FarmVille Unreleased Snow Fight Market & Snow Man Build

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FarmVille Unreleased Snow Fight Market & Snow Man Build

Posted on December 12, 2010 6:56 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

Snowball fights are coming in FarmVille! Thank you to FarmVille Freak Moderator Linkaholic for finding these unreleased images.

The most recent FarmVille Freak Podcast breakdown went over the upcoming Snowman Building and Snowball fights:

FarmVille Snowman feature

  • Players will be able to have snowball fights by visiting friends’ farms or joining other friends snowball fights.
  • As you throw snowballs, you will eventually end up with a big pile of snow.
  • The pile of snow can be used to build a Snowman.
  • The Snowman may even dance for you if you find the right item for it!

- FarmVille Goddess

FarmVille Unreleased Snowman Build Menu Stage 1

FarmVille Unreleased Snowman Build Menu Stage 2

FarmVille Unreleased Snowman Build Menu Stage 3

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37 Responses to “FarmVille Unreleased Snow Fight Market & Snow Man Build” »

  1. Roydon Says:

    1st Wow…now thats interesting…good show zynga!!

  2. palmina ligato Says:

    he beautiful game

  3. Joel Says:

    Zynga should really do more things like the snowball market.

  4. joemomma Says:

    if you play on the screen is wider

  5. Ania21 Says:

    Kinda cool…except that you have to build the snowman..sounds like frontierville.. where you have to build every stupid little thing.. I hope this is only for Christmas .and they won’t be doing anything like this in the future where we have to build our decorations… because if I want that I’ll just play frontierville..
    I also liked farmville how it used to there’s all these quests, and crap that we have to this decoration.. :/
    Again..I hope this is just for this time..and won’t continue on..
    because that would really suck..

  6. Lynn Says:

    Enough with all the building/collecting crap!

  7. Kyla Says:

    Cool! :)

  8. Dark5 Says:

    collecting holiday gifts are already painful. n now this?? another building stuff???

  9. Informed Misery Says:

    Sounds like fun. Still, I’m trying to collect enough gifts to get a horse, a fox, and a bear cub.

  10. Melissa Says:

    Please just let us farm in peace! Quit throwing all of these “constructible” buildings or things that require us to beg our friends to send us things. It’s getting very annoying.

  11. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    I have a snowman from last year, thought I had 2 (one might still be under some trees).

    I thought we were playing FarmVille, not TaskVille.

  12. Jason Says:

    It is pretty simple, If you don’t like to build you don’t have to participate. There are people out there that don’t play all the other things so get over yourselves if you don’t like it then don’t play pretty simple!

  13. Jules Says:

    well what else ya got farmville! Lovin’ all the winter thrills. Having lots of fun rebuilding and rebuilding winter workshop..Not to mention losing farmcash. Hmmmmmm why do I keep playing as I said. Love it Love it! :D :D Or just painfully addicted. Who knows!

  14. Shadz9631 Says:

    sounds like fun with the snowball fights…but enough with having to build stuff! lets see, harvesting trees,and getting enough water cans to grow. trying to get gifts to have better options on gifts… now another building project? I thought christmas was a timing for relaxing and taking a break! Guess not…. My Bad! …… bah humbug!

  15. Kitty Says:

    Ummmm… don’t HAVE to do any of them. You can just sit in your rocking chair on the porch and watch your crops grow….

  16. Lisa Says:

    Cute! But I am SO tired of building stuff. It’s FARVille, not CONSTRUCTIONVille!

  17. Tfoxy Says:

    It would be nice to be able to collect gifts from neighbor’s workshops before I start collecting snow!!!!!

  18. michelle Says:

    sounds like fun but where am I going to put this snowman since all my space is taken up.. and I still to have seen a coin price for the expansion… Ugh.

  19. Sunny Says:

    I’m so sick of all the begging for stuff, presents, materials, gift wrap, cookies, lights, now snowstuff. I hope this will go on for a while. I like the snowman, but I’m too busy begging for Christmas quest and presents, and building materials to bother with him. I barely have time to farm.

    Too much all at once. I wish the workshop were like the Halloween house, just go get it, not beg for gifts. And I too am in the NO MORE QUESTS camp.

