going to play something else, who are done with Farmville. But yet here you are the next time, complaining about the next glitch? So you see, they have you right where they want you. You want to leave, but you can’t. You want to tell Zynga and your farm good riddance, but you can’t! You want to stop posting complaints on Farmville Freak – but you can’t. You’re totally 100% sucked in. Even if you swear you’re never playing Farmville again, you know damn well that as soon as you see a completed collection pass across your homepage that you are going to click on it to see if they have fixed that problem yet. You can’t get away, it’s a part of you now. You are destined for Zynga to make your life miserable for the foreseeable future because you just …. can’t …. stop!!

  255. Jessie Alspach Says:

    I wrote too long of a comment, they didn’t like that so here is another one..bring back botanicals to finish for neighbors, don’t add so much at once, fix the servers involved, I don’t want to look at a white screen anymore, 6 hrs is long enough..

  256. Ezekiel Says:

    I just wrote a dear john letter to Zynga:

    HI Zynga. First off let me say it isn’t you. Really it’s me. I expect too much from a game. I expect that if I work hard building up my farm that items won’t just disappear. I expect that if they do that your company would care and work to make me happy. Fact is though, you are too busy with your new friends at 7-11 and Target. I get it. They are cooler than us “farmers.” They have money and can help you grow. I’m not worried about you, you’ll be fine. I have at least a dozen friends who realize that you are busy with your new friends and it’s cool if you don’t want to hang out with us and do the little things that make us feel like we are your friends and that we matter. It’s OK. I have other friends and I’ll do fine. I’m sure that Time listing you as one of 50 bad ideas won’t hurt you either. That’s OK any exposure is good exposure, right? Well that gets to my last point. I am going to post this letter on every game forum I can find. I want folks to know that I don’t blame you for your product never working correctly. You guys have your hands full with your new friends! You are busy creating new spin as to why there are so many glitches in your game. Who has time to make sure the “farmers” can actually play and enjoy their game? It’s a big world Zynga. I know your game is only a BETA. I recently took part in BETA testing a little game called Halo Reach. Gameplay was flawless. You know, Bungie cares about their customers. Apparently they care a lot. And you know what I had to pay to play? $0.00. You know all I am likely to pay for the whole lifetime of the game once it’s released? $50.00. That’s it! Then I don’t have to pay for ducks or cows. I don’t have to pay to be the coolest “farmer” on the block.

  257. Tiffany Says:

    Thorsten: lol

    Michelle, yeah the weedding feature dont work for me! We got wait till the fix the problem

  258. Cherie Says:

    Hahahaha….Wedding Crasher, I love it. :) :) While visiting neighbours farms last night did anyone get that HUGE Fuel find post for the neighbour you were visiting?

  259. dndlee Says:

    I want know which game company Franklin works for .. seems to be really good at trashing zynga… and if it bothers you so much why are you here posting messages. the site is Farmville freaks

  260. linda Says:

    “been reading forums and alot of people that placed the wedding tents last night have been locked out for more then 10 hours, some have gotten back in but their farm is completelygone !!! some have had to start over and those Zynga tards just tell them we cant do anything about …your …farm missing”

  261. Marinus Says:

    can not get to my farm on farmville . all my stuff have ROTTEN today and I am verry pissssssssst off

  262. Brandt Says:

    Better extend double mastery weekend then….

  263. Jack Says:

    Has anyone else had to install a new version of adobe flash player? i had to, and i still cant access my farm :(

  264. okey Says:

    a letter frm dear friend who loves farmville ,

    hey ther zynga i just plead u to fix all the peoples farms who truly love farmville and appreciate the game and the updates ………………………..but sorry to say if u r gonna hang on with this kinda attitude for ur international lovers u will lose 6 million fans this time , pls i request u to fix the bug sooner or later. thats ur choce anyway it dosent matter for me who has planted watermelons today , but just think of the new players who hav used up all their money on soy beans or strawberries , thy will lose all their money n quit farmville , and even the big time farmers who hav sold everything of their farm for the sake of profit and hav planted peas , just look at the depressed face ,then thy will get hesitated n stop playing farmville
    please dont make us sad
    as just mr.happy makes new friends and mr.sad loses a friend everyday so u decide do u wanna b neutral losing and gaining a friend or heppy or sad
    wish u fix the bug or the problem within 24 hours
    we love to, introduce new items and crops n new installments of the tuscan theme
    we just cant stop playing ur games
    love u zynga

  265. Jack Says:

    they have turned of withering and puppy hunger btw! :)

  266. Marjanne Says:

    I want to play farmville now! x_x

  267. okey Says:

    rob i appreciate it even i had thought so and done it but ppl who r just freaked out will block farmville all its posts , just get that every dog dosent bark the same! :(

  268. Stacy Trammell Says:

    I can not access my farm at all. I started the wedding thing last night and now I can not do anything on farmville through FB or on Everyone is posting like crazy they lost their access after joining the Tuscan Wedding. My husband didn’t start his and his account is still working. Mine CRASHED!!!!! Stay away from the wedding stuff.

  269. Hangman Says:

    Crop withering and Puppy Hunger was turned off,thank godness.

  270. Monika Says:

    Hey Farmers, we are experiencing technical issues with our latest update, and have turned off Withering and Puppy Hunger while our developers work on the issues.

    Thanks for your understanding and patience!

  271. Hethler Says:

    From FarmVille Twitter:

    Hey Farmers! We have temporarily disabled withering until the technical issues we are currently experiencing are resolved.

    Farmville Twitter:

    Guess I’ll promote mine :D

    Hahaha ;-p

  272. Klára Says:

    Proč nejde FV? Nainstaloval jsem aktualizaci a pořád se tam nemohu dostat!!!

  273. -Jp- Says:

    Keep in mind too people. I know loosing crop on a fv stinks, or money or items or anything. Yes, it could have a special meaning to you. But sometimes the down come about to take a step back and get out priories back in order. Trust me. I was even obsessed with taking care of my family. So wrapped in it. That i didnt care about anything else. Not even my self. But Znyga is just a place to entertain people. I know it stinks when feels like they always have problems. But maybe something or someone is trying to tell you something needs you more then game right now.

    44. Michelle Monroe Says:
    Posted on May 29th, 2010 at 8:02 am

    Nothing we can do but wait and hope it’s not that long. I’m going to go outside and do the real farmville. Planting/landscaping and till the garden. I would think it would be back up after I finish all that :)

    Maybe we can all take a breather from this game and get back to real life for a day. I know it stinks and stuff. but then again. You never know you could find something you like doing to get your mind off the game for a while like Michelle. Huggles to all

  274. Pia LundQuist Says:

    So is it going to work soon??

  275. David Says:

    I had no problems accessing my farm from Google chrome, IE won’t work nor firefox. I also haven’t placed the Wedding stuff on my farm. I think thats what causing the glitch. You would think that they will work the bugs out first, guess its because of the the new feature in the gifts section about the time set on the wedding stuff. This is a new feature and as we all know by now, it will take the idiots at least 24-48hrs to fix it.

