FarmVille Sponsored Link: 30 Free Farm Cash from Bing!

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FarmVille Sponsored Link: 30 Free Farm Cash from Bing!

Posted on January 28, 2011 11:27 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Big Reward Toolbar & 30 Free Farm Cash

Install and Register your free Bing Rewards Toolbar and start earning Bing Rewards credits you can use to receive a $10 Farmville Prepaid Card.

Bing, The Decision Engine, wants you to Learn, Discover and Explore with Bing and Earn Great rewards. You Earn 250 Bing Rewards Credits just for signing up!

You can redeem the Bing Rewards Credits you earn for Entertainment, Airline Miles, Electronics, Charitable Donations and Gift Cards, like a $10 Farmville Prepaid Card. Get started earning Rewards Points Today.

Will you participate in this sponsored link for 30 free Farm Cash?

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116 Responses to “FarmVille Sponsored Link: 30 Free Farm Cash from Bing!” »

  1. Daniel Says:


  2. geo Says:

    Not up yet for me…. :(

  3. Charmaine Heng Says:

    Yes for the $30FV cash ^^

  4. Pedro Says:

    Hi! Is this promotion U.S. Only?

  5. Linda Says:

    if I knew how to get it , I would, definitely

  6. shannon Says:

    Only works with Windows using IE.

  7. Linda Says:

    no surprise, have not found an active link in the year I have been coming into this site !!!!

  8. joe Says:

    either you all jumped the gun as most times, or its only going out to specific players. either or fuggit…

  9. Sami Says:

    Of course! … if I only could find the link!
    maybe it’s only for US Farmers … once again! GRRRRR!

  10. Amber Says:

    You have to use internet explorer. I went to and the link was there. Also an offer for 2 farmcash so 32 farmcash alltogether!

  11. devilsfan Says:

    Link wasn’t appearing for me either… then I opened up Internet Explorer, and it appeared.. so try IE if that’s not your normal browser

  12. Zaxter007 Says:

    i got my 30 FV cash, and yes, you can only get it by using Internet Explorer. Although you should see the link no matter which browser you are using

  13. Chuck Says:

    It worked for me, but Internet Explorer is required to download the toolbar. I went from 9 to 39 FV! It is legit.

  14. adele Says:

    we never get the links here in the uk or if we do we dont get the farmcash for them now that sucks

  15. melfie Says:

    Love it, thanks :) I only use IE when I absolutely have to, so I don’t mind installing crap I will never use on it. Visiting my IE just to get this reminded me why I like Google Chrome so much. Yay!

  16. Linda W Says:

    I am happy for all of you who have been able to find these phantom links….for my part, in at least a yer, no matter what browser I am using it is still the same…..bogus, elusive, phantom, non-existant bull…… There is no lnk!!!!

  17. adam Says:

    thats gay its windows only i got a F***** macbook im mad just cause i got a GOOD computer i cant do this offer im mad

  18. Lee Says:

    I’m in the US and I never have any of the links shown here on Farmville Freak. I’m always looking for the little ‘earn free farm cash’ links, and haven’t seen ANY in months. this one I would do just for the 30 farm cash and yet, again, nothing. So, nope, it’s not accessible for even those in the United States.

  19. Tree Says:

    Thank you! I would never have noticed this if I didn’t look here, because I usually use chrome as my default browser. This 30 fc is going to be fun to spend :D
    I hope I manage to not waste it on failed mystery darts..

  20. bobbbie dickey Says:

    i feel cheated i use ie and downloaded the stupid toolbar and registered and DID NOT GET MY FARM CASH!!!!!!!

  21. Earle Horton Says:

  22. Angel Says:

    Farmers outside the US should not bother with this: Bing only accepts US registrations!!!!

    Okay, I am so bloddy sick of not getting any sponsored links just beacause I’m a farmer somewhere in the rest of the world. I’m Swedish and none of the sponsored links have EVER worked for me.
    Hey Zynga: STOP SCREWING OVER everyone outside the US!!! Fix a God damn sponsored link from some company that exists everywhere! IKEA for example! IKEA is pretty much available everywhere!
    Or any cellphone manufacturer: SE, Nokia, HTC and all the others (NOT bloddy iPhone! I’ve had it with the iPhone hype!!!)

    Europe built the US, do not forget that.

