FarmVille Technical Issues: Report problems to Zynga (not us)

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FarmVille Technical Issues: Report problems to Zynga (not us)

Posted on September 3, 2012 5:59 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Sad Cow

One of the most often complaints that we receive at (see email examples below) involves FarmVille game technical issues. Although we can’t help fix your tech problems (despite the mean emails from those of you that think we can), what we can do is let you know about what Zynga is doing to help. Most of the tech problems we hear about range from “My farm won’t load!” to “Where are my neighbors?” and “What happened to all my gifts?” not to forget about the “I can’t post anything to the feed!!” Oh, there’s also the “Woah Farmers” and Out of Sync (OOS) Sad Cows.

There’s lots of problems on the farm, and Zynga is taking note. You may have noticed the feature found at the top of the FarmVille Loading screen/play area as shown in the image below. It features a few tabs of the most common FarmVille technical problems. All you have to do is click on the problem that you are experiencing and it will let Zynga know what problems farmers are having and help diagnose a fix.


FarmVille Technical Issue Report Buttons

It may not instantly fix the issue you are experiencing, but at least they are being more active about handling FarmVille tech problems. For specific problems with your FarmVille account we urge you to contact Zynga Customer Support directly.

Here are a few handy tips for contacting Zynga:

Zynga Customer Support 

Billing Questions only - Zynga’s billing support hotline is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays) for billing related issues only. Their hotline can be reached at 1-800-762-2530. International fees may apply if your calling outside of the United States.

We’d like to remind you that is a fan site ran by FarmVille players! We are here to help you and hopefully make your gaming experience more enjoyable.  Although we like to hear from you all the time including what complaints or problems you are having in FarmVille, we can’t fix your tech issue or reimburse you missing Farm Cash. These problems are out of our control. We realize that some FarmVille Freaks are just confused, but more importantly they are frustrated and we are too since we can’t help. Here’s a few recent unedited complaint emails that we received in just the past couple of days, user name removed.

“To whom it may concern:

It has been almost 2 weeks now that my neighbor feed below my farms hasn’t work. Is there any reason why that this hasn’t been fixed yet as this plays a big part in the game with us players getting things from our neighbors.

#2 Why is the game gotten so slow as it used to be pretty quick?

#3 For all the hard work we did on the Hawaiian and the Jade farms why aren’t we being give a free shipping license like we go on the rest of our farms. They are nice to have but not everyone has that kind of farm cash.

#4 Why doesn’t anyone ever get back to us and let us know what is going on? You keep saying we are working on the problem be patient well patience only goes so far then you would like to see that someone is trying to help and fix the problems that us players are having.

Thank you and hope to hear from someone as to what and when we can expect things to get fixed be quicker and run smoother.”


“ My FarmVille page is Not loading…Please fix it for me. Thanks”


“I just can’t believe that you expect us to pay out good money for something on this game, when the game has so many problems. For example the feed below my farm hasn’t worked in over 2 weeks but, I keep seeing the message we are working on the problem. Well it seems to me, you need to find some techs that know what the hell they are doing and get these problems fix because the ones you have now I guess can’t fix them. I am just wondering to you give out better customer service to those who spend a lot of money compared to those who don’t, because your customer service really sucks big time. I mean it the past we got things like farm cash or other things for us having to wait for things to get fixed but now you don’t even do that anymore. I mean I send you all e-mails and no one there even bothers to reply. And now you want us to dish out money for a shipping licence on a product with so many flaws well I don’t think so.”


“When on God’s good earth are you going to get the neighbor feed fixed?”


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14 Responses to “FarmVille Technical Issues: Report problems to Zynga (not us)” »

  1. jesus1245 Says:

    LOL this is hilarious! how dumb can people be to send email to the owner of this blog if the head banner says so UNOFFICIAL farmville FAN page what they should do it stop complaining and send there issues to Zynga Support I cant complain about there customer service every little problem i have in the game I sent a message to them via Zynga support and withing 12 hours they either fix it or make a give me something for the problem be it FC darts instant grow or anything else in that matter i surely recomed everyone to sent them a message if needed

  2. Luicee Says:

    omg! You poor babies!!!

