FarmVille VIP Bonus Pack Email

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FarmVille VIP Bonus Pack Email

Posted on July 1, 2010 5:39 pm by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

Looks like several FarmVille Freaks have begun receiving emails from FarmVille regarding a VIP Bonus Pack.

FarmVille VIP Bonus Pack Email

The bonus pack contains:

  • 5 Whole Fuel Refills
  • 5 Arborists
  • 5 Farmhands
  • 1 Spring Bike
  • 20% off FarmVille Cash -$FV- purchases for the next 72 Hours

FarmVille Claim Your Prize

After accepting your bonus pack you will be able to send a ‘coupon’ (the bonus pack) to 30 neighbors of your choice.

FarmVille VIP Bonus Pack Congratulations Notice

This bonus pack comes at a time when farmers are looking for some cheering up, this past week Zynga teased us with an expansion that did not come and now many players are losing animals left and right! Zynga has now issued a statement about that above the FarmVille game screen:

“Howdy Farmers! We are currently investigating issues with missing animals and building parts from storage buildings.”

Source: Zynga FarmVille

What item do you think is missing from this bonus pack? Is there something that should be added and/or changed?

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171 Responses to “FarmVille VIP Bonus Pack Email” »

  1. Crystal Says:

    I was just posting this on another topic.

    Nice. Very nive!

  2. Tony Says:

    How do you become a FarmVille VIP?

  3. marie stanley Says:

    yeah, this is why i haven’t had a farmhand in any egg this week, i still love it tho and the cash discount that goes with it.

  4. LoneFarmer Says:

    well they need to reward a lot more than a few bucks to make up for all the dollars in animals they have taken from me and yet to reply and not to mention my unwither ring dissapeared…they have some serious trouble on their hands and will loose a TOn of players if this isnt made right.

  5. Debbie Says:

    so I’ve spent on average $50 a week on this game since the beginning of time…and Im NOT VIP??? WTF?!?!

  6. Janine Says:

    I just want my newer Chickens back in the coop please …

  7. Agnes Sulliven Says:

    Lost 27 grooy cows out of a dairy barn….I am not happy about all the problems that this site has been having…everytime something new is added everything else falls apart!!! Please fix what we have before adding more items….

  8. haneen Says:

    second :)
    i can only say lol lol lol what a prize for vip’s ?!

  9. duthilleux Says:

    j ai reçue le vip et transmis a mes voisins

  10. jenn Says:

    i too lost animals that i just paid fv cash for, um, yeah, they better replace everything that i lost. this is a crock of bs. you are going to give me garbage to replace what i lost and make me respend real money to buy fv cash to purchase my items again? i think not.

  11. Frank Says:

    What a load of crap.
    Fuel, can’t even sell that.
    Arborists, got too many already.
    Farmhands, how many do you need.
    or just another bike, is that all what they can come up with??

    How about some FV cash?
    Or something we all would like even more:
    get a steady glitchfree application first before starting other messages or actions.
    Btw am I the only one who knows “Breton” as in the horse is not Suisse but Britany in France?
    It shows that Zynga is US based, with little knowledge about Europe.

  12. Brenda Says:

    I just got mine and sent it on to 30 people…now will I ever get to use all my building materials for my Japanese barn? Or get my 35+ groovy cows back that I lost? *lol*

  13. Bob Says:

    Is no one noticing that the Spring Bike is a new item?

  14. John Says:

    I believe to be an V.I.P. you have to have a zynga acct. That’s how I received the package. Plus, I was able to pick 30 friends to send the package to also. ☺

  15. Veggy Gril Says:

    Ok that doesn’t get my FV items back these are animals they no longer have available to buy ;(
    don’t care about a bike I already have those items. grrrrrrrrr

  16. Gavin Says:

    Zynga’s VIP mean Very Improper Performance ie, pay us your money and you lose your stuff and no care to the users.

    Here in the UK with Robin Hood takes from the rich to give to the poor well Zynga take from the Payers but give to themselves

  17. petuliah Says:

    $50 bucks a week??? WOW! lol, and i thoughI was spending way too!!…. I’m sorry to say I will NOT be spending ANY MORE real money on Farmville… i’ve started planting 3 day crops… So long Farmville :).. atleast for couple days. :)

  18. shirley Says:

    this was published in january. not now. how could this have anything to do with now???????

  19. Danielle Says:

    I have an other problem. I can’t expand my dairy farm..
    The messagebox with “you need 10 friends in 3 days” comes up, but when I click publish nothing happens! If I wait a little my farm goes out of sync..

    Anybody knows what I can/should do?

    The same thing goes for my japanese barn.

  20. Maria Pubear Says:

    Crap, crap, crap – what should people who lost rare animals do with fuel (got over 1300 fuel) or arborists or farmhands?? This is really ridiculous if it should be connected with the incident today… i want my 42 scots/red chickens back which took at least 4 weeks to collect and not a bunch of worthless stuff.

  21. kim Says:

    how do one become a VIP?

