FarmVille Buildable Ice Palace Slowly Rolling Out

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FarmVille Buildable Ice Palace Slowly Rolling Out

Posted on December 27, 2011 2:28 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess


FarmVille Build Your Ice Palace Notice

Make some room- the buildable Ice Palace is here!

The Ice Palace is the latest FarmVille feature that you will be constructing by collecting building supplies and getting friend help.

When your first stage is completed, you’ll be able to harvest your Ice Palace for Snowflakes. And what are Magic Snowflakes for? You’ll be using Snowflakes for the upcoming Magic Snowman feature (still unreleased). Don’t worry he’ll be “coming soon” to FarmVille in the near future. The bigger your Ice Palace, the more Magic Snowflakes you’ll get when harvesting.

There are a total of 7 Ice Palace Stages. With each completed stage, the Ice Palace changes its physical appearance becoming larger and more grand.

There are a few ways to collect Ice Palace building supplies:

  • 1. Send and receive supplies via the FarmVille Gifting Page
  • 2. Use the “Ask for More” button when looking inside your Ice Palace
  • 3. Find free supplies from your neighbors shares via the Facebook News Feed
  • 4. Purchase supplies directly using Farm Cash via the FarmVille Market

FarmVille Ice Palace Stage 1

FarmVille Ice Palace Stage 2

FarmVille Ice Palace Stage 3

FarmVille Ice Palace Stage 4

FarmVille Ice Palace Stage 5

FarmVille Ice Palace Stage 6

FarmVille Ice Palace Stage 7

FarmVille Ice Palace Loading Screen

FarmVille Ice Palace Notice

FarmVille Ice Palace Buildable

If you need request links for the Ice Palace building supplies, click on the images below for a quick start.

Click the Following Item to Gift:

FarmVille Snow Brick Part

FarmVille Magic Snowflake Part

FarmVille Ice Nail Part

FarmVille Snowglobe Part

FarmVille Ice Board Part

FarmVille Frozen Beam Part

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49 Responses to “FarmVille Buildable Ice Palace Slowly Rolling Out” »

  1. Lance Grayson Says:


  2. midge Says:

    And just where am I supposed to put it???

  3. Barb Says:

    we are not done with what you given us and now another one? If this is for Winter soon you be coming out one for the New year I guess and then for Valentine.. Slow down, and let some of us catch up.. Please…

  4. Street Runner Says:

    Enough with buildable objects already – just give us the FVC – Zynga can afford it

  5. Barb Says:

    Ps.I forgot to mention if you trying to make us happy, or to stay with the game, fix some of the problems, find us a way to harvest several seedings at the same time, like in a orchard, help the pages to stop freezing up on us, help us to receive and give out gifts and request a little better, it goes well, then problems, and the list goes on. I love this game, but lately I’m getting tired..Is this what you trying to do make us give up?

  6. Grant Says:

    Awesome….More Stuff to build…..Do you sense my sarcasm? Why do we need to keep building stuff like this? Its becoming a chore. I just got done with all the animal pens and The Santa sleigh….Im still not done with the Water wheel and the Train station. This has become ridiculous

  7. Connie Says:

    The stage 4 image is of stage 1 :(

  8. Sjenka Glas Says:

    Well, I agree with everyone…. and I am slowly walking away from Farmville. There is too much to do for a small farmer like me who doesn’t have 150 friends. (although last year at this time I had 65…and now 17 no one plays anymore!)

    I also found I am on the computer for at least an hour when I am on farmville. That is nuts. So I have been playing only on weekends…and even this past weekend I played only on Sunday. I didn’t miss the game, or anything that important there. I know it is just a matter of the up coming 2 weekends of being busy with the holiday fun…and I might not go back to farmville for a long, long time.

    Sorry Zygna. You had something really good here, and ruined it, in my opinion, by doing too much too fast…and not fixing things that should have been fixed before you started something else. I miss game feed terribly, but I refuse to go on facebook just to see it.

    New Years Resolution….Good bye to farmville…get a real life back. I will miss you….meh, not so much.

  9. Megan Says:

    and what exactly is the point of this? i think the hearth idea is cool, but honestly, what is this!?

