FarmVille Wildflowers Blowing In

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FarmVille Wildflowers Blowing In

Posted on March 29, 2011 11:57 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Freak Tech-Chef Wildflowers

FarmVille Freaks are reporting that they are finding Wildflowers that “blew” onto their farms.

It seems as though Wildflowers will grow on plowed land (with no seeds planted) in the English Countryside. I found some Wildflowers growing on my English Countryside farm, just after my arrival from a trip visiting my home farm.

These Wildflowers can be harvested for 100 Farm Coins and 1 XP.

Have Wild Flowers blown onto your farm yet?

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117 Responses to “FarmVille Wildflowers Blowing In” »

  1. claude Says:

    Ooh can’t wait to grow these!!

  2. Julia Says:

    Yes, I have a whole field of them….sure didn’t plant them! LOL

  3. Madelon Says:

    I left some fields unplowed for a few hours and when I came back… wildflowers! Harvesting them gives you both coins and XP. Sweet!

  4. Sepphira Says:

    Yes, I have a field full of them too. Does anyone know what this is about? You apparently can’t grow them on purpose…or, at least they aren’t in my list of flower seeds. Looks like you get 100 coins and 1XP for each one you harvest, and unlike other flowers, I didn’t get any bunches in my flower cart that can be used to decorate. Will be watching here on FarmVille Freak to see if there’s more info about these. They’re pretty and didn’t require any investment. Kinda nice. :)

  5. Lyssa Sapeur Says:

    omgosh, this just happened to me. I got xp when I harvested. I did not plant them :D

  6. brittany Says:

    i had them on my home farm too!

  7. Pascal Says:

    i just harvested 4 field in a row!! :)

  8. Christine Says:

    I did to, left 6 plots unseeded, and they they were… wildflowers ! :-)

  9. Terri Painter-Kelley Says:

    can’t wait!

  10. Ebbie Daylin Says:

    Dude, you’re a bit late! I’ve got several freinds already talking about them on their farms. Another fansite posted about this on the 23rd!! Where ya been, huh???

  11. Ruby Arnhold Says:


  12. Karen Says:

    Can you master these? ;)

  13. Dorothy Says:

    lol i JUST harvested them …i didn’t think to hard about it,but now that i see this i’m like “o yeah”… guess i’m not used to the new crops yet so i didn’t realise i hadnt planted them

  14. Sheena Says:

    I got them!

  15. Ilham Says:

    Will it give us wildflower mastery sign?

  16. Sheena Says:

    Every time I reload my farm they are back.

  17. greengirl Says:

    looks nice, but Im not on my second farm because I’m working on my first farm, plz can’t these guys get this straight so both grow together. Many ppl are loosing intrest in this whole thing and I think It could b a fun thing, but FV needs to fix this. And how about allowing some of our things in our original storage be able to be used on the second farm? We love the flowers, but they don’t do any good when we aren’t on our farms.

  18. Julie S. Says:

    Is there a mastery sign or bushels/market stall?

  19. Mad@FV Says:

    Yes, I just went to my EF and they were there!

  20. mjhay Says:

    super cool….. i got 3 tyms.. so tired to harvesting… and when i come back harvest

  21. Brandy Says:

    I left a field unplowed, went to my home farm and then back to the ec and there they were! It works everytime!

  22. ANEELA LATH Says:


  23. ANEELA LATH Says:

    5th crop of wf ready….sky’s the limmmmit…lol

  24. josie fruitz Says:

    plssss ZYNGA fix my both farm i can not open again…..

  25. Kimberly Says:

    So they grow when EC is paused? Well, that’s cool and they’re lovely but I’m very frustrated with the entire pause/unpause situation. I simply cannot abandon my original farm. I’ve got so much time and energy invested into it, namely my orchards, and it’s crucial that they be active in order to become ready for harvest. I don’t know about EC…it’s been entertaining but ultimately it feels like just a temporary diversion for me. Each day I’ve spent less and less time in EC.

    Anyway, sorry to get off the subject. The wildflowers really do seem nice and offer a great opportunity to earn coins and XP’s. Now I’ve got to go load EC (very briefly) and plow some plots. :)

    Happy Farming.

  26. Steven Edwards Says:

    I hope these aren’t LE – Zynga would be wise to not release any LE items while so many users are still angry over the pause. Work on that issue please, Zynga – before you even begin to think of adding much more to the EC.

  27. Jack Atlas Says:

    i was just sending you that picture of those flowers but i saw that. what are those seeds………..

  28. edrus nawawi Says:

    will it be forever…..

  29. caljoce Says:

    they grow on both farms. i leave one, then go strait back to harvest them. easy coins and xp!

  30. Martha Poynor Says:

    Did not receive Wildflowers,but did lose crops that I actually planted. What a bust.

  31. james sacal Says:

    i dont believed it my farmville growned the wild flowers in my farm?????

  32. Egore Says:

    I love it 100 coins and 1 xp for each plot. easy xp and money. just harvested and reloaded 10 times. and there is no mastery just free money and xp

  33. hussain Says:

    The picture of dairy barn has appeared in my village map in ec i think more quests are coming soon. Does anyone else have the picture of dairy barn on thier village map ?

  34. Merita King Says:

    I just found these on my english farm. I never planted anything there because of the pause and I thought WTF ???

