FarmVille Unreleased Hidden Chronicles In Game Promotion

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FarmVille Unreleased Hidden Chronicles In Game Promotion

Posted on January 10, 2012 10:49 am by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb


FarmVille Hidden Chronicle Unwither

There’s a new upcoming FarmVille promotion with one of Zynga’s latest games, Hidden Chronicles and there’s some freebie Unwithers to look forward to as well!

More informations as this promotion goes “live” in-game.

FarmVille Hidden Chronicle Billboard


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24 Responses to “FarmVille Unreleased Hidden Chronicles In Game Promotion” »

  1. Annette Says:

    Hope they will award those unwithers if you have already started playing and are over level 6.

  2. Mary Says:

    would much prefer instant grows as I have loads of unwither’s from the raffle game

  3. Monica Says:

    Should be10 instant grows not unwither ha ha not worth my time. Make it for instant grows and we will all play.!

  4. marie Says:

    who needs more unwither.

  5. Elsie Fain Says:

    The game is great .I have only one small complaint. There needs a way to collect from friends posts so you dont have to go back 7 forth from te feed to game and wait2minutes for game to load each time.
    The game play need a little more explaination but you can figure it out after a while.

  6. Beverly Says:

    not going to do this, because I did this with Castleville, never did recieve my unwithers!! bummer, not worth it!

  7. Laura Says:

    Love it! Having fun playing this game, already! Not really into decorating aspect, but the game is fun.

  8. Debbie Says:

    Great news but would like some instant grows……PLEASE lol

  9. mary garrett Says:

    Everytime I get unwither, it ends up disappearing from my gift box, No thanks.

  10. Chris Clucas Says:

    love the new game which is similar to Gardens of Time,
    Hidden Chronicles is much better, as in many ways it works better, and also for the fact I have not been able to load G.O.T for 3 months, and their support jsut don’t answer.

  11. Alysia Mumphrey Says:

    I would be more likely to try the game if they gave us Instant grow instead of unwither.

  12. Jane Says:

    how do I get to play

  13. Saddam Says:

    Copycat version of garden of times :P

  14. Cindy court Says:

    already blocked it as couldnt visit, wont resize correctly for laptop

  15. Kyle Says:

    I already have the unwithers! :)

  16. angela Says:

    Thank goodness…i’ve used up my Castleville promotional instant grows and need some unwither bottles…can’t wait to play..looks interesting.

  17. Dorothy G Says:

    I got my unwithers today and there are 10 of them, just like it said. I would have much rather of had some instant grows instead, but it was nice that they actually gave us something for playing.

    Its a fun game and since most of my Garden of Time friends are playing Hidden Chronicles too, its easy to get more levels and energy. So far I have not had any problems, although there is really no instructions and Im still working setting up a routine to progress through the game without missing something important.

  18. oldone Says:

    how do collect these? i reached level 6 and them some and no unwithers in my gift box- yes i clicked the link at the bottom of farmville offering the 10 unwithers for playing

  19. adilhan Says:

    ben 6. seviyeye geldim vermedi neden

  20. Christel Says:

    Love the game! But have one question. Is it possible to replace items?

  21. Judith Says:

    Need more information on the game.

    How to play
    What each item is used for

  22. farming Says:

    i had reached level 6 and over in hidden chronicles, and didn’t got any unwithers yet. This is very sad. Anyone answer me whether that offer expired or not?


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