  10. P Says:

    Hmm lets see so far I’ve finished the Hoedown and am making progress with the Winter Wonderland. I haven’t near finished The Cove, finished the present tree, finished the Santa Sleigh, finished the watering wheel much less looked at the feed trough or whatever, I’m still asking for building parts for my new winter wonderland and craftshop, etc etc etc. Oh yes and I’m also having to send requests to get the 12 days of Christmas count down daily AND now the stocking stuffers. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! TOO MUCH TOO FAST!! STOP IT!!!

  11. judy Says:

    STOP! STOP! STOP! Way, way too fast. Slow down. No more building now. Still need to finish the polar station. And all the quests, etc. Fix my farm. Keep losing crops, etc. Not getting gifts. Things disappear. Esp. on my original Home Farm!!!! Fix things and then give us things to do — slowly. PLEASE!!!

  12. Tom Says:

    where am i suppose to put the damn thing? FV hasnt released another farm expanision for coins in the WW yet so my farm looks like crap from all the buildings. i havent completed the cove, hoe down, train track, santa sleigh or the newly released buildings yet so how do they expect me to complete this one? if only they could make the special deliveries allow more specific parts then maybe i wouldnt have such a hard time here……

  13. cat mint Says:

    I am tired of paying FV cash on farm expansion.
    we need to expand Winter Wonderland at least 20×20 by coins.

  14. shela Says:

    why is it so hard to get fv cash, there should be a choice of paying with fv cash or coins, not everyone can buy the fv cash

  15. harley Says:

    great here comes another fairy theme

  16. Rebekka Says:

    it’s too much new builduings building in the last days… it would be ok if the special deliveries had some of the materials in it, but NO…… only bricks and woods I don’t need. :(

  17. sarah jennings Says:

    Here is a hint farmville… make all of the farms item tradeable. and make the expansions coin based instead of FV based. You would get back a LOT of the people you lost.

    Stop giving us quests. Instead, start making items to make our farms look more real, without having to pay FV cash for them unless we are in too much of a hurry to raise the money for them. Items like roads, rivers, pathways that allow other objects to sit on top of them, how about bridges that allow objects to be placed underneath them, like a train and a track? or even watching animals wander from one side to the other?

    I would be more inclined to buy FV cash for really cool things, the horses and cows being my favorites. Oh, and please fix the sheep and pig pens, I don’t like them anymore, because breeding is completly useless when it takes 15 tries to get a sheep that isn’t a copy of one of the parents, instead of a new color/pattern combo.

    This game used to be really fun, and the english countryside quests were great because at the end, I could trade items back and forth between old an new farms. I want to be able to have a holiday farm, animal farm, building/city, one place for trees… in short, to really organize and have fun, instead of being limited by location.

    I am going to walk away here soon, too overwhelmed to keep up, and losing my ocd enthusiasm for making a cool farm due to lack of tradables.

    oh, one more thing… if farmers could trade items like in a trading stall, such as doubles of animals, goods and decorations, that would be really exciting, such as selling my sister all the fences i don’t want for her coins, or whatever we feel like trading.

    We loved this game because we could casually play it and have control, and now it is completely out of control.

  18. Rose Says:

    I remember a time where upon opening the mystery boxes you may have received 5 Farm Cash in your box for free. Now all I get are shovels. TONS of shovels.

    I have no more room on my home farm or on my WW farm and I am NOT using my money to buy an expansion. 60 Farm Cash to expand WW? 180 Farm Cash for my home farm to become 30×30? No way I can afford that. Yes, I realize that 180 Farm Cash equates to approximately $30, but that is money I need for other things in my household like, food, fuel, utilities, rent, etc.

    Zynga has been able to go public with the help of criminals, er, I mean, backers Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Barclays Capital, JP Morgan and Allen & Company. I guess if Zynga should fail for whatever reason they will get a bailout too?

    How about giving their loyal customers a little bailing out?

