FarmVille Unreleased Balloon Crop, Balloon Bushel, Balloon Market Stall, & Balloon Mastery Sign

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FarmVille Unreleased Balloon Crop, Balloon Bushel, Balloon Market Stall, & Balloon Mastery Sign

Posted on December 16, 2010 11:55 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb for finding these unreleased FarmVille Balloon Crop, Balloon Bushel, Balloon Market Stall, & Balloon Mastery Sign!

FarmVille Unreleased Balloon Crop

FarmVille Unreleased Balloon Bushel

FarmVille Unreleased Market Stall

FarmVille Unreleased Balloon Mastery Sign

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63 Responses to “FarmVille Unreleased Balloon Crop, Balloon Bushel, Balloon Market Stall, & Balloon Mastery Sign” »

  1. jai Says:


  2. Steph Says:

    the question is, will it be avaible for coins? unlike the candycane crop =[ still looks super pretty will love to master this one

  3. just me Says:

    that would be neat…more than likely for fv

  4. apeke Says:

    This HAS to be for New Years!

  5. Pinkee Says:

    I can’t wait :)

  6. Karen Says:

    How fun! :)

  7. Annette Says:

    awesome! I can’t wait for it :) Hopefully, new years stuff will be more exciting than x-mas. I was a little disappointed in x-mas items….

  8. Farmer Says:

    I never knew Balloons came from the ground! O_O

  9. Marianne Souza Says:

    Wow. I can’t wait to see these. How colorful. And I bet it will be a barrel full of fun to work towards a mastery sign from the balloon crops. But on the other hand, I hope there will be no glitches and problems and slowdown of our game, like there usually is when something new comes up the tube.

  10. Mec Says:

    Love it!!!!! ♥__♥ hopefully for new year, that would be great!

  11. Jeremy Says:

    Fucking Stupid!

  12. Dark5 Says:

    planting balloons? wth? seriously?

  13. Laura Says:

    I think its nice that farmville keeps things interesting and brings out new stuff, but i’m extremely unsatisfied with how greedy they are getting and putting farmville dollars on 90 percent of things they bring out………come on zynga come back down to earth and realize that not all people have money to keep buying things with farmville dollars…..oh yeah the land expansion…….when are you going to release it for coins?

  14. Elvira Says:

    this would be really cool
    I see my farm already
    covered with balloons

  15. Amanda Says:

    this will be awesome! cant wait!

  16. Kerri Says:

    So cool!!!

  17. Spring Says:

    They are adorable. :D Now only if they would be available without farm cash.

  18. MoritaMike Says:

    I hate them. When are they going to get back to basics and come up with stuff that you really would see on a farm. Come on, ornament trees, peppermint trees, balloon crops? Get real.

  19. thajo Says:

    nice :-D

  20. dunduh Says:


    youre saying get real? what about all the other stuff? have you ever seem a ghost train on a farm? have you ever seen a candycane pony? a Taj Mahal on a farm?!?!?!? so im saying, just go with the flow

  21. Rydia Says:

    I wonder if this is their 2nd birthday crop? Like the cupcakes last year

  22. Kev Says:

    This will most likely be a New Years crop.

  23. Kayley Says:

    Love it! Probably for New Year’s, I would assume.

    People, stop complaining. They had the Candycanes out for FarmCash, as it was for CHARITY. I had no problems buying the permit, as it went to a good cause, and I had a bunch of FarmCash saved up. They aren’t going to be releasing all the limited edition crops as FC only, so stop the complaints. Case in point: Poinsettias.

  24. Mouflon Sheep Says:

    thats just weird :/

  25. Kyla Says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to master them!

  26. Dawn Says:

    Cute, but somewhat misleading. Unless I’m doing something wrong, my LE crops never produce bushels or go in my market stall, so you can’t use a bushel to speed up mastery.

  27. Kayley Says:

    @Dawn – For the most part, LE crops DONT produce bushels. The only exception to that was the White Pumpkins, and that’s because there was a limited edition crafting recipe available to master that used White Pumpkins. :)

  28. Nursejaz Says:

    Love it!!!!!

  29. Andrew Says:

    You guyz is so stopid this crop ain’t realphistic…

  30. Wilkinshire Tot Says:

    This would be really cool if the grow time was really short, like 30 minutes (Potato-Onion Bread anyone?) or an hour.

