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FarmVille Updates Zynga Message Center

Posted on February 7, 2011 8:17 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Zynga Message Center

Good news for gift accepting gifts, FarmVille Freaks!

FarmVille Community Mananger, Lexilicious announced via the official FarmVille Forums  that there is a much needed upgrade to Zynga Messagae Center (ZMC) and Facebook Game Requests.

Now, whenever you accept a gifts or requests through ZMC, the gift/request will not appear in your Facebook Game Requests and vice versa as when you accept a gift or request through your Facebook Game Requests that gift/request will not appear in your ZMC.

You can see Lexilicious statement below.

FarmVille Lexilicious Announces Changes to ZMC


Do you like this change to gifts and requests?

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98 Responses to “FarmVille Updates Zynga Message Center” »

  1. ekk Says:

    well this sucks! i liked receiving double the gifts :)

  2. Craig Says:

    Me too. Now they need to fix the Pink Stallion foal issue.

  3. kellina Says:

    Now I can’t get double the gifts, that doesn’t make it easier it makes it worse!

  4. Ghostkitty85 Says:

    Nooooo!!! Now it will taken twice as long to build anything!!! >___< Zynga, why are you doing this to us?? It will take forever to build anything now!

  5. Riffy Rifat Says:

    Nope i don’t,im sorry,i hate pop ups in middle of farming

  6. Daria Says:

    I HATE IT!!! It made me lose over 50 CW gift requests today! They don’t all show up in the Zynga message center, yet when you click on it to receive one it clears ALL of them out of your game requests on the main FB page.

    It’s hard enough to receive spammy request stuff as it is without losing half of it every time! :(

  7. Lynne Wills Says:

    Doesn’t make a difference to me since I have not been receiving gifts for several days. I mean NOTHING. I know they are being sent – I am just not receiving them.

  8. sadie Says:

    if it worked properly it would be fine. i have 75 gifts on my home page and it will pop up that i have 5 in the ZMC. if i collect those from the ZMC then it will delete the other 70 on my home page. screw that!

  9. windi Says:

    maybe they would also like to fix the bug that causes your not to receive request or makes those gifts you accept disappear.

  10. Bonnie Says:

    I AGREE With all of you..they already cut down how much we can accept and I don’t believe for a sec that we get 125 a day..the most I’ve been able to accept since they pulled this limit thing was between 35 anr 50 tops..nowhere near 125

  11. flyers8 Says:

    This stinks but for the last week most of my gifts went missing and facebook page was the only way to accept them. Screw you Zynga

  12. phil Says:

    thats because they dont have any thing better to do , they can’t even fix problems that have been plagueing farmville for the last 6 months regarding the amount of items we can put on our farms, all they care about is screwing the game up worse than what it is now

  13. Marian Says:

    This would be o.k., except now, you except 2-3 gifts, and the rest just disappear. Now i have to rely solely on the feed to get anything, and since it is so limited, I feel like a lot of players are getting the royal screw here

  14. Heather Says:

    I am having issues with all my gifts not being in the ZMC but when I accept the few that are in there all of them disappear from facebook even the ones not in or accepted in the ZMC. For instance just now I had 48 gifts to accept on facebook but only 23 showed on the ZMC and when I accepted and returned those 23 in the ZMC all 48 were gone on facebook so I lost more than half of my gifts. Not cool!!! I will not be using the ZMC any more as of now.

  15. Beth Says:

    I think that this is GREAT because any of the gifts that I accepted on ZMC ended up being ‘gift not found’ when I tried to collect from the FB Gift Request page. Hopefully this will save a lot of time and confusion. The only time that I got double gifts was when the ZMC first began.

  16. Barbara Says:

    No giftshere either.dont care witch place i go…just no gifts and no helping my nieghbors

  17. Doris Says:

    We weren’t getting twice the gifts with them in both places, we were accepting them in one of the places, but we would have to go to the other and accept them again, but we weren’t getting that gift twice. It was double work for only one gift!! Can’t you guys understand that? Now the gifts that you accept in one will be deleted in the other, so that is awesome! Thanks Zynga for fixing something that was really broken.

