FarmVille Unreleased Buildings: Icicle Cottage, Party Barn, & Party Barn Construction Parts

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FarmVille Unreleased Buildings: Icicle Cottage, Party Barn, & Party Barn Construction Parts

Posted on December 14, 2010 9:13 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Party in the New Year with this unreleased Party Barn? Whatever will be going down in FarmVille for the 2011 sure looks like fun!

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Linkaholic & Dr. Green Thumb for finding these unreleased FarmVille Icicle Cottage & Party Barn buildings!

FarmVille Unreleased Cottage Icicle

FarmVille Unreleased Party Barn

FarmVille Unreleased Party Barn Nail

FarmVille Unreleased Party Barn Wooden Board

FarmVille Unreleased Party Barn Brick

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41 Responses to “FarmVille Unreleased Buildings: Icicle Cottage, Party Barn, & Party Barn Construction Parts” »

  1. buckeyemomma Says:


  2. Lara Says:

    Oh that party barn is kind of cool.:)

  3. Noah Says:


  4. Dina Says:

    cool : )

  5. Noah Says:

    … not first, lol.

    Barn looks kind of interesting though.

  6. El_Zacatecas Says:

    The Bouncer Cow is just toooo Cooool!

  7. Kwesi Says:

    Yes NOAH, ur the first IDIOT

  8. JewelTones Says:

    I’m “build it!” burned out. Too many things in a row and why would I bother when I have all the underground storage I need? Sigh. I hate when they tie this kind of thing into actually being able to (I assume) participate in an event, which I’d guess is New Year.


  9. lindamarie Says:


  10. jezzy Says:

    Like I have room on my farm for another barn. Sigh. Still hoping for that increase of storage, or at least the expansion for coins…

  11. Krysia Says:

    Gawd! I’m with JewelTones.

    Not to mention, who the heck has the ROOM???? Unless they open up that coin version of the expansion plan, I don’t believe I care enough to deal with it.

    OVER the building thing!

  12. miaka Says:

    love it ^_^ i love the colors !

  13. Tim Says:

    The party barn is….Hmm,What’s next rockin’ cows? I guess I will go with number 1.

  14. Nelson Says:

    YAY i can use my 200 Mystery boxes on this :DDD



  16. Rogue Robot Says:

    Constructable New Years party barn?!?!? ………………..really …………………..I think the crack pipe cleaning at Zynga is long over due.

  17. julius erickson Says:

    the barn is pretty cool!!! i have a hundreds of materials… It would be appropriate

  18. Martha Poynor Says:

    Definitely the barn is the cutest! However for myself I sold off 3 barns because they took up too much room and I did not lose any storage by selling it. Then I got one in a mystery gift. Well, it just seems I am suposed to have more than one barn,but now that I have 2 that is more than enough. I also have 16 school houses,12 bicycles with flowers,and 5 old bicycles,for those of you laughing at my logic. LOL Sorry I just can not buy anything until the land is bought. It just does not matter wheither it is coins or cash. I just can not do it. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I have been playing a full year plus a few months and I am level 95 or 90 something anyway. Talk about an addiction,I think I have the disease.

  19. h Says:

    eh stop complaining :) its cool!

  20. appleman Says:

    lamecore. i have no room.

  21. Robin Says:

    I wouldn’t mind building a barn if I could store it. Because of the underground storage, there is no reason for me to get a barn other than for use as a decoration. This is a pretty cool decoration but it just takes up too much room to be a permanent fixture on my farm.

  22. Anton Says:

    hehe the barn`s coollioyy :D

  23. Gail Says:

    The Icicle cottage is really pretty and I love the party barn with the flashing lights and all! I want one unless it is really large! So many of the building are just too big and take up too much room!

  24. Terri Says:

    Like, totally cool! Love it!

  25. farming rom Says:

    I think I’ll skip this one…

  26. philip busenbark Says:

    whos ide is it to keep building stuff it sucks so bad when no one sends u what u need to complet it stop doing stupied build it stuff how about u try just giveing it to us were on every day playing ur game hook us up for once

  27. Amanda Says:

    i would sell my barn that i already have to make room for this on! i cant wait for this! hurry and release it to us!!!!

  28. MellowKitty Says:

    I received that ice cottage tonight in a winter whimsey box from inside the X-Mas tree. I ålso got a snow stallion (looks like Clydesdale but white w/ longer mane…) from those.

  29. Carol Says:

    NEAT PARTY BARN–Can’t wait!

  30. Adam Says:

    love the party barn …. it made me laugh :D

  31. Kyla Says:

    Love the party barn!

  32. SuzieO Says:

    this is like the news years ball of last year.. it is seasonal.. not meant to be kept after the holidays… just because it’s a barn instead of the falling new years ball you guys think it will be also storage but it is only decoration.. not storage and will go into the storage like the 2010 new years ball did.

  33. Beans Says:

    Give me Bouncer Bull and I’ll be content.

  34. Rob G. Says:

    Let’s hope it’s GLITCH free unlike the 2010 ball drop.
    It was almost 2 am when mine worked right.

  35. PurrplePaws Says:

    Love it but have no idea how to match it with my Tuscan stuff :D

  36. Paula Says:

    I bet you will have to build it if you want to move up in levels. I bet we will level up again at midnight

  37. Paula Says:

    Oh and I LOVE it.

  38. garrett Says:

    dat luks cul

  39. Cynthia Says:

    Release the coin expansion or I won’t be able to build this barn. :(

  40. Miquel Says:

    cool :P

  41. harley Says:

    cant wait til the barn comes out it looks awesome. i have no problem with room because i can just delete the crops i have taking up a whole bunch of space in the barn yard. i only have it like that right now because i have too much space in that area and had nothing to put there. so why have a dead spot if i can make some money back from blowing it all on xmas stuff haha