FarmVille Freak Guide: Water Wheel Building

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FarmVille Freak Guide: Water Wheel Building

Posted on July 1, 2011 9:11 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Water Wheel Stage 1

Water Wheel Stage 2

FarmVille Water Wheel Stage 3

FarmVille Water Wheel Stage 4

FarmVille Water Wheel Stage 5

FarmVille is slowly rolling out the new Water Wheel constructible building to farmers. We’ve been seeing teasers of this new building for quite awhile so we’re happy to finally see it become available. If you don’t have access yet, hold tight as you soon will.

The Water Wheel is a new building that is constructible using the new supplies (Axles, Gears, and Ropes) found on the FarmVille Gifting Page. Even more good news- this building serves a purpose! FarmVille Arborist enthusiasts are sure to appreciate the functionality of this building as it produces Water for thirsty Mystery Seedlings.

In response to the FarmVille drought, Zynga has given farmers yet another way to collect Watering Cans with the Water Wheel building. Each time you harvest your Water Wheel building, you will receive Watering Cans. The amount of Watering Cans yielded in your daily harvest depends on the size of your Watering Wheel.

FarmVille Water Wheel Notice

Getting Started

After this update is made available on your farm, you will be greeted with the pop-up shown above. You will automatically enter into Placement Mode in which you can place your Watering Wheel if you have enough open space on your farm for it to fit. If not, no worries, it will go to your FarmVille Gift Box for safe keeping until you are ready to place it.

Everyone starts out with the simple frame of the Watering Wheel. It will be up to you to collect enough construction materials to expand your Water Wheel and complete its construction.

Constructing the Water Wheel

With each construction stage that you complete, your Water Wheel building will change physical appearance by becoming bigger and more grand with each completed stage. Additionally, the bigger your Water Wheel building, the more Watering Cans you will be able to harvest!

There are several ways that you can obtain your construction materials for your Water Wheel which include:

  • Send and receive materials from friends via the FarmVille Gifting Page.
  • Collect materials from shares on your Facebook News Feed
  • Use the “Ask For More” button to request help from friends.
  • Purchase materials directly in the FarmVille Market using Farm Cash.

Water Wheel Building Requirements

  • 1st Phase: 4 Axles, 4 Gears, and 4 Ropes
  • 2nd Phase: 16 Axles, 16 Gears, and 16 Ropes
  • 3rd Phase: 30 Axles, 30 Gears, and 30 Ropes
  • Total Materials: 150

FarmVille Water Wheel Inside

Will you be building this new Constructible building for your farm? What do you think of the Water Wheels purpose, are you excited to have more access to Water?

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73 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Guide: Water Wheel Building” »

  1. lauriemary Says:

    Does this rotate??? I hate it when they put out things out and we can’t rotate them to fit into our farms!!! Please let us be able to turn them. Love the look BTW :)

  2. kim chitty Says:

    i was dissapointed after i got stage one complete and it didnt rotate….now how the heck am i sapposed to fit it onto my already crowded farm? im out of space already! and ive had to add the water wheel (which i do love) and a mailbox…grrr. cant Zynga get over the greed and give us broke as jokes ppl down here on land a break? I know they are the Gods up there on high but we are but peasants here…lowly at that.



  4. Morgan Says:

    There is nothing I need for my farm more than watering cans, so I will definitely be building this on both my home farm and my English farm.

  5. happy Says:

    how many watering cans do u get

  6. GJ Says:

    Yeah, I’ll build it just because it’s a pretty building. But the watering cans won’t do me any good, since I’m not doing the orchards. I guess my friends will be happy to see me re-gift the watering cans, though.

  7. Kerrinda Says:

    I hope we can have one on each farm. Would like to know if it is animated? That would be sweet!

  8. apps101 Says:

    @nancy : its in ur gift box

  9. lokesh_farmer Says:

    I don’t feel any use of this water wheel
    I already have so many orchards in my farm and have no problem in getting water cans…

  10. Rema Says:

    Yes on animation – the wheel turns. No on rotation unfortunately. It would be nice if we could rotate everything!

