FarmVille Unreleased “Fuel For Coins!” Announcement

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FarmVille Unreleased “Fuel For Coins!” Announcement

Posted on April 28, 2010 1:44 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

FarmVille Unreleased Fuel For Coins Promotion

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Belmin for finding this FarmVille “Fuel For Coins!” announcement!

From the unreleased announcement above, it looks like fuel will be available for coins for a limited amount of time in the future. This coin option fuel will be unlocked by earning a Co-Op farming medal and will require you to be a minimum level 20 farmer.

Note: Unreleased items have no official release date or guarantee that they will be released. Terms are subject to change at Zynga’s discretion. Only Zynga owns copyright to all of their images.


  1. FarmVille Unreleased “Fuel For Coins!” – Zynga FarmVille

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66 Responses to “FarmVille Unreleased “Fuel For Coins!” Announcement” »

  1. Idk Says:

    I really hope this happens :D

  2. triplejafam Says:



  3. Sierra Says:

    If only I could actually join any of the co-ops my neighbors start. :(

  4. CostaCabbage Says:

    This could be epic!

  5. Tio Alexander Says:

    Wow! I Like it! :D

  6. Mystery Person... Hehe Says:

    Does the medal have to be blue?

  7. Cstewy Says:

    probably fake

  8. busta Says:

    uhm theres nothng fake . all the unreales stuff has come out why you think its fake? get out of the site if ur gonna complain

  9. abby Says:

    @Busta actually not everything that has been unreleased was released so get your facts straight before you start to be rude about it

  10. Rob Gould Says:

    Only if you do that co-op thing?
    I guess it’s not working that well.
    They have to start using tactics like this to get people to do it.

  11. Cody Says:

    Wonder how it will work out though
    Bronze for 5 Fuel
    Silver for 10 Fuel
    Gold for 20 Fuel

    We’ll just have to wait and find out n_n

  12. billy Says:

    no cody….

    if you finish a coop, you will unlock the capability to buy fuel for coins…

    it will probably be alot, but i am forsure going to stock up on fuel!

  13. Rob Says:

    Hope there’s no max to how much you can buy, because I have 15 million coins and I will spend every last one of them on a lifetime supply of fuel!!

  14. Ryan Says:

    Yay! Now I can earn more fuel to go with the current 700 I have!

  15. pipwizard Says:

    ive still got 229 4m xmas ect but il start buying due 2 doing the coop gd idea

  16. Anaz Says:

    I wish I could sell my fuel.. I have tons!!

  17. Farmer Al Says:

    Well – have gotten two medals – but do not see any fuel for coins!!! Still fuel for FV on mine – sigh !!!!!!

  18. iLiaWneK Says:

    I hope this comes soon.

  19. uglyaliencow Says:

    I finished a job from another account and saw that sparkling star, I am thinking that has something to do with fuel then, hmm, so anyone with co-op will get that or the last one? Hope not.

  20. 0215esr Says:

    Well i’m not into this since i’m not doing Co-op Jobs i’m only mastering my Crops 8)

  21. Jo Says:

    Rob – You said exactly what I was thinking! If FV can’t entice players to participate in the Co-Op part of the game by offering bonus XP, coins, a special Gold medal prize and ribbons to collect and need to add an additional incentive [possibly to get people into the idea of Co-Op farming?], that part of the game must not being used that much.

    Personally, I’m focusing on getting all my crop masteries, so I haven’t started to work on any Co-Op jobs yet. But if FV are going to offer fuel for coins for a limited time for participating in Co-Op jobs, I might have to reconsider what I’m planting.

    Another option to encourage people to take part in Co-Op funding might be to offer more land. That way people can plant crops to work towards masteries and also work on Co-Op jobs at the same time, but I suppose that’s hoping for too much.

  22. WeirdJedi Says:

    This will encourage me to take part in more Co-Op Jobs, but how can I if none show up? How can I participate in a job if I cannot even join one that is posted? This system seems to break, be fixed, and break again each patch. Maybe they can succeed in helping the system stay fixed.

  23. Flavius Julius Says:

    I already have over a lot of fuel. Any word on market stalls and the million coin buildings?

  24. farmvillefriend Says:

    FINALLYYYY!!!!!! :)

  25. Sharon Lupton Says:

    The following are just my observations, so nothing good or bad intended.

    First, you can only see 10 jobs at a time in the co-op box, so if ten jobs are active when one you WANT to join starts, you won’t see it until one of the jobs already in your box is finished. That can be a short time or several days.

    Second, I don’t now if any of you have noticed, but some of the co-op ribbons are really hard to get. For instance, the one for harvesting the most (MVP) will be nearly impossible for me because I only have 295 plots. And the banner says earn a RIBBON, not finish a job. By that I assume it can be any of the four ribbon colors.

    Third, if you already have the yellow ribbon, which is of course the easiest to get, I am confident that you will have to earn a ribbon AFTER the “coins for gold” bit becomes available. At that point it may be impossible to earn the next ribbon in the time the cfg is available to us.

