FarmVille Unreleased Willow Tree

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FarmVille Unreleased Willow Tree

Posted on March 26, 2010 4:19 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Peter for finding this unreleased FarmVille Willow Tree

FarmVille Unreleased Willow Tree


  1. FarmVille Unreleased Willow Tree – FarmVille Zynga

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61 Responses to “FarmVille Unreleased Willow Tree” »

  1. Angel Says:

    I would love to have this.

  2. Shat! Says:

    1st :D

  3. Linzv Says:

    I was JUST wondering when there would be a willow tree!! yay!

  4. Drew Says:

    3rd! ;)

  5. jai Says:

    How do people find these. i really want to know…. oh and Shat and Drew we dont care if your first or third

  6. xavi Says:

    yeah we dont wanna know if ur first second the last i dont care please people stop doing that everyone gets anoyed when the same stupids say first first

  7. Zak Says:


  8. Monica W. Says:

    This is a pretty tree. If it is released, it will probably be a decorative tree, not harvestable. What could you collect from a willow? I guess you can make baskets out of the thin branches.

    I don’t understand the “First” claim either. We can clearly see that you are the first to comment. Why don’t you make the most of your “first” status by offering something interesting.

  9. olivia Says:


  10. jl Says:

    where are the dogs farmville

  11. Laura Says:

    This is a really nice tree, it would look great next the lake, and various ponds and such.

    And also, if the”first” comments bother you so much, just stop reacting to it.. Thats probably what they want.

  12. Jacky Says:

    I like it. Hopefully it will come to the gift section.

  13. Jasper Says:

    Is farmville down for any of you? When I click on the play tab, I just get a white page, the game just doesn’t seem to load..

  14. pafarmgirl Says:

    Actually, all of the “unreleased” trees that have been posted here have been really nice lately…..I am still confused about where people find this stuff, and why “coming soon” means “wait a really long time”…..

  15. farmgirl14 Says:

    i really want this willow tree

    heres what i found:

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    Send The 3 Spring Eggs At a Time!

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  16. Traci Says:

    how do you find unreleased items?

  17. Estebanfmh Says:

    realli liek thisone, and the bulberry one, :D i hope they are no ass samll as the withe dog wood one :(

  18. Farmer Taylor Says:

    Yeah, how exactly do people find all this unreleased stuff?

    I really would like to have one of these!! Let’s hope its not for FV$$! :(

  19. Manu Says:

    Love this tree, it is the first one to become green in my garden, it means spring for sure!

  20. Tommy Says:

    i guess you dont want to put my post up about gift box then? it holds more than 50 items!

  21. wendi Says:

    if it is unreleased why post it??? I don’t care about stuff that won’t come around

  22. ActiveFarmer Says:

    @jl:just forget about the dog! Farmville have forget it!

    What a wonderful tree,its a big tree,i hope it bigger than other tree! :)

  23. Emily Says:

    I would love to have one. It’s so pretty :)

  24. Ixyl Says:

    Ooooh, me likey!

  25. Kevin Says:

    i like that farmville freak can find unreleased stuff but sometimes… it just gets your hopes up and then it never comes out or it comes out in a long while later… and id rather have more indepth current update news than a bunch of “unreleased rumor” stuff…

  26. AMIR Says:

    hey i just find a Percheron Foal in my stable..if u have something to trade it whit …add me harry up :)

  27. Josh Says:

    this would match the rainforest theme very well

  28. Lindsay Says:

    YES that new gate fits in with the chateau fences now :)

  29. Sarra Says:

    Ok so this is my first post on here ever so maybe some people can help me out how does everything on this site work…? And yes this tree would be very nice!Thank you for any help offered!

  30. vickie Says:

    i was hoping to see a willow tree. fingers are crossed for it. i would guess it to be decorative as well, but FV works in mysterious ways if sheep gives twine why not a basket or wreath from a tree? lol

  31. Trish Says:

    Very pretty….but….yep….would like to have seen the lower branches a little more “willow-y”.

  32. Brenda Says:

    Lovely, I want one, and hopefully it will be a free gift, it would look great in my pond area.