  18. Patti S Says:

    SOOOO they HAVE been messing with this for days !!!!!!!!! I knew it ! For 2 days I havent gotten hardly ANY gifts from either place and its usually about 90 or more.. and I havent be able to SEND gifts either ! WHY the heck cant they just fix something right once !~ OMG this just isnt FUN anymore.. isnt a game supposed to be fun ? Or am I mistaken ? I dont and never did understand why we get gifts in both places in the first place.. any one know the answer to that ? Id apprec info…ty

  19. Emily Says:

    This is off subject, but does anyone know why the snowball fight is still showing up when I visit my neighbors farms? I thought they disabled it :(

  20. Beth Says:

    I think this is stupid Zynga is making it harder and harder to enjoy the game… Now that we can only click 125 times per day.. All my gifts are vanishing.. And then you come out with something ( the pink stallion) I am so frustrated.. I have over 250 neighbors they are all frustrated Zynga needs to fix the issues give us more clicks per day.. Don’t put stuff out unless it works… Now I can’t get help or give help to and from my neighbors… HMMMM almost time to quit..

  21. Leslie Isaacs Says:

    i still seriously dislike zynga and that ain’t gonna change just because of this. there are far too many other things they need to be concerned about, like the fact that half of my gift requests disappear several times a day AND the fact that i get told i’m outta requests after sending only 20 or so things. i thought we were allowed to send 50 things at once, not just 20. here’s a thought, HOW ABOUT THEY DECIDE HOW MANY GIFTS WE CAN SEND PER DAY AND LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

  22. Ali Says:

    Well, at the risk of sounding greedy, it kinda sucks that they have taken the double gifting thing away. I noticed it about 2 days ago. I liked that I could get double gifts coz it helped me build stuff faster!

  23. Lucy Says:

    Doris – maybe you weren’t, but some of us definitely WERE getting each gift twice by accepting in both places. Trust me, I was counting!

  24. Janilee Says:

    I stopped playing farmville around this time last year because they were having issues. Came back because I was told they stopped. Now they are creating more.
    And giving us BS line “To make things less confusing” it’s to try and squeeze us for more money!

  25. erik Says:

    Does anyone actually believe that Zynga did this to lessen players confusing…i just wish they would stop lying to their customers…i for one would be less upset about this…if they would just be honest with us…by saying…this was a glitch and we fixed it…we never intending on letting you have double gifts…

    but once again they lie to us…kind of like the expansion lie…

    we all know zynga gives nothing away for free….

  26. Jo Ann Says:

    LMAO!!! Zygna LIES LIKE A RUG ON THE FLOOR!!!! Much needed update to the gifting? Accepting gifts in the game and then in the request box was the only way around the drought! This is simply meant to slow players down, nothing more, nothing less. Same thing with the “you can only collect 125 items from the feed.” We are given a list as long as your arm of items we must collect from the feed and then restricted to 125 per day? SERIOUSLY? By restricting players who do not use bots to collect items, MORE ITEMS ARE LEFT ON THE WALL FOR BOTS TO COLLECT! Every time Zygna changes FarmVille, the game does not work properly for two weeks! How about this Zygna, FIX YOUR GAME BEFORE ADDING ANYTHING NEW!!!! I have lost so many gifts with this “much needed change” I cannot begin to keep track! The Cinnamon Heart Tree I PURCHASED cannot be left on my farm, new neighbors don’t show up (I’m under 300 neighbors too!), orchards are not producing seedlings, gift requests do not all show up in the game, my old neighbors are being kicked out of my neighborhood, game reloads ever 5 seconds, and I suspect the mastery of trees outside of the orchards is not working properly. I’m not buying it, not for one hot second! Instead of placing restrictions on your players Zygna, LEARN TO PROGRAM PROPERLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Jennifer Heydt Says:

    After all the issues from the updates, Pink Stallion (producing black foals), limitations on game feed, now it will be impossible to build anything….Oh wait…did I mention all the Cheat bots Zynga does nothing about like; Social Bonus, Evony Bonuses, Gamers Unite, Farm Bonuses, Speed FW Bonus, Game Bonus Collector, and the Game Scrubber just to name a few, which makes it impossible get anything off of the home page!!!

    Happy Farming Really?

  28. Kit Says:

    I still wish the gifts were like Farmtown…In Farmtown if you don’t like the gift, you can exchange it for something you rather have but still able to send the person the same thing they sent you.

