FarmVille Limited Edition November 7, 2011 Mystery Game & Prizes

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FarmVille Limited Edition November 7, 2011 Mystery Game & Prizes

Posted on November 6, 2011 9:11 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb


FarmVille 11.07.2011 Mystery Game

Sneak a Peek at what prizes are featured in tonight’s FarmVille Mystery Game!

Every Sunday night the Mystery Game is restocked with a fresh set of new prizes and this week’s theme is Fairy Hollow themed.

You can purchase your chances at playing the Mystery Game for 20 Farm Cash per dart. There are reports that many players are receiving free Mystery Game darts this week, so be sure to check if you got one by visiting the Mystery Game via the FarmVille Market icon. As always, you are never guaranteed to win any one specific or all prizes featured in the game so you should play at your own risk.

If you play this week’s Mystery Game and win all six regular prizes, then you will receive one free exclusive bonus prize which is the Dragonfly Pond.

FarmVille Unreleased Mystery Game (November 6, 2011)

  • FarmVille Butterfly Unicorn
  • FarmVille Dragonfly Unicorn
  • FarmVille Butterfly Pony
  • FarmVille Butterfly Cat
  • FarmVille Dragonfly Dog
  • FarmVille Dragonfly Pig
  • FarmVille Dragonfly Pond (Exclusive Bonus Prize)


FarmVille Butterfly Unicorn

FarmVille Dragonfly Unicorn

FarmVille Butterfly Pony

FarmVille Butterfly Cat

FarmVille Dragonfly Dog

FarmVille Dragonfly Pig

FarmVille Dragonfly Pond


What do you think of these prizes? Worth your Farm Cash and throwing darts? 

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56 Responses to “FarmVille Limited Edition November 7, 2011 Mystery Game & Prizes” »

  1. Corey Says:

    Oh thank god the Fairy dragon isn’t in the mystery game! I didn’t want to spend a fortune on farmcash just to get it.

    Prizes are cute, but nothing I really want.

  2. beverly joan cupples Says:

    a real nice collection the first time i want them all … will be purchasing farmcash for these animals for sure…

  3. mandym Says:

    lucky you , lol, i wanted at least 3 of those, but they probably charge 24 a dart or more and theres no way, not to mention i could get stuff i dont want, i hate the mystery game… even preffered the mystery boxes. but still the raised prizes are ridiculous, its used to be a chance to get something from the market at a shorter price now its you can only get it from the game, and its at a higher price than it may be if it were in the market!

  4. Ruby Says:

    All it looks like they did was stick wings on animals we already have – only the cat looks a “bit” different…and the pond.

  5. karthimx Says:

    Butterfly Cat is very nice, looking forward to get one.

  6. Pokerface Says:

    Yes! Let’s give all the 500+ animals wings! ;-)

  7. Michelle Says:

    Enough of the stuff with wings! The next thing you know we will have a Butter-dragonfly nightmare unicorn winged horse fairy stallion, Ugh, enough of the same combos. I really need to complain to Zynga about this! They were cute to start, but lets start getting an imagination!

  8. annadeputy Says:

    just started useing

  9. Peter Says:

    What the….?? I’ve had 4 mystery darts in my gift box for about 6 weeks waiting for something decent to appear. Looks like I’ll be waiting at least another week. Not everyone has animals on their farm…or even animals with bits and pieces added to them…or even animals with different colours and patterns.

  10. Lu Says:

    Since I missed the original fairy offerings and lady gaga I’m glad I’m getting the chance to get something like them. They re-release stuff for people like me.

  11. Raindrops Says:

    At least we don’t have wings on the elephants and hippos yet.

  12. Jena Long Says:

    I like the cat, but I am sure I’ll get something other then that. I agree enough with the re-release of the same animals. :/ I haven’t spent much FVC in the last month because there really hasn’t been anything good enough to tempt me. lol

  13. Kat Says:

    I like the new animals but the ones I want will be hard to get :( but I enjoy when they re release things, means if I got the farmcash I have a second shot at something that I might really want. :)

  14. zham Says:

    ouch!!! threw 7 darts for all items… ;)

  15. Alexandra Says:

    Got a free dart for this Mystery Game! I got the Dragon Unicorn, column 2, row 3

  16. zham Says:

    @Alexandra… mine too… i’ve got butterfly unicorn and dragonfly unicorn at column 1 and 2 row 3… im on server 0

  17. Shan Says:

    OMG!!! I played with the free dart offered and got the ONLY thing I did NOT want!! The DOG!! ITS HIDIOUS!!!! :(

  18. Renee Says:

    Got the free dart. Column 2, row 3 was a butterfly pony for me. I know someone else said that balloon was a dragonfly unicorn, but thats not what I got. I wonder if they move the items around so we can tell everyone which balloons have what?

  19. ForeverFarmer Says:

    Server 1 – found Butterfly Pony in the very top right corner (Row 1, Column 5)

  20. APPS 101 Says:

    free dart \m/

  21. Mel Says:

    Got a free dart and got the Butterfly Unicorn at the bullseye. Very happy but would like the other unicorn too… not sure if I will risk it though cos I don’t like the other prizes much.