  276. John Says:

    I think i know now why my farm won’t load, i went over what i did last night before my farm would no longer load. and my friends cant load it, I took that silly TENT out of the gift box and placed it on the ground, after that things for me went downhill. HEY COMPUTER Geek Type Server Game Employees. go remove that tent so i can play again, please… :)

  277. margriet Says:

    I cant go to my farm using Chrome, IE or Firefox! I have this wedding tent on it. My son who hasnt got a tent can go to his farm, and I can go to my “dummy” farm ( without tent!) too….yeah for the updates…… NOT! :(

  278. Nik0c Says:


  279. Katharina Says:

    Have not been able to access farmville since about 2:00 p.m. (Germany)…little frustrating when a game is causing me grief…crops are going to wither, dog will lose tricks…Cannot get free stuff..aarrrrrg! Apparently we all need lives if Farmville is causing this much stress! LOL

  280. Manjeet Says:

    Dead Crops, Lost Money, Lost Gifts, Lost Time – Today’s present from

  281. DIVA Says:

    my FV is not work.

  282. Amanda Soutter Says:

    Chrome doesnt work for me

  283. Eric Says:

    Well, it is true!
    Only people who placed the stupid wedding tent are suffering…contacted a LOT of people and everyone one (over 30) say they are not having any issues!!!!! I learned a lesson today…I am going to wait to put any “special” collectibles on my farm until I hear the word that it is worth it!!!!!

  284. Katharina Says:

    Aha! Life was normal on FV until I added the wedding tent! Hopefully the posts from twitter about disabling wither and starving dogs were true!

  285. F-V Fanatik Says:

    ITS STILL NOT WORKINGGGGGGGGGGGG! And its the 30th May now!! If I delete my wedding tent will it fix the issue? trouble is, I can’t even load FV up to even delete the wedding tent!!

  286. Franklin Says:

    @Ezekiel: Dude I think I will write them a letter too. Time to head to greener pastures. Real ones. With the real sun and real dogs. Goodbye cruel Zynga world.

  287. Gladys Says:

    Serious frustrated my farmville will not load!!! I cant believe this!!!Its lets EVERYONE else in my house go to their farm…I am the ONLY one in this household who cant go to my farm!! So FRUSTRATED! ONLY MY FARM and I just started a new project last night! Is there ANYONE that I can contact about this?? Please Help!

  288. General mvkr Says:

    Guys don’t worry about your dog !

    Check this out!/FarmVille

    ” Hey Farmers, we are experiencing technical issues with our latest update, and have turned off Withering and Puppy Hunger while our developers work on the issues.

    Thanks for your understanding and patience!”

  289. hakan Says:

    I know the problem. they give wedding tent. I put it on my farm. Fv dont give my firend the wedding tent. so he can open his farm, but I can’t and there is no something about wedding celebration on my friend’s page . sorry for my english. I’m Turkish.

  290. Jim Says:

    Def has to do with the Tuscan wedding update..I have 2 neighbors who have that on their farm but their farms can even be viewed or loaded. The others seem to be working ok.

  291. Jessica Says:

    Apparently, anyone who has placed the Tuscan wedding tent is not able to access their farm. According, straight from the technical team, “We have temporarily disabled withering until the technical issues we are currently experiencing are resolved.

    In addition, we have disabled the ability for puppies to run away, so none of you should lose your puppies due to this downtime.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding with us during this time.

    So, we don’t have to worry about that. In addition, they also state:

    Hey Farmers,

    We’re currently experiencing some technical issues surrounding our latest update, that our developers are aware of and are currently attempting to isolate and fix.

    These issues have resulted in many players being unable to access their Farms.

    In addition, the Double Mastery has been temporarily disabled while we attempt to resolve these problems. We will have this event back for you as soon as we are able.

    Please be aware that our developers are currently hard at work to fix these issues. We will update the community accordingly as soon as more information becomes available to us.

    Your continued patience and understanding is greatly appreciated, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience these issues may have caused you.

    So, there you have it. The Tuscan Wedding Update basically screwed everything up.

  292. Jim Says:

    PS…too many updates too close to each other..slow them down..also how about working on more farm expansion and higher levels instead of the wedding and other silly stuff.

  293. aly Says:

    hahaha WELL SAID FERDY!!!!!!

  294. Lenaa Says:

    It is disappointing to me that I’m locked out of my farmville account for trying to participate in the wedding tent game, but I know in the past Zynga has seemed to be understanding of these glitches. They’ve turned off the crop wither features before, given away free materials to make up for any you may have lost when trying to accept them… so let’s try to be patient with them. Besides, I don’t even know if it’s their oversight. Could be some hacker bored with the idea of a 3-day weekend wanting to cause headaches? That may be a stretch, but these days it’s a possibility. (Remember the twitter hacking like six months ago?) I’m not trying to say it isn’t an oversight with code, just saying I’ll wait patiently and give Zynga some courtesy to fix set-back.

  295. aly Says:

    EVERYONE.. READ NO.60- FERDY!!… it says it all……….

  296. Reza Says:

    FV not working :-(

  297. aly Says:

    even though I had a good laugh at ferdy, i must admit i agree with you LENAA..

  298. alina Says:

    omg…i cant log in Farmville for holle day …it really have any contakt whit that stupid weding tent ..then i hate it.
    .i put it down in my farm in the morning and after that cant get to my farm…..mesage say

    Loading Game…
    If your game does not load within 10 seconds, you may need to upgrade your version of Flash. Please do so by clicking here

    anyone please …what i should do ?????

  299. Jeff Says:

    Yes. Time for a few million users to send Zynga a message about the too frequent updates and instability. Join me in quiting FV. Life awaits.

  300. Debra Says:

    I did not place the wedding tent and cannot access my farm at all. It goes the facebook home page only all blank. The other three that play on this computer are having no issues.

  301. Krystal Says:

    Wow the complaining…

    I highly doubt that this is on purpose. Being that they just updated and all. But none the less, it IS annoying. All wedding gifts show as being out of date. I cant claim anything from my news feed. (Lost some awesome items too). I really needed to harvest my cranberries before the bday party that I’m headed too. But that wont happen. Thats ok. From all the crap ive heard-( i.e Double mastery not working..) Why would I even try??? I’m not wasting my chance at double mastery to harvest via a slow-mo server, When they have Withering turned off.

    All in all.. Sucks but we will all live.

  302. Farmer Says:

    Already installed Flash 40 times, but nothing.

  303. kimmer Says:

    I talked with Zynga on the phone and the only people with these loading issues are the people who accepted and downloaded the wedding. All other accounts are loading just fine. I asked if they knew how long it would take to fix and was told the do not have an estimated recovery time.

  304. Binky Says:

    I too am leaving Zynga. Good bye Farmville and Mafia Wars. Both are buggy and that makes it a chore instead of fun. I am now going to g play some FUN games.

  305. Sarah Says:

    I managed to get in this morning and finish off the co-op I was in, but then it died. Spent an hour with annoying ‘saving farm’ messages, but then stopped loading altogether.

    I’m now getting the message ‘If your game does not load within 10 seconds, you may need to upgrade your version of Flash. Please do so by clicking here’. I know for a fact that my Flash player is perfectly fine, and I got the same message when they broke it last time.

