FarmVille St. Patrick’s Day Theme Green Roses

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FarmVille St. Patrick’s Day Theme Green Roses

Posted on March 1, 2011 11:40 pm by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

FarmVille Green Roses

FarmVille Green Roses Mastery Sign

A new LE crop is now ready to plant in honor of St.Patricks day. Green Roses will be available for 28 days and are masterable, now is a perfect time to start planting during the two day AVG Double Mastery event.

Note: Green Roses were an LE Crop during the FarmVille St.Patricks theme in 2010.

FarmVille Green Roses Market

New Limited Edition Green Rose Crop Mastery Requirements:

  • Mastery Level 1: 300
  • Mastery Level 2: 600
  • Mastery Level 3: 900

Will you be celebrating St.Pats by planting this new LE crop?

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28 Responses to “FarmVille St. Patrick’s Day Theme Green Roses” »

  1. Laife Says:

    Just planted my entire farm with them! Can’t wait to earn the Mastery Sign!

  2. charmedbrat Says:

    i have a mastry sign for ALL of the roses so far… cant wait to get one for these babies…

  3. Lynn Says:

    Will get to these after I deal with the last greenhouse crops I need to master- growing the seeds is such a pain!

  4. JWM Says:

    Excellent. Already loving the St Patrick’s Day Theme.

  5. JustG Says:

    I wish we could make green beer in our wineries in honor of St. Patty’s
    Day. We could grow clover and wheat. That would be cool.

  6. Gina West Says:

    I was farming today and the unwither sign came up, I answered no to it. It stole 5.00 farm ville cash from me and unwithered my crops. I want my farm cash back. I have been having trouble loading farm ville and have to go into it several times before it loads correctly. It is taking forever to load also. Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Gina West

  7. AKA Says:

    St. Patrick’s Day is my birthday!!! :)

  8. Matty Says:

    I can’t wait to grow these! Hey have you all got the giant Sour Apple tree? One of my neighbors grew one tonight and I got it off the feed. Awesome looking tree. I see that it’s not on this site yet. So…keep an eye or two out for it. :)


  9. Amy Says:

    I got the sour apple tree tonight :)* was anyone else able to grow one tonight?

  10. Birgit Says:

    Hi everyone!
    There is a new tree out! Just got a giant sour apple tree. Or have i just miised out on it before?

  11. kaduzy Says:

    I saw the new tree as well. Too many new trees.

  12. Emma | Smarter Farmer Says:

    Cool, I just added them to my Sortable Farmville Seed Chart.

    They don’t rank well as far as XP or coins per hour though – so I think I’ll stick to working on my greenhouse crops.

  13. wenkt Says:

    too easy!!

    only 1800 crops…

  14. Neil Says:

    Didn’t we do this last year or was it the year before, before mastery?

  15. Mohammad Says:

    Umm I wonder what happened to the red roses that were displayed in the Anti-valentine loading screen I was waiting for them :( . But these are cool too :D

  16. Chuck Says:

    Well, I have 574 plantable plots, so it’ll take Me just a few days to get my sign… I just wish the Greenhouse crops were as fast… hehe

  17. Karen Says:

    Will plant them .Want a Mastery sign

  18. Lynn Says:

    can we use bushels for this one?

  19. Karen Says:

    Already mastered! Thanks to AVG and double mastery. I love the green rose mastery sign. :)

  20. roxanne taylor Says:

    do you get bushels when you harvest?

  21. connie collins Says:

    love it love the green roses and the sign

  22. Padraig Says:

    It would be great to Master Shamrocks.

  23. Mary Bright Says:

    These are hideous (it’s the shade of green — *way* too neon!), but I’m a mastery whore so I’ll be growing them! {o_O}

  24. fluffysquirrel Says:

    I agree with Mohammed; been coveting those deep red roses they kept featuring in the broken heart Valentine theme. Why didn’t they have them??

  25. Rydia Says:

    What I would really like to know is why FarmVille Freak doesn’t show the unreleased crops anymore. I’m not really that impressed coming onto the site and seeing stuff that was “Just released in tonight’s updates”

  26. Carmen Says:

    me too I would like to know.

  27. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Rydia/Carmen – when FarmVille Freak became an official fan site they agreed not to publish the unreleased stuff any more.

    That is because unreleased stuff is the result of either hacking or of a disloyal employee at Zynga leaking the things they are working on. Zynga quite naturally object to this.

    I am amused at the posts here that on the one hand object to people ‘cheating’ by using a collecting bar, and on the other hand complain because the unreleased stuff is no longer here. I suppose its OK to ‘cheat’ by leaking stuff from a company’s private files.

    I was glad to see the end of the unreleased posts, they seemed quite pointless to me. I will know when something is released – where’s the point of scrolling through a load of things that may or may not come out.

    What I have always valued about this site is the real information it gives about the game, and that it will continue to do,

  28. patty Guerrero Says:

    hello Its been awhile now that I planted my green roses and mastered them, I recieved my mastery sign and now its missing whats up with that can you please tell me whats the matter with this!!!!!!!!!!!!