    Fourth, you have to be above level 20, so too bad for newbies.

    Fifth, you will have to own a vehicle, which means you will have to spend the money for one before you can buy the coins.

    I guess what I am really saying is that it is hard for me to believe that they will make it easy for a lot of folks to take advantage of the offer. But believe me, I hope I am wrong. I have over 800 fuel, but I would buy as much as I could afford if I earned the right. I think it is an awesome idea. I am going to start stockpiling as much cash as I can.

    I think I have worked out pretty well how to do the co-op jobs. I have finished at least 10, all but one in the gold. I work with my son, my sister and her daughter. We decide what we want to plant and when, then one of us starts and the others join. It only works because my son and my sister’s daugher do not work so they can join whenever, and I can do FV at work. It takes some practice, but it is doable.

    Anyway, good luck to everyone. I hope we all get so much fuel we will never have to buy any!

  26. Anna Says:

    I don’t think this is real…I have so many ribbons…gold, one silver, one bronze…and it
    s not showing fuel for coins….anybody else having problems with this or is it just me?

  27. sammygirl Says:

    I’d rather convert coins to cash… I already have enough fuel through the collections.

  28. Shahzade Says:

    @Sharon Lupton
    its middle of the night and i read your post, and i agree of all u said:)

  29. Anna Says:

    oops i meant medals! (: mostly gold…

  30. chris Says:

    whoopee.. i have 390 tanks of fuel, i dont need anymore.. <3

  31. Farmer Dave Says:

    Nice ヅ

  32. SuzieO Says:

    I have 2200 fuel and feel I can always use more, lol.

    @Sharon – There is a way to get the MVP even if you have a small farm. There are several places on this site where it’s talked about but basically what you do is (I’ll use grapes as an example)

    When your crop is ready to harvest… only harvest a few. Then start or join a co op that is using grapes. Seed the few plots that are available. NOW, harvest the same exact amount that you seeded. Next, seed the ones you just harvested and harvest the exact same amount that you seeded.

    You see where I’m going with this. It turns out that you can use a crop that is ready before you join a co op. In the example, every time you harvest it will count towards the harvest of the co op. Doing it this way, a small farm can end up with a huge harvest. good luck

  33. Carol Says:

    Sharon Lupton, the banner does not say ”earn a RIBBON” it blatenly says ”unlock by earning any co-op farming MEDAL” as in bronze, silver gold.

  34. Jason Says:

    Somehow, even though fuel helps to make farming efficient…I’m not one of those multimillionaires, and I currently only have 1.3 million…

    I don’t know what the rate is gonna be, but it’s probably not gonna be chump change, and I’m not sure if I’d want to pay for fuel that I can pick up for free from ppl’s shares, fertilizing people’s farms, or the occasional collectible completion.

  35. Jaana Says:

    My thinking is that depending on which color medal you get from the co-op, there’s different amount of fuel that you can buy OR the price for fuel is different.

    Unfortunately I see this increasing the amount of freeloaders. Only 9 or 10 famers can’t participate in a co-op. If you get 2-3 freeloaders join before that amount is up, you’ll have a really hard time getting gold with the remaining participants if all have large farms with lots of decor on them.

    Getting more fuel is not an incentive to those who have loads and loads of fuel (I’m closing in on 3000), but will be a great incentive to those who have not purchased a vehicle or haven’t used them because of the lack of fuel.

    Either way, I’m interested to see what the deal will be.

    I’d love to see more co-op’s again. We’ve now done most of them twice and you can only have so many mini pagoda’s and wedding gazebo’s.

  36. em Says:

    Zynga nedds to bring out a few more co op jobs, i’ve mastered all the crops in the co op and ain’t wasting no fuel on stuff i’ve mastered as it take 10.7 refill to havest, plow, seed now.

  37. Yvette Jauregui Says:

    why did they remove the Far East items early, it said they would be available for 18 days which means up til May 3rd.

  38. Brandon Says:

    Great idea!

  39. joemomma Says:

    kind of late now because now fuel inst worth that much as when it first came out when you could only buy it with farm cash. now there are so many ways to get free fuel like mystery box, completing collections, etc most people have over a 1000 fuel tanks so its not really worth buying for coins unless you have a real shortage of fuel

  40. kuichop Says:

    already have too much fuel (3498). lets trade coin for fv cash.

  41. lol Says:

    today i heard a wooo woooo its that cause my dog ran away


  42. Skotsbox Says:

    I’m just wondering if this doesn’t have something to do
    with the unreleased factories one of them makes fuel
    just a thought

  43. Skotsbox Says:

    @ lol
    the sound you heard was probably your carrier pigeon
    they’ve been making noise lately even with your sound for the game turned off

  44. Simple farmer Says:

    This will be great!

  45. nicosprincess Says:

    Any ideas on when new co ops are coming out. It would be nice to have a few with shorter times. I hate locking up my whole farm on 1 day crops when I have the time to do 4 or 6 hour ones. Even though I have all my berry masteries I would do a co op with them for the extra xp.