  11. pdxbodyworks Says:

    Peope are complaining about the space it takes and that it doesn’t rotate?
    Am I reading this correctly???
    It’s a 2×2 square…do you want it to rotate so you CAN’T see the wheel or what?
    And if you can’t spare 4 plots o’land, well…i give up.

  12. pdxbodyworks Says:

    People are complaing that it doesn’t rotate, really?
    It’s a 2×2 square; do you want it to rotate as to NOT see the waterwheel?
    And also about the “fitting it onto an already crowded farm”.
    Well, if you can’t give up four plots o’land for something this pretty and useful, then…oh never mind.

  13. Farmaniac Says:

    150 materials for watering cans? 150? Hmmff!!

  14. Karen Says:

    I can use the extra watering cans, but this is a building I’d probably buy even if it didn’t do anything. I just like the way it looks.

    You can put one on each farm (I just did…the buildable version only costs 5 coins), it is animated (the water wheel appears to turn), and the building occupies a square space, so it wouldn’t fit any better if you could rotate it.

  15. Jovana Says:

    I love this wheel!
    But I hate my special deliveries, they keep giving me materials that I don’t need for water wheel! :(

  16. juan jose Says:

    im an arborist/mystery seedling enthusiast so this is a very good news

  17. Linda Says:


  18. Tob Says:

    Dont need water, need bottles!

    Its in storage allready

  19. GoHuskerz Says:

    So now I have a water wheel and a water mill. They look very similar to one another, but one is functional and the other is a decoration.

  20. Ash Says:

    You can have one on each farm

    You can store them (resets the “ready” clock, of course)

    The wheel doesn’t rotate (at least on Phase 1) :(

    I have 21 Orchards, so I’m glad to have another source of water. My guess is that you only get one can for Phase 1, two for phase 2, and three for phase 3 every 24 hours, so it’s not a very lucrative source of water. I do like the building, though and it looks good with the other two decorative Water Mills (that have their wheels on the other side)

  21. Mei Farmington Says:

    It’ll be nice finally to have something to replace the water we lost when they took the snowmen away–especially nice that the building is such a pretty one! Will probably try to build on both farms, too. There are some days when I get nothing but watering can after watering can out of my orchards, but when they rain seedlings, they pour.

    NOT loving another project that demands so many parts we’re not getting from the SD boxes, but this one looks like it could be worth the work. ^_^

  22. dee Says:

    i’m on stage 3!!!! bu its going to take forever to complete :( bu i can say the water wheel does look lovely

  23. mdenbeste Says:

    Does anyone have details on the number of can you get for each stage? There doesn’t seem to be ANY info on this.

    I guess we’ll know once it is ready… I started building mine asap.

  24. Aaron Says:

    I’ve started building one on each farm. But after placing it on my home farm and switching to my EC farm, I had to reload the game to get around the 1 per farm limit.

    I still want to know how many watering cans we can get for each stage.

  25. a Says:

    Kerrinda you can see on the market actually the final desing , and you will see pretty hummingbird turning around the building ;0))

  26. SIlver Says:

    Its rly nice building.
    Kim CHitty i dont get what ure saying. Get a hold on urself. A building DOES NOT take less space when u rotate it ! Zynga wont make ur farm bigger. Why do u think u will save space if u rotate ur buildings !? OMG :)

  27. Libby Says:

    It think the fully extended one is really pretty; hopefully it’s animated like the one I already had, or i’ll be having two water wheels on my farm.

    150 items to be fully expanded though; wow, that’s going to take a while!

  28. Dian Says:

    I can`t wait for the wheel to turnnn

  29. Karen Says:

    When it’s fully upgraded it also has smoke coming from it’s chimneys and hummingbirds flitting about, as well as the water wheel turning. I love it! :)

  30. Dan Says:

    Not impressed with the amount of water cans that it makes, granted I am working towards the final stage but I collected only 2 cans from it.