    The most frustrating thing for me is that, even though I knew it was playing up, I still harvested my chicken coop, cowsheds, stable and nursery… and got absolutely nothing out of them, not even coins! That’ll teach me.

    I don’t know what to do with myself! I may have to go and watch Eurovision…!

  306. kimmer Says:

    Also, all withers have been turned off and unfed puppies will not runaway!

  307. Franklin Says:

    Wow just went to the grocery store and the cashier was upset about Farmville. Said she’s quitting it and going back to other games. Good for her. Games should be fun, not annoying. If you want annoyance, have kids.

  308. Joan Manning Says:

    It appears that until Zynga and FaceBook get their acts together (Zynga wants to have their own FarmVille site apart from FaceBook) we will continue to have these “server” issues. This time, however, it’s been 12 hours for some of us on the East Coast who have not seen their “virtual” farm. If someone were truly “working on the problem”, they could have removed their “Tuscan Wedding and Farm Market” and returned the game to its previous stop & go state rather fast. Because, after all, we all know that we needed this Tuscan Wedding Tent and Farm Market a lot more than more farmland or storage sheds that hold more than 2 items and are in need of constant “barn raising.” Enough is enough. FIX THE PROBLEM

  309. marty Says:

    Me and a friend who placed the tent can’t get in.

    Another friend who didn’t gets in fine but isn’t getting double mastery.

    A third friend isn’t getting double mastery and when he tries to use a bushel to get double mastery he gets the ‘out of sync’ error as soon as he tries to harvest.

    It’s broken.

  310. Jean Lunsford Says:

    It is now 2:20 CDT where I live and all I get when tryint to access Farmville is a blank page!!!!!!! I see others posting items so ALL areas of the world are not having this problem. I am a member of a Co-op, should have the 2nd round of crop half ready by now, what and when can I expect to get into FV from south AL???????

  311. Jeremy Says:

    all of you complaining it’s pointless because it’s the players fault.

    ATTENTION EVERYONE *If you posted ALL the wedding gift links on yer page, DELELTE IT! The sooner folks quit tryin ta send gift that aint available, the quicker the server issues will be resolved. Only accept the truffles, and save the other items until their original release date. Please re-post this and spread the word like it’s extra bags of fertilizer!*

  312. Steve Says:

    I seriously doubt that it is a server issue. I did a couple of tests with my farm, my wife’s, and a friends. I placed the Wedding Tent on my farm, and I am locked out of my farm. The other 2 accounts do not have the Wedding Tent on them, and they work just fine. Also, from my account (the one I am locked out of) I can access all the other tabs on the Farmville toolbar (Send Gifts, My Neighbors, Buy Coins, etc…). Clearly not a server issue. I think it is a software issue. But, they don’t want to state that because that is like accepting responsibility. Blaming it on servers is soooo much easier for them. It is like 10 years ago if you have a problem with your computer and took it in for service, the techs always blamed it on AOL, regardless of whether AOL was even a problem. They said that AOL was not compatible with other softwares and caused them to crash. Just an easy way out folks…

    Regardless, the game will be back, but will all of us? The biggest problem with having 70 million users is not being able to satisfy them. Pissing off 70 million people is not good for your bottom line, right AT&T?


  313. LANIE Says:


  314. Hangman Says:

    It works for me again,finally.

  315. Jeremy Says:

    why does my commant say it’s still awaiting moderation when everyone elses after it is being approved?

  316. Yggdrasil Says:

    Farmville is back up for me! (with wedding tent and all) Hope the same goes for the rest of you as well

  317. Jeremy Says:

    this is what I was told as to why it’s having problems from a friend of mine I’ll paste his message

    ATTENTION EVERYONE *If you posted ALL the wedding gift links on yer page, DELELTE IT! The sooner folks quit tryin ta send gift that aint available, the quicker the server issues will be resolved. Only accept the truffles, and save the other items until their original release date. Please re-post this and spread the word like it’s extra bags of fertilizer!*

  318. Steph Says:

    Got the enhanced message, reloaded just now and the wedding thing was in my gift box, seems to be working ok for me now

  319. Mercedes Says:

    I only have 2 more days before I have to go back to school. I was so looking forward to this weekend…sigh

  320. RuthieSeptember Says:

    For heaven’s sake…Stop whining! Do you think Zynga wanted FV to crash? NO… Do you think the techs want to spend their weekend trying to fix this? NO… Go find something else to do! Parents, play with your kids. Kids, offer to help your parents with something around the house. Read a book, clean your house, cook something, take a nap, surf the Internet, watch CNN and see what’s happening on the rest of the planet! LEARN SOMETHING NEW TODAY!!!!! Some of you may even want to brush up on your spelling and/or grammar :)
    FarmVille (as are all online games) is entertainment. If it’s not fun, then why would you let it torture you?
    Give the Zynga techs some slack. I’m sure they are working as hard as they can. And…these Zynga techs you are bashing are employees, just doing their jobs. They have to do what they’re told. Don’t be so tough on them. I’m sure they run 24/7, but what if they didn’t? Be thankful they’re working on it today and not saying “Sorry, it’s a holiday weekend. We’ll be back on Tuesday.”
    Yep, I’m addicted to FV, too, but this is not a disaster. I want to play right now, but I can’t.

  321. tina bellis Says:

    fv cant bring out one thing thats works right straight away
    Of course we should have expected it with the new farmers’ market and this Tuscan wedding thing.and the double mastery this weekend
    we should of all put 3 day crops in as we know they cant get anything fixed quick unless it is a glitch in our favour fv why why why do u do this every time bring too many new things out at once the
    farmers market doesnt give u ur reward after u have clicked what u want
    and knowing u had a double mastery weekend to deal with u start a tuscan wedding thing
    you r not capable to bring one thing out at a time and getting it to work right so why do 3, doesnt anyone learn from the past problems u have had

  322. Lawrence Says:

    My farm just went back up, I got triple mastery points :-)

  323. Rachel Says:

    My farm works fine now :)

  324. john Says:

    FV works. But I’ve been having trouble with the market stall, when I go to collect my bonus for people getting stuff It dosent work. I tried to get the 15 fuel refills twice my fuel bar flashes but nothing changes. Anyone else had this problem?

  325. Dusty Says:

    What about co-ops? After not getting in all day, I see that our failed since no one could harvest in time.!!!!!!

  326. Betty Aikenhead Says:

    Loud Screams would be my best description!!!! So now, I actually got connected, was able to plow and after many refreshes was finally able to get market open to plant next crop. Can manually harvest………but not doing it, cause seems quite likely that coins will never make it to the credit department:) Cannot open the gift box; cannot activate ‘look inside’ command for any of the animal buildings. Wrote to Zynga, but as 90% of the time I do not expect to even receive a canned reply.
    And on that note……… any of you have an actual Zynga contact address that goes to them and will be answered. Once, and only once, I received an i.d. number and received a reply. Didn’t address my problem, but hey, it was a reply, right. So, any light down the path of actually hearing from Zynga would be greatly appreacited!