  20. Gardengirl Says:

    I quit Frontierville because i takes up too, too much of your time. I don’t like that FV now tries to make you send Special Delivery to all your friends when you first get in. I WANT NO MORE OF THEM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Tired of buildings things too. I can’t keep up anymore and may quit FV too! NO ROOM for anything else!

  21. Drea Says:

    Look this sounds like fun! I don’t understand why people complain about builing or collecting… If you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it! Noone is making you, you could just farm!

  22. Rosemarie Filliez Says:

    Hay here is a idea: How about Farmville working correctly. Everyday there is something wrong. Let me refraze that, Everday there is several thing’s wrong. Quite adding thing’s, there is to much commotion. Just want a nice peaceful, relaxing game.

  23. ........... Says:


  24. Freda Says:

    Not to sound crass but if you really have that big of a problem with one of the constructable buildings then why not just ignore it? I mean, I actually think it’s nice that they are including some constructable things for those who want to be able to have a little bit more decorations but just don’t have the cash to buy things. Essentially it’s a free thing, all you have to do is get a little social with your friends and work together to help each other to build them. Furthermore, I’m actually liking the quests, it brings a little something else to the game and honestly thus far I haven’t really seen where completion on any of them has been difficult it’s not as if the whole game is revolving around the tasks either, there have only been a total of 2 as far as I know. Which by the way, I’m sure if you were that against doing them you could very well ignore them as well. This comment is not meant to offend anyone by the way just stating my opinions, happy farming to everyone!

  25. tripin Says:

    10/10 for some creativity : )

    I for one am loving the whole winter thing, especially the snow and Christmas lights!

  26. WeirdJedi Says:

    The goal here is to give people enough time and space to objectively participate in all the activities that are given to them with the limitations of just a handful of personal friends available. Even if someone had several friends available, it still doesn’t make up for the list of problems that people have been encountering – workshops being reset, quests still not available for people, or items disappearing.

    Collecting items on your own terms, instead of waiting for people, is more constructive. Quests only limit us further when they come after the fact. Some may have to redo or rebuy items just to complete those quests, in order to collect the rewards. This causes a restriction to our freedom to do things in our own time and place.

    That is why so many people dislike quests. If all the quests were available or even perhaps backward compatible, it wouldn’t be such a hassle to complete. “I already planted 200 strawberries last week, you mean I have to plant 200 more?”

  27. kortni Says:

    i just hope it works correctly

  28. Carol Says:


  29. Carol Says:

    For those who have nothing but complaints about quests, buildings, asking for items and sharing items-FEEL FREE TO QUIT PLAYING-or just don’t participate. NOTHING says you have to do everything.

  30. Farmvilla Says:

    I find it ironic that farmville freak is watermarking images they steal from FarmVille to make sure no one steals them from them, haha.

  31. Sarah Says:

    How do I start this? I can’t figure out how to start or join a snowball fight.. :(

  32. parish ron Says:

    Got all the way done except the top hat. Now my two option for the hat is: Ask 2 friends ( one is seldom playing the other never plays). Or to buy the top hat for 10FV which I don’t have. Why can only two friends help you? Guess I wont complete this snowman. Wish I would have known this before starting it, I wouldn’t have done it

  33. Karats Says:

    I get the same 3 friends every time I press ask for help. They are tired. When I throw snowballs, most of the time they just disappear. Once it hit somone I didn’t throw it at (that was kinda cute). All in all I wish FV would just fix the bugs and then we could play in peace.

  34. Raven Says:

    The snowball fight is not working at all for our group. Too bad.

  35. Robin Hernandez Says:

    I don’t mind the building, I just hate the fact that I can only ask 3 friends for snow and buttons, I collected 2 button and after 3 days I went and paid 2 FV dollars for the 3rd botton, my daughter needs 3 buttons and I have requested them and we are on day 2 and still no buttons, my husband needs 1 botton and my other daughter is still begging for snow :-(

  36. mary page Says:

    You cant recieve the parts you need people u need to get them from most are no longer playing… how do u get the parts…………..all u end up with is a bunch of piles of snow, a snowman with no buttons, no hat, no arms and he eats to much……..dont dance either !!!!!

  37. scarlettelvis Says:

    All I need is a tophat and a friend has one to give me but she can’t send it to me and the email i sent to a person is not playing….