  22. Isabel Blue-Norman Says:

    I have lost hores, foals, cows , califs, chickens, coins and points, I am sooooo sick of the taking of things I have worked so hard for. I want iot all back today!

  23. melissa Says:

    I GOT ONE !!!! YAY!

  24. Miguel Says:

    I lost a breton horse, a black stalion and 18 groovy cows and i dont get anything?! im done with fv..

  25. ginger Says:

    50 a week must be nice! but thats crazy it ain’t never worked great still can upgrade my dairy farm or the new barn

  26. Minnie Says:

    I got the email but it won’t let me redeem the pack when I put in the code.

  27. louise olson Says:

    and what makes a VIP I wonder, if it’s the amount of real money spent, i should have qualitied and why such crappy rewards my god grab a brain zyinga

  28. Kathleen Reyburn-Michael Says:

    A freakin’ Spring Bike? That’s a VIP pack? Cmon FV – I guess I’m done paying real money for their CRAP.

  29. Tammy Rotza Says:

    WOW, just how much do you have to spend on this stupid game were all so NUTS for spending our money on!!! its like a gambling addiction! thats how I view it.. I spend about 65$ to 75$ A Month! is that not enough to be a VIP= Very Idiot Person! Thats me for spending my good money on a STUPID GAME!!! I have now through out the day slowly as my barns become ready for harvest..lose all but a few foals/ponys out of them..and Im not touching them. I just look and all but 3 or 4 are gone! so Iv guesstimated that Iv lost some where around 107 RARE FOALS/PONYS!! and 7 adult horse that cost FV CASH.. and 3 of them were Bought with FV COIN…. Im not freaking out as of yet! Im really putting a lot of trust in to Zanga that I will get all my lost foals back. I worked my butt off to get them all….!

  30. barbara Says:

    Ok not a farmville VIP and having major problems with my farm!!! Not loading and cant pan Just taken me an hour to harvest and my farm is not that big taking a break PLEASE can the problems be sorted before any more new items are added FARMER FURY will begin Just been looking at some of the sites and there are too many problems being reported and nothing being done about them this was supposed to be fun!!!!

  31. DonitaBiery Says:

    I propose a Farmville/Facebook games STRIKE….They want our money not our complaints. I haven’t recieved a reply to 1 email yet….

  32. keda Says:

    i got my package but still want my missing animals , i’m patiently waiting i know they’ll have to fix some glitches then *GIVE ME MY ANIMALS BACK* good

  33. Ronn Says:

    What a sorry excuse for a “VIP” pack — four virtually worthless items that most people already have in excess anyway. If this was designed to compensate us for their terrible quality control, then IT’S WAY TOO LITTLE TOO LATE.

  34. GrannyBarb Says:

    That’s all good and nice, but most of us already have a bunch of bikes, gas is free anyways this week and you can snare free gas from collections, etc. and yes, we have way too many arborists and farm helpers in our gift boxes already. This does not replace all the animals we lost…..just give us back our animals!

  35. Farmaniac Says:

    I agree with Frank.

    Not the best ‘VIP’ package they could come up with. How about an unreleased animal, an unreleased tree, 10 FV and 50 fuel?

  36. brymz Says:

    woohoo, I just got mine!

  37. Sue Curtis Says:

    Anytime I get email be it my daily fuel or whatever I get told the reward is not for me. ROFLMAO. Stupid.
    Glad I did not get this one. I would be royally pissed off if my animals I have spent money on were gone. Sorry this has happened to anyone. Good luck getting them back. They lost my maison type mansion and I ended up paying 65$$$ to get it back and I had PROOF with a farm pic I entered in their contest the day before it vanished. I was still told tough luck. The only reason I have another is because it was released again.

  38. melissa Says:


  39. Dedwin Hedon Says:

    I already have 19 total arborists and farmhands sitting in my gift box.

  40. NotarySojac Says:

    I think the VIP pack gave me at least two of the four items – I definitely did not have any bikes in my box and I have this Spring Bike now, and I’ve never seen the 5 “Whole Fuel Refills” that are in there too. I have no idea how many Farmhands or Arborists I had so I don’t know if any were added if I got all four items.

    @Frank – we were wondering what a Breton horse had to do with the Alps too. We are also in the US but at least we read and know how to do research.

  41. Lucca Says:

    I lost Bretons on 3 farms. All I got back was form letter. I paid cash for them and they are treating me like dirt. I’m a “heavy user” in marketing terminology and I’m being treated poorly. I’m about to quit. The lack of fuel, lost items paid for with cash and too many other issues to list are driving me away. This does NOT make up for their lack of customer service.

  42. Debbie Says:

    Update, I did just get the VIP email….so for $50 a week for a year now I get a bunch of crap I already have a ton of….yes the VIP stands for Very Ignorant Person lol… may of been a better move to avoid this all together, this is kind of a slap in the face if you ask me. I’ve put a ton of money into your game, you want me to feel VIP-give me a land expansion. I understand they don’t want to expand because there are so many people who just fill the land with crops…..but for some of us we fill it with crap…I only have 80 crops left! I need space!