    According to NY Times, Zynga reported a net income of $30.7 million on revenues of $828.9 million in just 9 months of 2011. My yearly income is just 0.15% of their 30 mil.
    While I know businesses are supposed to make a profit, there is a difference between making money to pay employees and a fair profit and greed.
    Their next fiscal quarter is not going to see any of my real world money being dumped into their coffers.
    If they cannot go back to putting a little Farm Cash into the Mystery Boxes then how about a stock option in Zynga? <—Heavy Sarcasm? Or wishful thinking?

  19. Danielle Says:

    this is just stupid to make these need so many parts when half the time asking for stuff doesnt work and posting is screwed up get over your greed zynga and make the game fun again!!!!

  20. Jennifer Courtemanche Says:

    I just placed my Ice Palace today. I wonder if the magic snowflakes I’ve been making in my Craftshop will have anything to do with this. If not, what are they for?

  21. Rob G. Says:

    These crap building missions are coming way to fast.
    I cant even keep up with the new winter animal shelters let alone this monster of a building!!!

  22. regina Says:


  23. Juju Says:

    Where the hell am i supposed to put this? I haven’t played the stockings quest because i had no place for the darn paddock :/ And do i have to mention that i’m not done with the freakin train station?? I have 470 special delivery that gives me the stupid bricks and nails.
    And now this!!
    And a new quest???

  24. Pam Says:

    WHOOAAH!!!!!!!!! This is ridiculous. More building? Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas all with collecting items and multiple quests. Not enough for you guys to be running 3 consecutive quests right now, building railroad, expanding pens, feed mill, water wheel, presents to collect. (Your Christmas present prizes suck, BTW!) Instead of keeping us so busy, how about you getting busy and FIX GIFTING!!! We can’t do what we need to do for ANY of this stuff with these gifting problems. Even if we can send, we can’t accept anything back! I think EVERYTHING you are doing should COMPLETELY STOP until these gift issues are fixed. Let us just relax and play FV until you get it fixed.

    In the meantime, I’m pulling a “John Galt”…I AM ON STRIKE! until my gifts are fixed, not spending FVCash and not doing anything but planting and harvesting what I want. My Ice Palace is melting as we speak!

  25. Teresa B Says:

    This is nice since before, people were complaining that we were getting nothing and now we get a lot of things and people start to complain again.
    However, I do agree that this is a little too much. I still have a lot of things to do in my home farm (where most of the Christmas items are), my Cove, my England and my Winterwonderland. I still have so many buildings to complete. I deleted my Hoedown because there was no point in finishing it since the season was over. I feel Zynga is listening to their players but they need to take it down a step.

  26. James Says:

    This has gotten absolutely ridiculous! I’ve had enough of spending my life in front of this computer enslaved to Zynga! I’m sick and tired of them constantly bombarding me with pop ups for new ways for them to get my cash! I’ve made some New Year’s resolutions. I’m going to start playing the game that I enjoy! No more quests. I will completely ignore them. No more buying Farmcash! I will however continue to play for free since I have so much money invested in my farms. I will be planting what I want when I want! No more building useless buildings! I spent a fortune from Halloween to Christmas but with all of the quests and promos that never work I was never able to get ANY of my farms decorated and completely put together. SHAME ON YOU ZYNGA! YOUR GREED WILL BE THE END OF YOU!

  27. Laura Says:


    This is insane! Build a builiding to make things to build another building! Like a lot of other people I am still finishing my train station, hearth, etc. I just finally finished the Cove last week with parts from my special delivery boxes.

    I never even touched the winter water mill and feed station. Firstly, I have no room on my farm. Secondly, the reward you get is pathetic! I could build two orchards and get more watering cans.

    I am also getting close to quitting the game. I have cut WAY BACKI on the amount of farmcash I buy. Hear that, Zyinga? You are frustrating me so much I am NOT giving you my money! and NO I am NOT going to spend farmcash to finish all the quests and buildings you are throwing at us so if that is your ‘stratagy’ it is backfiring on you….you are making people so frustrated they are walking away. Nor am I going to pester my friends two or three times a day to get what I need.

    I wish I had tons of money to throw at Farmville but I don’t, especially with a bunch of medical expenses hitting us all at once.