  327. Tenaej Says:

    FV is back!

  328. Goldie Says:


  329. Sarah Says:

    It seems to be back, though it’s still crashing when opening the jobs

  330. Annette Says:

    Will FarmVille let us know when it is safe to use the gifts,for the wedding tent, that we are now able to accept in our gift boxes?

  331. Nancy Says:

    So I can farm, but no double mastery…

    Farmville’s great at coming up with cute stuff that makes me wish I was stupid enough to spend real money on a fake farm.

    But maybe, they should space out all these updates. One, we can’t begin to do all the new things at once. Two, there is no way to earn enough cash in the game to participate in all their new things. And three, it seems like all these updates eff up their system.

  332. LeeAnn Says:

    I can honestly say that since Decemeber FV has had more “glitches” than they have affairs by politicians in Washington!

    There were glitches when they had the presents and Christmas Tree, it continued again when they had the Valentine Mail Box, Pot O Gold and Easter Basket. Now they have the Tuscan Wedding……….How hard is it to concentrate on fixing ONE PROBLEM before you keep adding to the mix???????

    Then on top of it all, they keep adding stuff to buy but heaven forbid they give us bigger farms to put all the stuff on. It has come to the point of either decorating your farm OR planting crops and having animals.

    The ONLY constant that seems to work at all times is purchasing FV Cash. Why is it they never or very rarely have a problem with that????????

    OH, BTW…….if any of your neighbors sent you Truffles….DO NOT accept them yet as they will get lost in FV Cyberspace! Only the ZYNGA Gods know when they will fix that feature.

    Good Luck Everyone!

  333. NANCY Says:

    just let every-1 know when and if you got it fixed, dont leave us hangging, so we dont keep having to go back and forth to see if we can get on our farms,,,,,and also i downloaded the farmville tool bar, had it 4 a total of 3 weeks, and now it’s not there,so what is the problem with this too????????

  334. Nigel Spoon Says:

    John its not 15 Fuel refills, its 15 parts of 1 fuel refill, you bar will flash, but it wont register much change…..

    Some people are being able to access thier Tuscan Wedding Item and are recording items into it, most of us still can’t access that feature, personally I couldnt get into my farm for 13 hours though was frustrated to see others happily playing, Zynga knows which server was down, they know who’s on that server…. so how about a free gift for those that were locked out….. one of the old rare items for example……!!!!

  335. PhillyPeach Says:


  336. [kby] Says:

    Yes, it’s fixed for now, although it looks like there’s still some bugs in the Tuscan Wedding. It looks like if you harvest by hand you get 5 “units” for your container to eventually trade in for favors. If you harvest with farmhands or arborists, you get nothing. I harvested one chicken last night and got “5″ eggs; one olive tree a few minuts ago and got “5″ olives (plus the chance to share in each case). In between (and after the server issues), I harvested ab out 100 chickens, a half-dozen plus goats, a few pigs, and 2 olive trees with farmhands and arborists, and got nothing (and nothing to share).

  337. Jack Says:

    Why oh why does Farmville end up with “Technical Issues” almost everytime they do an update? And why the hell do they activate so many updates all at once? No bloody wonder the game is always broken. I’ve only been playing a couple of months but don’t see myself hanging around this glitch filled game for too long if this is how FV continues to run (or NOT run )

  338. Julie Says:

    Mine is still broken, I was able to log in this am, it just was running a bit slow. placed the wedding tent, and that was all she wrote. My kids don’t have the wedding tent placed yet, but it won’t let me log into theirs either. My sister is able to get into her’s just fine, so I asked her to try to log into mine from her comp just to see what happens. She gets the same message as I do. To download the latest flash version if game doesn’t start in 10 seconds. I guess it’s not the end of the world but was looking forward to changing thing around on my farm this weekend. My husband is just trilled to death, he hates facebook with a passion. If it weren’t for the fact I know he has been here all day, I would almost suspect he was the culprit behind all of this……

  339. joselin Says:

    no puedo rescatar los regalos del sobresito que se encuentr en la parte superior derech de la portda de farm ville cuando esta cargando el juego, les doy el ok, perocuando los veo en mi muro, pero no puedo sacarlos del sobresito, creo que se me borro el programa que sirve para eso, podrian decirme como hago para volver a instalarlo?pocas veces puedo jugar, demora muchisimo tiempo cargar la pagin y se me vas las horas. gracias, espero respuesta pronto.

  340. Katharina Says:

    THANKS for the repair! Once back on, I harvested a whole bunch of stuff, finished a co-op job, got a reward and prize, turned one of my calves into a holstein…LOTS of XP points and mastery…went to the home page of FB to see about bonuses, went BACK to my farm and….BOOOM…reharvest everything, no co-op prize, no holstein cow…blah blah blah
    Anyway, through the whole wedding fiasco, I also lost my farmer’s market stand….any ideas where it went? Weddings are just bad news!

  341. Miraclegal Says:

    Works fine for me.

  342. J Says:

    Awesome glitch/side effect of turning off puppy hunger: if you had a puppy that previously ran away and is in the pound…it has been returned to you!!! Had one that I screwed up the first puppy week and now he’s back. (Kind of lke with withering…when they “turn it off” it revives all withered plants…whether they withered an hour ago or a month ago.) I can live with a little FV downtime now that my puppy is back. :)

  343. debra Says:

    wont let me accept giftds and my envelope is full and it wont let me open it to accept any gifts this is getting agggrivating

  344. Lenaa Says:

    My farm is back, thank you Zynga! :)

  345. Ami Says:

    Farmville has to update the game continuously because if they didn’t the players would get very bored, very quickly. It’s what makes the game an addiction – it’s constantly changing! And since so many of their players have been leaving, FV seems to be making A LOT of changes very quickly.

    And regarding the FV cash items… It’s a business strategy. Not only because they make money but because it has been proven that people value things much more when they pay a little for them. Think about it. How much do you ‘love’ your little brown horses that you got for nothing and everyone has? Not at all! You have many, you would probably have sold off most of them if you didn’t need them for breeding. But how much do you love your Appaloosa? Or your Clydesdale?

    And the people that keep saying ‘Zynga is going to lose a devoted player – I play 10 hours but never spend FV cash”.. Hello? Do you think they care if they lose a player that does not contribute to their gigantic profits?

  346. James Smith Says:

    “Let’s have double mastery”
    “What crops will people plant to best take advantage of that?”
    “Very short term crops like raspberries”
    “Doesn’t that mean that people will be accessing the servers a lot more?”
    “And that the extra server load will kill the system?”

    Someone needs their arse kicked!

  347. mystery Person... Hehe Says:

    I CAN’T GET ANY XP!!!!!!!!!

    I’m harvesting just now and I noticed that I got NO xp for ALL my crops. WELL DONE ZYNGA. YOU CAN’T MAKE GETTING FV CASH EASIER, so we plant CROPS to gain XP. NOW, YOU DON’T EVEN GIVE US THE XP!!!!!!


    but guys, they’ll probably put on unwither or something so take advantage of that.