  43. Estella Says:

    Wow. Way to be greedy people… Also, way to be impatient. Good grief, do you people have any manners? Mostly likely, they’re working their best on getting your stupid animals back to you.

  44. louise olson Says:

    omg i got the VIP package, filled it out, got the stupid arborist, etc and it said i would find the icon to gift 30 friends in my gift box NOT don’t know what went haywire but what a rip off

  45. Rachel Says:

    WOW! $50 a week? $50-60 a month? I’ve only spent $20 EVER. And that was to send the Loch Ness Monster for my husband. Holy crap. And I’ve been playing for over a year. Oh and the money at 7-11 for my water slides and the Uber 200 FV$, although that was just bottled water and Slurpees my kid gets anyway. I can’t imagine spending that much on a cyber game that has no part of reality. Especially when Zynga could go bankrupt and the game dies. That’s a lot of wasted money, I hope ya’all have great jobs to afford that much disposable income!!!

  46. TheCookieMonster Says:

    duthilleux’s comment translates to: I have received my VIP package from my friend.

    Ugh can you just have patience.. Zynga will give you your stinking animals back. And to anyone who says 60 – 70 bucks a month, that is crazy.

  47. TheCookieMonster Says:

    duthilleux’s comment translates to: I have received my VIP package from my friend.

    Ugh can you just have patience.. Zynga will give you your stinking animals back. And to anyone who spends 60 – 70 bucks a month, that is crazy.

  48. Debi Says:

    I got one … but it told me I couldn’t have it when I tried to redeem :(

  49. bob jones Says:

    they gotta give something better than that…. i quit…

  50. Brad Says:

    got mine – no updates in a week.. Wtf we can have stuff for haiti, but nothing for 4th of July Holiday for USA decorations disappointed.. urgg..

  51. agostinho Says:

    acho que facebook tem muito que melhorar com o dinheiro que ja gastei nunca recebi nei um bonus e agora some animais materias do barn gosto muito do jogo mais tem que melhorar muita esta muito amador para quem gasta dinheiro tambem

  52. Jen Says:

    Zynga should have released the Breton horse along with the Haflinger and then released a Freiberger horse for the Swiss theme. That’s an actual Swiss breed. Not all Americans are geographically-challenged. But should it really surprise us that Zynga would commit such a blender?

    I had to laugh when I saw the VIP package – really, it’s all junk we can get from a mystery box. A good VIP package would have included White Stallions and other things that are rare…not common crap.

  53. farmartnah Says:

    seems like these haters don’t appreciate free stuff.

    with that being said, i do think they should fix the bugs-ESPECIALLY-the one dealing with lost animals, that is unacceptable. it seems slowly farmville is breaking apart at the seams.


  54. Debbie Haase Says:

    I lost 2 barns & got nothing

  55. Mary Anne Says:

    I now have 24/60 chickens in my coop..the 24 there are golden chicks, the 36 missing were my Rhode Island Reds, my cornish and my Scots Grays..I worked really hard to get these and expect them to be replace…Not going to hold my breath though…Yes, I got the dumb VIP package, nothing I didn’t already have too many of… :(

  56. MERLIN TICE Says:


  57. casey Says:

    hmmm – I don’t believe I lost anything but Zynga sent me a VIP package which I shared with 30 nieghbors.

  58. dorkbreath Says:

    everybody, SHUT UP ALREADY !!! zynga will fix the missing items..I SWEAR . . . i’m 100% sure…youre just gonna have to be a little bit more patient…it’s not easy to run such a huge game and have no errors..they are not perfect…they are people…just like you and me….

    stop being tools and do something else while you wait…go to the gym, read a book or help the homeless…geez…. all a bunch of winers…NOTHING is ever good for you… cry some more please…

  59. Crystal Says:

    I don’t understand why people spend so much money on this game. I treated myself twice – once in December because it’s my birth month and Christmas; I treated myself again in Feb. because I got a HUGE tax refund after spending 6 months unemployed in ’09 and having to move over 1100 miles for my new job.

    I’ve spent a total of 10 bucks on FV. I started playing in October. I even took off from there about the new year until last month. I’m still Level 51 and I have all the bells and whistles. I’m hoping they release the bigger farms tonight!

    This game isn’t so hard. Quit complaining about spending money on it. You really don’t have to!

    Btw I don’t think I lost anything, either.

  60. Azndevil924 Says:

    I agreed with alot of you guys we want the animals back and this vip gift is crap for loosing all the animals especially the 1 that we bought with farm cash and they can’t be bought anymore, they need to get this SH!T straight b4 they release new thing…..

  61. Marvin3O Says:

    OMG!! I’m a VIP!!! I got my VIP package!!! woohooo!!!

  62. casey Says:

    oh yeah – a belted cow, 4 groovy cows and a dozen pink cows are missing…. received them via adopting or coins.