  23. dev Says:

    I’m outside the US and I don’ t see the link even on my internet explorer!!!
    Thats not fair!!! :(

  24. Angel Says:

    Damn right it’s not fair.
    FARMERS OUTSIDE THE US: do not bother trying to get this! It will not work!

  25. Arvs Says:

    Please help me! I’ve already installed the toolbar, signed up for the Bing Rewards and searched “farmville” on the toolbar and lastly, waited for 15 minutes but I didn’t get my 30 FV Cash! Please help!

  26. solange Says:

    yes it is very good , 30 farmville cash
    i love it

  27. Kyo Says:

    I got mine…had to crack open my ancient dell laptop because I.E. isn’t on macs. Took forever, but I got it :)

  28. Shahzade Says:

    Does anybody have the link pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  29. L Says:

    I really wanted to do this. I’ve been trying for over an hour to update IE, since I never use it. The new version will not install so I’m not able to complete the offer.

  30. Anwesha Says:

    You are right it does show in the IE but this is the message I got

    “We’re sorry, you have accessed an offer that is not available in your country. Please try another offer.”

  31. Alex Says:

    I use Firefox and I almost never see these things. I went and used IE and went through 4 of them, including this 30 FC one. So cool!

  32. DEB Says:


  33. Kaylove Says:

    Thanks for the heads up on IE!! I just got tons of FC. I use Firefox… so I NEVER get offers. So nice to finally get some FREE FC. Thanks so much!

  34. Melfie Says:

    I’m so happy that Americans are not the nationality that invented ANGRY.

    Who would that be? Hmm…..


  35. NotNicky Says:

    That was pretty simple. Thirty free farmcash for downloading a search bar on a browser I won’t be using anyway. :)

  36. CHRISSRO Says:

    I used ie and no link , maby because I m not in USA. Is it again USA only?

  37. steve kott Says:

    we need more things in farmville toohave fun thank you

  38. kseno Says:

    OK AGAIN ZYNGA ask us from outside USA to do hacks and manipulate their system …as they wish…. also the cards are not fair,,,

  39. someone Says:

    Installed the bar, searched for something and got not cash.
    I see that others have the same problem.
    What do we have to do?

  40. CHRISSRO Says:

    The ones that get the cash why you don t say if you live in usa or not? Ok , you got it , but are you living in USA or not?

  41. leila Says:

    yes I would if it’s for real

  42. yolanda Says:

    Thank you for all of the offers of FREE FV Cash, but some of these offers require changes in browsers, or we can’t find the link or we follow the directions and never see the cash. Unfortunately, I participated in another one of these offers and the 500 FV Cash went to my other e-mail account, which of course started/opened up all new farms and cafes for me so that cash is inaccessible to me. Any suggestions?

  43. Crystal Says:

    YES I want it where is the link

  44. Ken Gresh Says:

    Well did the bing bar yesterday, still no 30 farmcash… frustrating

  45. Laura Says:

    To my fellow MAC lovers, this wont work for us. Ridiculous! IE refuses to run on a MAC system anymore, therefore, we cannot receive our cash! grrr

  46. Pat Says:

    Some say it takes a long time for the 30 FV Cash to show up on your farm. Refresh your farm occasionally by pressing F5. It is only for United States farmers. You have to use Internet Exporer when installing the toolbar. I have not gotten mine yet.

    Here is the link:

  47. rualma Says:

    I installed bing, did everything… still no farmcash.

  48. Nemanja Says:

    I got mine ! :D Just i had first to upgrade internet explorer which reminded me why i use opera :D

  49. Curtis Says:

    Just did this offer and got the 30 FC just like that!! YAY!!!


  50. farmer joe bob Says:

    Thx Shannon! I run firefox and was wondering why it wasnt showin up lol. Worked great got my 30 fv cash and bing was runnin another askin me about farmville and I got 2 more. Make sure you follow all instructions and take your time dont rush through it theres alot of clicky clouses all over there website.

  51. dawn Says:

    Me too no farm cash showing up after loaded, registered, etc.

  52. Sarah Says:

    I need help.. It shows up in my sponsored links, I click on it, go to the page, click get or install or whatever it says, it goes to a new page, and says the page isn’t found, or valid.. what do i do?? i really need this farmcash :/

  53. Arvs Says:

    I think the page after you click the page with the “Bing —–> 30 FV Cash” just expired now.