  348. pafarmgirl Says:

    Both of my farms are back, but the one continuing glitch is that it won’t let me grab all of the wedding gifts that now seem to be waiting for me….I can get one, and then it goes to the sad cow…… :(

  349. cyrusneil Says:

    FV is working for me now after i removed the wedding tent hahaha

  350. Thorsten Says:

    I can access my farm – i have the tent – i can collect the ingredients but I dont think this is working properly ? I have 10 / 4 (10 out of 4 – ?! ) on all of the items but i can not create Favors ?

  351. janett luna Says:

    will i get more time on my mustang people have caught it but it has not shown up it still said 0 of 5 i know that 29+ have caught it. what are you going ti do about this? do ya,ll read these if so i would like an answer. thank you. but i want my envelope to open to get gifts please please please

  352. dawn Says:

    Ok, 4th Mustang, 2x farmville has been enhanced and 2x no email address shows up. Still no mustang, I hope Zynga gets this right soon.

  353. Kathy Lee Says:

    This info is for the person who asked people to let him know when they were back up. I stayed up last night to take advantage of the double points mastery but ended up spending from 2:46 am to 3:25 am to harvest my crops. I was completely down until about 3 pm Saturday (PST). Finally back on and the only thing I can’t do is the Wild Mustang wrangle. Can harvest for wedding by hand only, one item at a time. Can’t do two of the same thing in a row, but can do all four items in a row. Hope that makes sense. Still no double mastery points though. Good luck to all the rest of you.

  354. DERREK Says:


  355. Diana Sedlar Says:

    Just wondering how long this will last, what is happening with Our CoOp, jobs and last but not least. WILL WE BE CONPENSATE IN ANY WAY ON MISSING THE Tuscany Wedding Cellebration – DOUBLE MASTERY POINT’
    which is on this weekend. Thank you

  356. Mandy Marchetta Says:

    I have been adding ingredients to the Tuscan wedding tent all day and It continues to say I have 0 favors. wth? Is this problem connected to the server issue? and will we get favors we are owed?

  357. Trish Says:

    For Favors…I think maybe we have to have 1 of Each different item to then Trade a Set of Items in? ???

  358. nae nae Says:

    I have a slow , outdated computer and I’m having no problems. Makes no.sense…

  359. Stray Says:

    But, NOTICE, during all this – The MARKET has worked perfectly; just show up with your FV$, or coins and all is well.

    Many, many other things have failed, but the MARKET is just fine thank you.

    Profit before Customer service.

  360. Amanda Says:

    Well, today my farm is working and I have managed to feed my dogs and harvest – however the Tuscan wedding stuff is a mess – my tent still shows zero favors even though I put seven in yesterday and today it won’t accept them (but they still disappear from my gift box). I am also getting gift box full messages when I only have 35 in there – so am losing even more gifts. Bad, bad Zynga! Will do something else instead today!

  361. Thorsten Says:

    “For Favors…I think maybe we have to have 1 of Each different item to then Trade a Set of Items in? ???”

    That’s how it works, they felt they have to make it one step even more difficult (compared to Valentines, Gold, Easter Basket) although getting stuff from the Feed is more of pain now because this time we have “similar stories” hiding things and people lose things they accept from the gits section on the right side.

    BUT here is my problem again – i DO have several of all of them but i can not trade them in – it says 11 / 4 ( 11 out of 4 ?!) and so on

  362. S Shaw Says:

    Gifts put in wedding tent not registering properly.Shows cake, but can not click it. I was one who sent tent out immediately when it came out & FV was down for me most yesterday due to tent.Maybe still having something to do with not registering items in it?

  363. Riix Says:


  364. LA Says:

    i am experiencing problems on accepting gifts,,

    on my zynga messages,, there views that i have 50 gifts,, and i am sure that i already accepted all of it,, now on my new gifts received i cant accept any of it,, i am just losing my gifts,, and still on my zynga view that i have 50 gifts so i can’t accept any gifts that will be sent to me soon/

  365. Faerie57 Says:

    My tent is up and when I “use” an ingredient the tent sparkles, but the count is still a big fat 0. I didn’t realize it until I’d lost 6 of them. :(

  366. wayne Says:

    I bought 15 fuel refills.. where is my fuel I purchased ??

  367. Barb Aucoin Says:

    What frustrates me is that problems like the Message Center showing 50 (thus, full) gifts since last week, even though there may only be, say, 20 ‘real’ gifts in the box , has been reported to Zynga by dozens of folks but Zynga has yet to even acknowledge the problem exists, much less fix it. I’ve noticed that Zynga never, ever acknowledges wide-spread issues on the forum (s) so I’m wondering if they ever read the posts to their Bug Reporting thread(s).

  368. JEANNE Says:

    I deleted the stupid tent. I looked ridiculous anyway.

  369. Ingrid Says:

    we did our co-op yesterday & we we won the gold but none of us participants got the rewards or the prize. it’s only the co-op host got the reward.

  370. littlefarmingannie Says:

    okay. so my tuscan wedding thingy is still not working. anyone else still experiencing a glich?

    and how do we contact farmville support directly?? i tried to but it was so confusing.


  371. Roger De Backer Says:

    My wife and me were both playing Farmville and now my wife’s account has disappeared. When she tries to login she gets a message that the page she is trying to access doesn’t exist, she is no longer in my list of neighbors, the coop we were finishing together also lost her as a partner. The icon is still there, her name appears if I put the cursor on it, but the picture is gone and of course the coop can’t finish. I read another such case (disappearing account) in a bug forum of Farmville. Congratulations Farmville! It seems you successfully adopted Mafia tactics: murdering players!
    @MissChatterbox: #64: I don’t care about their servers, it is their incompetence, their unprofessional way of programming and managing the game that is unacceptable. They apparently never heard about quality assurance. First test, then release. Not first release, then try and undo everything you wrecked. Just read the unending list of problems in the forums. This is not a game, it is a nuisance, a catastrophy.

  372. Andrew Says:

    Crop mastery appears to only be registering intermittently.

  373. Susan Says:

    I have been receiving and putting wedding gifts in my tent all week and nothing has registered!!!!! Anyone else have this problem? And how do I get this corrected?

  374. pam tolliver Says:

    farmville wont load all the way so it will open please help thank you very much

  375. Fran Morehead Says:

    Farmville will NOT load for me. Anyone else having this problem? It will go to about 98% then freeze.

  376. Kristina Says:

    My farmville will not load at all for the last 2 days. Is anyone else having the same problem Or is it just me. All my friends can get on just fine. HELP PLEASE

  377. Lisa Schaffer Says:

    Ever since Thursday evening (6/10) my Farmville will not load completely. However, a others can load their Farmville on my computer. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting recommended…clearing cache, checked settings (this and most other troubleshooting steps don’t make any sense, since Farmville works on my pc for others, just not me.

    I’m not sure what else to do at this point.
    It was working on the 10th, but then I received an Out of Sync message, and it hasn’t loaded completely since (gets stuck close to the end of the progress bar).

    I did try removing neighbors, but again that didn’t work.

    Any other suggestions?


  378. Poobie Says:

    I can not get to my farm. I can send and accept gifts and thats it. I trid on 2 other computers and the same thing happened. I hope I dont lose my dogs and crops. Today is the 2nd day. I hope its up and running soon.

