FarmVille Money Tree “Coming Soon” Part II

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FarmVille Money Tree “Coming Soon” Part II

Posted on January 24, 2012 10:34 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess


FarmVille Money Tree

FarmVille Cash Tree Mastery Sign

More news on the FarmVille Money Tree! Please note, this tree is still unreleased and is not available in the FarmVille Market. These images are unreleased and are subject to change without prior notice.

What we can speculate from the images is that yes, the Money Tree will harvest Farm Cash and that we can “double our money in one year”. Interesting! There’s also Tree Mastery available as there are Tree Mastery Signs   shown below.

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Mohammad Isbih for finding these images!

FarmVille Money Tree Is Here Loading Screen

FarmVille Money Tree Harvested

What do you think about the FarmVille Money Tree? Will you consider purchasing one if the Farm Cash price is right?

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31 Responses to “FarmVille Money Tree “Coming Soon” Part II” »

  1. Hanky Tom Says:

    I wonder if we can orchard hop this tree?

  2. Marilou Tilghman Says:

    Ok, Billboards, We should be able to have them for our tree masterys too, I am loaded with them. and animal ones too. We need BILLBOARDS for them too.

  3. Kay Butcher Says:

    Interesting…so how much is this tree going to cost? Thank you for keeping us so well informed on all that is going on with FarmVille. It really helps. Kay

  4. LadySorrow Says:

    This should be very cool, and should finally make everyone happy…I think. Anyway, I think it’s great!

  5. eezee Says:

    this looks promising ..

  6. Mia Says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the last picture says, “This Money Tree expired”? If the tree expires, does that mean it is only good for so many harvests and then you have to buy another one to get more money? What if you don’t get back all of the money you spent? What if it is a random amount so there is a chance of it being a money sink hole of a money gain?

    Will need a lot more information on this before there is any chance I will be considering this tree.

  7. Cross Czech Says:

    @Mia: No, you’re not the only one who noticed that.

    Between the comments here and on the previous post, I have noticed that some people stated that their teaser said “Harvest 10 FV$ per week”. None of the screen shots I’ve seen indicate anything about the “per week” part.

    My guess is it will cost 5 FV$, harvest for 10 FV$, and take a year to be ready. At that time it will expire and just be a decoration. Also, no way they can allow this to be cyclic harvested in the orchards.

    “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

    Any thoughts?

  8. Adrian Pusa Says:

    I think that the money tree should be available to purchase with farm coins so that anyone who is playing the game could have it and one of those persons because now I have only one farm cash.

  9. Stabby Elf Says:

    “This Money Tree expired”?

  10. Ben Says:

    it’s out and costs $260 FV Cash, 26,000 XP gained, harvest 10 FC a week for a year. Harvest in 7 days.

  11. tauntl Says:

    It’s already up, the tree costs 260 cash and you harvest it once a week for 10 cash for a year.

  12. yusuk3 Says:

    i think cost 270 fv cash and is not sendable,who cares anyway…

  13. Michael Says:

    Now this is just bull. Why does it take 1 year to double your cash? this tree is probably a sinkhole because in the picture it said it expired. Zynga is trying to find another way to rip people off of their hard earned money. And whoever asks if you can orchard his you must have alot of friends tat kiss your ass, for if it can go into and orchard there would be trees that you could share for your nerdy friends. This tree is just another way that Zynga expects you to kiss their ass.

  14. Diane Says:

    260FV-cash is too much to invest in a virtual item. Farmville may not even be here in a year…sorry, I enjoy the game immensely but won’t be buying the tree unless the cost drops below 200.

  15. mega Says:

    i’ve read that it will cost only 260 FV :-)

  16. VERONICA Says:


  17. Jeff Says:

    Just checked the market, and typed “money tree” in the search bar, it shows up as available for the next 13 days, and the price tag is 260FC…says you can harvest 10FC a week for a year…does double your investment by the end of the year at 520FC, but the purchase price it very high.

  18. Darrick Says:

    Well it is in the Market now.. for 260 FV cash.. See now seeing they like doing missions so much couldnt this be a mission item..

  19. mayan Says:

    It’s a ripoff – costs 260 FC and at the end of the year you get 260 back.

  20. Jill Says:

    It’s going to cost A LOT of FV cash for this tree. Someone else had posted how much and I forget exactly how much but it’s a ridiculous amount.

  21. jody robiaon Says:

    tom they dont go in a orchard i tried lol

  22. trunte1975 Says:

    That tree is just too expensive for me.
    It costs 260 FC and that’s way to much for me.

  23. Yujiyo Says:

    My market is showing this at 260 FC and it’s pretty huge. It can’t be placed in a orchard as it’s a stand-alone harvestable decoration piece.

    Thinking of getting it.

  24. trunte1975 Says:

    I have made a screenshot of the tree and posted it on my profile on FaceBook.

  25. Vanilla cow Says:

    I found the tree in the market, it costs 260 FC and you can harvest it only for one year, once a week you will get 10 FC = 520 FC

    So you will get twice as much as you have spent for the tree.

  26. Bev Says:

    260 Farmville Cash for this Money Tree! Not me! Even if you double my farmville cash, I still would not be anywhere near 260.

  27. Monique Says:

    Confused. I could have purchased this tree this morning. Went to work, came home. Went to show my Boyfriend this new CRAZY tree and I can’t find any evidence of it being available in my market. I thought maybe I was making this all up (it was early morning!). So now…. where the hell did it go already? Said I had 12 days to make up my mind. haha!

  28. Carla Says:

    I would totally buy this fv money tree with real cash.. most diffenently.. bring it on..

  29. n. gin_famous Says:

    i like that money tree very very much!!! yeah … but i cannot afford it… :))

  30. lei Says:

    The Money Tree is quite nice actually but, the only thing that makes this quite complicated is that it’s just too pricey. If it the price can be bought through coins, then maybe some people may be interested in it . . .

  31. joseph Says:

    it needs to be like 40 -20 farm dollars