  31. Brymz Says:

    I upgraded my water wheel to stage four so far and just harvested it. It gave me two watering cans plus some to post on the feed for sharing with my neighbors. I imagine once I collect another 90 pieces to upgrade it to stage five I’ll be able to harvest it for three cans per day.

  32. Kikki Says:

    I am so disappointed in the water wheel. I thought after collecting all those parts, I might get enough water cans to make it worth my while… Nope, just 2 water cans! Nearly useless!

  33. tygj Says:

    fully built it yields a massive 4 watering cans every 24 hours….F*** Y** Zynga

  34. 3BikeGirl Says:

    I don’t get it either.. all that work and I only got one can from the thing when I harvested it!!! But more puzzling.. when I went to neighbors I could click on theirs.. it was highlighted.. but after clicking, nothing happened. No msg or anything, just not highlighted anymore. If Zynga is smart, they will let us collect atleast one watering can from each neighbor who has one… that will definately encourage us to visit our neighbors more! It will for me anyway!!!!

  35. 3BikeGirl Says:

    When I visit neighbors their water wheel is highlighted.. but after clicking, nothing happened. No msg or anything, just not highlighted anymore. If Zynga is smart, they will let us collect atleast one watering can from each neighbor who has one… that will definately encourage us to visit our neighbors more! It will for me anyway!!!!

  36. Varpunen Says:

    I got three, after all that work… lol

  37. dee Says:

    i’m on stage four!!!!! and the wheel turns!!!! – oh i jus love it!!!! bu water cans??? preety useless as i dont need them but i’m lovin the wheel!!!!
    and yes all the ppl complaining bout it not rotating – i totally agree everthing should be able to rotate!!!!
    p.s i couldnt help but notice someone has pratically given a thumps down to every commet LOL – its only farmville x

  38. William Falls Says:

    The water wheel feature is the best addition so far!!!

  39. Pete Says:

    What we really need is a Master Arborist that can harvest orchards. I have hundreds of orchards and now beginning to delete some… to laborious every day.

  40. Shannon Says:

    Farmville should make the nusury barn give bottles when they are not giving grown-up animals. same as the orchard.

  41. Georgiann Says:

    I don’t grow seedlings very often so don’t need a lot of water cans. But unlike the craft shop, the water wheel is actually pretty, so I’ll construct it, even though 150 parts is ridiculous.

  42. Dab Says:

    bring back the snowman for water cans

  43. Felicity Says:

    The water wheel should give more than it does however I kept my snowman on my farm and lately its been working again and harvesting water if that helps anyone!!!

  44. Joe Says:

    I like getting water from this building.
    Gave me the excuse to get rid of the Crafting hut.
    Farmville wont unlock the crafting for water.

  45. Neil Says:

    I have a fully build water wheel. When it said it was ‘Ready’ , I clicked on it and received zero (0) watering cans.

    Thanks Zynga, you screwed up again.

  46. Tammy Says:

    When I purchase a water wheel for my second farm, I noticed it said “22 days left”. Does that mean it will only give water for 22 more days??? That would be really mean of them to do, after all the work we put into building it…

  47. Clay C. Rice Says:

    After all that work of getting the gear, axle and ropes for all three phases to then to find out it is only 3 watering cans for each 24 hours – come on Guys

  48. KDawg2000 Says:

    All that work (collecting) and you get what? 3 Freaking Watering Cans! Really? This must be a Joke.. I do The Orchards (have about 9 of them) and I collect 18 Watering Cans every 48 Hours, and the watering wheel gives me.. 6.. I know it’s Farmville and all but this Watering Wheel (all-tho Looking cool) is a joke.. If I can make a suggestion.. I would set the Min amount of cans to 5 and randomly give either 5, 10 or 15.. Make it worth it..

    BTW, anyone who still cares: you get 1 can (for stage one), 2 cans (for stage two)

  49. Joe Says:

    Farmville needs to make this worth while.
    It takes forever to complete it.
    To have the rewards be so small [2-4 cans] is not worth the hassle of building it.