  379. Dot Clark Says:

    Every time I try to play it says do not shut down saving game has been going on for 4 days. have I left the computer on for hours and it will not go away. When i restart my computer or refresh the page after several hours it will pop back up saving game and will not let me do anything. please help Really enjoy the game. Thank you for your time and trouble in this matter.

  380. nanny isme Says:

    cannot expand the dairy or the storage shed, all I get is “your game is out of zync” refresh, but the same thing happens over and over again.

  381. beltzung sophie Says:

    je ne peut plus donner des cadeaux a mes amis !!!!!!
    quelqu’un peut il faire quelque chose pour moi?????

  382. joshua Says:

    hi whats wrong w/ the fv game all my plant i can not harvest its gonna be lost everything please reconnect so that i can get inn

  383. Line Says:

    Là cela fais trois fois en deux jour que je ne peu pas sur FV j’ai due même utiliser mon spray d’urgence pour récupérer mes récolte…c’était pour moi et non Fv mon spray…plate en estie…

  384. tommy bryant Says:


  385. Jaruwan Says:

    I play farmville on iPhone but it always said that the game is out of sync you have to reconnect to farmville server while a lot of my friends can play without any problem

  386. remya Says:

    i cannot open my farm. it opens in other laptops. i can play all the other games like yoville, cafe world evrythng. Its just the farm not me plz..

  387. missy Says:

    my farmville alwyas hang very slow i cant play to much and I”m upset help me how can i fast my farmville…my leveup is so slow.

  388. danielle beltzung Says:

    je ne reçois plus les cadeaux de mes amis!!
    ou sont ils passés???????
    cela fait 2 jours que ca dure !!!!

  389. jus Says:

    im having problems expanding my dairy farms, already expanded all from 20 to 30 but i have tried to expand from 30 to 40 more than 10 times now, it publishes to the live feed and allows neighbours to click and help but when i reload the game and check status of expansion it doesnt show that i have started it at all let alone that anyone has helped. then i have to publish again and recruit neighbours clicks from the begining, this is not a matter of not having enough neighbours over the 3 day cancels it after half an hour or so, has anyone else reported something like this? i will keep trying, but my neighbours are getting tired of my requests since there is no longer a reward for helping.

  390. eliza Says:

    I am having problems with a gift i recived from a mystey egg… i won a school house but every time i place it on the spot where i want it a note comes out about a mintue later say( YOUR GAME STATE IS OUT OF SYNC WITH THE SERVER. PLEASE REFRESH THE PAGE TO CONTINUE) so i refresh and then well the school house is back in mmy gift box and then wwell i keep trying to make it stay but everytime i do the same note comes out!!!! and it is only with that gift i dont know if it has something to do with the level that i am on (18) so please if yall know the answer please hellp!!!!

  391. eliza Says:

    well i won a prza from a mystery egg… was a school house :) and then well i go to my gift box and click use on the prize i place it to wear i want it…..and then well a mintue later i get this message that says YOUR GAME STATE IS OUT OF SYNC WITH THE SERVER. PELEASE REFRESH THE PAGE TO CONTNUE.( it also says the same on my ipod!!) so i refresh and the my school house aint there it is back in my gift box so well i try to put it back where i want it and then agin it says the same so i tried aton of times and it still says the same!!!! so i dont know if it has to deal witht what level im on ( 18 ) please helpp if this has happened to you and u fixed it please helppp!!!!! <3 farmvilee

  392. salee Says:


    ( so lost xp and money and time as i was having a XP battle with my friends!!!!

    per day i lost 2000xp

    please hellp!!!!

  393. Kelly Moretz Says:

    My farmville has been messed up for several days and my neighbors will not load up and i can not publish nothing to the home page I wish this would be fixed because i am getting mad

  394. Susan DeCota Says:

    Tha animals in the barn where they are suppose to close they haven’t please fix this problem

  395. saptaparni Says:

    after completing a co-operative and claiming the experiance and prize money if server goes out of sync then i cant claim the gift any more at some later time..happened twice with me…missed out on bushels… can this be solved???

  396. saptaparni Says:

    friends are not loading properly..names are being overlapped…..will be happy if prob is solved

  397. nermina voges Says:


  398. Ernst Stiels Says:

    Hey Farmers! FarmVille is currently experiencing some loading issues. While we work on resolving these technical issues, we have disabled withering and puppy hunger! Thank you for your patience with us during this time.

  399. Siggi Says:

    7 days in a row now without any FV…. this sucks…… Loding is stuck at 75% and then i get : The server at is taking too long to respond.

  400. aliff Says:

    Hey Farmers! FarmVille is currently experiencing some loading issues. While we work on resolving these technical issues, we have disabled withering and puppy hunger! Thank you for your patience with us during this time.plzzzz help mee…

  401. christa bosveld Says:

    i can’t buy the winter workshop . when i do the page is not connecting with the server and starts renewing and then the workshop is gone and the money is back . wat can i do about it. is there a salusion

  402. Pat Marin Says:

    Trouble with gifting on Farmville. I have rec. gifts per my notices and they do not appear in my gift box….also, if I choose to “share” fuel, eggs, etc….I am not getting mine in my gift box. I always choose to share, but am losing my gift or reward. I have lost fuel, white egg, and 2 holiday gifts just today. Please help.

  403. Ann Semler Says:

    Why am I never getting my fuel refills when I try to buy , get as gifts, or supposed to get from selling goods or visiting other farms?

  404. Tasha Says:

    hi guys i got a problem in accepting XP’S and and keeps tellin me “Slow down there Farmer, you’re trying to claim too many rewards from your friends at once! Try again in an hour. ” and it last for all day long any solutions ?????? plzzz

  405. jungko Says:

    plsss let me know when the fix the farville server im really frustrated coz i cant still play fv on my iphone

  406. Darlene Says:

    When I get the prompt that says share with your neighbors. Such as fuel.
    I push to share. But it does not go anywhere why?

  407. لورد العرب .. lord Says:

    لماذا كلما ادخل الى فارف فيل يظهر لي بان اقوم بعمل رفرش للصفحة كل مرة ادخل فيها ولا استطيع ان اعمل شي بالفارم لانه يخرجوني منها .. والان اصبح لها مدة طويلة قرابت الأسبوعين ماذا افعلاً .. وشكراً

  408. Ivan bodini Says:

    My farm is out!!

  409. Rebecca Says:

    Tonight 6/23/11 I have been harvesting my chicken coop home farm and received a black egg, but go figure the egg is not in my gift box. Then go to my english farm buy a coop and receive a white egg, and guess what again no egg.

  410. patrick Says:

    I keep getting out of sync messages and when i reload i have to do everything all over again really sucks also can’t get thhings off the feed my neighbors post and i get this gift is only for friends or your not eligible i am not happy actually!!

  411. alice wilfert Says:

    problem on giftpage. cannot accept or ignore any gifts. gift requests are there but no where to accept them.

  412. yvette hollier Says:

    this is 8/17/2011, but the info on this website is not current. do you have any comments more current? am having major problems with farmville, and would like to know if anyone else is?