  29. Joanne Says:

    IT DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all it does is take your stuff and then you dont know who to send it back to! JUST LIKE THEIR GAME BAR THAT SCREWS UP EVERYONES FARM! . I never fell for the game bar.

  30. Diane Says:

    I agree, they have taken away getting the gifts twice. They just keep making things harder. I noticed it yesterday. Today, when I went to send gifts back, it gave me the list of all my friends, instead of just the people who sent them to me. I had received 14 special delivery boxes, so I had to write the names down so I knew who to send the return gifts to, which was a pain in the butt. I will be receiving my gifts thru FB from now on.

  31. amanda Says:

    it would be nice but i dont even havea message center can yall plz fix that…

  32. your mom Says:

    You can still get double the gift, IF you have 10 gifts duplicate 10 tabs from facebok game center

  33. Howard Says:

    You CAN still get DOUBLE REQUESTS if you want. Here’s how:

    1) Bring up the Zynga Message Center and accept all gifts but don’t close out that screen.

    2) With the Zynga Message Center screen still up (all gifts accepted), click on the Facebook link “Games (#)” which takes you to your Facebook requests.

    If you do it in this order without closing your Zynga Message Center, you can still claim your gifts twice. I just did it two minutes ago.

  34. Lucy Says:

    I’m going to love this feature! I hate having such cluttered game requests when I’ve already received my requests through the Zynga Message Center.

  35. penny Says:

    Are you people that f ing stupid?? you DO NOT GET DOUBLE GIFTS, look at your address bar, what do you think i f t error means? & s c rap not found means? it means u r 2 stupid 2 ply farmville! if you need instructions, please email me at

  36. Kevin Says:

    I think it is NOT good news, why did you say that? I liked the system I had down with gifts. I will try the tip that one of the previous commenter said to get double gifts.

  37. Jess Says:

    NOOOO…. YOU DIDNT FIX IT, YOU MADE IT WORSE. NOW I CANT GET DOUBLE GIFTS!! Its going to take me FOREVER to get the green house and the valentine box done,THANKS A LOT FARMVILLE! UGH, they just keep making everything harder for us. Now no double gifts, restricted us to 125 gifts or LESS a day, and now some of my gifts are disappearing and its impossible to get anything done now. I swear if farmville is getting more and more messed up; >:(

  38. 5Celcious Says:

    dayum. now i cant get double the gifts D:
    not that do that too much cuz im too lazy to xD
    i just accept all…. with my awesome snagbar. LOL
    dun hate on me cuz of that, its much easier to play the game then, esp since i barely go on.

  39. Kristine Says:

    I was also incredibly disappointed when I found out I could no longer accept gifts twice. Then, I tried to get around it. I opened two tabs, one with the ZMC and the other open to the FB Games Request. I accepted the gifts on ZMC first and left that up, like Howard said, then accepted the gifts one by one on FB. It worked for me, just a minute ago. I hope they don’t try to “fix” that.

  40. EveDallas Says:

    I Like this because I never got double gifts and had to still go through my FB requests with every request saying something like “You already accepted this request.” or something.. and it was annoying :(
    So yay!

  41. pat Says:


  42. Mei Farmington Says:

    The Zynga Message Center does not make accepting/returning gifts easier. It makes it harder to keep up with which gifts I received when, gumming up my ability to stay on top of when I’m able to return another gift for which player. I find it every bit as annoying as FB’s short-lived “show all messages of this type” thing they tried to start doing with game posts.

    I prefer to be able to see and sort incoming farm stuff according to my own schedule and preferences, not all bunched up in one big wad.

  43. Jess Says:

    @ PENNY – Maybe you are the F’ing stupid one. Maybe it didn’t work for you but I DID get double gifts. I would accept my gifts through FV & use up all my special delivery boxes, then go back & accept them through Facebook. Yes some didn’t accept because they couldn’t be found but all the special delivery ones where accepted. I would go back to FV & use up the SD boxes that I just accepted TWICE!!!! :P

  44. Sarah Says:

    lame! I loved the double gifts (even though it was time consuming). I guess it was about time Zynga fixed the glitch and stopped us from the double gifts.

  45. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    I really enjoy how the ZMC says I have X numver of gifts while the game loads and then it is usually X minus 5 when loaded.