  54. Scot Says:

    It doesn’t work folks—I have been trying for 30 minutes on my old IE browser to get it, and it just says the link is not active. So don’t worry, you’re not missing out on anything. 30 FREE cash seemed too good to be true anyway, and it was.

  55. Sarah Says:

    I installed it and never got the cash.

  56. Farmer Jake Says:

    this is bull shit, i used IE to get the link and then when i click “place order for tool bar” it pulls up 404 error page T_T

  57. Salah-ud-din Says:

    FarmVille Sponsored Link: 30 Free Farm Cash from Bing!

    Go!!! get it we are sleeping nop dieing we wait for right time then we ACTIVE to cracking some stuff hahhahahaahahha farmville IP/cong hacked always……………….

  58. Millie Says:

    It’s only for US farmers AND it requires the use of both Windows and Internet Explorer. Also, it only shows up on NOT on Facebook.

    However, I’m having the same issue numerous other people seem to be having. I can get the link to pull up the “place order” button, but when I click it, the next page comes up “404 Error – Page Not Found”. If this ever gets resolved, I’ll gladly download, register, and use once the bar. However if it doesn’t, somebody’s customer service is going to be getting a rather disgruntled customer. =/

  59. Melissa Says:

    I also just tried from IE and got the 404 error page just like Jake did :(

  60. Fame Says:

  61. alex Says:

    this is stupid and completely unfair to us mac players. you can only do this activity on a windows computer which everyone knows are crap anyway. and internet explorer? come on! it’s like the worst browser out there! fv should put up a link worth an equal amount of fc for mac/safari players!

  62. Wayne Says:

    Why are the Mac users complaining you gt what u pay 4?

  63. Hannah Says:

    Since when is Bing only for US residents? It’s an internet search engine, & they want users all over the world. I got 2 FV$ from them last year for installing their toolbar – why is this offer US only?

  64. Mark Says:

    So they are right that it only shows up on horrid Internet Explorer, yet unfortunately Farmville doesn’t work with Internet Explorer 64 bit because it wants the latest Flash player and Adobe doesn’t yet support 64 bit Flash player 10.1 on IE

    In other words, IE and Apple need to get their act together with Flash.

  65. Mark Says:

    And when using 32 bit IE, the 30fv cash shows up and when you click on it, it gives you a 404 page not found error.

    The 2FV cash from a BING poll works though. Sigh

  66. assds Says:


    It was to good to be true anyway.

  67. Ericka Says:$$

    Here is the page.

  68. Amy Says:

    So I followed all the requirements and no farm cash! I emailed customer support and no farm cash still! Why post links under out farms to earn farm cash if they dont work??? Come on zynga start making sure things are working before allowing adds to post!

  69. sue Says:

    I never get these posts. Or I hear about them after the fact.

  70. J Says:

    404 page not found error

    Those outside the US, get Vidalia

  71. Pat Cook Says:

    Contact the support email:

  72. Joy Says:

    What the hell Zynga?? People living in the U.S. are not the ONLY ones who spend their hardworking money on fv cash and make you rich!! I have friends who live in Australia and Italy – and they spend their real money on fv cash. Can’t u spare these ppl too with links?? Goodness gracious !

  73. Adame Says:

    I don’t get it. It worked for most people last night. But it stopped working this morning? Can someone please give me the link after you click:

    “Place Order Now”


    then I get to this:


    What is SUPPOSED to happen? Is there a link? That would surely help.

  74. dawn Says:

    I also get the error 404, can’t find page. I keep getting the links but none of them ever work!!! Why do they keep waisting our time??

  75. stephanie Says:

    so i opened ie since i use firefox, and it came up with a 404 error. somebody PLEASE post the correct link you used!

  76. antimental Says:

    guys if you click on the link for 2 farm cash it takes you to the bing rewards program page where you can get 30 farm cash.

  77. NotNicky Says:

    Yes, I got the cash and I live in US for those of you who wanted to know.

  78. monarch Says:

    Saw the link, but didn’t click it right away. Never saw it again!

  79. heather Says:

    it worked for me! =)

  80. Lindsayxox Says:

    the one I just saw was for Bing and only 2 farm cash. freaking lame.

