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FarmVille Freak Exclusive: Zynga & Frito Lay Teaming Up Again for another FarmVille Promotion!!

Posted on February 23, 2012 3:47 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Freak Stacy's FarmVille on Lay's Bag

From the image above it looks like Zynga and famous chip maker Frito Lay will once again be teaming up for an upcoming FarmVille promotion! This isn’t the first time the two companies have worked together, remember the Frito Lay FarmVille Farm?

FarmVille Freak Stacy scored this specially marked package of Lays Classic Potato Chips with details on the upcoming FarmVille promotion that advertises a “Free In-Game Item”.

More on this exciting promotion as we know it.

A special thanks to FarmVille Freak Stacy for sharing with us her cool find!

Are you excited for a FarmVille + FritoLay promotion? 

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7 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Exclusive: Zynga & Frito Lay Teaming Up Again for another FarmVille Promotion!!” »

  1. Dawn Says:

    potato chip tree?

  2. farmer kitty Says:

    YES! it was fun! got cool prizes,too.

  3. LeeAnn Says:

    Just wish all these freeping nonsense would STOP and just let us get back to Farming and socializing with our neighbors. Because of all these idiotic, moronic, assinine, imbecilic, childish quest and such……no one has time anymore to visit their neighbors farms!

  4. LuisFilipe Says:

    Are you excited for a FarmVille + FritoLay promotion?

    No, it’s not going to be available in my country, so it´s another just for US item.

    One less tree for me.

    Persimon was the first

  5. lee Says:

    already have some potato chip trees. wonder what else they are going to do and have. i just ignore all the quests now. just farming and visiting. was an all day process keeping up with quests and stuff so now i do it my way. just try to level up to get the free cash so i can get those dragons.

  6. nicole ponce de leon Says:

    i was wondering where the giant potato chip trees came from suddenly i had 10 of them!

  7. Leslie Bair Says:

    Went to Wal Mart and they did not know anything about this promotion. Poorly promoted. If you are going to advertise then have the product available.