  46. Reonarudo21 Says:

    Is worst! i don’t like it, i like when we where able to get double gifts!, and sometimes i can’t return them, the “send gift back” button disappears =/ i don’t like it!

  47. MoritaMike Says:

    Hey Doris and Penny-why don’t you shut your pieholes. Guess what, lots of us were getting double gifts (watering cans, building supplies, special deliveries). The only ones that were give an error message were the links to help our Facebook friends.

  48. Cydni Says:

    @ Doris – you’re an idiot. YES, were getting gifts in both places. If you accepted through ZMC FIRST and then went back and got them from Facebook we did get them twice and don’t try to tell me we didn’t. Tell me how I can have 0 gifts in my giftbox, accept 10 off the ZMC and then go through FB and accept those same 10 and end up with 20 in my giftbox. Doesn’t take rocket science.

  49. Lanae Says:

    Cheers to those who posted the way to still get double gifts. I really liked that bit, and was rather disappointed when they fixed it! :)

  50. elenaki Says:

    Lemme get this straight, some people above are whining because now they cannot cheat? Gimme a break guys!!

  51. Kookai Says:

    That sucks! I dont like it, i get about 100 gifts from friends almost every other day, wheni go to my farm, it only allows 25 gifts to accept, when i go to game request to get the rest, they are all gone, so its not good, plus they have not returned my cinnamon tree yet, if they cant fix it, why not just return the 5 fv i used to purchase it

  52. brad Says:

    i still get double you just have to go to message center first then go to game immediately and use a 1 click gift tool from gamers unite lol i caint believe you guys haven’t figured that out lol

  53. zizi Says:

    Yea, it works great–except for the part where you only get single gifts instead of double!! Why did they fix the ONE THING that was helping us?!?

  54. zizi Says:

    @Penny, I was getting double gifts too. Let’s say I had been sent 15 holiday gifts. I would accept in the Zynga message center first, check what was in my giftbox–+15 holiday gifts. Then I would go out to the FB game center and accept each item. There would be a *rare* “you have already accepted this item” but for the most part no such message. Then, looking in my gift box it would now read +25 to 30 gifts.

  55. Moxie Sue Says:

    I wish they would stop messing with this. Saturday I lost over 100 gifts after accepting maybe 10 through the ZMC. Today I lost 23!

  56. Treysa Says:

    Now, if you don’t use the in-game gift thing it steals ALL of your gifts! Super job job Zynga! Super job!

  57. stephen Says:

    i loved getting double gift made making thing like the castle much easier and i was time consuming but who really cared and if you didn’t want the other gift you could always delete them

  58. joni Says:

    I liked the double gifts too. Sometimes you HAD to go to the gaming section to even see all of your gifts. Help requests, etc.

    Fix one problem before you create more.

  59. Nathalie Says:

    Great, so first they take all my request multiple times and now they take my dubble gifts too!

  60. Chris Clucas Says:

    I like the new method, I did used to get double the gifts, but found it a bit awkward as not all the gifts went to the ZMC, so I used to claim from there first, then go back to the Facebook feed page to claim again, although some used to just take me to my farm and in the browser bar it said the words – not found. Also, I used to hate it when on the facebook feed page it would say I had some 100 to collect, and there they were, I used to delete a lot jsut to get the figure down. This made it difficult to send the gift back, so to me this is a welcome change for the better, now I can collect one way or the other and return gifts to my friends and neighbours.

  61. anne Says:

    what “good news” do you mean?
    would be ok if you only can get it once, BUT half of my gift dissappear somewhere in nowhere!

  62. Lucas Guedes Says:

    Finally! This is great.

  63. mike g Says:

    accept the gift on your request page, then hit the refresh button, you will still get 2 for 1

  64. [kby] Says:

    I can still get it to work some of the time (without using special tools). I admit it was great getting double, but I could hardly argue it was the way things were intended.

    As far as the “notfound” gifts, the ones I was able to trace were not usually the ones where doubling worked. They were gifts that typically showed up on the facebook gift acceptance page and not in the message center. At least a significant portion of them seemed to be gifts that people sent as a thank you for collecting something off the feed, or sometimes things that were to be given from a feed item (most notably snowman items seemed to suffer from this, if you used the snowman to ask people for something).