    Now I’m thinking again – Why do I continue to play this game and Yes I got my VIP email – I’m post #34 above

  63. dawn Says:

    FV is still having problems too. You think they would have found problem by now. One thing they can do to make things a little better-make the Tuscan cows breed easier. Many have yet to see a foal, I’ve had 1. My dairy hasn’t had a calf in about 2 weeks-even bought 3 belted cows, no calves yet and 2 of the belted cows missing.

  64. valerie baxter Says:

    Thanks for the though Farmville but I have so many of these in my gift box, even after getting rid of some, I don’t want any more.

  65. casey Says:

    5 arborists and 5 farmhands – way to clog the gift box Zynga – BTW I still have 20 Spring Eggs I haven’t used cuz there’s no room in the gift box!

  66. paul Says:

    its bs also the 20% off

    just bought a belted cow and charged me the full 1.000.000 coins

    first they stole some of my horses and foals

    now they come with fake promices of 20% off

    wtg zynga

  67. asjalthani Says:

    lol! i got the VIP email, and i was like “what since when was i a vip farmer” LOL!

  68. kitten of doom! Says:

    yes i got 1 and farmville fix the bugs

  69. April Says:

    Yes….because the arborists and farmhands that I DON’T need nor do I want will make up for all of this crap!! OOOOoooo 5 WHOLE fuel refills? to go with the 50 I already have!! Thank YOU zynga!! It’s like hey! Let me set your BMW on fire and give you a 1985 chevelle to make up for it! GOOO ZYNGA! GREAT JOB GUYS!

  70. donna Says:

    I got a totem pole not a spring bike in my VIP gift pack

  71. Anthony Says:

    I have been playing almost since the start and I expect to be a V.I.P. Never spent a cent on Farmville and just relied on levelling up and gifts. I’m only a bit annoyed about the disappearing animals because none of mine have disappeared. I actually ended up with more chickens but still I can’t access my Coop or Horse Sable without an Out of sync error :(

  72. Piplup U Says:

    I lost my new Mystery Gift I left un-opened…

  73. Lily Says:

    I’ve lost over 37 Chickens, Rhode Island Reds, Scotts Gray, Cornish Hens all prime. I also received the email about the VIP Pack, it is nice but I still want my chickens back!!!

  74. Margo Says:

    I got my vip package and like it. i lost all my cornish hens but cry about it. i hope zynga fixes it soon and give them a break they are working hard to fix it and if you dont like it DONT PLAY ANYONE. please stop your whining about your lost items. it is JUST A GAME PEOPLE.

  75. Pisces Says:

    who cares about fuel , farmhands, arborists – I’ve got over 700 fuel – over 20 farmhands and arborists – people who play everyday dont need this crap and who the f—- wants a stupid bike – I WANT MY HORSE I PAID 22 FV CASH FOR AND MY OVER 20 GROOVY COWS AND 20 CHICKENS – ALL RED AND CORNISH THAT DISAPPEARED – WROTE ZYNGA AND GOT A LAM RESPONSE THAT THEY ARE OBIVIOUSLY SENDING EVERYONE – FV IS GOING DOWN QUICK – IF I DONT GET MY ANIMALS BACK ZYNGA CAN GO FKFKDKADFASKL;SFSKFJK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Marcie Says:

    I got the VIP package! Yeah! Now how do you get that 20% off FV or Coin purchase? With all the problems going on I don’t dare click on anything… if something says 500 coins, will it really cost me 400, even if the price says 500?? Has anybody done it yet?

  77. Danno Says:

    i definitely didnt receive 5 of the above items.
    i got 2 farmhands, 2 fuel refills, 2 arborists, and a stupid totem pole. however, i have not lost any of my animals like others did, so i wont complain.

  78. Cynthia Says:

    I guess I’ve been lucky. I have only lost building materials in my Japanese barn. Hopefully that will be it.

  79. Ginger Smith Says:

    My code didn’t work.

  80. Nanookie Says:

    I only got 2 whole refills… and a totem pole instead of a bike.

  81. De Says:

    I got the VIP pack but it isn’t letting me have it

  82. Crystal Says:

    If your code isn’t working then just close that browser, click on the link, and in the new browser copy & paste the code.

    It did take me 2 times.

  83. Andrea Says:

    For those of you who said their code doesn’t work, it is cap sensitive. Mine didn’t work at first either. Also, does anyone know what a whole fuel refills are??

  84. Char Says:

    These kinds of glitches (along with freezing and slow loading) are why I no longer spend real money on the game and only play once a week. I’ve spent $40 in eight months and until they fix their performance issues for real, I won’t drop anymore cash on it.

  85. Sue Says:

    I don’t know why it’s VIP, one of my farms never bought a thing and I got a pack.

    Unwithers!! They are missing. And

    Farm cash…..not just a discount, but some free cash, too.

    Yes, already have too many arborists, etc.

  86. Trish Says:

    The UnWither would have been much nicer than FarmHand and/or Arborist. As well as 3 or 5 (or more!) FVCash. And, oh, my VIP Package has the old Totem Pole in it…not the Spring Bike. Would have preferred the Spring Bike…so, gonna wait awhile and see if I receive any other emails from friends.

