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FarmVille Turbo Charge!

Posted on June 23, 2011 5:36 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Turbo Harvest

Are you ready to get Turbo Charged? It appears that a new feature called Turbo Charge is slowly rolling out to farmers.

Having two working farms has become quite tedious even with the help of maxed out Combine vehicles, it’s still a lot of clicking and a lot of Fuel consumption. Now, with the introduction of this new method of farming, you will be able to Turbo Charge your FarmVille vehicles to plow, plant, OR harvest your entire farm in just one click of your mouse!

FarmVille Plow, Plant & Harvest Flyby Notice

Every farmer will receive 3 free Turbo Charges, but buying more will cost you Farm Cash. Currently the price range is varying, as FarmVille Freaks are reporting anywhere from 5 Farm Cash to 100 Farm Cash. Most likely one factor could be dependent on the size of your farm and how many crops you have planted as well

FarmVille 2 Turbo Chargers

FarmVille 15 Turbo Charges

FarmVille 60 Turbo Charges

FarmVille Farm with One Click Notice

What do you think FarmVille Freaks, will you be Turbo Charging your farming?

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35 Responses to “FarmVille Turbo Charge!” »

  1. Dogmom Cheryl Says:

    Why would I want to pay to plant my entire farm in one click – I usually have five or six different crops going at any one time. Seems a little pointless to me. I’ll stick with my combine and endure a few extra clicks at no extra charge.

  2. robert Says:

    well about time i love it cant wait

  3. eggshells Says:

    ill stick with what ive got combine as too much trouble and this is just another way for them to leech money off of us

    inb4 complaining

  4. Sarah Says:

    Why pay farmcash when you can just use fuel? Much easier to just have patience and take a little bit longer instead of paying money.

  5. Carol Says:

    I’m not paying cash for anything anymore….I’ll stick with the combine. It works fine for both farms.

  6. petunia Says:

    to many more things cost CASH and not coin, I may quite!!!!!

  7. Jake Williams Says:

    Do NOT want, I can click and choose all by myself, thank you. I’ve also been able to wipe my own nose and butt for some time now but will it offer to do those chores too for a certain amount of fv cash? Just curious. Look, I DO NOT need a nanny guiding me through how I do things on my farm. I DO NOT WANT a nanny telling me what is best on how I do things on my farm. My farm, my style of play, simple as that. I maxed out my combine and other vehicles, that’s good enough for me. I spend my money on the horses, that’s pretty much it. DON’T ask for more, ZYNGA, you won’t get it. Besides, you’re screwing us over as it is by changing things around with the gift cards. Used to be for every ten spent, you’d get a free dart. Now, it’s only ONE dart per CARD, no matter the monetary amount, so they’re making a profit already. HUMBUG on this maneuver, I say.

  8. Lotus Says:

    I really don’t know why people are having problems with farming. It’s a game and it takes time to play. This just sounds like what hackers would do when the game first started. Plus how many people have 100 farm cash.

  9. Susie Says:

    What would REALLY be nice is not having to click 50 times when I have old cara potatoes in my market stall to get rid of. Why can’t it be a one click backwards like when I redeem my gift boxes, or sell items from my gift box?

  10. Nicholas Says:

    I am writing to whoever this may concern.

    With over a million people playing Farmville, there is some who cannot afford farm cash to buy all of the nice things you put out. Such as myself I have played Farmville for about a year now and I sit in the market thinking it must be nice. I play this game legit such as many others do. I do not cheat at this game and the only farm cash I earn is the one given when leveling up or if I earned it from completing a quest. I would like to see more things that can be bought with coins or give the option to spend farm cash or coins and not just farm cash. I think many of people can agree with this and would like to see this as well. Please feel free to add me and be Farmville neighbors.


  11. Bonnie Says:

    Good ole Zynga…always coming up with a way to make our lives easier so they can profit. I refuse to PAY to plant my farm no matter how many crops I plant. This one is going to be a bust Zynga…now we know you have the technology, you just as well bring it out as a freebie for building the machine. Don’t think you will get many takers especially when it only takes a minute or two to use my combine…duh!

  12. Louis Says:

    Nice idea if it was for just the price of extra fuel to be able to use. But to expect anybody to have pay actual FV cash is just crazy and anybody that does pay must be mad. I shall use the 3 freebies it has given me and after that just like the biplane never get used again.

  13. Diane Says:

    Pretty soon you won’t need to work the farm at all..I’m happy with the combine. Would be nice for the to come up more ways to obtain water thou.

  14. DMS Says:

    It only takes a few seconds to harvest/plow/plant with a fully expanded combine. Why would I pay farmcash to do that?

  15. De John Says:

    OMG, why do I suddenly forsee a fuel shortage in Farmville?

  16. Annalee Blysse Says:

    This would be nice if it didn’t cost $, but it isn’t for me. I’d rather spend the FV cash that I earn on trees or cute animals. When I get tired of clicking, I just stop planting for awhile.