    And don’t even get me started on the quests…the ‘prizes’ are so pathetic these days, anyway.

  28. flmdrpeena Says:


  29. Sherry Says:

    Frankly, I just want some new crops to grow on the home farm and EC. Right now, I need a whole farm just to put all the trees. I don’t imagine that the Magic Snowman will give anything that I can’t live without, so I’m skipping the Ice Palace and I stopped doing all the quests a couple of days ago. I wish there was a way to delete the quests from my screen. And I also want to delete the tags saying “Expand” that are over every one of my animal pens. It’s an eyesore and if I only have 7 animals, why do I have to expand to hold 40? I’m just going to make the choice not to bother anymore with all that stuff….I’ll just do the part that is fun for me and hope we get some new crops to grow someday.

  30. jorien Says:

    I thought this was a FAN page of Farmville. Please complain on the Zynga site if you don’t enjoy the game anymore or just stop playing. Not ONE positive remark … it’s a shame

  31. DisconnecT Says:

    36 parts for stage 1 … :D:D waaay too much ! I’m tired ;x

  32. gloria Says:

    It appears that I agree with everyone on here. I used to play several of Zynga’s games. About a month ago I removed all but FV with the intention of NOT playing FV consistently any longer. I was stupid, not young and stupid but old and stupid. I spent close to $500 since March purchasing FV and Cityville cash for myself and family members. That stopped about 3 months ago; and when several family members offered to give me Zynga gift cards for the holidays, I turned them down cold.

    Zynga has gone public; they’ve gotten all that real cash for selling the shares and I really doubt they care much now if we are happy or not. Let’s face it. They’ve already made a mint out of selling virtual goods and top that with what they got from their IPO, and I’d guess they’re pretty much set for life. Pretty smart of them; and pretty stupid of people like me. But I have learned my lesson. Already 5 of my neighbors left Zynga except for FV. And, when I leave FV, they will leave FV as will all my local and extended family members. There will be close to 2 dozen of us leaving when 2012 starts. Not a great amount, but we have many mutual friends and neighbors who are small farmers hesitant to add unknown neighbors, so they will suffer from our leaving and will most likely also leave. Then their friends/neighbors will be short of people to ask/beg for needed items, and they will slowly want to leave……. Could be a greater number as the domino effect takes place. Imagine if those of us who have posted on this blog all left at the beginning of the year and the dominoes began to fall amongst our neighbors/friends. Could make a nice little dent in Zynga’s numbers.

    One last thing as I step off this soap box – May 2012 bring us all personal peace and happiness – with or without FV.

  33. Christine Merten Says:



  34. Jin Says:

    so basically we waste time and space to build something to produce a product needed to build something else that will just sit there and take up space while giving nothing back?

  35. Jin Says:


    ALL of the expansions on ALL of the zynga properties and games should be 100% available for coin. I can see using FV to cheat and just buy your way to mastery, but EVERYTHING should be doable by game points alone.

  36. Carl Says:

    6 new materials. Do you remember once we could build almost everything with nails, bricks and boards? Good old days…

  37. peggy Says:

    Was so hoping this wouldn’t start until atleast the 31st…..-sigh- can’t get the other things totally completed. I would say i’m sure my neighbors are tired of my beggin and whining on the feed, but in reality they’re in the same boat lol – can hardly get any ingredients for the crafting and winemaking – we are all planting for WW. But the feed grabbin has begun, i have yet to be successful getting anything off the feed – it’s all gone quick haha and really I think I am going to stop mine at either stage 4 or maybe stage 6 as it looks like the monstrosity that the valentines castle was (which we can only store or use – not sell tho i guess i can clear plots enough to bring it out then delete it) and honestly i don’t like the looks of stage 7 its too much. :)

  38. Joey Says:

    250+ materials? Haha, riiiiight. Maybe if those special delivery boxes gave anything other than shovels.