  46. John Says:

    So many people talk of already having tons of fuel. Something tells me once that fuel you have is gone, it is not going to be as easy to come by! Just because today you can get free fuel in a gold egg, etc, does NOT mean that you can tomorrow!

    I dread the day we have to start buying fuel again whether it be coins or cash. I have a feeling a lot of people will just click the plots and not buy gas, unless of course they have several million coins. I’m level 70 and I only have just a little over a million coins and I don’t want to use them on fuel!!

    When the day comes when I must buy fuel, I will simply plant a BIG variety of crops that are ready for harvest at different times of the day and I will just click the plots. That way I’ll never have to click the whole farm at once–I hated that in the beginning and that’s why I never went for mastery until I had plenty of vehicles and fuel! I’m not buying fuel though in the future!

  47. Mary Says:

    That’s what I do John. That way I don’t have to use my fuel.

  48. Char30F Says:

    Shaton Lupton and Susie0 and to everyone else…HOW DO YOU GET SO MANY FUEL…I have 29 and I thought that was alot…HAHAHA…

    And if anyone wants to add me…I gift everyday,Plow my neughbours farms…and join co-ops….

  49. Matthew Says:

    Can someone plz explain how it is that you have over a thousand tanks of fuel? I have about 330 plots of land, and i only have 50 tanks…

  50. sammygirl Says:

    Matthew – I have 2,372 fuel all from completing and trading in my collections… that’s how you get thousands tanks of fuel accumulated :)

  51. SuzieO Says:

    Skotsbox – you are right!! It is the carrier pigeons.. whew! mystery solved. I heard them again today and just couldn’t put my finger on the type of bird.. kinda like an owl but not exactly. I also have the sound turned off and have been hearing the bird-like sounds. How did you figure it out?

    As to the fuel questiions. My stash started with the Christmas presents. Got lots of fuel that way but also have had hundreds of collections that I’ve turned in and get 5 units of fuel for each. Then, there is a certain amount that you can collect daily from the links on the feed and I always find fuel when fertilizing friends farms or plowing. Get fuel from gold eggs and other prizes. But it was during Christmas that we got so much at once that really put me ahead.

  52. Jason Says:

    Yeah, those carrier pigeons have been bothering me (i.e. scaring the crap out of me because I’ve always played with sound off once I get more than just 1 or 2 animals).

  53. Natalie Says:

    not only the carrier pigeons!! its the owl too!!!

  54. rawa Says:

    yes htese stupid pigeons, my husband has the carrier one, i removed mine, he was going nutz, where does this sound come from all of the sudden, i laughed because i dont have one, but the same noise came, i got the doves on the wood and they make the same sound. i have over 700 fuel and dont know how in the world i am ever going to get it empty .-)

  55. fugg Says:

    Just went Live!

  56. Turtler Says:

    It’s out! 50,000 coins for 5 fuel refills once it’s unlocked. That’s not too bad!

  57. Jason Says:

    Well, thank you farmville, for updating yourself with the fuel for coins offer, literally MINUTES after my group and I finished our co-op, lol.

    In any case, I don’t think I really want to pay for fuel since I can get it for free, and it really just facilitates faster farming…just a time advantage.

  58. Moody Says:

    Yup, the fuel for cash option is up, it seems you can buy only 1 refill or 5 refills once per day for 10.000 per refill.

  59. arzo Says:

    I think it’s good. But…
    “Fuel for coins by earning a new medal from any Coop Farming job”
    I have earned many medals. The following will be a lot of time. After 32 successful coop I can’t connect any job because of poor system. This should be corrected. Not create new things.

  60. Bono Says:

    Wow 10.000 for a can of fuel – this is twice the amount you have to pay for a tractor. Just imagine filling up your car and spending twice the amount of money the car cost new for one refill. That is rather absurd.

  61. Em Says:

    That is expensive as heck especially when I’m saving up for the craft cottages. Beats the point.

  62. Em Says:

    Brilliant, they are not counting the 10 co-ops I have joined and earned medals on. Not worth the bother for me. The fuel is locked.

  63. Em Says:

    Btw does anyone realize that this is a brilliant way to get people to spend their millions of coins. Next they will release the 1 million coin craft cottages and so many will be without enough to buy them all. And guess what … one of them apparently is a fuel workshop. So you will keep playing to get those millions back so you can get more fuel ;-)

  64. mm Says:

    i was so anticipating for this but when it came out i was like THIS IS BS!

    i had over 200 tank fuels in december but i have used it all now so i really wanted to get some fuel. but its sooooo expensive!! for couple of little tanks..and you can only buy 1 a day!!! TOTAL BS

    im disappointed.

  65. vulcain Says:

    bonjour il y a des efforts de fait
    mais les bâtiments les plus beaux se payent avec des billets pourquoi
    on ne peux pas échanger les coins contre des billets verts
    sa serrais plus sympa pour tous le mondes ..
    cordialement aux admis…

  66. rej the greatz Says:

    Wow I think this offering from Zynga Farmville make players more easier to play this game. Overall it’s very useful!