FarmVille Unicorn Island Guide to Making Unicorns

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FarmVille Unicorn Island Guide to Making Unicorns

Posted on August 7, 2012 2:42 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille released the Unicorn Island on Monday, August 6th 2012. The Unicorn Island is a new Unicorn and Pegacorn animal habitat that allows you to store these animals, harvest Gems, and make new FarmVille Unicorns and Pegacorns. To make new Unicorns you’ll need to have the correct “recipe” of Gems, so we’ve broken it down for you below.

You can read all the details about the Unicorn Island in our guide by clicking here.

Each Unicorn or Pegacorn that you create has a special number of required Gems that you will need to obtain in order to make it. The Gems can be collected from harvesting your Unicorn Island and the Unicorns housed inside it. This feature works closest to the FarmVille Dino Lab. Unicorns are to Gems as Dinosaurs are to DNA. Note, that different Unicorns/Pegasis will yield different Gems. We will publish a guide soon that tells you the specific Gems each Unicorn/Pegacorn produces.

Gems can be harvested or purchased a la carte at the cost of 1 Farm Cash per Gem. Each new Unicorn/Pegacorn also has an optional Farm Cash price tag if you prefer to purchase it directly using Farm Cash instead of laboring over a Gem collection. We’ve listed the Unicorns as they appear in your Unicorn Island from lowest costing Unicorn to the most expensive.

FarmVille Purple Amethyst

FarmVille Blue Sapphire

FarmVille Green Emerald

FarmVille Red Ruby

FarmVille Pink Lemonade Unicorn
Requires: 10 Purple Amethyst (20 Farm Cash)
Harvest: Purple Amethyst

FarmVille Moon Unicorn
Requires: 12 Purple Amethyst (24 Farm Cash)
Harvest: White Diamond

FarmVille Supernova Unicorn
Requires: 6 Purple Amethyst, 8 White Diamond (28 Farm Cash)
Harvest: Purple Amethyst

FarmVille Moss Unicorn
Requires: 12 Purple Amethyst, 4 White Diamond (32 Farm Cash)
Harvest: Green Emerald

FarmVille Wind Pegacorn
Requires: 9 Purple Amethyst, 5 White Diamond, 4 Green Emerald (40 Farm Cash)
Harvest: White Diamond

FarmVille Dragon Pegacorn
Requires: 5 Purple Amethyst, 11 White Diamond, 6 Green Emerald (50 Farm Cash)
Harvest: Red Ruby

FarmVille Princess Unicorn
Requires: 8 Purple Amethyst, 9 White Diamond, 10 Green Emerald (64 Farm Cash)
Harvest: Green Emerald

FarmVille Star Light Unicorn
Requires: 12 Purple Amethyst, 9 White Diamond, 10 Green Emerald, 4 Red Ruby (84 Farm Cash)
Harvest: White Diamond

FarmVille Icy Fire Pegacorn
Requires: 10 Purple Amethyst, 12 White Diamond, 11 Green Emerald, 10 Red Ruby (107 Farm Cash)
Harvest: Green Emerald

FarmVille Angel Pegacorn
Requires: 11 Purple Amethyst, 10 White Diamond, 19 Green Emerald, 14 Red Ruby (141 Farm Cash)
Harvest: Blue Sapphire

FarmVille Tiara Unicorn
Requires: 10 Purple Amethyst, 16 White Diamond, 17 Green Emerald, 22 Red Ruby (169 Farm Cash)
Harvest: Red Ruby

FarmVille Fancy Pants Unicorn
Requires: 15 Purple Amethyst, 20 White Diamond, 18 Green Emerald, 16 Red Ruby, 10 Blue Sapphire (202 Farm Cash)
Harvest: Purple Amethyst

FarmVille Lightning Pegacorn
Requires: 22 Purple Amethyst, 15 White Diamond, 23 Green Emerald, 18 Red Ruby. 20 Blue Sapphire (257 Farm Cash)
Harvest: Red Ruby

FarmVille Robot Unicorn
Requires: 20 Purple Amethyst, 23 White Diamond, 20 Green Emerald, 33 Red Ruby, 26 Blue Sapphire (323 Farm Cash)
Harvest: Blue Sapphire

FarmVille Phoenix Pegacorn
Requires: 40 Purple Amethyst, 37 White Diamond, 29 Green Emerald, 23 Red Ruby, 30 Blue Sapphire (400 Farm Cash)
Harvest: Blue Sapphire

Have you created any new Unicorns/Pegacorns yet using your Unicorn Island? What do you think of this new feature so far, FarmVille Freaks?

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33 Responses to “FarmVille Unicorn Island Guide to Making Unicorns” »

  1. Sara Says:

    Yet another major thing to create just kind of makes me tired. I am less than fond (understatement) of dinos, so I just decided to skip that. I may do that with the unicorn island, too. I’d rather do more farming, and tend the multiple farms I already own. I have a LOT of fun with that!

  2. SteveX Says:

    This is stupid.

  3. Scott Says:

    I can admit to the fact that I want to make them all!

  4. Shelly Says:

    All in all not to bad, except that you can’t put some of the unicorns and pegacorns on the island.

  5. Jake Williams Says:

    When can we expand the ruddy thing to hold more than twenty? It’s attractive enough, but I REALLY don’t want to have to build more than ONE.

  6. di Says:

    Well if we can grow up the foals easy instead of far cash it would be cool

  7. robin Says:

    When i put my unicorns in the island, they disappeared! It said that there were 0/20 unicorns inside. Now i can’t find them anywhere!! And i refreshed the page so many times too

  8. KaraS Says:

    If you put other unicorns that the island holds in there what do you harvest from them. I put in a fairy butterfly unicorn and, um, another one too. Is it worth transfering the candycane unicorn from my winter farm and putting it in the unicorn island?