  33. Liam Says:

    Great tree! Willow bark could be harvested for salicin—>salicylic acid—>…Asprin.
    FV could have a whole batch of medicinal plants.
    I hope it’s not decorative! Don’t care for another ‘decorative’ tree costing FV cash!!

  34. Daniel Says:

    i make hideouts in these trees :P

  35. Martijn Says:

    Seeing that it is in in the decorations folder ( on the server, this will be a decorative tree.

  36. farmville lover Says:

    farmville should also bring up mango, wild mango and coconut tree

  37. matthias Says:

    i love willows, so i hope they will come soon
    need to have a few of them

  38. anna Says:

    and the animated treewillow :)

  39. Matt Says:

    They have all these exotic trees like Mandarin and Dogwood trees. Finnaly theyre bringing out a common tree!

    But I still want to see Palm and Pear trees

  40. Rob Gould Says:

    I want one.I hope that FV will release this tree sometime in the future.

  41. Alice Says:

    i do reli like this tree, very pretty and cool =)
    but probably FV cash like all the other cool items

  42. Victoria Says:

    *sigh* i want trees that i can harvest. I’m still looking for the almond tree in my mystery gifts. I got 14 breadfruit tree, need 1 more!

  43. DerekC Says:

    Since when were trees animated? This obviously wouldn’t be harvestable.

  44. MooMooMoo Says:

    Nice animation; however, I get the feeling this will be large (good to hide things behind).

    With all the new tree types released so far this year, I am going to need a separate tree farm. Farm Town allows users to have a second farm, which comes in handy.

    As to the kids who like to post “First” and nothing worthwhile, I say: Corvy’s pancreas!

  45. fvcal Says:

    I’ve been waiting for willow trees to come out forever, I hope they might have something to do with the next farmville theme coming out. :)

  46. cipto Says:

    is the willow tree harvestable or just decoration. i don’t like decoration tree. :D

  47. Katla Says:

    I also think decoration trees are pointless. The Magnolia tree for example is pretty, but is not harvestable. I will keep a few and sell the rest – at least they give 250 coins…

  48. Lynn Wakeham Says:

    I want a willow tree !!! I had one (my own tree) when I was a kid, can’t wait till they come

  49. Barbara Says:

    this is really cool, is it the first tree with animation? I think so… and it’s sooo gonna cost fv$!

  50. Susan Says:

    I have been talking about the perfect spots for a willow tree for over a month now. I have not seena ny where on here as to when they will be released.
    Soon I hope. All my friends know that I have three spots for them when they are released

  51. Meeelis Says:

    So pretty! *o*

    My farm is loaded of high profit/goodloking trees, really hope this is a high profit one so i coul keep him!

  52. Meeelis Says:

    Oh wait, it will be decoration :(

  53. Kate Says:

    Love love love the willow tree. Hopefully this will be released soon.

    Er, along with the DOG.

    I’m just sayin’.

  54. Brittany Says:

    I absolutely can’t wait for this!! A lot of beautiful trees have been released recently! Dogwood, Magnolia, and now a Weeping Willow!! love these! :D They all remind me of Savannah, Georgia.. best city in the world! I cant wait to put these everywhere!

  55. April Says:

    I want! Gimmie!!! (((oogles))) ^_^

  56. BecBec212 Says:


  57. Jem Says:

    Oooh its lovely..i want it. i have the perfect spot for it..hope it comes out soon. I love the trees they have come out with so far esp the magnolia and breadfruit trees

  58. SuperAwesomeFarmerT Says:

    This Willow is beautiful!! And to the question about what you can harvest a willow tree for hello have you not ever heard OF A SWITCH! I use to harvest the tree in the front yard daily!!

  59. Rebecca Says:

    Willow trees were so much fun when I was young. I’d love to have some on my farm! I also want a mud puddle for my piggies and a church!

  60. Mary Says:

    Think the willow is lovely, would like to see pigsty to build or tin shelters.

  61. Lolly Pop Says:

    You can get it on Zynga Rewardville for 24 zCoins.
    It’s part of Zynga where you can earn rewards for their games by playing, it’s sooo great. :D