FarmVille Special Delivery: A Pile of Snow in Spring?

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FarmVille Special Delivery: A Pile of Snow in Spring?

Posted on April 6, 2011 1:47 am by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Pile of Snow

Piles of Snow?! And we thought we’d never get rid of it. Just when we least expected it, the Pile of Snow makes its evil return as FarmVille Thank-You gifts.

Most of you may be aware of the “Village Map” feature that is available on the FarmVille English Countryside. It is a neat and highly convenient tool by which you can ask your neighbors for help in just one single click, without ever having to leave your farm.

With all the new quests released this evening, FarmVille Freaks are gathering all the help they can get, and asking their wonderful neighbors for assistance to help them get these quests done. Upon “accepting” any of these help requests that are published on neighbors’ walls, FarmVille is now rewarding players with a good ‘ole Pile of Snow.

We’re unsure if it’s a glitch or intentional FarmVille feels like being in a playful mood with gifting us piles of …snow.

FarmVille Pile of Snow Reward

Has this happened to you while helping your neighbors today?

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33 Responses to “FarmVille Special Delivery: A Pile of Snow in Spring?” »

  1. Janine Says:

    I might have enough to build another snowman … not like I want to. lol

  2. Stephanie Chastain Says:

    yes, was wondering what the deal was and still am, at least I am not alone……

  3. Monther Says:

    YES we definitely need them for the watering cans!!

  4. cindyloo Says:

    Yep it has… I got 3 piles of it sitting in the gift box… more proof that zynga is run by monkeys!!! lol

  5. Susan Says:

    Yes, it happened to me, and I was very annoyed. The people to whom I responded need bricks and boards and things MUCH worse than snow in spring. If it’s a glitch, I wonder how (or if) Zynga will make reparations? If it’s a joke, it isn’t very funny….

  6. KATHY Says:


  7. Servant of Christ Says:

    Has to be “another” Farmville glitch, because there is absolutely no need for these things, as of now anyway… Wow.

  8. Madelon Says:

    Playful mood? I doubt it. Like why is it that when you select Spring Squill for mastery bonus you get English Roses?

    The programmers at Zynga need to start talking to each other so that they are all on the same page.

  9. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    This is supposed to be Cheese Culture.

    See my post in Quest 2 from earlier this evening.

  10. Dan Says:

    Yeah they should put are snowmen back to get watering can, orchards do not cut it, I have to many dam seedlings and never enough water. I never had that problem when I had my snowmen.

  11. Cherrie Says:

    There are a lot of people, who are really sick of snow in the midwest & east! Maybe (Zynga) being based in San Francisco, they don’t realize that!!! Some people won’t think this is funny at all!!! lol

  12. Irene Says:

    The better reward would have been love potions.

  13. Felicia Says:

    How about you make my snowmen work again? That was a ton of b.s to make them in the first place. It’s not like unicorns exist, or half the stuff in fv, so why did they have to make the snowmen realistic? Your snowmen will melt and be gone because it’s spring, but we will take your money for a unicorn? lol

  14. Carol Says:

    Someone get out the I.Q tester as the non human primate programmers of ZYNGA have flubbed up again. I dont know why they just dont hire the persons that hack their game on a daily basis? Its like really, as “they” know it better than their own staff.

    Being from Michigan, I find NO humor of snow in the spring.

  15. flippi Says:

    HEY!! Remember that there ARE some Farmville players in the Southern Hemisphere – and for us, it’s Autumn. So the snowball isn’t odd at all for us. Maybe we need a “down under” farm for this kind of reverse-season thing?? :-)

  16. Gary Says:

    Sure take away from us our ability to harvest our snowmen.. Then tease us with snowman parts.. Brilliant Zynga!

  17. She7enne Says:

    just keep the snowball, you most likely will have to make ice-cream or something … you are busy with a dairy, where also probably will make you icecream … or one will have to cool the milk down, to keep it for at least 14 days … bacterials can make the milk go bad, cooling it down will not …

  18. Josh Says:

    My guess is they are gonna allow a snow blanket on your farm and/or other weather blankets.

  19. Julie Vicinus Says:

    Can I trade my snow for Love Potions please … LOL Yep, happening to me too!

  20. Julie Vicinus Says:

    @ She7enne ~ I doubt it, its saying I can only use it on my original farm. If it is for a quest it wouldnt have a lock on it in EC.

    Im assuming its a glitch … so much going on between the two farms now, stuff is bound to happen. If this is the worst, Im good with it!

    Just glad its not a virus or something!

  21. Kimberly Says:

    I believe Moo Moo Moo #9 may be right. This happened to me when I responded to a request for cheese culture.

  22. HollyKim Says:

    But thing is, even if you get the snow pile from something on the English farm, in the Gift Box, it’s locked to the home farm.

  23. Xsyntriq Says:

    I sent cheese cultures and FV confirmed with a pile of snow. WTF???!!!!

  24. Barbara Arrington Says:

    Snow is piling up! What are we supposed to do with it?

  25. Andrea Clifton Says:

    Yes it is true, the snow is locked to the home farm so yep haas to be a BIG glitch :(

  26. Tasha Says:

    Yep and you can’t use it what a croc of s#!@

  27. maggie Says:

    Yep. Happened to me four times today… stupid sh*t :/ I need those special deliveries!!

  28. cass Says:

    i got one too… weird… i guess they’re trying to give us one last shot of winter, like mother nature did in real life to the northeast! happy spring, farm freaks!!

  29. Lunatic Says:

    I can’t move to my English countryside, nothing happened when I choose to travel to my English countryside
    PLease Helppppppppppp I want my English countryside back

  30. Kuibo Says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one getting these. I have no use for Piles of Snow, so I sold them, as well as Quest items I no longer need like the Mouse Traps, Pint Glasses, Postcards and Cheese Culture that just take space on my Giftbox,…

    Speaking of that we need a bigger Giftbox now that we have two farms, I have to switch back and forth using/storing/selling stuff.


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