FarmVille Valentine’s Day Theme Showcase 5

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FarmVille Valentine’s Day Theme Showcase 5

Posted on February 11, 2011 9:50 pm by FarmVille Freak Eva16

Check out the latest edition of the FarmVille Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year Showcase! This video seems to be featuring all the new releases we can expect this week! What do you think of this new Showcase?

Do any of the items look like they would fit on your farm? And how have you been enjoying the Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year themes so far?

FarmVille Broken Heart Cottage

FarmVille Barbed Heart Topiary

FarmVille Crossbones Topiary

FarmVille Broken Heart Gnome

FarmVille Chinese Pavilion

FarmVille Cow Lion Dance

FarmVille Lantern Sheep

FarmVille Kung Fu Duck

FarmVille Red Lantern Bridge

FarmVille Willows Hearts Tree

FarmVille Black Cherry Tree

FarmVille Red Gypsy Horse

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76 Responses to “FarmVille Valentine’s Day Theme Showcase 5” »

  1. mschicklet Says:

    Those purple trees are cute!

  2. Melon Cat Says:

    I love those purple trees! Admittedly, not too crazy about the black/red gypsy horse. Not as cute as the pink/white gypsy horse.

  3. Jean Bridgman Says:

    I think the trees are neat :-)

  4. christy Says:


  5. Pareja Cr Says:

    can’t wait for those items

  6. Earthian 12 Says:

    the storming house is awesome

  7. JANET Says:


  8. lisa Says:


  9. Kathleen Kennedy Says:

    I love the willows heart tree…Kat

  10. Denise Says:

    Love the purple willow heart tree!! Bring it on!

  11. Michele Says:

    What are the nacho plates for i got one and everytime i try to use it nothing

  12. matt Says:

    love the anti valentines day stuff ;P :D

  13. Lynk Says:

    Aww, i get it now! They are anti-Valentines day items. Hearts with crossbones, barbed wire, and the broken hearted rainy house! This theme is adorable, and a cute new idea for all those who are tired of the girly pink stuff

  14. DeedleJean Says:

    I like the Lanyern Bridge and the Cross Bones Topiary.

  15. Kerri Says:

    I want it all!!!! LOL

  16. Goni Says:

    Finally we will see some rain in FarmVille! :)

  17. Mary Says:

    please tell me we can get the willow trees with coin and NOT FV cash!! Not fair for those of us without extra money laying around to be able to get the cute stuff with real $$$!

  18. pat Says:

    They want me to buy any more of this chit they best let me play the friggen game! 4 times today I was put in time out for an hour due to trying to collect “too fast” Would click, type a Ty, go back to feed and BAM —timeout. Get out click on a couple things (pause a bit) click and Timed out again. Then to top it off I just the magic 125 number (play a lot due to insomnia) and now am done until reset. Don’t even get me started on the fact that trees I paid cash for are no longer giving me seedlings but water instead when I harvest my orchards.

  19. Denise Croker Says:

    Getting fed up with the Valentine’s Day stuff. And it doesn’t really matter what I like, they’ll probably only be available with FV money.

  20. VERONICA Says:


  21. Richard Says:

    whoa… some cool stuff in this batch!

  22. kortni Says:

    L.O.V.E. the anti v-day things…bout damn time…but, that cow scares the crap outta me… :O

  23. annimallover Says:

    cool cow and sheep will definently be getting sheep fc or not and cow if the sheep is for coins

  24. LadySorrow Says:

    Hey, I’m liking all the “broken hearted” items! Those have such a wretched, dark feel to them that is so unlike anything FarmVille’s released before. Just my kind of stuff! Hope to see the release of those items, along with the gorgeous Red Gypsy Horse!

  25. Lacey Says:

    Now that’s truly an emo horse.

  26. XavierWolf Says:

    LOVE THE GNOME!!! Must get it!

  27. Marilyn Says:

    I Love all the items,, can’t wait till they come out

  28. Sherie Says:

    I so want the Duck! It is Awesome…

  29. maureen howard Says:

    love the horse and the lantern cool

  30. Jena Long Says:

    Ok how many different colors of the Gypsy horse can the re-sale over and over. :/ I used to like their horses but seeing the same thing time and again is a bit lame now they are doing giant trees versus something new.