  87. HollyKim Says:

    I got mine from a friend. And I got a totempole, not a bike. If you are having trouble getting it to accept the code, keep trying. It’s case sensitive and it took me three time to get it.

  88. moi Says:

    The friends VIP gift includes a totem, cooooool :D

  89. Wyley Says:

    I have lost 3 BSF and 2 Breton horses (as soon as i noticed this i got off the site), god knows what else has happened – im too afraid to go back at this stage… i will wait 2 more days before trying my luck… renumeration seems unlikely from what i read in the T&C many months ago… although they SHOULD give us our PAID for items back… i wont hold my breath though… and the package is worth sh*t compared to what we have lost – and my loss is insignificant compared to some other peoples losses… I spend approx $50US per month on this game and have done so for the past year, and know that there can and will be problems with the game (after all – it is a Beta Game) – and programming can be tricky – but we should NOT have to LOSE our items (many that CANNOT be replaced due to them no-longer being available)… if we cannot be granted our original animals back – then at least give us a FV package that will help cover some of the cost for what we have lost…

  90. Trish Says:

    and oh yeah…and where’s the July 4th stuff? Seems very sad that this is an American based game, and, not celebrating the 4th of July! I liked it last year when the American Flag was a sendable gift. At least they could do that much since it wasn’t in the VIP package. sigh.

  91. Michelle Says:

    I wonder how many more hours I have to play per day and how much more money I have to spend to be a VIP? Seems I do way too much of both now as it is. Too bad it just isn’t enough for FV.

  92. Paul Says:

    Got my VIP pack and sent them off to my neighbors! Nice surprise:)
    We got these around Christmas, too..if I remember correctly.
    Disappearing animals…not so nice. I only lost a few brown foals.
    I removed all the good stuff out of my nursery and dairy right away.
    Oddly, my nearly empty dairy was replenished with all the cows I had removed!
    So now I have duplicates of my spendy cows! Most likely I will get an out of sync if I try to put my originals back in the dairy. So I’m not doing anything for now.

  93. Wyley Says:

    and to Margo, yes it might be a game – but i have spent hundreds of dollars in the past year on this game – and do not appreciate it disappearing into thin air – i want to see my virtual horses and cows and chickens at least – if i wanted an empty stable – i would go back 4-5 months ago… but since i have paid for the Breton, Pinto, Clydesdale etc, i at least want them to be there… the frreebies i don’t care so much about – it’s the stuff i have actually paid for that i winge about…

  94. suze561 Says:

    Funny how it costs them nothing for the farmhands, arborists, bike, or fuel….but they are trying to get us to spend more money on things they will lose. How about giving us 100 free fv dollars.

    I haven’t been able to expand my Japanese barns so they will probably disappear one day too. Has anyone else had this problem?

    Happy farming!

  95. bighemiman Says:

    This is why I don’t spend $$ on farmville anymore. Zynga is trying to do WAY too much MOST of the time. And then they don’t celebrate the 4th of July, again. That’s OK, in America you can only offend Americans, nice VIP package too. I entered the coupon code and the damn thing doesn’t work, well imagine that :(

  96. Melissa Says:

    Yes well… It told me I was a VIP and they were giving me this wonderful bag full-o-supergoodies (not!!) then told me when I entered the number on my email that I was unable to redeem this coupon. Oh well…. What’s another farmville glitch!

  97. Wyley Says:

    Debbie #42 above… the idea of a land expansion would be great… i have been wanting this for many months now – because so much crap is released – there is not enough room now to put it all – and my Barns are getting to capacity too with all the crap i want to keep but currently dont need on the farm…

  98. NotarySojac Says:

    The 2nd hand VIP set appears to give you 2 Whole Fuel Refills, 2 Farmhands, 2 Arborists and a Totem Pole.

  99. Priceless Says:

    Put the link of the Package !

  100. LoneFarmer Says:

    FVF i only got 1 of each item including gas.
    what a waste of my time.

  101. [kby] Says:

    Anyone know how the 20% discount shows up? I tried something now and it charged full $FV…perhaps after 9PM Pacific? Wasn’t clear in the mail and nothing showed…

  102. MooMooMoo Says:

    Got mine the first try and now have too many Farmhands. I’m not going to complain as I heeded the animal warnings and can always use more fuel. Sold the bicycle.

    I’ve only spent $10 on a Gift Card to get the free Wildflower Pond; have consumed a bit of 7-11 ice cream, fruit cups (for my Canadian friends), one sandwich and some iced coffee.

    I have yet to spend all the FV$ from my 7-11 Uber Prize.

  103. jinxm Says:

    i got a totem :O

  104. JuicyCow Says:

    I wish got it and my animals back! Hate fv if not back and iphone item again!

  105. katymac Says:

    I got my vip email but my friends havn’t gotten their coupons yet…also, when I clicked on the fuel in my gift box “150 … of fuel” flashed across my screen but didn’t update in my fuel tank….