    I knew you got a couple of cranks that thought you could fix their farms- I had no idea how many!!!

    I gotta ask- why the HELL so many people are missing the Game Feed-

    my farm has never run FASTER than the week it’s been gone!!

    and why did we even NEED it- seriously, open another window, dweeb!

  3. Luicee Says:

    omg i just realized- they aren’t getting answers b/c they filed their complaints with you!


  4. Nite4awk Says:

    Come on people… really?

    It blows my mind sometimes how idiotic some FarmVille players are… but all walks of life right? Live and let live i guess…

    Seriously though… it’s NOT HARD to find both Zynga’s forums, and support database… both of which will get you results… though I suggest e-mailing support, or if you’re lucky, talking to a Live Chat agent if you want help…

    …and a word to the wise… don’t expect technical glitches and bugs to be fixed. FarmVille is riddled with bugs and glitches. CS will not, and can not fix them… but they WILL reward you with FC and items or supplies to help you “forget” how buggy the game is… so my advice is live with the issues, get the freebees and get over the bugs… because you can live with them, or you can stop playing… those are your only options.

  5. Bob Smith007 Says:

    I know who to email now. Muwahaha

  6. Farmer Julie Says:

    I’ve had that report issues banner for weeks, and nothing has been done. I have every single issue there. Game takes an hour to load, then won’t load right, crashes constantly, esp. if I try to move any object. I can’t access any pens or anything. It’s very frustrating, but at least it seems that someone might be trying to fix things.

  7. oniedius mad hatter Says:

    Good lord people are stupid! Unfortunately this is so common on other “fan sites” as well. It’s really scary how these people do not use logic, intelligence and observation before posting their banality. people! Zynga also has an active forum which is pretty good.

  8. anita langdon Says:

    when sending gifts request ,the request goes under ads on right side and i cant see the send button .please help.thanks.

  9. Teresa Kjergaard Says:

    I realize you are have “technical issues”’s been a couple months now that I HAVE NOT BEEN GETTING MY MYSTRY EGGS..not just on my own farms but when I visit & collect them too! Also my Fram Cash disapears WITHOUT ME SPENDING IT!!..I’ll be saving up for some thing & I’ll go to check it & it’ll be gone or partialy gone!..alsoI’m having issues with my prizes from Hidden Chest & Sea Cheats pizes disapering!!..on Winter I had one of those BIG Treasurs that needed like 85 pickaces & it started to change then game forze up & said an Error has occure we have to refresh..& when it came back I had to start all over again!!..& just to day on Hawaii I had just finished a Chest & got a Tail Spin Dolphin..then game froze up & said an ERRO HAS OCCURED..BUT this time when it came back I NOT ONLY LOST MY PRIZE BUT IT DIDNT GIVE BACK MY CHEST EITHER!!! IT’S CRAP!! FIX IT..IF YOU CANT GET SOMEONE WHO CAN!!

  10. Dawne Says:

    I cannot open new quests on Farmville. I have 2 open slots and try to get a new quest. Computer says “Please wait while we load quest” and then nothing happens except that text goes away. I really would like to play more quests!

  11. may forsyth Says:

    i have problems with farmville 2 , game slow ,freezing an i have 2 do tasks i have allready done plz fix as i love this game ,thank you .

  12. farzamrao Says:

    I am experiencing issues regarding loading of the game. I use google chrome, my game is not loading, please help me

  13. Donna Wolf Says:

    I have been playing everyday but recieve no cash why?

  14. jane Says:

    My neighbor feeds are not working, I go to plant and all I get is an exclamation point! I’d like to give zynga and exclammation point! What happened to the fair for today? I paid a lot of money to get this far and you guys take advertising for California cheese. Why not put the money into the game?