  413. paula Says:

    for the last month I have been having problems on farmville. When they ask me to share watering can or whatever, the page shows up for me to send,however, it will not close and there are anywhere between 3 and 5 staggered pages. So I hit refresh and then continue to play. It is very annoying. If this does not get fixed soon, I think I will quit playing your games. Please help!!!!!!!!!

  414. David Russo Says:

    My experience points are not adding up for a few days now

  415. carolvoutsinas Says:

    I can accept and return all gifts except special deliverys, when I try It just takes me to the farm and when I go back to gifts it is still there. I also cannot ask for help on any of the quests. Please try to fix this problem, love to play but this is getting terribly frustrating. Thank You Carol

  416. andrea Says:

    for a week now it wont let me accept and get special deliveries in my gift box at all i have over 200 now they are stacking up please help me by fixing this issue ive heard from people im not the only one with this issue

  417. Stephen Barler Says:

    FV Sucks. I Was Ripped Off FV Cash. The cost was 6 FV Cash And You Took 16. I Used 10 Hinges And You Lost Them. Then You Took An Additional 10 FV Cash, Because Of That. Also, I Can Click Share And Then It Goes Blank To Post. Please FIX This Crap !!

  418. Elaine Holt Says:

    Hi, farmville/facebook is really messed up can anyone fix it. My farm will not load when and if it does I try to do something and it freezes, messages will not load the chat has disappeared and the new Cove has a sign on it 2 days left but I can not stay on my farm long enough to complete a task much less finish them in 2 days. I have email Zynga and their return to me was thank you for contacting Zynga the design team has been notified and there is no time frame for a fix and thank you for your patients. All this from Zynga is BS and so many of my farmville friends are having the same problem. Oh yea one of their other favorites is to say try using google chrome that helps but I am already on google chrome so no that don’t help. The last fix they told me to do is remove the app and re install it but it will not even let me remove it from facebook. It is on more than 1 computer so it is not my system.

  419. Tina Petersen Says:

    First of all. I started farmville with my 6 yr old daughter for bonding time with something her and I could actually enjoy. She earned money to get fv bucks to get things for her farm. We clicked to get 80 gas refills. then a window popped up saying the game was out of sync and sorry but needs to b refreshed. Well it took her farmville bucks but didnt get her damn gas. She worked hard for her money so she could take care of her farm for to be screwed over. We have been dealing with all the new changes and new glitch problems but I will not put up with my daughter being screwed over and stold from. Farmville was such a wonderful pasttime thanks for ruining it for my 6 yr old.Before anyones stupid enough to say My 6 yr old did something wrong or what not, not me clarify I do everything on farmville she just tells me what she would like me to do. I do expect her to be reembursed . Were very disappointed

  420. Diane Meyer Says:

    We are having extreme problems with the server I get the game from. It freezes and won’t let us play. It is hard to get on farmville also. I am betting the server is an old underpowered amd athlon at slow speeds and low memory, etc. If only we had a good server we would solve most of the problems. There is nothing wrong with our computers or the flash players and so on. It is the servers causing problems!!!

  421. Tracy Says:

    i cant my gifts from friends,likeon the do i fix it?

  422. Onzell Says:

    Most of my postings: Send…. and Ask for…..(esp. in Quests) go nowhere! Some few make it to my profile page. This is happening all the time and has been for a number of weeks. Hopefully there is a solution to this. Please help! Thanks.

  423. debbie krebsbach Says:

    I’m having problems with my qeusts. It will not post the things I need to finish the qeusts. Example apple 1 the magazines..! Please fix…! Thank-you…!

  424. debbie krebsbach Says:

    It will not post the things I need for my qeusts…! Example Apple 1 the maginzes..! Please fix thank-you…!

  425. tresa Says:

    when I’m playing farmville and I click on someones name to chat I can’t chat and play at the same time. I could before . So when I get done chatting the only way I could play is when I click back to my farm

  426. Joanne Says:

    Lately I am having trouble with loading and playing farmville:-

    1. Loading is too slow
    2. Experincing problems with opening the gift box
    3. Can’t give feed to mystery animals
    4. Can’t water the mystery seedling

    and sooo many more…….

    Farmville is REALLY SLOW

    Please help…..

  427. PATRICIA Says:

    For the last 2 weeks i have been unable to see friends posts on my facebook page.This means that i cant claim things or help my friends

  428. Justin Suarez Says:

    Everytime there is a project to do, like now is the halloween ones, it says ask friends to help, and you press to share, it dosn’t share. I would like the problem to be fixed. I look on my home page and it is not there and my wife dosent see it when she goes to my page either….I would like it fixed as soon as possble becausr i am missing out on all of the Halloween extras

  429. J M LE ROUX Says:

    I cannot share or publish on Farmville since Friday 28/10/2011. I am quitting FV

  430. Linda Onar Says:

    Can’t see my xp on display

    cannot accept my gifts

  431. Linda Onar Says:

    Come on farmville sort these bloody problems out……..

    77 bloody gifts sitting in my inbox & i can’t accept them
    i can see most people leaving farmville as the game is so annoying even more so when Zynga doesn’t resolve the problems…..

  432. carol Says:

    having problem with gift reguests cant seem to get them threw plus farm frezzes when trying pepoples farms

  433. Debbie Krebsbach Says:

    I’m having a problem with my red barn. It has web all over it from Halloween and it won’t clean up. Please fix as soon as possiable. Thank-you Debbie Krebsbach

  434. Carol KREISER Says:

    Please tell me WHY i cant collect from my animals, etc. on farmville,i can harvest my crops but can not collect anything else

  435. kathy tompkin Says:

    cannot load farmville , even after getting the newest adobe flash. no problems before.

  436. lenard Says:

    i can playfarmville

  437. justin burke Says:

    I am not able to make anything in my salon, tavern, restaraunt, or winterwonderland. And i cannot get the gas from them to do my farms.


    I am having a lot of problems posting thing on my wall. I cannot complete any tasks because of this issue. Also not all my neighbors are showing. I have spent money in the past and will not spend a dime till this issue is taken care of….

  439. Vicki Root Says:

    I can not post requests to my neighbors therefore I can not complete my quests how can this be fixed?

  440. kay nix Says:

    why is it that i cant post help for my quests cant do them if i cant post am i right

  441. anna camacho Says:

    i am having problems with all of the quests. can not send request to complete the old and new quest. its been like this 4 three weeks and still nothing. NEED TO FIX THE PROBLEM……….

  442. Barbara Feldman Says:

    My crops are growing to slow. If it says 4 hrs I have to keep checking. Some times I can check 4 hrs later And it says only 1% grown. I am losing alot of money on my winter wonderland and FV> Also my share post is not in the middle of the page,On both FV &WW. Please fix the problems. I got in touch with my internet service & they said the problem is from your end. There are also alot of other people complaining.
    LET’S GET EVERYTHING CLEARED UP!!!! So I can plan on harvesting everything on time and sharing with my neighbors.

  443. Teresa Avery Says:

    Farmville not working!

