FarmVille Sponsored Link: Intuit Websites & 2 Free Farm Cash

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FarmVille Sponsored Link: Intuit Websites & 2 Free Farm Cash

Posted on June 20, 2011 2:04 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Sponsored Link: Intuit Websites & 2 Free Farm Cash

In a new FarmVille Sponsored Link, Intuit is offering farmers 2 free Farm Cash.

Intuit, a web design service, let’s you “build” your own website in this FarmVille Sponsored Link where you can earn yourself free Farm Cash for participating.

Sponsored Links can be found underneath your FarmVille in-game screen, located on the top right. Unfortunately not all players have access to Sponsored Links due to regional restrictions. Additionally, Sponsored Links are subject to expire without notice, so act fast to earn your free Farm Cash.

FarmVille Sponsored Link: Intuit Website Poll

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11 Responses to “FarmVille Sponsored Link: Intuit Websites & 2 Free Farm Cash” »

  1. LIly Says:

    *Intuit. I’m assuming that’s what you meant to type. I doubt the Inuit are giving us free farm cash.

  2. oopscow Says:

    Haven’t gotten the prompt for this yet!

  3. rosi Nabrotzky Says:

    giving us free farm cash

  4. playgirl35 Says:

    Shame you dont give it ALL your players.When you lot going to learn the game is played world wide not just on your door steps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Aeris Says:

    This is just pathetic.. Europe never gets ANYTHING

  6. Barbara Says:

    Went to the site and clicked on and said it had expired! Today is the 20th and that is when it was displayed to be used!!!Donj’t expired it the same day as it is issued!

  7. MacMeanie Says:

    I’m not a big Zynga fan and this is not meant as a big defense for them.

    Your complaints, “…the game is played world wide[sic] not just on your door steps!”, and “Europe never gets ANYTHING”, need to be addressed to your politicians and the laws outside the U.S. I work for a game portal and we can’t send monetary or non monetary prizes to other countries due to import regulations and tax laws with countries outside the U.S. Believe it or not, even Farm Cash could be viewed as a taxable thing by some juridictions.

    Contact your representatives.

  8. Sian Palmer Says:

    add me please I need more friends

  9. Lidia E. Santini M. Says:

    giving fv cahs please


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  2. FarmVille Sponsored Link: Intuit Websites & 2 Free Farm Cash