  65. ekk Says:

    @Doris and Penny: I know I was getting double gifts too b/c i would go accept them in ZMC and use them then go back to game requests and accept those and I’d have them in my giftbox too…just like everyone else who replied to u two said

  66. Charlie15 Says:

    This game ir starting to already as is get overwhelming…all the new stuff they throw out impossible to obtain all masteries anymore without spending zillions of farm cash and on top there is a severe drought which the double gifting helped..and all the STUPID buildable crap they come out which you have to suffer through to participate in is ALSO gonna get worse…
    I think this is just a dirty plot for them to get more cash because we’ll have to spend Farm cash to get done with the buildings and/or water cans >:( pity I thought this would be a game I’d play for alifetime but this is gettin tiring..

  67. Farmer B Says:

    Leave it to Zynga to try to make us believe they’re doing us a favor when they’re actually cutting our throats.
    They must be doing us a favor right now because I can’t get into my farm at all. “Upgrades”? As IF.

  68. frmrg Says:

    there is still a way to get double gifts, i’ve been doing it all day. i dont even mess with the zmc, i go to the game requests on facebook, click accept and once the gift loads hit refresh, it will load again and then you can return the gift to whoever sent it. then go back to gift requests and do it for the next gift. it takes a second longer to refresh every gift individually but at least you get double gifts :)

  69. Meg gallup Says:

    Being able to accept gifts at both places was my only chance to get things done. I have a lot of friends but most don’t want gifts anymore, so they don’t send gifts or return gifts. (there are a few that are very generous to return even though they don’t need them.) For every 40-50 requests i send I only get 10-15 back. When I first started playing I would get 50-100 gifts and reqests a day.

  70. Kat Says:

    this is no good news… it was one thing when they launched it before and you couldn’t get double gifts (you just got “you have already received this gift)… but this time, getting double… it was all too awesome! I don’t WANT it to be easier (and thereby only get half the gifts!

  71. Liz Says:

    Oh, GREAT!! And now I can’t accept more than about 20 gifts from my feed within one hour? LAME, ZYNGA!!! Some of us don’t stay on FarmVille all day–we like to farm just once in the morning and be done with it, and we need to collect all our bonuses at once! Stupid Nazis.

  72. B Says:

    LOL why is this good news? I got twice as many Christmas presents, twice as many Valentines, Twice as many Special Deliveries, etc etc….

  73. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Unbelievable – really unbelievable. No not Zynga – most of the people posting here.

    With only a few exceptions all these posts are complaints that it is no longer possible to get double gifts. This post from Nathiel about sums it up
    ‘… now they take my double gifts too’.

    Well I have news for Nathiel and the rest of you – they are not your double gifts. You were/are not entitled to them. You, like every other player is supposed to receive one gift from each person sending.

    Getting double gifts was an error in the game which has now been corrected. Trying to manipulate the system to get double gifts is cheating.

    Yes cheating, you know that thing that people using any kind of ‘snag’ bar to collect the items they are legitimately entitled to collect from their own feed, are constantly accused of.

    I think perhaps those people complaining should learn to play the game, think it through, use strategy. I work within the 125 limit like the rest of you (and yes Bonnie it is 125) and only receive single gifts. I have been able to complete the Valentine Castle, collect Valentines to Redeem items. I have the Greenhouse bulit and fully upgraded, I gather 15+ seedlings every orchard harvest and have them watered to maturity by the next harvest.

    Charlie15 – not sure why you think you need to spend money to get masteries. I have never spent any FVC on them and have 2/3 trees mastered, most of the crops, and am working on level 3 for the crafting goods. If you mean the new seedlings again no need to spend money, just be patient.

    Finally why do people find it necessary to throw insults at people whose posts they don’t agree with. Argue the point – but do it with respect for each other. It is totally unacceptable to make the kind of attacks on other people that I see here.

    Not is it acceptable to throw insults at Zynga staff. Complain when there is a real issue, raise points that need raising but do it with respect and courtesy. When there is a problem, and of course there are problems, I contact them and I have always had a good and helpful response from them.

  74. Mommy Dupree Says:

    I got two words for you “Farm Cash.” They are trying to get us to purchase more. Most of the time I use those for nails, wood boards, watering cans, etc. All of those items cost farm cash when they really should allow us to use coins. I have 31 million coins but all of the good stuff costs farm cash. FYI, mines still works… For now.

