FarmVille transitioning from Beta to Subscription?

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FarmVille transitioning from Beta to Subscription?

Posted on February 21, 2010 9:06 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

UPDATE:  Zynga has confirmed this rumor is NOT true. Please read here for an update.

Rumor, Rumor, Rumor . . .

There is a rumor (un-confirmed) circulating that FarmVille will finally be moving out of Beta and transitioning to a monthly subscription service, where you will be required to pay a fee to play. Please remember, that this is a rumor and FarmVille Freak cannot confirm it as true.

I received the following email from FarmVille Freak Ben,

“ ATTENTION: Zynga has announced that as of March 31, 2010 FarmVille will no longer be available in it’s Beta version. The game will be available for a subscription fee of $5.99 per month and will include additional levels above 70. …… “.

Since FarmVille has been in Beta for months (since June) it is possible that anything can happen including it eventually becoming a video console or computer based game  and even a required subscription service is plausible. However, I don’t think that is the case presently, this rumor is just a rumor. To my knowledge, Zynga has not made an official statement (as of tonight) mentioning this big move. So please don’t freak out yet :)

If you see this rumor posted in Facebook’s newsfeed, please do not contribute to its viral spread by posting it in yours.

If anyone can confirm this rumor as true or false please send us an email and provide evidence so that we may share it with all the FarmVille Freaks.

What do you think about this rumor?

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79 Responses to “FarmVille transitioning from Beta to Subscription?” »

  1. What Says:

    This is just another one of those dumb rumors started by someone for God knows what reason.

    It’s a little alarming, and saddening, to see it given credibility by having it posted on FVFreak :\

  2. X Says:

    if they do that,they can have less players……first!

  3. Colton Says:

    I KNOW they won’t do that there has been many fake rumors like, “Facebook a monthly fee!” I think this is just another one of those… They already have charged people cash and for them to make a month fee would be crazy.

    I have a feeling people are posting fake stuff to get on the homepage!

  4. Gom Says:

    If they do so they wont have as many players of playing now

  5. Adam Says:

    I will be leaving farmville if this happens

  6. farmgoddess Says:

    Obviously we share all FV info on FVFreak, but that is exactly why this post is tagged and mentioned throughout as RUMOR, rumor, rumor. It’s important for all FVFreaks to realize that even though these rumors exist they aren’t truth just because you see it in a FB newsfeed.

    You may think seeing it featured here on FVFreak gives it credibility, but I would argue that it can kill a rumor and label it as such very quickly.

  7. Misa21 Says:

    Def. a rumor just like they said we had to pay for msn, and like someone said Facebook..not gonna happen..
    If it would..who’s act. gonna pay to play..def. not me! they know they would lose a lot of players that way.
    But I think it is true that they will be making more levels..:)

  8. Lindsay Says:

    I almost feel that being such a big Farmville fan site, they would gauge our reaction based on this info and OBVIOUSLY we’re not happy with even the idea of it. So, Yeah NO thanks Zynga. I’d leave too.

  9. Rolton Says:

    No possible way. It would destroy literally more than 99% of their user base.

    They might ADD a subscription option, like pay to access through vs. free access through facebook, and that would have higher levels more options or whatever…

    …but they’d be idiots to cut off free facebook access.

  10. Di Says:

    agree with Rolton where zynga would give both the option of paying (for higher levels and whatnot) and not paying (what we have now)

    however, the rumor that a fee is coming to facebook. has been confirmed. you pay the fee for additional features and ad removal. however, there is also the option to not pay and stick with the basics.

  11. Jess Says:

    Zynga would lose money because less people would play and although they would pay a monthly fee, it wouldnt come close to the money they get from fv cash and advertising now.
    Also, FV will most likely not become a console or computer game in the near future because it is not interactive enough. Players would be bored because there is not that much to do in comparison with other games.
    However, if Zynga could add more features they have a good basis for a solid game.

  12. Dreamreaper Says:

    Well,hey to be honest….I like Farmville….its a cool game….but this makes me laugh and puts the biggest smile on my face seeings how my father-in-law lives on the game and puts farmville first in his life always….even over getting dressed and having a shower or eating….so who ever started this rumor…I say thank you for putting a smile on my face. :D

  13. MM Says:

    The sky is falling!

  14. Ryan Says:

    wtf is this? zynga if you do this i will give you the middle finger, and be upset that i wasted all this time and money playing your stupid little addicting game.

  15. archie Says:

    I don’t think zynga would do this, i don’t want them to do this. Because then i think i will be the first to leave the game and same will many do. Because not all got that previlieage to buy with real cash, and yes i agree that many people will leave the game and may be zynga won’t be profited much as they now, and they should not only think for profit but also a bit about people’s concern.

  16. aldwin Says:

    i for one, would definitely stop playing farmville if this happens.

    is it not enough that most people pay them through buying fv cash. :(

    so sad, really hope it’s not true.

