FarmVille Unreleased Halloween Quests

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FarmVille Unreleased Halloween Quests

Posted on September 24, 2011 1:29 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb


FarmVille Pirate Quest I

FarmVille Pirate Quest II

FarmVille Pirate Quest III

FarmVille Ghost Quest I

FarmVille Ghost Quest II

FarmVille Ghost Quest III

FarmVille Quill & Parchment Quest I

FarmVille Quill & Parchment Quest II

FarmVille Quill & Parchment Quest III

FarmVille has some special upcoming Halloween Quests in the works.

From the unreleased images above you can see that there will be at least three different themed quests.

As these quests actually become available, FarmVille Freak will be sure to bring you their Quest Guides.

Note, unreleased items have no official release date or guarantee that they will make it to FarmVille and are subject to change without prior notice.

Are you ready for more FarmVille quests? 

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21 Responses to “FarmVille Unreleased Halloween Quests” »

  1. Lynn Says:

    Not only can we NOT complete the bonus cove quests right now due to one of the requirements only being available for FC, but completing the cow pasture quests are impossible too because the damn ask for parts thing won’t post.

    Just effing lovely.

  2. Melli Says:

    great…more quests and more begging. I cant even get my livestock or cattle ones done! Why cant you slow down Zynga! You are putting too much in WAY too fast!

  3. Robin Bailey Says:

    As long as we don’t have to use FV cash and can use coins to get through them. The economy is bad and we don’t have the money to pay and this game, when people are going hungry and homeless….Thanks,,,just make it fun and complicated..

  4. Locke delecroix Says:

    So excited!

  5. Wendi Says:

    GETTING TIRED OF THE QUESTS – especially if you can’t afford fv cash to expand farms to do them for more plots and stuff – takes way to long and getting annoying

  6. winny Says:

    No more quests!!!! time to stop playing farmville no more fun this way!!
    al the time you been begging by neighbors for stuff to finish quests
    look like a job al the work you have make, not relaxing game play .

  7. judi Says:

    Farming just isn’t what it used to be~ Far too many quests~ I am so tired of asking /begging for needed items. This game, where it once was fun and actually involved farming, has turned into a most unpleasant task. Zynga must fix exisiting problems before they launch more quests.

    Zynga needs to even the playing field- as it happens, I have a fair amount of farm cash, but feel that in this economy quests should only be for items that farmers can purchase with coins~ requests that require farmers to buy farm cash puts a burden on those who cannot, or chose not to buy farm cash.

    Longing for the good old days when farming meant raising crops, harvesting trees and taking care of the animals~

  8. Penny Says:

    Very, very tired of quests. Not doing any more of them. Perhaps if we didn’t have to beg so much and either not get any responses or not be able to publish the begging request at all,, quests cannot be completed in time. Farmville was enjoyable in the beginning but it has now turned into an exasperating chore and I am thinking of walking off the farm and not coming back. Then on top of that the changes to Facebook–I am seriously thinking of just shutting my Facebook account down–horrible new interface.

  9. valerie Says:

    To Our Dear Friends in the Zynga Tech Department. We the players of farmville believe that it is time for an Intervention. Put down the pipe, check yourself into a 12 Step Program and listen. You’re losing players left and right. Top gamers are dropping like flies. Slow down!!! There are to many quests. Collect this, build that. Its pure insanity! Haven’t you learned by now that this platform of multiple quests doesn’t work? Just look at other games that have been ruined and failed following this model – Café World is a perfect example of this. So many have said it before, “Farmville has become a full time job.” Instead of trying to figure out how to make us pay, more like steal our money to support your habit, try working out the bugs and fixing the basic game play. Or did you forget that it was a GAME?

  10. Harley Says:

    i dont mind these quest as longa s theya re fun and we get some of the animals you show i like the flaming cow and teh sheep id love that to go along with my horse. halloween on farmville is like xmas to me i look forward to it year round lol

  11. Harley Says:

    @lynn what you talking about with the bonus cove quests? ive completed them all and i didnt spend a single dollar to complete it. if you have to resort to that that must mean you have some crappy neighbors

  12. Raindrop Says:

    @ Harley

    Lighthouse Cove BONUS quests II and III require players to expand their farms. It seems to me that they changed the quests so that they can extract some revenue every step :(

  13. Pdxbodyworks Says:

    Yes, it’s the bonus quest that requires you to upgrade to the first expansion in the Cove, sigh; that’s when I stopped that one.

  14. Karen Says:

    @Harley, the second cove quest requires you to pay 30 FV cash to expand your farm so it is not due to crappy neighbours it’s because Zynga are greedy bastards.

  15. Karen Says:

    As much as I complain about this game I have realized and other players need to realize that it will not change as long as people keep buying farm cash and things for farm cash. You complain but then you buy the horses and things. Zynga will not stop till everyone stops spending real money on the game and that is what I’m doing. I will not buy a single thing for farm cash anymore even though I have lots available and I will def never buy more until they make things like expansions and quests available for farm coin. I have no issue buying LE items for cash but I refuse to pay it for things like expansions that are needed to play the game and used to be free. I have over 20 mil in farm coin just sitting there and nothing to use it on so what’s the point in giving farm coin if everything costs farm cash.

  16. allison Says:

    As long as the quests dont ask to expand the lighthouse cove, then i’m all for it.

  17. Angel Says:

    No more quests!!!
    Don’t they understand that we HATE quests!?!?
    Personally I find quests to be nothing but stressful!
    I hate quests, I really, really hate quests!
    I they decide to torment us with quests, why can’t they make the plague of quests optional? Just put a little box in the quest window that says: “I do not wish to participate” and when we click that box we would not see those godawful reminders anymore.

  18. Krystal Says:

    I dont like that everything Good is FC but I do understand you need to make money too! My family loves the quests!!!

  19. laura Says:

    When will this quest start and what do we need? Anyone know???/

  20. salsenecki Says:

    I like quests but it is too much too soon. Halloween is an annual event so maybe you should have used that for the whole month of October and these other ones of little importance introduce them gradually.

  21. DanaRose Crystal Says:

    I feel that the quests have ruined it for many –including me–because I like to succeed, and the quests make me fail, because I cannot complete them, due to lack of space. I cannot now concentrate on getting apples so I can get the cool items like the ghost pig because I have to beg for items to upgrade my cove. I now have given up crops, awaiting the next quest. Why not just ignore the quests? Because in part, I like challenges, and originally I loved the quests, we got fun new items and it was challenging, but it is too much, and until the recent quill quest, the light house cove prizes were boring and mundane, I decided that tere was only ne good thing for each bonus quest, so didn’t spend the money to make my crops mature early. And why we don’t just shut up and stop complaining? That is what this forum is for, where we can get together and complain, ask for help, ask for advice, tips, etc. and for those who want to quit because it is too addicting, a bit more impetus in seeing how many others are frustrated and mad as hell and not going to take it anymore and we kick the addiction