  75. Poppe Says:

    It’s still possible to get double the gifts. You need to have to windows open: one window with the ZMC, the other with your Facebook game requests. You can now still accept the gifts twice: first in the ZMC, then in the FB game request window.

  76. Cindy Huxley Says:

    I wonder do/will you people teach your children that cheating is OK.

  77. Amanda Says:

    Well they still have not fixed the problem of all gift disappearing from both the in-game gifting and the gift request page! I have now lost like 600 gifts total due to this issue. I am getting really pissed off that I can’t accept any gifts, how do they except me to play when I can’t get help from my neighbors and this is becoming a game that you need neighbors help to do things and get things done like the ducklings! They should fix that all the game requests go to the in-game gifting center. I don’t care about getting double gifts anymore (it was nice while it lasted), I just want to be able to accept ALL of my gifts and help people out that send me a help request, instead of leaving them hanging and watching them disappear right before my eyes!

  78. Farmer Henk Says:

    If you farm from and accept from the ZMC *but not close it*, you can still get them from the FB requests in your other browser window. I like the change, much less messy.

  79. Ken Says:

    Penny and Doris – Maybe you should do some research before you go running your mouths and making complete asses of yourselves. This has been an issue with Zynga in general for a long time. It’s worked in Mafia Wars, Farmville, Treasure Isle, and Cafe World, maybe more, but I never played any others so I don’t know. Let’s see, there are 50+ people saying they got gifts, and a grand total of 2 people saying they didn’t, I wonder which group is the accurate one? But no, I’m sure you’re right, I’m sure everyone ELSE is wrong.

    People crying about cheating – Shut up, seriously. You need to get over yourselves. It’s hard enough getting people to send the gifts you need, this glitch made it easier to do. I agree that it’s stupid for people to be outraged that Zynga fixed a clear error, but your holier-than-thou attitude has no place here.

    Having said all that, I’m going to miss my double gifts.

  80. Mike Says:


  81. Mike Says:

    KEN this is not an error on zynga’s side thats why there’s 2 limit for this if you tried the 3rd it will say limit error. its a simple thing, zynga is doing all they can to make more money. i spent a lot on fv but if they think i will not walk away because i invested too much on it already they are making a big mistake. its just a game beside i could save money i spent in case youre wondering i have a 28 x 28 farm 208 level and every single thing you can imagine to have!

  82. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Ken – I wonder what you think gives you the right to write in that way about two people. It is arrogant and disrespectful.
    How about respecting that Penny and Doris have a different experience and a different view from you and others.
    Whatever the rights or wrongs of any situation there is absolutely no way in which insulting language can ever be acceptable.

    Also I wonder why you consider an objection to cheating a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude. I happen to think integrity is important, that setting a good example is also important. The glitch enabled people to get a lot of things they were not entitled to. When the glitch was fixed some people were actively seeking ways to get double the gifts they were entitled to. That is clearly cheating and clearly wrong.

    I can only assume you don’t like the truth.

    My remark about children was also valid. Many young people use this game and this site. Are we to teach them that cheating is OK?

    Mike – I am not sure whether your problem is with gifts or with the 125 limit. If gifts well we are entitled to one gift from each person sending.
    If the 125 from feed – it is more than enough to play the game effectively.

  83. bs Says:

    I was enjoying getting double of everything too.

  84. chris Says:

    I am now getting an error when i try to accept a gift that tells me ……Whoa there partner you are trying to accept too many gifts from your friends at once……. try back again in an hour!

    are you kidding me? i just sign on and go to accept a gift and get this! it is bad enough that they limit your gifts to 125 now, let alone i have trouble getting 1!

    They are really having issues lately….. doesnt make it fun anymore to play

  85. teri Says:

    yea mee too.. i relied on the double gifts…there was nothing confusing about it at all! i would like to be able to have my friends help me with the seeds though! they say the requests aren’t showing up in their message center! i even sent one to my dad and signed on his account and it didn’t show up!

  86. Carmen Says:

    @Ken, then you better go read the thread in the bug reports forum. After the fix was annouced , page after page of reported missing gifts was posted in the thread. I would get your facts straight 1st. You’re the one who needs to do some research. :)

    Link to thread,

  87. Ken Says:

    Mike, interesting point, but I do still think it was an error, because you couldn’t accept the gift more than once in the same place. You could do it once through the request page, and once through the message center. So I think the 2x limit was more just by default because there were only 2 places you COULD accept it, not because they intended to let us accept the same gift twice. Plus, why would they call this a fix if they intended it to be that way?