  17. Lil Wayne Says:

    not true

  18. Kenny Says:

    Why do people spread rumors like this? What’s the point? It’s just annoying. I guess that is the point.

    All I know is that I won’t be playing FV if they start charging for it.

  19. alex Says:


    Seems like a rumor to me..

    But if this actually happens then I’m leaving. This is just a game I use to pass the time. Not a game I want to pay to play.

  20. Mike Says:

    I purchase $50+ monthly to buy FV$$. Would be very upset if I had to pay a Monthly fee to play also…I would quit. And I know this is just a rumor, but Zynga should address this issue ASAP, as I will not be purchasing anything till I know if this is true or not. Will be suggesting the same too my friends that also pour real $$ to Zynga.

  21. Drea Says:

    One of my friends actually called them and they said they have no plans in the works currently to charge that it is a false rumor

  22. tp Says:

    this best be a rumor.

  23. Kristina Says:

    I hope this is a rumor. I will stop playing if it does happen!

  24. jonzke Says:

    Yep, that’s true. And the next day after March 31st is April 1st :D

  25. Yaniv Sims Says:

    first of all it’s just a rumor

    Secondly – who would be DUMB ENOUGH to PAY monthly fee to play this game ??
    unlike World of warcraft there isn’t any real goal in this game, you are doing some serious thing or something in it – it’s just for recreation …..

    so no one would be that IDIOT to pay fee for this thing

  26. JD Says:

    yay, ill have a real reason to stop playing =]

  27. Telement Says:

    Zynga is making alot of money selling chips in Texas hold em and fv dollars in Farmville…..they wont do this…..if they do, so stupid….so many will leave….

  28. Bob! Says:

    I have and probably will continue to buy FV$. I like the game enough to drop a few extra bucks HERE AND THERE to get some interesting items for my farm.

    But I wouldn’t pay a monthly fee to play the game. At least not without some VERY nice perks.

    However, this is very obviously a rumor. Just like so many other rumors that get started out there. Zynga makes a LOT of money off this game already. There’s no need to make it a monthly subscription deal.

    Mayhaps an “unlimited Farm Cash” option for a monthly fee? That might be nice. But I don’t think I would do it even then.

    But yeah, obviously a rumor.

  29. rawa Says:

    If they wanna see me pay they better have somthing good to offer. Just paying for the same old Bone that weve been chewing the whole time is nonsense. I would only pay monthly if they had special things to buy, more choices in special things to buy, and those should better be for coins. Because if you already pay to play, who wants to pay for the specials extra? Not me, i buy my fv bucks every month because i love having a unique farm and special items, i like that stuff and i like the way the farms dont all look the same if we dont all use the same old plain stuff. Paying… not ok, but i would, level up and special items that can be bought with coins, who agrees? If i pay monthly than i dont wanna pay anything else extra, right? What do you think? But if more people think that way they would be loosing lots of money cuz they wouldnt buy the fcash anymore, i wouldnt, what will they offer for fcash ten? Gotta be more special than that what they already have to offer, but thank god its a rumor, so dont worry, be happy :-)

  30. b0ogdann Says:

    As much as i love farmville and i am addicted, i would give it up in a second if they do such a s***ty thing…

  31. Grefix Says:

    I’m quite amazed that a rumor like this even gets attention on fvfreak. Let rumors be rumors and don’t spend your time writing articles about it without more substantial information.

  32. Liam Whelan Says:

    I have another rumour:

    1. Food in the supermarket is now free.
    2. Going to the cinema is now free.

    COME ON YOU MOANERS! We pay for everything so why not this?

  33. Zingski Says:

    I love this game and I would really hate it if they will charge monthly. I hope this is only a rumor.

  34. Rob Says:

    Anyone who believes this, please call me and let me know if you have any interest in purchasing a certain bridge.

  35. Fadi Says:

    Who cares if we have to pay monthly. Just quit it and you should be fine :)

  36. Crockotoco Says:

    Guys….stop and think about the whole picture here! Farmville can only be played on a “network” like Facebook! This isn’t a game where you can continouly play through like other mmo’s….The game itself relys on posting in the newsfeed and was intended to go head to head with other network buddies on your friends list…. just like this rumor, Farmville leaving Facebook is obviously FALSE!!! Zynga knows if they slap a monthy fee they will lose 97% of their players(customers) and would lose alot more money then what they make now with FV cash! Heck guys…remember they just went through the trouble to release Game cards!!!! Think about it……RUMOR!!!!

  37. Callum Says:

    Hmmm, all I can say is, if the rumor is true,
    then subscribers better get all FVC items for coins !

    They should do away with paying FVC for subscribers,
    and the non-subscribers can get the special items for FVC.

    Also, subscribers should get “Sub-Only Items”, extra levels, more perks, more land, etc.

    I think that’s fair ;)

  38. Gianne Says:

    nice one liam :)))

  39. Howard Says:

    Hey people – just a quick observation. This rumor says this is all going down on MARCH 31st.

