FarmVille Unreleased Wild West Hotel, Poolhouse, Vintage Tractor V2, & Crystal Rock

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FarmVille Unreleased Wild West Hotel, Poolhouse, Vintage Tractor V2, & Crystal Rock

Posted on August 19, 2010 11:11 am by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Teresa for finding these unreleased FarmVille Wild West Hotel, Poolhouse, Vintage Tractor V2, & Crystal Rock items!

FarmVille Unreleased Wild West Hotel

FarmVille Unreleased Poolhouse

FarmVille Unreleased Vintage Tractor V2

FarmVille Unreleased Crystal Rock

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34 Responses to “FarmVille Unreleased Wild West Hotel, Poolhouse, Vintage Tractor V2, & Crystal Rock” »

  1. Cathy Says:


  2. Red Rebel Says:

    first…more crap to take up space

  3. Kirstin Says:

    Don’t need it.

  4. Susan Says:





  5. LadySorrow13 Says:

    A poolhouse, how cute! I can put it right by my Splash Pools I got from the 7-Eleven promo. Really hope this comes out. Thanks for the update!

  6. Heather Says:

    I like the Hotel and the Vintage tractor the rest is just Ok . When will you have the grave yard and dead cows flying out of the grave. Cutest theam you have created.

  7. Don Says:

    so instead of teasing me ….tell me how to get one !!

  8. indian girl Says:

    fv has become boring

  9. John Says:

    Tractor is kinda cool, but I would like to see it move up and down my plots, lol

  10. indian girl Says:

    but fv freak rocks

  11. Jason Says:

    I’d be all over that Wild West Hotel, but I’m sure it’ll cost a good amount of cash that I’m not willing to spend real money to get.

    On top of the tractor looking really cool, we need more vehicles to upgrade for that ribbon.

  12. indian girl Says:

    lol @ no 7

  13. Peggy Says:

    where are we supposed to put these items ????? We need the underground storage first! You can not make money or XPs without crops and trees. We need more items for coins not FV cash also. I have over 12 million coins and what good does it do?

  14. Jeremy Says:

    thats sick, the tractor looks amazing, ill buy it

  15. Connan Spence Says:

    LAND, ZYNGA, MORE LAND. No More Crap

    30*30 Land will do.

    Add Me to Farmville. I am Level 100. State your level in the Add Me request box.

  16. JewelTones Says:

    Cute pool house. And honestly, if FV never came out with a new item until people had all the land they apparently demand, we would never get anything new.


  17. Susan Says:

    Love the pool house but need more LAND to put it on! Also need a regular looking home pool!

  18. Amanda Says:

    Yea, we do need more land..

  19. shirley liggett Says:

    you people need to start listening to the players. we need more land, more items that cost coins not cash. we all like the things you bring out, but you really should fixed all the problems first. you are going to loose players in the long run if something is done to correct all the problems.

  20. Justin Says:

    Didn’t we just get a land expansion? Jesus Christ you guys are never satisfied. Maybe if you didn’t have a farm full of crops you’d have room. I have more than enough room.

  21. Ivonne Escoto Says:

    I want the rock and the old tractor..

  22. Patricia Says:

    Oh, come on!! And where are we going to put this stuff???? I would have to get rid of crops, sell all the trees and half the animals to have any more room. And it will all cost FV cash for sure!

  23. mak 1027 Says:

    I like the tractor, but with having to put it in the garage to upgrade it, what’s the point …nobody will see it.

    I wouldn’t buy the western hotel just because I’m sure it will be a lot of Farmcash, but I love that it is a corner building ….some buildings to fill in corners would be nice instead of filling in all the corner space with trees.

  24. mak 1027 Says:

    sorry for the double post….but lol @ #20 …a farm full of crops? isn’t that the point of a farm….to grow crops!

  25. Chrysalis Crowe Says:

    Might i suggest more new critters, fewer new decorations?! The vintage tractor IS pretty nifty though~*

  26. dabeasumin Says:

    ooooohhhh, would love to see a hot rod version of that tractor, lol, I’ll buy it either way ;)

  27. Melania Covey Says:

    @23 – I thought the same thing about the seeder pick-up truck, but I put it in my garage, begged neighbors for parts, and took it back out as soon as it was at the highest upgrade. It only took a day or two.

  28. Justin Says:

    @24 yes a farm is to grow crops, but if people complain about not having enough room for crap maybe you should remove some. Its common sense, I have over 400 crops and I still have tons of room for buildings, animals and tons of trees….

  29. marie stanley Says:

    ohmg; i read that as poor house and thought ‘how appropriate’.

    ha ha ha

  30. Kay Stevenson Says:

    Like the hotel and crystal rock the best, then the pool house the tractor is nice but what is one to do with so many tractors.

  31. Scarlett Says:

    Does anyone know what the antique tractor will do or is it just decorative? Also does the new prize mega seeder take the place of the old seeder or do we need both?

  32. stephen Says:

    do more things that mean we can buy or make more money or fv cash of eatch other so we r not waiting all the time 4 that required ammount wud help alot if we cud

  33. stephen Says:


  34. MikeQ Says:

    Does anybody know what the Crystal Rock or the Mole or those other two things actually do? I got a mole and a crystal rock last week. As far as I can tell, they don’t do anything but take up space. If that’s the case, why not put them out there with all the other stuff you buy at the Market Place??? If you know, please E-mail me at Thanks.