FarmVille Sponsored Ad: Earn 2 Free Farm Cash from Pedigree

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FarmVille Sponsored Ad: Earn 2 Free Farm Cash from Pedigree

Posted on May 22, 2012 5:26 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

FarmVille Pedigree Sponsored Ad

In a new FarmVille Sponsored Ad from Pedigree dog food’s Dentastix you can earn yourself 2 free Farm Cash!

You can participate in this Sponsored Ad offer (and others) by clicking on the Ad located underneath your FarmVille game screen towards the bottom left. Click on the ad and you should receive a pop-up from any of the available Sponsored Ads.

FarmVille Sponsored Ads tend to expire quickly so act fast to get your free Farm Cash. Please note, Sponsored Ads may not be available to all players due to regional restrictions.

Did you participate in this FarmVille Sponsored Ad?

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3 Responses to “FarmVille Sponsored Ad: Earn 2 Free Farm Cash from Pedigree” »

  1. Mark Says:

    Wow, another one. This is ridiculous. IPOville gone wild.

  2. Mel Says:

    I’m sure it’s a great product but those dogs with human teeth are creepy!

  3. Teresa Says:

    why do i get ads to shop for items i’ve searched for on google, but i don’t get any of the FV promotions for free FV cash listed on this page? I’ve got a lot of animals, so you would think I would at least get a pedigree ad.. obviously they have collected information on my online shopping. very annoying to get ads for hotels that i’ve complained about, or incubators i’ve searched for to complain about because they don’t work correctly. yea, i want to buy the same crappy product that is wasting my time and money. really lousy marketing program.