    I love the fairy theme (and the unicorns so I can’t resist) but just adding wings to old animals and keeping them exactly the same is a bit boring. Lucky I got this for free cos I’m not sure it’s really worth paying 20-30 FC for an essentially identical animal, just with added wings.

  22. lilly Says:

    got a free dart! got the pony!

  23. A Says:

    Used a free dart and I got the cat. Very boring

  24. Karan Mohadkar Says:

    [Img] [/img]

    Got Them All
    But Now Have Just 1 Dart in Gb
    But i Got All Of Them


  25. April Fee Says:

    I got a free dart, which means you have to shoot it or lose it! I know, I used to skip the game after I’d won the dart only to find out after “saving up” my darts, that they were gone! Anyway, I got the butterfly cat which is pretty! I have one more dart but I think I’ll save it as I wish they had a monarch winged unicorn with bigger wings and in a different color…

  26. adaman Says:

    A free dart, got a butterfly pony at col 1, row 3 (server 3), but i love the butterfly unicorn only…

  27. kim Says:

    sERVER 3

    R4C4 PIG
    R1C4 PONY

  28. Kitty Says:

    Server 3

    Butterfly Unicorn

    Row 1 Column 5

    Blue balloon

    x x x x butterfly unicorn
    x x x x x
    x x x x x
    x x x x x
    x x x x x

    Wanted the kitty, oh well, free balloon!

  29. SweetSpirit Says:

    The FREE dart gave me the Dragonfly Unicorn…SWEEEEEEET. It’s the BEST in my opinion!!!!
    T3-GREEN balloon-RIGHT of center Blue balloon.
    Good Luck!!! ;)

  30. Shilo Says:

    Recieved a free dart today when I logged in but I think I’ll hold on to it. Anyone else notice that if you win a “Rare prize” all you get for a while is common ones?

  31. rachael Says:

    Free dart! Got the dog! Would have prefered a horse/pony/unicorn but as its FREE over the moon. :-)

  32. Texas Girl Says:

    Haha. Wouldn’t have played, except got a free throw. First (and only) throw was the Fairy Unicorn (kinda wanted the cat, but oh well). Server 3, found it at Row 4 Column 2, blue balloon.

  33. Sab Smooch Says:

    I’m on Server One, and I got the Dragonfly Unicorn in the top right corner, too! I love it!

  34. Kyle Says:

    Got the ONLY thing I really didn’t want, the pig! ugg

  35. stef van wesemael Says:

    omg with my free mystery dart i got the fairy unicorn !!! ty farmville :D

  36. Kim Says:

    The Butterfly Unicorn is the center balloon on server 2. :)

  37. Michelle Says:

    Server 0 -

    Column 1, Row 3, Red Balloon – Butterfly Pony

    Column 2, Row 3, Red Balloon – Butterfly Pig

  38. Paul Says:

    I wish that zynga would get the troubles with posting fixed. it would be nice to be able to post so i could get the quest done.

  39. russell Says:

    I wish they would give us the option to add either butterfly or dregonfly wings to our existing animals for a fairyland setting, simular to the ghost effect done for halloween.

    The whole thing is getting a little out of control when you start putting different wings on ducks and chickens, when they alredy have wings.

  40. Sean Says:

    got the pong.

  41. wuz Says:

    Woo! Got the Butterfly Unicorn with the free dart. Don’t think I’ll press my luck & try for anything else.

  42. Crystal Says:


    column 1, row 3…I’m on server 0.

  43. Grégoire Says:

    A free dart !! I’ve got the butterfly unicorn :)

  44. Pam Says:

    I don’t understand, I got the butterfly unicorn last week playing the dart game, did no one else get it?

  45. Kat Says:

    With my free dart I got the cat :( not what I wanted but I had two free darts and it only shows one, crappy

  46. patte wakefield Says:

    I have a question, what does it mean what kind of server you are on? I have no Idea what server means, some are on 0, some on 1 some on 3????

  47. Lola Says:

    I got the butterfly unicorn on the first try. It was the bulls eyes center blue balloon!

  48. Pam Says:

    I got my Butterfly unicorn a week ago and it was the one next right from bullseye, and it was green. I love my unicorn :)

  49. Katie Says:


    BUT for anyone else out there that thinks they wanna push their luck I was on server one the pink butterfly unicorn was red balloon R5 C1.

    I’m so pissed off I forgot where I found the white dragonfly unicorn :( sorry guys :(

  50. DeeC Says:


  51. Shayla Says:

    I got the Butterfly Unicorn and the Dragonfly Unicorn on my first 2 tries. Done with this one – got the 2 best!

  52. FVluvr Says:

    i got the butterfly unicorn with my free dart – love it! would love the dragonfly uni too but hey im not complaining!

  53. FVluvr Says:

    my friend just got a dragonfly pig from the (rare?) purple cradle mystery baby shes happy – but it stinks if you got it in the mystery game LOL

  54. cindy Says:

    I got the butterfly unicorn C2R3 and the dragonfly unicorn C1R3 both red balloons. another dragonfly unicorn C4R4 red balloon. butterfly pony C5R5 red balloon. butterfly cat R1C1 red balloon. Red balloons seem to be the lucky ones for me.

  55. Sharon Says:

    I really wanted the pink Butterfly Unicorn but as my luck runs I’ve played 6 darts and didn’t get it :( . Am on server 3 if anyone knows where it is located.


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