    Cindy, is that a serious question? Are you really asking why I think preaching about cheating in a game where there’s no direct competition is a holier-than-thou approach? You’re making speeches about what we teach our children, well what the hell is it that you teach yours? Personally, what I would teach my kids to do is, if there are free cupcakes, and everyone was free to take a 2nd cupcake if they wanted, they wouldn’t be cheating anyone by doing exactly that. But that’s cool, you teach your kids something different since you’re clearly not big on logic. And as for what gives me the right to speak that way to them? Pick one, the first amendment, or the universally accepted human right to free speech. Whichever. Different experience? Are you kidding me? They said something that was happening wasn’t, and took it a step further by insinuating (in Doris’ case) and outright stating (in Penny’s case) that the rest of us were too stupid to understand what was actually happening. As you can see from my response to Mike in this same post, I give respect where it’s due, to people who can express their opinion like adults. I do not give any to people who are insulting and ignorant like Penny and Doris, or condescending and self-righteous, like you. But for the record, I don’t disagree that people now actively seeking a way around the fix to still get double gifts is cheating, my disagreement was with the idea that clicking “accept gift” in 2 places and getting 2 gifts for doing so (the same as everyone else) is somehow cheating. I’d really love to hear your thoughts on how everyone getting the same thing somehow amounts to some people getting unfair advantages and consequently cheating. (Since you don’t strike me as someone who can grasp subtlety, logic, hyperbole, or analogy, I’ll just clarify that I’m being sarcastic there. Nothing would displease me more than killing more brain cells by reading anything more from you.)

    And Carmen, not to overuse the phrase here, but you’re the one that actually needs to do the research along with Penny and Doris. Why don’t you check what they actually said, so you know what I’m referencing, before you post a link that has nothing to do with what I’m talking about? They both claimed that no one was ever receiving double gifts, and that people were just accepting the same gift in 2 places and only receiving 1.

  88. HankHill Says:

    So Cindy, what exactly gives you the right to dictate other people’s rights, and what they’re free to say and not say? And maybe you should go take a look at Penny’s post where she’s calling people “f’ing idiots” before you start running your mouth about “insulting language”. I think you’re just a typical uptight housewife with nothing to do but push her morals on other people. You really do need to get over yourself

  89. laghari Says:

    millions of pakistan are playing and they want Pakistan’s Flage in farmville please its our request try to approve it..

  90. Asif memon Says:

    plz keep ur add pakistani fleg

  91. Asif memon Says:

    plz add ur fram ville pakistan flrg

  92. Tina Jeffery Says:

    I am really getting so tired of fighting with my farmville. I can’t do normal stuff and I can’t post anything. I am coming close to not wanting to play any games from zygna anymore.; How much longer are all of these problems going to be going onl. My crops keep withering and animals are dis appearing. Not a happy time any more. Is there going to be help soon?

  93. Cora Says:

    I have gifts in my ZMC and I accepted it but the funny thing is I didn’t receive them. Where did it go? This is not happening just once. That is why this makes me ujposet and turned me off in playing farmville. Can you improve this?

  94. Cora Says:

    This is not acceptable!! Yo accepted 21 gift requests and you just found 2 in your gift box. where did it go??? Farmville you should improve or FIX it…

  95. Juanita Nunez Says:

    I have been trying to get in touch with Farmville Support Center almost 2 weeks now. This is in reference to Jade Falls. I click by mistake my Tea House and it was recycled and I want it back. What is that I have to do for it. I cannot go ahead in the game if I can not craft. Please get in touch with me. I am getting behind in the game…
    Phone 954-933-2291

    PS:: I cannot even buy another one because there is none for sale…..Thank you

  96. Faruk CAN Says:


  97. rita farm Says:

    when i enter my farm this screen pop up and i cannot see anything more please help me fix my farm i cannot enter my farms for sometime i upload the picture in here hope that you can fix my problem thank you

  98. semaydin turan Says:

    No one I didn’t get nothing, even though it was tarlamda today is how to take care of 50 fv didn’t catch you waiting for answer please