  9. GoodieGoddess Says:

    Robin – try looking BEHIND your island or moving the UI to a new location. If the the UI has a blue outline, the unicorn or pegacorn cannot be placed in it. The UI must be outlined in yellow for that animal to be placed in it. Hope this helps! :-)

  10. Peggy Says:

    Robin I thought I lost my milky Way unicorn but it dropped behind the Island instead of going in………I just happened to notice it’s feet yesterday.

  11. tugrul Says:

    unicorns are my most favourite animals in fv so i really like having the chance to breed new ones.. dinosaurs got quite boring after a while and this feature hooked me up with fv more than ever

  12. Nelson Says:

    The guide show wrong please correct, FarmVille Tiara Unicorn comes before the FarmVille Angel Unicorn. Thanks.

  13. cheryl Says:

    the skeleton unicorn, candycorn unicorn, aurora unicorn & pseudocorn will not go in the island, i have tried but they just wont go :(

    is there a guide anywhere that tells what gems you get from all the unicorns & pegacorns that we already had, not the ones to make as listed above?

  14. zakuramonsterfarm Says:

    only 5 more to create! yes!!

  15. Tala Says:

    One good thing about this feature is that it harvests every 12 hours. Makes it a little easier to get those jewels!

  16. Sandi Says:

    Is it my understanding that the unicorns that we already have will only produce Amethyst gems, and the moon unicorn produces diamonds, but if we want rubies, blue sapphires, or emeralds we need to purchase all the new ones. Is this correct? Because they sure are expensive!!! Thank you.

  17. Tala Says:

    Sandi, we can buy them, but the challenge is to harvest and collect enough gems to make the unicorns ourselves, using the unicorn island’s lab.

    The unicorns are expensive because that is the total of all the gems you would have to buy to make it yourself.

  18. Åsa Says:

    I can’t make the dragon one, don’t have it listed, fun

  19. Cassandra Says:

    Farmville has changed these instead of the Star Light Unicorn you get a Emerald one and I didnt get a Dragon Pegacorn not sure what it was and to frustrated with the game to go back in :/

  20. Karen Says:

    Why don’t I get a gem too when I make a new unicorn?

  21. Darren Says:

    I use this for one reason: The Flea Market (that girl who buys stuff from your farm daily)

    I now have the Robot Unicorns, and make them regularly. She buys them for 1,000,000 coins daily!

  22. Michelle Says:

    Am I the only one who is only getting purple amethysts? I have a Moon Unicorn so I should also get white diamonds, correct? I have 50 amethysts and I can’t do anything with only them!!!

  23. Debi Says:

    Has there been a list compiled yet to let us know what Unicorns produce what gems? If so , where can I find it? All I’ve ever gotten from the darn thing is AMETHYST except for two times that I was able to produce two Unicorns and I got Diamonds to share. I’m not liking this feature at all. It’s too difficult to get anything that we need for making other Unicorns.

  24. Debi Says:

    I just found a list from FarmVille that shows what each unicorn produces, That is a little help except that it also states that OLDER UNICORNS.. ie 3 stars only produce AMETHYST.. No wonder I can’t make any progress. I’m not liking this feature at all.

  25. Jay Says:

    I have a bunch of Moon Unicorns, but haven’t gotten any White Diamonds from them like I should. I like the idea of working my way up the unicorn ladder, but I can’t even get started.

    And if anyone reading this is having trouble losing their unicorns while trying to place them, note that the building changes from blue to orange when you’re on target to drop the unicorn in. Aim for the shadow below the cloud or else your ‘corn will end up behind the building.

  26. tugrul Says:

    only two more to go:) i can`t believe i have collected all these gems but time goes by like the blink of an eye….
    wait for me phoenix, you will be mine soon…

  27. FGS Says:

    FYI, the DRAGON PEGACORN that gives a ruby is actually named EMERALD PEGACORN at least in my game. I’ve wasted weeks trying to collect enough rubies to make the Tiara Unicorn because I could not find how to make a Dragon Pegacorn nor was it in the market to buy, even if I had enough cash.

  28. FGS Says:

    ALSO, you can build multiple islands on your farm(s).
    Then, put ONLY unicorns that yield all the SAME gemstones to harvest what you want. It took me WEEKS to figure this out. (duh!).
    Currently I can harvest 4 emeralds, 4 rubies, 2 diamonds, and 2 amethysts every day, based on 2 harvests a day.
    Hope this helps.
    (Remember: The ruby yielding DRAGON PEGACORN on this list is actually labeled EMERALD UNICORN in the game. Adding to the confusion, it requires 8 Amethyst, 9 Diamonds and 10 Emeralds to build (NOT the 5, 11 and 6 listed bove, which apparently was in FV’s prerelease info) … which is another reason why I thought the Dragon Pegacorn was DIFFERENT from the Emerald Pegacorn which I had already built!)

  29. Paul Says:

    I need white diamonds for my unicorn island is there a way to get them without spending lots of FV cash?

  30. Dana Says:

    I’ve been harvesting this since the beginning and I’ve been filled to the 20 capacity for a long time. Can someone tell me why I only harvest Purple Amethysts?

  31. Valerie Castro Says:

    Only the unicorns/pegacorns on the list produce gems. The others are just for fun. I put them in my horse corral. I have islands on three farm so far. On each island I have only 1 animal, each to produce a different gemstone. They harvest every day. I haven’t seen an amethyst in months because I removed the animals that make them.


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