FarmVille Valentines Countdown Day 12: Dogwood Tree & Bonus Prize: Purple Cow!

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FarmVille Valentines Countdown Day 12: Dogwood Tree & Bonus Prize: Purple Cow!

Posted on February 20, 2011 10:57 pm by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Dogwood Tree

FarmVille Purple Cow

The FarmVille Valentine’s Day Countdown has now come to an end! Although thanks to FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess we knew what the bonus prize would be, it was still exciting to go through the 12 days of the countdown collecting all the items!

FarmVille Day 12: Dogwood Tree

The final item of the of the Valentine’s Day Countdown is the FarmVille Dogwood Tree! With this, once you have collected all the items, you will be awarded with the final bonus prize: the FarmVille Purple Cow!

FarmVille Purple Cow Prize

Also, once you receive your congratulatory prize, you will also be able to share one Purple Cow with one of your neighbors!

If you have been diligently working to collect all the prizes, you should now have a cool new cow, that will also make pretty little FarmVille Purple Calves!

FarmVille Freak Valentine Countdown Completed

FarmVille Freak Eva16's Valentine's Day Countdown Prizes

Did you finish the Valentine’s Day Countdown yet? Did you get your Purple Cow & share one with neighbors?

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28 Responses to “FarmVille Valentines Countdown Day 12: Dogwood Tree & Bonus Prize: Purple Cow!” »

  1. Mon-chan Says:

    You mean the Purple VALENTINE Cow. Very different. lol.

  2. Kimberly Says:

    I couldn’t share nor did I receive my purple cow, very upsetting, way to go zynga.

  3. dawn Says:

    I got one but couldn’t post to share one.

  4. michele Says:

    i got mine but was unable to send a cow to my friends. also my friends had the same problem. whats” up with that. we all got cheated out of gifting that cow

  5. Leandra Says:

    And I thought there’d be a Purple Cow on top for a moment. :(
    Very disappointed now.

  6. Montana Says:

    @ dawn (#2) I couldnt share one either :-(

  7. Ovo Says:

    ops.!.. You have the *wrong* cow featured here.. Its the Valentines Purple Cow we get..

    The Original Purple Cow you have posted is the one Zynga cheated us all out of getting – by making it an American Express Reward item to get -only-

    The one we get, is a cheap imitation..:S

  8. MissyO Says:

    I never got a pop up. I helped someone else and the valentine cow was in my gift box. :( I wanted to share!

  9. Connie Says:

    I received the cow, but never got the chance to share. I haven’t seen very many being posted.

  10. Katrina Says:

    Booo..I won’t be able to get the cow because I can’t get the topiary. The topiary only let me request it from 1 person and that person is on a long vacation and won’t be back until July. It’s too bad I can’t give that cute purple cow a new home on my farm…

  11. Ovo Says:

    The Purple Valentine Cow’s .. aren’t producing a pop-up box for publishing the 2nd one to share with a friend to our walls..:S

    I have only seen 4 posted now..

    Mine nor a few of my friends.. produced the pop-up box either..

    The cow was in my gift box, before I got the pop up telling me it was there.. which I am guessing.. is what killed the share link..?

    I am also guessing this is a huge Glitch.. related to the 2011 Pot-of-Gold we were suppose to receive at mid-night.?

    Which would figure, since a good part of our gift boxes are getting filled with coins/stuff again.!!!

  12. Jaye Reiser Says:

    I was also very disappointed I couldn’t share!!

  13. Ovo Says:

    @ Katrina, keep re-entering FV and keep re-trying to send out a request..

    re-entering & re-trying – changes the people you can send to..:)

  14. Ovo Says:

    I would like to add.. That Zynga finally seems to be listening by giving us alot of great items for free..:)

    And made alot of CooL items in the Market available to everyone – for coins..:)

    Very Positive Move..:)

    Although, as a business major/former successful bus.owner.. I also see them stepping back into making Negative Moves again.. They took a few positive steps forward.. and then turned around and doubled their negative steps backwards..

    They should have lower prices on some of New FV Cash items.. they need to sell by Volume, not by greedy pricing.. That only leads to failure and ruins a good name..

    Too many great items all in one terrific group theme..that all go together..
    BUT, If you *can’t afford them all*.. why bother purchasing one item by itself.. when its part of a group..?

    Example: If they had a Wizard of Oz theme.. but only offered the Cowardly Lion and a Flying Monkey.. Makes NO sense what so ever business wise..

  15. sandra Says:

    I got one but it would not let me share with a friend :(

  16. erica Says:

    those talking about coins… You know you should have already gotten a wishing well, to which u put your coins in?!? No pot of luck that i can tell would be coming. I think this wishing well was its equivalent.

    Plus their theme now is to give away older expensive hard to get fc items for pennies now. So just wait on getting new items unless you have to have them. They will eventually come out again.

    Lex- had previously said we couldn’t grow up our “special” animals because it wouldn’t be fair to those who paid fc for them, and now they practically giving those older ones away.

    I have tried to collect as many animals as i could along the way, but this putting out of 40 different animals per theme… kind of makes it hard. So for now, taking in all free items and any for coins, then only cows or horses that are NOT in the mystery game.

  17. Kykaku Says:

    Everyone saying they cant share the cow because it was in your gift box already, I helped someone with the dogwood tree, and the cow was in my gift box as well, but if you click on the heart on your farmville home (Where you click on the items asking to share) the pop-up saying “Share” will appear. Just thought I would tell you.

  18. A farmer Says:

    that’s the WRONG purple cow you are showing. That’s the AMEX cow.

  19. VHall Says:

    When I clicked on my heart and said i could share the valentine cow, it wouldn’t let me, nor my neighbors… Ugh!!

  20. Farmer Says:

    Hey farmers!

    I was just wonderng..Can the valentine purple cow give birth to a foal in your own cowhouse???

  21. Fran Says:

    Same here, I couldn’t send the gift to any friend! same happening to my friends.

  22. Andry Says:

    Way to go! I got mine and I got one from a friend and now NONE of those are on my giftbox! Zynga: keep working for a bugs-full game! If only the reduced the amount of new things and concentrated a bit more on fixing bugs!

  23. Kara S Says:

    I got my cow and got a share pop up but the posting window was extra long and the part with the “send” button wasn’t available to me so I couldn’t share it. Bummer.

  24. farmer boy Says:

    Kimberly i got mines really weird ZYNGA get it straight or im not playin anymore im tired of all ur mistakes dogs gone hungry, orchards shrinking,some people not getting their purple valentine cow.My mom just lost some FV cash knock it off its getting super annoying

  25. Erica Says:

    Soooo frustrated.

    I’ve been asking friends for help on getting the Fancy Topiary. Friends have DEFINITELY clicked on helping me get the item, but all they get is the “send your friend a gift” page – which doesn’t have the topiary.

    So… no cow for me I guess.

  26. lynn Says:

    never got to ask for the dogwood tree and the pop up for the cow showed up at the same time. Never got the cow in my gift box and could not share one

  27. Cynthia Says:

    I could not share a cow, and a lot of my neighbors complained that they could not share one either.

  28. n. gin_famous Says:

    hahaha.. great prizes out there!