FarmVille Sponsored Link: The Killing & 3 Free Farm Cash

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FarmVille Sponsored Link: The Killing & 3 Free Farm Cash

Posted on March 21, 2011 3:57 pm by FarmVille Freak MaddMadamMim

FarmVille Sponsored Link: The Killing & 3 Free Farm Cash

It’s nearing the season for new Spring television shows, and AMC is offering up three (3) Free Farm Cash just for watching the preview of their newest show and answering a simple multiple choice question.

Sponsored Links can be found underneath your FarmVille game screen, located on the top right.

Note, not all farmers have access to Sponsored Links due to regional restrictions.

FarmVille Sponsored Link: The Killing Poll

Will you participate in this offer to get free Farm Cash?

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51 Responses to “FarmVille Sponsored Link: The Killing & 3 Free Farm Cash” »


    NOT NORWAY I GUESS?????? 

  2. DESIREE Says:


  3. Cassandra Miller Says:

    love it!

  4. Angela Says:

    or ireland :(

  5. Sonja Says:

    Not in Canada either…..never is!

  6. Kim Says:

    i’m in USA and don’t have it.

  7. Rhiannon Says:

    its not in america either so maybe its no where yet

  8. MEE Says:

    WHY NOT POST THE DANG LINK? otherwise ur just wasting our time FVFREAK!

  9. KyleCecil Says:

    I think they forgot to hyperlink it.

  10. Elaine Peck Says:

    Sounds really good I will look forward to seeing it.. Thanks!

  11. Shirley Says:

    Great mystery with a lot of suspense…

  12. Georgie Says:

    Not in Uk either

  13. Dee Says:

    Link showed on my farm about 5 minutes ago…clicked on it…said
    Really?? Why bother :(

  14. Reka Says:

    Why post something no one can see or get? Figures just like all the rest of the Zynga stuff don’t work

  15. will david Says:

    Nothing in London so who the feck can get the cash……………?

  16. KP Says:

    Where is the link?

  17. gabriela Says:

    los saludo. y espero me den los 3 farm cash. por de killing gracias

  18. Debbie Says:

    not for me either, i in the usa, i can never get this stuff, wat up with that?

  19. Toyoto Burk Says:

    doesn’t work for Canadians…

  20. Allen Says:

    Yep not in USA either, lol

  21. Jerk Says:

    Who is Rosie Larsen?

  22. Lisa M Says:

    Only in America….United Stated of America…NEVER EVER Canada!

  23. SMURPHY Says:

    Would not open and now it is gone, and I really need some cash since no cash for levels over 100–boohoo!

  24. Ben Martens Says:

    couldn’t find a link, do i still get 3 fv cash?

  25. GJ Says:

    don’t have it and never got the last one or the blimp or the model farm.

  26. Connie Says:

    Activity no longer available message for me as well from US.

  27. countsy Says:

    Love farmville so if that makes me a frerk then so be it!!! i need the cash toooooo!!!

  28. Echo Says:

    i’m in the US and it’s not on my farm. i just refreshed and checked!

  29. Richard Halvorson Says:

    Those complaining that its not available in your home country,that may be due to your countries laws. I cant access it right now and Im in the USA.

  30. Joy Brewer Says:

    US. Haven’t see anything but then I never got the model farm either and I can’t get the daily items. Only lets me request from 3 people and they are alway non-players. Getting too frustrated with this game.

  31. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    These generally show up for me between 1AM and 3AM my local time.

  32. Brenda Ruark Says:

    Unable to play it.

  33. Lori Hendricks Says:

    couldn’t find a link to watch

  34. misty dewitt Says:

    i nev er recieve these promotions, why??

  35. Christie Barron Says:

    I did not get the link to get the three farmville cash

  36. Judy Says:

    I never or rarely get these and I live in the US! Stinky!

  37. Jin Says:

    no active link for trailer or quiz. Ad works fine.

  38. Jin Says:

    Joy, the model farm is on the end of your neighbor bar, you don’t get one as far as I know.
    And I hate this latest gimmick where THEY choose who you can ask rather than simply posting it or allowing you to pick the neighbors who actually farm.

  39. randy behenna Says:


  40. Mary Bright Says:

    I don’t have it either, and I’m practically right next door to Zynga (SF Bay Area). Booo!!! =(

  41. Sharon Moore Says:

    Where’s the link??? Can’t use it if I don’t have it. Please post link.

  42. barb teich Says:


  43. Lorraine Says:

    Not in Canada. Which is irritating since the show is filmed in Vancouver!

  44. Amy Says:

    No link… usual.

  45. Calvin H. Says:

    Show looks interesting, but am I the only one who think it seems like a Twin Peaks knockoff?

  46. O Rly? Says:

    Stop complaining about an AMC show link not being available in your country. The AMC actually stands for American Movie Classics.

  47. NKosi Trevious Says:

    Hey guys
    I need farmville Neighbors so please friend me and become my farmville neighbor!!!
    my facebook name is Nkosi Prince Grevious

  48. Charles Says:

    guessi won’t have access to this, though i live in the U.S. I haven’t had access to the past two, just stupid netflix for a month that i can’t do b/c i already have it

  49. Razor Says:

    It doesn’t cost Zynga anything to give away FV cash. They should enable all “giveaways” for ALL their players….. Guess they don’t realize that giving a person a couple FV Dollars increases the chance that player will actually buy more…..

    Often Zynga’s logic totally escapes me. but I like playing farmville so whatever I guess.

    Maybe since Canadians are not on Zynga’s priority list at all, buying FV Dollars will No Longer be on my list either…. .lol

  50. Judy Says:

    SMURPHY Says:
    Posted on March 21st, 2011 at 4:12 pm
    Would not open and now it is gone, and I really need some cash since no cash for levels over 100–boohoo!

    Is that true?? No wonder I never get these anymore! Sucks! Stinks! Phooey! and Foochie!

    We work our buns off to get higher levels then we are punished by Zynga.. no more 1 FV cash for leveling above 100 and now this!

    I’m getting really aggravated! Not to mention the new ECFV is a joke. We can’t use any of our current stuff, our farms will be put on hold and noting will grow or master and the only stuff we can transfer is from our gift boxes!

    NOT ME ZYNGA! I am not going to add another farm to stifle my current one! Stinky, Sucks, Phooey & Foochie! So there!

  51. Cynthia Says:

    By the time the link showed up for me, I got the message that it was no longer available when I clicked it.