  81. John E Says:

    Located in the US. Actually saw the link using Firefox. Clicked and got the unsupported browser message.

    I keep IE installed and patched up, so I launched Farmville from there and clicked the link. Went through the process. Installed the toolbar. It does require a Microsoft Live account but I already set one up for the xBox, so I was good there. I got a “successful” message and and did a bunch of searches of my favorite websites so I can build up a Favorites for IE. I have 260 Bing! credits.

    Still no 30 Farmcash but maybe because it was a Friday night when i did it. I’ll be surprised if I get it.

  82. PATWNG Says:


  83. Gal Says:

    i downloaded the toolbar, and registered
    then i get a message that it is for United States only !!!!!!
    it fells like they are cheating

  84. sarah Says:$$

  85. Annita Says:

    For all of you that worry if you will actually receive that farmville cash, let me confirm that. I received email and I am really happy now as I can go off and try my luck and Mystery Game. There is really nothing to do for all of you that live outside of US. Whether Europe or Africa. I would say try your luck at this website They will grab a lucky winner from 100 participants and give him $10 game card. Point here is that anyone can redeem that game card, no matter what location he is.
    I really wish that more sites like that would come in the future.
    I have a dear friend from Sweden and I was looking to give him some farmville cash as a gift.

  86. Gui Says:


  87. william Says:


  88. william Says:

    …………………………………… very good

  89. EvilCookie Says:

    Lol at the snobs using Macs bitching about how their “better” computers don’t support anything. You got what you paid for ;)

  90. robin Says:

    where is the link

  91. reincloud Says:

    yah, can SOMEONE PLEASE POST THE LINK they’ve successfully used?
    I went through a LOT of trouble to uninstall and reinstall IE8 (and it wasn’t just straight forward.. something’s been fighting me on getting this 30 free fv cash :P). After all my hard work I went to farmville through fb, several times, and the only link for free farmcash I see at all is for 2 from Bing! if you take a survey, which I hear does work but wouldn’t work for me either!! Maybe this is just “god” saying I should stfu and just go buy another fv card and get my free dart and be happy about it ;)

  92. jack copper Says:

    wheres da bar i want the 30 FARMCASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. sarah Says:

    my farmcash is still pending. when i click the link now it says earn 35 fc….. what is up with there link

  94. monkeys Says:

    who the fuck cares about FC? you can level up accounts from 1-100 in a few hours doing multiple acc’s at the time time. stupid noobs

  95. SuzieO Says:

    people!! there are much better offers then this one..more cash for doing less.. all you have to do is click on “buy cash” when on your farm and scroll all the way down.. all the free offers are there. there is even one for applying for Discover card and it gives you a whopping 361 fv cash.

  96. Marilyn W. Says:

    I downloaded the stupid thing, never got the money, and had to uninstall it because my farm kept going out of sync!!!

  97. bee Says:

    doesnt this work anymore?
    i downloaded and as i leads, i went to redeem prize page but theres no where says 30 farmcash

  98. George Says:

    That sucks that we can’t get it because we’re not yanks. Total BS. Don’t they realise there are other countries on this planet?

    Probably not. Heads up their backsides.

  99. vishal khandwala Says:

    i didnt get any farm cash what the is it……….

  100. vishal khandwala Says:

    i down loaded tool bar for 30 fc but they didnt give

  101. kjoo7o Says:

    this will be cool if it works

  102. Chris Blewett Says:

    I downloaded the bing bar and registered rewards and I didn’t get FarmVille cash, it’s just a ripoff to add junk to your email

  103. Kat Says:

    Where’s the stupid LINK!!!!????? >:(

  104. CORINNE Says:

    so please tell me how to get 30 farmville cash as i never receive them no matter waht i try

  105. eddie rincon Says:

    i need farm cash

  106. traci shook Says:

    probably a scam

  107. traci shook Says:

    probably a scam
    yep it is

  108. traci shook Says:

    still cant find the link

  109. MINIMULE Says:

    I tried the Link but i keep geting This stupid Credit score link its Dumb

  110. Mary Jo Horvath Says:


  111. vinayak Says:

    where we get them cash

  112. scott mcneal Says:

    If this works I will post it on all 600+ friends that I have

  113. Brandon Says:

    I like farmville

  114. Brandon Says:

    this is great

  115. cody Says:


  116. vincen nu valentine Says:

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