    As in, the day before APRIL FOOLS day.

    Too much of a coincidence there – I’m not buying this rumor at all.

  40. Megz Says:

    Although I realize this is a rumor, and may or may not be happening, now or in the future, it kind of p****ed me off.

    I already spend money on FV for FVC, and I can honestly say that if it EVER (now, or in the future) becomes a subscription game, I will stop playing.

    That being said, I don’t believe it is going to become a subscription game. :)

  41. EllenMelon Says:

    Immediate warning in the first sentence this is a sham: it’s ….. (i.e., wrong its).

  42. Matthew Says:

    It makes me laugh at anyone who thinks this is true. The same people who are making those false groups that promise things like diamond eggs are pulling your leg again.

    If Zynga WAS to start charging a fee, then,
    1. It would never be leaked out until they were ready to announce it
    2. It would be an official announcement.. not some sketchy-detailed rumor

    I would bet there is already a response from someone like Channel Zero or Lexilicious in the FV Forum denying this rumor

  43. dusty Says:

    I’ve been a daily player June and I WILL NOT pay to play.

    So, goodbye farm.

  44. Peter, the farmer Says:

    I like farmville but if i need to pay for it i have only one thing to say: GO TO HELL!!!!

  45. Sally Says:

    Even if it is just a rumor, if they do make us pay, I’m gone.

  46. Goodman Says:

    I’ve already put alot of money into my farm. I’d be a little upset to have to pay to play what I have already put money into. If they are going to start charging… I say let the people who have already been playing keep playing the way they started. It doesn’t make sense for us who don’t want to pay for a game to lose what we have worked on in our farms.

  47. Eva Says:

    Farmville freak ben is an idiot. If “Zynga announced” this you could confirm it. durrrrrrrrrr

  48. Josh Says:

    As most of you have said, this is just a rumor. Most of you said you wouldn’t pay that, and I wouldn’t either! $5 a month? So over $60 a year. Nope! I got better things to do with my money. Zynga would be dumb to do this. Not only would they loose, and I am guessing here, probably 3/4 of their player, they would make far less money if they did this. From time to time, I shill out $10 in FV Cash. I am sure a lot of others do too. $60 a month, plus all the crap they have to purchase with FV cash?!? I can get a new game for my Wii cheaper!

    If they do do this…I would recommend any share holders within the company to sell, sell, sell!

  49. hmmm Says:

    If they charge, I’m out. Farmville is so buggy, not sure why anyone would pay, even for FV buck items. I have neighbors who have spontaneously lost groovy barns and the like. Poof.

  50. Becky Says:

    I think it is just a rumor but if it is not they will have one less player.

  51. Elena Whr Says:

    You can relax, make the first day of the allegedly non-free FarmVille would be April Fool’s Day. And a Zynga representative, in an e-mail, says the rumor is not true.

  52. rj Says:

    What they are probably going to do is have a free version and a pay-to-play version. If any of you used to play Runescape back in the day you’ll know what I’m talking about. The free version will be what it is now with few to no updates and the PTP version will have all the updates and let you do things that you can’t in the free version trying to get people to join the PTP.

  53. MrsBarker Says:

    WTF!?!? So does that mean that our farms would be lost and we’d have to start all over and lose all the things that we’ve paid FarmCash for???? That sucks for people who have spent real money or for anyone who has spent a lot of time decorating their farm and leveling up.

  54. Therlo Says:

    Zynga itself probably spread the rumour to get feedback. Based on the comments here and at, I’d say the amount of people willing to pay a monthly fee would not line its pockets sufficiently to go through with it. They send out a “feeler” to test the waters. Just like polls “how much FV$ would you be willing to pay for a dog?” Gimme a break. If you want to spend real money, I have no problem with the way you choose to enjoy your FV experience. However, I have a problem with Zynga’s greediness in that the real world price of items continues to climb and less items, or inferior items, are offered for coins. They would do better to offer more for less and make a ton of $ by volume than offer less for more and get a select few buyers. My opinion.

  55. sallison Says:

    Here it is straight from the horses mouth… No truth to it… Heck even farmvillefreak made the news on this one…

  56. Rob Says:

    I’m shocked at the number of people above who have reacted as if this was true news. The rumor started and even said “Announced by Zynga”. Announced by Zynga where? Did any of you do your homework and see if there really was an announcement before spreading a wildfire chain-letter rumor post all over your Facebook statuses? When is common sense going to win out over conjecture and speculation?

  57. Jeff Says:

    These rumors are doing a very good job getting people talking about FarmVille and Facebook though.!

  58. FarmvilleCashHater Says:


    and Final Now to Subscription…..









  59. ?????????? Says:

    What are they thinking? I’m definetly quiting from farmville!

  60. kiarra Says:

    this is the only way to give my suggestion: can you make your buildings rotatable and any objects in any sides and can we colors our buildings as long as we like — like the horse stable.. thanks a lot


  61. thomas Says:


  62. thomas Says:



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