  39. Lora Says:

    does anybody know exactly what you get from this castle? I want to know if I am wasting my time or not……

  40. GigglingFarmer Says:

    Is everyone here forgetting that there would be NO farmville if it weren’t for them making money in the first place. Are you all new to the world or something, how would you expect people to keep working for FREE? They are now in the stock market, so keep on wishing that more stuff will be for coins. It will NEVER happen. Read this paragraph: ********At the high end, Business Insider cites “a source close to the company” as saying Zynga will make $600 million in sales in 2010. Meanwhile, “two people who have been briefed on its financials” have indicated to BusinessWeek that the company will make $450 million.************ -Enough said!

  41. Golden Gnome Says:

    You get magic snowflakes from this building, to build up magic snowman a week later.

    Magic snowman will give you Aurora horses, cats, etc. for the magic snowflakes you collected as like as th harvest hoedown – harves bonfire or santa’s slaing – holiday tree duets.

  42. Martha Says:

    TO FARMVILLE FREAK: There’s different materials needed for different levels. I wish you’d include a screen grab of WHAT IS NEEDED FOR EACH LEVEL. Example: the screen grab you posted includes materials needed for levels 1-4, but what about levels 4-7????? Are they the same? Do they change or alternate? THANKS.

  43. Paulette Says:

    Hey all you farmers leaving all your angry comments, you do know this is farmvillefreak, right? I agree whole heartedly with each and every one of you, but I post all these same complaints on the ZYNGA website. Maybe if you would Zynga would start to hear you and do something about it.
    I might be wrong, but I don’t thing that farmvillefreak is tied to zynga. Maybe it is, but everything that Farmvillefreak does is to help us with all these dang stupid, coming at us to fast, won’t give us a break from, quests. PLEASE post your complaints with Zynga. I feel like I am the only one that does. And I complain to them a lot.

    Oh and Farmvillefreak, thank you for posting these uh…links so we can ask our neighbors for the quest items. It has sure helped me a lot. And knowing what to plant ahead of time is so wonderfully helpful.
    Oh and these latest links for this ice palace, don’t work. Maybe you already knew that and are working to fix it.

    One last thing to the Farmers, tell Zynga we would like to see a lot better prizes than one more stupid decoration that I don’t have room for. How about giving us some Farmcash! Now that would be a prize from a quest that I would like to do! Another animal in a sweater, or skis or whatever is something I can do without.

  44. Hamm Says:

    so bad :( cant make so many things at 1 time

  45. Daphne Says:

    I’m not bothering finishing my train station-why should I when 200 parts later I get ice cubes? I finished the cove because of the XP from the quests-if I wasn’t done now I wouldn’t bother either. This site is great for knowing what to plant next, or if to even bother with a quest-the New Years’ fitness theme will be a big pass for me.

    I agree one of the best things they could do is make it possible to move stuff between farms, like I can do between EC and the home farm. Too many farm/quests/work. I’m thinking of leaving a couple fallow.

  46. Britnor Longhair Says:

    ICE CASTLE STORAGE WARNING: You cannot store the ice castle. There is no “Store Item” option when you click on it, and if you move the ice castle over the storage cellar, it will not go in. Let’s say you simply don’t want the ice castle visible on your farm (but want to use it as a decoration later) or you want to make more room for other decorations…you have to outright sell it (meaning you cannot use it as a decoration later). I only recommend building it to lowest level that you can harvest Magic Snowflakes from it.

  47. Pam Dufresne Says:

    I have tried to post the snowglobe parts to finish up this ice castle (palace) but it won’t let me please help me

  48. Sugarbrown123456 Says:

    I have completed my ice palace to stage 2 using snow bricks, magic snowflakes and ice nails. But I have a couple problems. First of all I am not accessing the menu option to LOOK INSIDE the palace to see my progress…the only options I’m getting are to MOVE or SELL. Hence I cannot request items from my friends to speed up the upgrade. Additionally, while I realize I am able to upgrade (still using the aforementioned items), I cannot even use the snowglobes, iceboards and frozen beams that I have acquired from my friends as gifts. The palace is not accepting them, and again, because I cannot look inside of it, I can’t see or understand why.

    I’m actually having a similar problem (in terms of looking inside) for the Sleigh.


  49. Sugarbrown123456 Says:

    Paulette, I’m now reading your comment.
    If that is the case, then I’ll try to do you as you suggested.