  31. Sasha Says:

    Just had a terrible thought…. I hope these crops don’t grow filled with helium when they are ready to be harvested… the last thing I would want is for my farm to float away…LOL

  32. valval Says:

    i want them :)) so cute

  33. Ann Says:

    In case you haven’t noticed this GAME isn’t realistic! It is meant to be fun, different. I mean since when do Elephants harvest peanuts in real life? or do you get Strawberry milk out of PINK cows? if you don’t like the game being a little silly at times why do you play? Geez people lighten up!

  34. Mon-chan Says:

    Although it seems fun… it’s kinda stupid… I mean, growing balloons? Really? LOL… I think Zynga have gone nuts.

  35. Miss Conservative Says:

    I hope this crop comes out with a co-op related to it.
    Having the candy cane crop have a co-op made it so incredibly worthwhile because not only did the crop itself produce good xp, but the co-op xp on top of it was outstanding!

  36. Joey Says:

    Haha this is a tad off the cuff but im glad that fv goes nuts from time to time. Keeps people on their toes.

    For anyone complaining that it isnt ‘realistic’ …… your tending a farm on your computer…… and your complaining on whats realistic?… lol!

  37. Frankie Says:

    Hope there is double mastery with these balloons, I love it just like the cupcakes, candy corn and the candy cane. I think it’s quite unique to have other stuff other than vegetables, fruits and flowers growing on your farm.

  38. tim Says:

    looks as though this crop has made it to the market, yet it’s been slapped with ‘a license is required’..what’s the point in that?

  39. Louise Says:

    This crop is showing up in my market but it says I need a license??

    It costs 15, sells for 126. Harvest in 16hrs and 2 exp.

    How do I get a license does anyone know?

  40. Toti Says:

    I can{t go for balloons!!!!! LICENSE?????? Please, someone explain to me! thank you

  41. Karina Says:

    I see this on the market already, but it says I need a License to plant it. :( Does anyone know what this means???

  42. Thihal Says:

    It’s finally available in the market, but needs to be unlocked. Details not given. I’ll bet it requires farmcash.

  43. Andy Says:

    Having the same problem, I can see it, But it says i need a License. Anyone able to help? =\

  44. Patricia Says:

    I’m looking for the same information, where/how can I get a license to plant balloon crops!

  45. joe Says:

    license needed??? :/

  46. david Says:

    es ciertoo! dice que necesitoo licencia,!

    alguien que me pueda o nos pueda explicar a que se refiere.!!

  47. david Says:

    alguien que nos pueda explicar a que se refiere la licencia necesaria?

  48. Dawn Says:

    Balloon Crop released…

    Does anyone know what “license” is needed to plant them??

  49. Cheryl Says:

    Was wondering the same thing , it is now in the market, but I cant’ find any information on the “license” part… anyone know anything yet that they can pass on ??

  50. Jan Says:

    Is it for a high level, and you have to get bushels from neighbor? just like other some other crops?

  51. val Says:

    so whats with the license for balloon crops and how do we get it ???

  52. Jan Says:

    The balloon crop is for the newyears eve party,, you have to invite guests, and have 10 to get the license.

  53. kirk Says:

    what does “license” needed to plant the balloon crop?? maybe you need to do another charity work and donate??

  54. Farmer Mare Says:

    okay so… how do we get the license to harvest them?!

  55. Ben Says:

    How do you get a license? For the Goji Berries i could not get a license.>_<

  56. janet Says:

    im with all of you, how in the heck do we get the license??

  57. Shahna Says:

    You need 15 neighbors of yours attending the party in the party barn.. And then you get license for this crop!! Its cool.. We must harvest 250 crops to get the first mastery star.. =)

    This crop is cool!! \m/

  58. flo Says:

    Hi everyone…can anybody tell me what license is required for ballon crop?
    Thank you very much!!! and a happy new year

  59. FarmChick Says:

    It sucks about needing to have a party barn and invites first before you can plant the crops. I don’t like having unnecessary buildings on the farm where I could be using the space to plant crops. :\

  60. FarmyGal Says:

    there’s no bushels my friend planted them and she didnt getr bushels

  61. Katerina Says:

    Yeah, I do wanna plant those, but how do you get licence?!

  62. Conor Says:

    I only just got access to these yesterday. But, when I went to plant them today, I couldn’t find them in the market. I wonder if this is a glitch, or if they have in fact been removed. Can anyone confirm/deny.

  63. ERIKA Says:

    They are still in the market!