  31. Mary Ackerman Says:

    Love the purple willow trees and the black and red gypsy horse. Hope they are reasonable, Would be great if they were for coins instead of fc. Would be a great valentine gift from Zynga if all the new stuiff were for coins. But that is an impossible dream.

  32. John Says:

    I think the kung fu duck is cool

  33. Martha Says:

    I’m usually thrilled about the new horses but… I already bought that horse. How many times are they going to drop a paint buckle over it and try to sale it to me again?
    The tree I actually like. I like the way it waves with the wind. And I like purple.
    And the cow looks so funny.
    I guess I’ll save the farmcash not buying the horse and spend it on those items.

  34. Martha Says:

    Oh, and the anti-valentine’s day stuff is so cool!
    I really like the house and the gnome. Just will probably pass on those because I don’t feel like spending cash on items that will be on display only for a couple of days.
    Then again, if they go for coins…

  35. Villemar Says:

    I agree 100% with Kortni, love the Anti-V theme and I too was going to say that cow is truly horrifying!! Lol, it’s the stuff of nightmares :-)

  36. Reese Says:

    i want that horse ▲ :) i love the horse i am a collector

  37. Carol Says:

    GOTTA HAVE the red gypsy horse and the purple willow heart tree. HOPE THEY ARE NOT TOO COSTLY..

  38. Sylvia Says:

    the black and red horse of course lol cant wait,i hope its going to be in the market and not that danged balloon pop game

  39. reincloud Says:

    cute stuff! LOVE the willow tree!!

    but, did I miss something? I haven’t seen any “unreleased” items on this site in a pretty long time, the closest would be this thread. Is site no longer going to do “unreleased” items? Because of it becoming an “official” site? Is this the best we can hope for from now on? :(

  40. TFTMom Says:

    I love the Purple Tree, the Lion Cow ( put it as the Surprise animal in the Valentine Countdown! Please Please Please!) Broken Heart cottage, Lantern Bridge and Chines pavilliion, in that order. The purple spotted cow (suspected “surprise animal in Valentine Countdown!) is LAME!

  41. Pop Eye Says:

    whats up with the red gypsy? IT LOOKS TOTALLY GAY!! anyways i’m getting 1..

  42. anita Says:

    aaawww, i want both topiaries and both trees, hope, they cost not tooooo many farm cash, want them baaaaadly

  43. Elva Says:

    There was far too much hearts and fluff! I love these new items, great to see in the market :D

    The Chinese stuff is cool but that looks like one mean horse…

  44. Sheila Grover Says:

    Love the purple willow trees, like the gypsy horse, and the heart topiary’s. Wish there were some victorian items!!!! HATE the Chinese new year crap! Thank you

  45. Sheila Grover Says:

    PLEASE NO Chinese crap they treat animals in their country terrible!

  46. Robyn Says:

    YAY! TREES!! As long as they’re not giant trees :( those things are hideous

  47. JB Says:

    The cow is my favorite. Getting a little tired of the whole gypsy horse thing. Seems kind of redundant at this point.

  48. FARM Says:

    FINALLY thin gs am gonna buy .THESE STUFF A TOPZZZZZZZZZZ ,BLACK !!!!!!!!! ANTI-V !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. AMANDA BABY Says:

    IM gettin REALLY sick and tired OF them SENDIN out NEW horses… WHERE do u expect us to put them ZYNGA…. IN our stables butts… COME ON HORSE stable EXPANSION NEEDED… the chicken COOP can hold 100….. I have horses EVERYWHERE… and really have no room EXCEPT for the DANG pegasus………

  50. farmergrl Says:

    oooh, i love these dark themed items ^___^

  51. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Reincloud@39 – it was clear that the deal in Freak becoming an official fan site was t stop all the unreleased stuff that was the result of hacking.
    I think the change is a good thing – All that unreleased stuff was a waste of space, I want to know about what is happening – not what might be sent out at some point,.

    Pat@18 – the orchards will give water sometimes and seedlings sometimes. Surely that is an improvement on previously when they gave seedlings from some orchards and nothing but coins from the others. They have never given seedlings every time.

    Also the 125 limit is there to even the game up for all players. Make it possible for people who cannot play for hours at a time to have a chance at times.
    I find that clicking on a lot of consecutive items triggers a slow down warning and if I ignore it a time out.
    Just means I am much more selective not about what I collect. Makes the game more of a challenge.