    I get two cans from harvesting an orchard.
    If the water wheel does not produce more cans I will have to store it and possible delete it later.

  50. Steph Says:

    Where is this located in the market so that I can get another one for my home farm?

  51. Lori Wojo Says:

    How come the water wheels are highlighted on neighbors farm and when you click on them you get nothing. Previously released items that were highlighted on neighbors farms you were able to yeild items from. An example is the Spring Garden. You were able to receive flowers when clicking on neighbors highlighted gardens and then you received flowers that helped you in the game. As someone who helps their neighbors daily it was very upsetting that the water wheels were highlighted, suggesting you were going to recieve items ie: water, and then you find out that you wasted your time clicking on all these water wheels on your neighbors farm. Some consistancy from Zynga would be a novel idea.

  52. Shelly Says:

    I still have not gotten it? When did it come out?

  53. Jamdown Farmer Says:

    WTF ! The items to build this thing have disappered from the gift page since the
    silly silo carfting release.
    I am not finished people, bring them back!

  54. miaka Says:

    bring back the stuffs to build the water wheel, mine has not finish yet.

  55. Emily Says:

    I was wondering why I cant “look inside” my water wheel. I can “look inside” all my other buildings, but not this one. I was wondering how many more parts I need to expand.

  56. Alexis Says:

    I only get points when my wheel is ready……….not one pail of water 200 pts. I also cant give out water when I plant the seedlings or half way through harvesting them anymore. Am I doiing something wrong? I NEED WATER :-)

  57. Herms Says:

    It’d be nice to have this building, but Farmville won’t let me exactly.
    I’ve gotten no notification to build it, there’s none in the Market, but I have the materials needed to build it to Level 1.
    Is this some kind of glitch where I’m just not allowed to have a water wheel? Or is there something I’m missing?

  58. Joe Babcock Says:


  59. Lapis Lazuli Says:

    I didn’t get a notification for this building either, nor is it available anywhere in my Market. Why are some of us not able to get the Water Wheel????

  60. xxsuperheroxx Says:

    Is this still coming out? I keep finding parts yet No building

  61. Kara Oragami Born Says:

    How do we get this? Is it a random thing we’re offered, or can we find it in the market?

  62. Anthony Reyes Says:

    why i dont have any water wheel in my farm and i cant find it into my gift box,i need water wheel

  63. mkf Says:

    I got it on my farm, but i did not finish it so materials needed. How i can get materials, it looks z*nga removed all about it

  64. Kerry Robinson Standage Melton Says:

    Hey, Where can I find the water wheel? I have been looking all over.. My gift box is so full with items to build it that I cant store much more…

  65. Penny Ingwerson Says:

    I still have not received my water wheel or my water mill I have got some of the things i need for my water wheel and all it is doing is taking up my storage space
    So what is the trick to getting them?

  66. Sheryll Says:

    i accidently sold my water wheel can i get another one or can we purchase one.

  67. Deb H Says:

    Most of my friends & I CANNOT “Look inside” to see what we need to finish this, nor can we ask for parts. WTH?? Judging by your illustration above, I’m on the middle one. I have never before seen that window.

  68. nicku Says:

    i don’t have a water wheel
    can any one help me plzzzzzzz
    i have many seeds but not sufficient watering cans so plzzzzz help

  69. chrissy manteau Says:

    i want the water wheel too…i really need it how do i get one??? PLEEZZZZ TELL ME HOW ???

  70. Someone Says:

    I can’t look inside my water wheel ;-d. Can someone help me (any helps)

  71. CanOpeNer Says:

    I’m in the middle of building this. Tnx for the picture of the window dor the materials. I too haven’t seen it before. It’s so dissapointing. Not to talk about the other problems in the game. Good thing i found this webpage to see what i need to biuld it!

  72. Bhavook Singh Says:

    Please Help me someone………..
    I really need to get watering wheel now!
    Its not available in the market and i have many lonely mystery seedlings..!


  1. FarmVille Freak Guide: Water Wheel Building