  106. Laurie Says:

    Hmmm – got the coupon in the email; wouldn’t let me redeem…
    I’ll try again tomorrow, before I write them.

  107. katymac Says:

    **update: the fuel is 5 refills of 150 units, so good for 150 plots or 750 plots total. It did update for my son’s account who also got the VIP.

    I think it’s a great VIP gift and I’m happy to have any and all free fuel I can get my hands on!

    Now, if only my friends get their coupons….

  108. David Says:

    Got it no problem, but none of my neighbours that I sent it to did?

  109. seanlovegod Says:

    i can’t redeem my vip prize pack

  110. Carol Says:

    I’m like Laurie. My request for the coupon came back as you can’t redeem this coupon. Then why the Hell did they send me the Email?

  111. Farmer C Says:

    Got mine! I was waiting for this as soon as I saw this so that I can buy that unwither ring!

  112. Rebecca Says:

    OMG!! You all spend real money to get stuff!!! I might spend a few real dollars to get in game cash if there is something REALLY WORTH it, but almost never. You are all crazy!!!!! I like the strike idea

  113. 5Celcious Says:

    @Shirley it says 01/07/10 meaning july first, stupid american

  114. Ann Says:

    I know that there have been a lot of problems with Farmville lately, but I am just tickled pink after receiving this package. The amount of Farmhands, Arborists and fuel is very generous, and since I hadn’t bought any Farmcash in a long time I decided to purchase a little with the 20% discount. After I did, I was prompted to create a Zynga account and got 25 free Farmcash for it! I believe others have received this offer in the past but I never did. Now I’m really stocked up on Farmcash at a great price, plus all the other helpful stuff I got in the VIP package. I’m feelin’ pretty good! Granted, I haven’t lost any animals from the last update, which probably would’ve dampened my enthusiasm somewhat.

  115. Sara Says:

    I only got 2 farmhands, 3 fuel, and a totem pole, not a bike. Might have gotten 2 arborists but I already had a ton so I’m not sure.

  116. Cynthia Zittel Says:

    This is for WhomEver typed “Stupid American” Remember We all Bleed the same color, We all get angry it is How you deal with it, without being RUDE. If you don’t like what you read Leave it alone. Thanks, Cynthia Zittel

  117. MissLaniS Says:

    I accepted mine and got only 2 fuel refills & totem pole…. plus I was only allowed to send it to one person. REally lame

  118. Libbie51 Says:

    Ha Ha, I got the e-mail and the code, go figure the code doesn’t work, what else is new? lmao………I’m just about done playing this stupid game, there must be better things that I could be doing instead of sitting here being frustrated all the time…..

  119. wonwon Says:

    I think everyone will get the VIP treatment. It’s sort of their way of buttering all irate users from all the errors we all been experiencing.

    Oh, and I haven’t.

  120. Salman Says:

    I got two of each item, not 5. And instead of Bike, I got a totem pole!!! Not sure about cash discount.

  121. Traceye Says:

    I have recieved this in my email but not accepted yet…with so much else going wrong on farmville I wasn’t sure if I should accept this or not, seems to be going to people who agree to recieving emails from Farmville.

  122. The Webdude Says:

    As the packet was loaded full of things I didn’t need I wasn’t upset or surprised when I was informed “Sorry, you cannot redeem this coupon.”

    More typical Zynga non-functionality…..

  123. lili Says:

    what is missing in this bonus pack is CASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  124. tom Says:

    i am or was a farmville freak i have spent over 100,000 pounds on farmville to get the rare horses and cows and they have all gone nothing left so now zynga i have quit farming deleted all my plots decorated my farm thinking about were has all that money gone i have come of facebook deleted all my farmville frends and my last trip bought me here good by farmville freak

    you were loyal to me all the time giving us unreleased iteams i was a farmville freak to you

  125. laydeebug Says:

    i got a VIP package, but I only got 2 whole fuel refills, a totem pole and I probably got some arborists and farmhands but not sure how many since I already a lot of them.

  126. Gateway Pen Says:

    I think they should add 10 FV Cash (because i need it for the new horse! LOL)

  127. bndc Says:

    i just completed my nursery barn…..but after last last night some of the materials were not complete again……………no nursery barn……….:(

  128. Roshelle Says:

    I got the totem pole too :( had one already want the blue bike and 2 of each fuel farm hands and arborists

  129. Ecko Says:

    i didnt get email -.-

  130. Farmerjojo Says:

    I got the package – and what is missing from it is the items that have disappeared from my farm!! thats all i want – not some token gesture!! And as if i’m going to buy FV Cash now! i’d prob loose it!!!

  131. Sofie Says:

    I got 2 fuel refills, 2 farmhands, 2 arborists and a totem pole.

    And a whole fuel refill is the same as a tank of fuel.

  132. player Says:

    I am pretty sure when they say 20% discount they are meaning that you will get a discount for purchasing FC OR coins not for things that you buy at the market with coins or FC that you already have.