  17. getting fed up Says:

    I love FV but I see it coming that you will no longer be able to play the game without buying FV cash. That will be the end of FV for me :(

  18. a Says:

    OMG OMG OMG …is Zynga think people are that lazy and aren’t able anymore to click a couple of time with the combine (to plow/crop/harvest) this is seriously amazing. Who is enough crazy to spent 100fv cash to do those action in one click ;(( ??? If Zynga propose that , it’s probably because they think , they have crazy players probably very very rich (cause I cannot see another explication!) who will do it!!

    And also the combine and this part of farming is the easiest and certainly not take that much time to do. And this is what the game is made for ,farming! I was happy as well with the combine , but if the combine wasn’t free , I am pretty sure , I will again doing every action seperately.

    So what is the point to play a game if you just skip everything for farmcash like the quest , and now that!!!

    I am investing sometimes money on decoration and horses and trees, I don’t have problem sometimes to put money on thing like this , but will never place money to skip a quest to turbo plow or anything like this.

    It’s was happen before that I use 1fvcash to instant grow , but now it’s 3fvcash minimum and imagine I am not willing to use it for that.

    Can you imagine me using a tools who just let me doing the combine in one click for 5 to 100fvcash???

    No seriously even the expansion only available for fvcash …sick me!!

    I won’t put money on those thing , right now that’s not affect me on anything , I hope we are not gonna have to avoid a stupid popup about –turbo everytimes we are ready to play the farming part.

    But otherwise will just ignore the thing and probably will use those 3 silly free turbo and after another feature where I said thanks but no thanks to Zynga!

  19. JoSeph Says:

    Why would I want to pay farmcash for this? Basically just as easy to drag my finger around the screen on my iPhone and plant or harvest my whole farm at once for FREE!!! Make it cost coins or special fuel made in the craftshops, not farmcash :(

  20. Lynn Says:

    this is not worth the money i can do all three at once if i use my phone why would i pay money to be able to do it on my computer. i will use the 3 free that they give us and won’t be buying more.

  21. Cheryl Delaney Says:

    Well, I don’t really need turbo-chargers, especially since I CANNOT GET MY FARM TO LOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Karen Says:

    Since I have all the crops mastered, I don’t have enough planting plots on my farms for it to become tedious to use my combine. I actually enjoy doing it. So I won’t use this.

    However, I have no problem with them offering something I don’t want or need for farm cash. I sure like it a lot better than having a farm cash price on something I want. If Zynga can make their money from people who want to use this, great! Then they don’t need to soak me.

    I’m sure not going to whine about what they charge for something I’m not going to buy. :)

  23. Chloe Says:

    Please Zynga make every items available for coins and farm cash so that every players will have an option on how they can avail that certain item, In that way no player will be left out and everyone can enjoy the game.

  24. Morgan Says:

    Ummm….It says on here it costs 2 farmcash for 3 turbo chargers,but in the market it lists them for 9 farmcash?

  25. Saddam Says:

    For once the price is really decent :)

  26. Mei Farmington Says:

    Not bad as an option for people with more money to spend than time to actually play the game, but I’m not interested. One of my farms has a patch of the limited daikon crop (from the earthquake relief fundraiser) next to the Japanese barn, and I don’t ever want to harvest that.

    Sure, they’ll probably bring in some extra money with this, but where’s the FUN in this feature? All-in-1 click farming, getting XP/mastery from other people’s crops, strange they’re coming up with more and more ways for us NOT to actually play the game.

  27. Lonnie Holland Says:

    This showed up on my farm. Didn’t work and now it’s gone. Anyone surprised?

  28. dude...... Says:

    This sucks…I tried it and didnt get any bushels from the crops !
    I basically lost all my crops and preciously limited fuel..

  29. dee Says:

    Why, why, why have we become such a bunch of complainers about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING???
    Zynga is a BUSINESS!
    As a business; it must generate revenue to continue to provide it’s players with new and innovative features. How do you think the developers, employees and even the electric bills are paid??
    Enjoy what is mostly FREE entertainment, purchase items or features if you choose to and stop all the belly aching!!!

  30. Lawrence Says:

    I agree with Dee, its a BUSINESS. They provide 90% of the game for FREE. If you want to spend actual cash it’s an option not a must to do so. On another note, your prices for the turbo charges at the top is wrong.

    3 TBC is 9 Farmville cash
    9 TBC is 15 Farmville cash
    60 TBC is 80 Farmville cash

    Also is it me but it says 3 turbo charges but it only let you use it one time, what a rip off.

  31. Shell Says:

    I think it is a great idea; however it should cost both coin or FV dollars. I wont use it because I wont waste FV dollars on a one use item. I would like to try it for days I am short on time… I will just stick to 2 day crops for when i can’t play :(


  32. Cathy Says:

    What a total rip off, the first time I bought 60 turbo charges for 20FV and since I have 2 farms they went fast and now they want an unrealistic 65FV for 60 more. Oh well I am getting bored with this game anyway.

  33. Carmen Says:

    They’re forcing it down on users now. Beware.

    Post will probably not get though ;) If it does, I’m surprised

  34. David John Says:

    Why to waste FV cash if we have Combine that Harvest , Plow and Plant 4×4 i.e. 16 plots in one click ?


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