  444. harland eichhorn Says:

    I play many of your games the one I like the most is farmville but I have been constantly having feed issues with no resolve if you get this please let me know I have sent you many messages to no resolve I loose gifts and have to refresh all the time sometime involuntarily makes it hard to complete tasks in time I’m just flustrated with it I know that there are many changes you are doing and it is a constant battle at times for you, please take the time to let me know you are trying to fix my issues

  445. martin murray Says:

    my farm is sat of y landscape

  446. vena powell Says:

    my box is filled of bushels, and i cant get inventory to come up to share them it only says expand have spent a lot of money to do this still cant get to inventory to share bushels out of my inventory, pleasde please help it has been weeks, cant do my quests witout this fixed!!!!!

  447. Kay Standifird Says:

    Having to refresh constantly on all Farmville Farms. This is frustrating to the max.

  448. phyllis reeves Says:

    Besides frozen screens and leaving the area that I am playing, I am having trouble with Farmville request. It will say that I have 42 special deliveries, I check my gift box and it says that I only have 7 to open. This happens all the time. What is happening to my special deliveries?

  449. Teddly Land Says:

    Iam getting tired of every time i look up at my fv cash it missing. It burnes my hide. ON 3/17/2012 i had $ 19.00 fv dollars and now there missing. I am trying to write them,but when i do they NEVER RESPOND, but they will respond to my wife Susan Dennison WHAT IS UP WITH THAT.


    Teddly Land

  450. anna camacho Says:

    I can not post my feeds and also can’t complete the quest. i have lost alot of the quest due to feed issuses. Thia is getting very upsetting and sad.

  451. Kay Standifird Says:

    Once again I am having to refresh. This time every time it comes up with white and blue box that says hared, when clck on share then have to refresh. these probelms done seem to be getting fixed. Making it no fun do do the games.

  452. Cindy McNeil Says:

    I have no envolpe at the top of my page to accept gifts when I do it on my home page it just takes me to farmville! then when I ask for something it comes up with a can’t post square! please tell me what to do or I’m going to quit playing it is very madening! how are you suppost to get anything done if you can’t send requests!

  453. Cindy McNeil Says:

    for the lst two weeks i have no envolope at the top of my page to accept my gits If I try to accept them at my home page it just takes me to farmville then when I ask people for something it comes up with a square saying farmville can’t post this at this time please fix this problem or you are going to force me to quit playing ! this is very madening when you are trying to finsh a quest!

  454. Ana Maria Says:

    Hace mas de un año que no puedo abrir normalmente el farm ville. Se abren muchas ventanas y abre una y otra vez la pagina sin cargar completamente el juego.

    Por su atención gracias. Feliz dia

  455. patricia Says:

    i acing problems in facebook cannot post my feeds , every time i post feed it crashes and i have to start again ,

  456. anna camacho Says:

    i have been having problems sending gifts, feeds and all the quest. i can’t even play the mothers day quest. i am so far behind that this don’t make since.. this is an on going issue and nothing has been done. i can’t even play the mothersday quest alone with any others that have been played. i don’t even want to play the game no more or want my friends to play cause of the issues.

  457. Pamela Luttrell Says:

    when I went to the server page for free gift-as soon as it tried to take me to the page to actually accept it-it didnt load and I could never find a way to retrieve my gift! when I try to “visit” the Server neighbor it just grows the server tree and rest of stuff but wont take me back to the server oage that didnt load for me! HOW can I get my prize?!?!

  458. Jerri Says:

    I don’t know the current issue is as I have not been able to load since May 19th. I get the whoa farmer and then endless restarts. By Monday May 29th all of Zynga will be blocked from my computer. I have had issues before but this was the worst. I could harvest the same plots over and over again with the same planting as nothing I harvest counts and then it restarts and the crops have not been harvested. I have lost so many crops and used so many unwithers to loose them again when I try to harvest the next crop. I have had it they don’t care about their players. My other issue that says an error has incurred please try again later was never fixed all the way.

  459. debi28387 Says:

    i purchased 5 farmhands for 25 fv dollars and never recieved them why????? is the 3rd time this has happened

  460. Christa Says:

    Solid black screen everytime I login. Do I need to report it somehow?

  461. Emily Says:

    I try to play Farmville and can’t get past the Bubble Safari ad that is stuck in the middle. It wants me to accept and play the game, but I have no desire to start another game. There is no way to X out to get to Farmville. I’m really miffed that it appears that I have to play Bubble Safari in order to play Farmville. Viruses are spread this way and I don’t want that either. Any ideas? Thanking you in advance!!!

  462. alice Says:

    i have been having problem with farmville it freezes up and then most of my things don’t post. i am so far behind on everything cause things are not posting getting posted at all i been looseing because of that. please help

  463. sharon lawson Says:

    I have been off my farmville game for 3 weeks . when im on face book except or gift back ponys ond so on. I cant play farmville the game comes up wont let me play . I can play other games. please help

  464. Carol Dreyer Says:

    Sent request to my neigbor and it does not post to there page please help this has been going on for a while thank you

  465. alice Says:

    purchased a black rose cottage to send to daughter on 10-11 for 15 farm dollars and she did not receive gift but it took my dollars..

  466. EDNA WARREN Says:

    Farmville & Farmville 2 will not load,,can you please help ?

  467. Lyle Glass Says:

    I am having a problem when I log in and the screen is zoomed out all the way. I try to zoom in and then it starts shaking between zoomed out and in and it won’t stop. I am very frustrated with it. I just bought this new computer with Windows 7 and 6 GB of RAM, I should not be having this problem. Is there an issue with Facebook and Windows 7? Or is it my browser? I usually use Firefox. I have noticed that using IE it runs better. I DON’T LIKE IE.

  468. wanda Says:

    farmville 2 keeps crashing saying adobe flash plugin has crashed what do i need to do

  469. ute grimsley Says:

    Farm is freezing,when i try to load., than it craches it been doing this for Days now> Please FIX IT.

  470. Christi Baxter Says:

    I have been without my farm for more that 2 and a half weeks. Most of my friends are playing and not me. Please fix this. Love playing Farmville and have been playing for 3 years.

  471. brennda norton puckett Says:

    atlantis quest # 6 did not give me credit for mastering manatee. very last quest which ends today. Also the other day I had 6 plots disappear on my Hawaiian farm. Also the available goods section is getting low.Fv neighbors that make recipes need to be added to help each other. That is our main station for gas. No gas…No harvests..or no quest to be played!

  472. Connie Littlejohn Says:

    My Farmville 2 will not recognize my goats or my sheep or rabbits??????????I feed them and feeed them and they give me no credit.Please help me I miss my game,love Connie

  473. CC Says:

    Im having problems with my Farmville 2. Things aren’t lining up. For example water bubbles over plots are off to the right of the plot and not in the center of the plot. Bubbles over animals heads are off and not over their heads. I have to move my cursor around just to click on the thing Im trying to click on by seeing it light up blue. If someone visits my farm and I try to click on them, I have to move my cursor way over from where they are standing and move it around till I see the circle show up under their feet to know that I can click on them. I am clicking on the wrong animals to feed them etc Anyone having these issues?