  133. Sofie Says:


    got the email and the redeem code but can’t redeem it for the items…something always going wrong and getting an error and a no sorry you can’t redeem this.
    another crap scam from zynga.

  134. littlemano Says:

    How can I be VIP??

  135. Ozair Says:

    my japanese barn items gone..

  136. hamza khalid Says:

    how to become fv vip……….and its all crap even though we need fv cash more only cash.

  137. JuicyCow Says:

    Wheres my VIP email? :-(

  138. lbroskee Says:

    i got a totem pole, not a bike

  139. RedPanda Says:

    Got the vip email! And I got 10 fv$,10 large can fuel,10 arborist n farmhands,and a mini villa! LOL!

  140. Melanie Says:

    Like some of the others I got 2 whole fuel refills, 2 arborists, 2 farmhands, and a totem pole.

  141. Sndi Says:

    I received the VIP package, along with the notice of 20% off of fv cash items purchased. I have lost 2 horses, 1 of the new Breton, 1 halfliger. So I thought since I was getting the discount, I’d buy another Breton until they return mine, LOL. So I purchased 1 0f the horses plus I bought the new Shinu pup. Bet you can’t guess what happened? ” SURPRISE ” No Discount !!! Charged me full price. If for once they’d ever do what they say, it would be a miracle!!!

  142. outherealone Says:

    @shirley – The data format is Day/Month/Year or July 1, 2010…

  143. Frank Says:

    Thank you all.
    I’m roflmao here.
    People complaining about:
    losing a free cow or chicken than someone sent them some time ago.
    If Zynga doesn’t I will be happy to send you one.
    I heard someone complain their glitch was their avatar was white, if that was all then hallelujah. Btw I think it’s racist to complaint about that. LOL
    Then some people who really should play another, even simpler game because FV clearly exceeds their mental capabilities.
    Go play tick tack toe, oh wait, you have to pay attention then too. Sorry.

    Best in my view is saying “they promised 20% of and I still had to pay 1 million for a 1 million cow.”
    The 20% discount they mean is 20% of the amount of REAL cash to get FV cash.

    Btw what I don’t like is that Zynga doesn’t offer anything like the 7 11 deals to the rest of the world.

  144. Gina Says:

    Three days ago I finished my Japanese Barn with my last 3FV$. I never got a pop up about finishing it and giving away a freebie to my friends, which I thought was odd, but shrugged it off. I clicked on the barn to see what my storage was at after finishing the barn, but I had only two options. Move or sell. No storage! It’s suppose to offer 20 storage and I had nothing! Thinking there was some weird issue, I refreshed the page and my barn was back to un-finished but my 3FV$ were still gone. Wasn’t on FV yesterday, went on this morning and my barn was missing ALL bamboo and ALL bricks. If I had to lose those remaining parts I needed (twice) I would like my FV$ back then.

  145. Jeff W Says:

    VIP, really? so, just because I’m not a paying member and I play the game thru Facebook I’m not a VIP, how funny. well since Zynga considers me a nobody because i don’t dump money into a game that never works right then i guess i am to stick up for those that do. Zynga, how can you sit back and take peoples money and then allow all the issues to happen. some of these people pay good money for the things that they have on their farm and then due to “glitches” in “YOUR” system these things are lost. instead of giving a useless bonus pack why not return FV cash or better, all the things that was lost from the users. You keep adding new games, adding new features, etc. why don’t you fix the problems you currently have before adding new ones.

  146. abdulrhman amro Says:

    i did not get any mail
    i want my vip mail

  147. melanie ethier Says:

    i think we could all pass this up if farmville stoped being busy or out of sync are thy ever gonna fix this having trouble for weeks now

  148. Carol Says:

    My husband and I both received the email offering the VIP package our our farms.
    Whwn we tried to claim it, we both got the sam,e message. “you can’t claim this”.
    Farmville is getting much worse since I started playing. They don’t seem to get it that they should fix the problems they already have instead of adding more goodies that create more problems. I’m sure thay realize that adding more goodies keeps people from leaving.

  149. John Says:

    Dear Zynga,

    Had enough of your shyt. I will not spend one more cent on getting FV cash EVER AGAIN!!

    As for the VIP deal, that’s a bunch of shyt too. Oh wait, I didn’t even receive mine.

    ZYNG-YA strikes again!

    ps; Dorkbreath, why don’t you put some of your own REAL money into the game before you get up on your pedestal and tell everyone else what to do!

  150. Donna Says:

    My friends and I have talked.. We discovered there are more than one variety of bonus packs. One has the items you mentioned. One has 2 of the arborist, farmhand and fuel, it includes a totem pole. The code for each is the key to which package you get.

  151. Sue Says:

    @ Kby… have to use the 20% Farm cash discount within 72 hours….just click on the coins and cash tab.

    Yes, it’s a discount off the stuff you get with real money.

  152. bavism Says:

    I rcv’d the VIP deal. I have not spent 1 penny of real money, so I don’t think it has anything to do with the amount of actual money you have spent. And to the person who said they were only able to send it to one friend, you need to use your CTRL key to select multiple names.

