FarmVille Sponsored Link: Harry Potter 7 & 2 Free Farm Cash

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FarmVille Sponsored Link: Harry Potter 7 & 2 Free Farm Cash

Posted on April 18, 2011 6:01 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Sponsored Link: Harry Potter 7 & 2 Free Farm Cash

Harry Potter fans will be happy to see the latest FarmVille Sponsored Link. You can earn 2 free Farm Cash for answering some questions about the seventh Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

FarmVille Sponsored Link: Harry Potter 7 Quiz

Sponsored Links can be found underneath your FarmVille in-game screen, located at the top right. Unfortunately, not all farmers have access to participate in Sponsored Links due to regional restrictions. Because Sponsored Links also expire you should act fast to earn your free Farm Cash!

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33 Responses to “FarmVille Sponsored Link: Harry Potter 7 & 2 Free Farm Cash” »

  1. deanna Says:

    love hairry pitter lol

  2. Debbie Says:

    Oh right….forgot if you live outside of the US…it doesn’t apply :(

  3. edward Says:

    cool if i could get in

  4. sarah Says:

    why cant we get these offers outside the us, not fair…….

  5. Cheryl Kaloo Says:

    A fascinating young fellow!!!

  6. Terri Says:

    Remus Lupin

  7. Stacey Says:

    Movies are great; the books are BETTER!!! And yay for Farm Cash. =D

  8. Mary Says:

    Can’t get the dang thing to work – waste of time!!!

  9. Bonnie Says:

    This is no longer available. Just got through trying it.

  10. kortni Says:

    im fixin to pull an avada kedavra on zynga…for never making a sponsored link work for me. grrr. and i live in the us, so for those that think it works for everyone but you—it doesnt. maybe 2% of these said links actually ever work.

  11. tammytrue Says:

    They sure don’t make it very easy……I can never get FREE CASH!!!!! They lie

  12. Anita B. Says:

    There’s no like for me, and I’m from the US. The turbo tax link has been there for three weeks already!! :(

  13. Anita B. Says:

    I can never get free cash :(

  14. Farmer Dan Says:

    It appears that those links are only good for a certain amount of time or users. Once they’ve been clicked by a certain number of users, the offer is no longer valid. I managed to get this one, but a lot of the prior offers were no longer good.

  15. Luis Says:

    If this doesn’t work out of the USA, then, unlike it and unshare it…

  16. Gail Says:

    I live in the US too, and they never even have the link on the bottom of my farm, so don’t think the US gets them all cause they don’t.
    Would be nice if they gave them to everyone to access.
    Anybody got the model farm on their farm these days?

  17. 5Celcious Says:

    i bet i could answer all those questions,
    could someone type them up? im curious :D

    btw, to whomever that said it was remus, its not, its george weasley that lost his ear

  18. Frances A spencer Says:

    wish i could of gotten in I love hARRY pOTTER

  19. CA Says:

    Guess it doesn’t apply if you live in Pennsylvania either. I haven’t been offered the last 3 offers. :(

  20. Amanda Says:

    Haha I’m in the US and haven’t gotten any of these sponsored links *sigh*

  21. kortni Says:

    ummm, i have a crazy glitch goin on…my cash is -16. im in the hole?! LOL wtf….now zynga thinks i owe them money. kinda funny at the moment…but it better go back to my correct amount of cash or ill flip.

  22. Susan Says:

    Most of these offers have expired by the time they are posted on FVF so why bother?

    Do you enjoy telling us what we missed?

  23. Andosia Says:

    Ooooh I hope I get this one. I’m such a Potterhead :)
    I have not seen the last 3 offers Farmville Freak mentioned appear at all.

  24. Loyata Says:

    does anyone know, in which states the links are working? here in delaware it doesn’t show up :-(

  25. Nigel Says:

    Harry Potter is English!!!

  26. april Says:

    im missing farm cash too. i know i didnt spend it. also i have never seen any of these links including harry potter. i never get any links for free items that i hear all my friends get. im in new york so maybe they dont show up here? bummer

  27. RISP Says:


  28. NoneYaBiz Says:

    Dude, I sent you this! I emailed FVF and you stole it from me.

  29. ryan Says:

    I checked this on both, fire fox and IE and nether had it. And i live in the USA, why is this?

  30. Cynthia Says:

    By the time I saw the link and tried to click it, I got a message that it was expired. I guess after so many clicks, its no longer available. I’m able to collect them sometimes.


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