  52. Arvs Says:


  53. Grant Says:

    If the New lawn gnome is in the game I will cry :(

  54. tselmen Says:

    will the willows hearts trees be harvestable? or is it just a decoration?

  55. Elizabeth Sholl Says:

    Pat…same thing with my orchards and I spoke with support about it..8 days with all new tree’s and NO SEEDLINGS
    Anyway…Love alot of the new stuff Cant wait to get the horse and I like the broken heart cottage too, with the clouds over it…we should have clous that go but and days when it rains and is cloudy and some sunny days . That would be cool!

  56. Jamie Verri Says:

    Wooohh….loving the darkness of it all….. Would love to X out all the fluff and replace it with the thorn of all this…yay! love it.
    I prob already know that cow will be in the mystery game. wahhhh :(

  57. kayla Says:

    Must have purple trees!

  58. reincloud Says:

    cindy huxley #51 – well I say BOO to all that! Pretty much the only reason I was coming to this site was for the “unreleased” content. I can see everything happening now in my game and on a ton of other sites. I want to know what’s coming up so I can know if something better is coming out soon than what Im thinking of spending farmcash on. Frankly, I think they ruined this site. It was awesome that it was “unofficial” and not subject to zynga’s asshat rules about what you can and can’t talk about. Selling out = never a good thing :(

  59. reincloud Says:

    oh, and what do you mean by the unreleased items being “the result of hacking?” Im just interested to know if it’s been confirmed that this site was coming up with the “unreleased” items through “hacking”… personally, I just always figured a cpl people doing this site work for zynga and were “leaking” items..

  60. Todd Says:

    I think these items are freakin’ awesome!! Not only can they be used for anti-valentines day theme BUT they can also be used for halloween too :D

  61. Libby Says:

    I LOVE the barbed wire topiary and the skull n crossbones one too; does anyone know when these will hit te market?

  62. Libby Says:

    @ Todd/ 60

    Yup, my thought exactly; then again I still have my Halloween village but deleted the stupid pink castle. :-)

  63. FarmBoy Says:

    people who want the purple trees and stuff dont just go,ohhit cost fv cash simply create another account get to lvl 15 and send yourself wat ya want

  64. Sighing is fun Says:

    Nice trees! For cash?

  65. rick Says:

    The dancing lion cow reminds me of Will Farrell as the evil wizard in the movie Blades of Glory… does it make puking sounds, too? lol. Not really impressed with any of it to be honest.

  66. Jarramore Says:

    i want that cottage <3

  67. Meep! Says:

    FINALLY, some emo stuff :) woop!

  68. Felicia Says:

    Awesome! I am getting the house, red and black gypsy, and the willow tree, and the topiary’s…I have a valentine theme, so gonna do an anti valentine theme next to it….more excited about this stuff then most of the vday stuff

  69. Pop Eye Says:


  70. valeria Says:

    i love the black cherry and the anti v day items:D

  71. Anonymity Says:

    The anti-vday stuff, the two trees and the animals are making me think of breaking my vow of ever spending money on Zynga again… Damnit!

  72. Love it but think its dumb Says:


  73. Starlie Says:

    love the trees, especially the willow i hope they release a green one… hate the horse ANOTHER tinted gypsy ahhh!!!

  74. Gruff1981 Says:

    So when are these being released? Does anyone know?

  75. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Reincloud @58/59

    I think it was pretty clear that a lot of the unreleased stuff came via hacking, but honestly whether it was hacking or leaks does it make much difference?
    It’s still not acceptable, in fact I think the idea of Zynga employees leaking information is worse, since that involves disloyalty and a real lack of integrity. It means they are stealing information from their employer and I would not keep anyone I found doing that in my employment.

    It’s pretty basic to most companies whether they are producing cars or the new line in fashion or video games, or anything inbetween, that they do not want it released and discussed before they are ready to release it themselves. Those are not ‘asshat rules’, its the reality of life in the adult commercial world.

    FarmerBoy@63 – curious how that helps. If an item costs FVC it will still cost that whichever ‘account’ you use to buy it surely.

    Cynthia@44/45 that you don’t like the Chinese Lunar theme is fine, but please don’t refer to it as ‘Chinese crap’ or suggest it shouldn’t be run because you don’t like some aspects of their culture. True they have a different attitude to animals than in the West, and that is true of many countries where life is a struggle, and there no spare money or emotional energy to lavish on animals as many in the affluent West do.


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