  153. David Says:

    I am with you #138-John, as for dorkbreath its obvious he is one of the idiots working at Zynga.
    I think what they should do is shut down Farmville for 2 weeks and do a complete overhaul to fix all these so called “glitches”. But they won’t do that, not becuase of the money they would lose but because only a few players may return to the game. Come on when I started playing 6 mths ago, the worst that happened is that you got an out of sync error, now when FVC items that we put our COLD HARD CASH to purchase goes missing and so far, we are not even sure we will be getting them back, I think thats too much to ask for any player.
    DorkBreath – if you don’t like my comment, liken it to a pair of pants that you bought, brought home, wore, washed and then it vanished right before your eyes. Yeah! that would piss anyone off.

  154. salliejoe Says:

    i got it….and thought it was cool,,needed the fuel and the helpers…sold the bike..

  155. Kim Says:

    I lost my chicken coop full of the 3 special chickens and the coop over a month or more ago and they never replaced it. I had to buy another one and start all over again. I now only have 10 of the special chickens. I did receive the vip package from a friend but instead of the bike i got a totome pole. the ad above says we get 5 farmhands and 5 aroborists. I only got 1 of each which i already and a ton of.

  156. Julie Says:

    I am assuming that something happened to the land expansion!! I had it in my market for one nite! It would not allow me to purchase it but is was showing 27 fv dollars or it could be purchased with coins if I added more neighbors!

  157. Libby Says:

    I had this yesterday, I like the spring bike, [refer the blue to the pink ones I already had.

    I’m having trouble buying the discounted cash though, I have $18 in m,y PayPal account but it keeps telling me to add a credit card, as though there is not enough to cover the purchase, even though it is the $16 purchase I am trying to make, tried also with the $10 just to check and is not working. Is anyone else having trouble? I’m not sure if it is Zynga or Paypal.

  158. Amanda Says:

    A few people have said this but I think this VIP package was sent to a few people and then Zynga expected it to spread because of being able to send it to 30 people. I dont think it has anything to with if you are a paying member or not….just if you are lucky enough to receive this from one of your friends. I received the one that has the totem pole, and I’m very glad to have received more fuel even if it was only 2! Higher level or not…I still run out of fuel! =]

    In the VIP package they should have added an unwither or thing like the farmhands, but it harvests, plows and seeds all in one click! That would have been cool. Or we should have had our choice of what decoration we wanted because we all collect different things. I know I use to collect benches and they never release new ones anymore, so I would have been happy about that. Anyway, I’m still thankful for the free gift.
    Also, when is there going to be a goat and sheep storage barn?

  159. MommaT Says:

    Got my VIP pack – YAY!

    Bought (with FV$) a horse, and it charged me the full amount. Honestly, that was the whole reason I bought the horse. So the 20% discount doesn’t work unless there is an unexplained step I missed in order to redeem it.

    So, did the 20% discount work for anyone else??

  160. Libby Says:

    People – the 20% discount is when we BUY FC, not when we buy new things WITH FC.

    Which is why I wated to buy some at the moment, but the sale will not go through, it seems to want to take more cash in Paypal than I have, yet there is more than enough in the account to cover what we are supposed to be paying…

  161. Ayorama Says:

    I did not get any VIP mail although i know it was forwarded by several friends. But i did get some time ago some extra FV cash when register with paypall so maybe this is just for users who havent bought FV cash before?

  162. Levi Says:

    Guys just stop complaining… obviously Zynga can’t just instantly return all the missing animals to 60,000,000+ players instantly.They aren’t perfect… nobody is, but if you just give them time instead of COMPLAINING… then you’ll get your animals back.

  163. Tor Says:

    You know folks, I’ve done what I said I wouldn’t do, I spent “real cash” on farmville, not much but you know every bit counts especially now and I too have lost animals (maybe 50 more or less) they seem to come and go day by day so obviously Zyngas trying to fix the problem But in the end I take it all in stride because if you believe that you can play a game online and never experience the glitches then you’ve fooled yourself. Complaining wont change anything, It’s a GAME. All you’re doing is moving a mouse and pushing buttons and “having fun” as we all are and sometimes crap happens. Zynga promises to fix the problem and ya know it might take some time but it’s still a fun game so enjoy it and remember that nothing in this cyber world is perfect.

    (my 2 cent)

  164. adegaile Says:

    how come i did not receive my VIP pack

  165. adam Says:

    ive lost my lambs tht i had in the christmas stuff not impressed are they going to send them back

  166. diamando Says:

    How do you become a FarmVille VIP?

  167. isha Says:

    plzzzzzz send

  168. isha Says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send

  169. Mark Mywords Says:

    Don’t you people know that jews own this game? Are you really going to give jews your money? If you do, you are stupid!! Jews hate you, as if we don’t see that enough in the media. The jews agenda is anti white, anti American!!! And you give them money!!!!!

  170. maria blanco Says:

    How do i claim my vip price???

  171. Alena Says:

    How to become a farm ville VIP