  35. Ryuu Says:

    just got my whole field of them. harvested. plowed. then went out to check my FB inbox. What do you know? In less than 10 mins I checked again and WHOA!!! my farm was filled again. LOL! <3

  36. Becky Weaver Says:

    I’ve been refreshing and harvesting wildflowers all night. Cashing in on the free coins and xp. :) I even tried not plowing the land and they still showed up, fully grown. heehee

  37. Megha Says:

    i just now harvested wildflowers many gives you 100 coins + 2 xps (if fertilised) ..i earn lots of coins and xp’s from it ..thank you farmville :)

  38. Surfer_Dude Says:

    Correction: Wildflowers are growing on my regular farm and I don’t even have an English farm.

  39. CheekyFarmer101 Says:

    Hey ! I check this page every day and when i visited my english farm this morning the wild flowers were there ! I didnt plant them , i assumed my mom did but when I asked she said no !!!! SWEET

  40. Mohammad Says:

    its working in both home , and England farms , i collected like over 1,000,000 coins out of them

  41. shaikh tausif Says:

    i found them on my home farm as well as on my english farm with no seeds in market n did not get any bushels while harvesting the whole farm……….

  42. joe Says:

    i got mine withing minutes, just plowed, did a tweet, came back and voila… about 5 minutes lapsed… :/

  43. Tim Says:

    you dont have to be on the EC for then to grow, i left my home farm running over night and when i had come back to EC this morning these had grown.

  44. Fv Freak Surya Says:

    @Josie: I had d same problem. Try instead of facebook

  45. Ethan Says:

    Finally Zynga have come up with a good idea, but maybe it will only be for today! :(

  46. marijul Says:

    i hav it.. cant believe it..

  47. Jessaca Says:

    These wildflowers are growing on my home farm!!! NOT on my English Counrty side farm.

  48. Cindy Huxley Says:

    I wonder if Zynga think this is some sort of compensation for the pause effect.

    When you are away from one farm, if you leave the land fallow it will grow a cash crop.

    OK better than nothing. BUT it does nothing to resolve the pause problem.

    The pause affects the growth of trees for instance, making mastery, which Zynga introduced and which many of us enjoy working on, very difficult.

    Your land may grow wildflowers during the pause, but this does not help when what we really want is to grow and master our crops on each farm simultaneously.

    A nice thought Zynga – but does not resolve the pause problem.

    We need to have these farms run consecutively – otherwise they are alternative farms and we have to decide which to play

  49. susie Says:

    ….i have my whole farm full with wildflowers i thought someone hacked me or something cause my plots were…it looks beautfifull and i really love it <3

  50. Golffy Says:

    It still not show up to my both farm, anyone know how to get it tell me.

  51. Susan Jardin Says:

    pain in the nexk, was going to abandon Farmville and am now convinced

  52. Cristi Says:

    Yes, I got them but they were growing on my home farm.

  53. Lilly Says:

    so cool. will also try it.

    btw. i’m looking for new friendly neighbours (no cheaters).
    my name is lilly pearl and there’s a brown cat on my profile pic :)

  54. Kara S Says:

    I got the wildflowers on my home farm.

    I kind of like the pause feature (Hey! Don’t throw things at me!) It could be useful. Imagine if you just planted a 2 or 4 hour crop and then you had to leave home suddenly. You could switch to the other farm and not have your crops wither in your absense.

    Deciding which crops to grow on which farm and when to grow them is more challenging with the pause feature. You really have to plan your time.

  55. scarlettelvis Says:

    They are on my American Farm, and not on my English Farm. Wish we could actually names these farms.

  56. Libby Says:

    I found these just now on my EC farm as i forgot to resow after doing an expansion last night.. they appear anew even if you refresh – a great way to make back some of the fvc we’ve had to spend out on fenches and expansions!

  57. Naomi Says:

    I was surprised to find them on my Original Farm. Taking FULL advantage of them now. If anything, they sure are pretty.

  58. jules Says:

    I have these on both home farm and the english farm, sure is great making money without having to plow or plant seeds not forgetting the 1 xp too :)

  59. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    @Hussain. I have been at the Dairy for three days now.

  60. Tammie Says:

    Jus harvested about 5 field fulls on my home farm. When I put the fertilize all. I get 2xp per plot!!!!!

  61. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Kara@44 – The very slight advantage of a crop not withering in unexpected circumstances does not, in my opinion, compensate for the annoyance and frustration caused by the pause.

    I’d rather lose a few crops, not that it happens much – 3 I think in a year of playing, than have my trees, winery and crops I am trying to master frozen while I do something on the other farm.

    All I do now is a bit of sheep breeding, just because its there, and harvest these wildflowers on EC.

    I would like to use it fully, but since doing that means I have to leave my Home farm frozen, then it will stay unused.

    As to the Dairy, not sure what they are planning, but I bought one and expanded it fully ages ago.

    If there is a reward for doing that fine, but I am not a child waiting to be given little quests to work through before doing anything.

    Can I point out to people that the original farm is not an American farm. It is being called Home farm which is fine I guess, and the one the English Farm

  62. Connie Lauer Says:

    I think the Wildflowers is a neat idea. However, I planted a full field of Hops last night for Crafting. This morning I have a field of Wildflowers instead. So, I lost all the cash I spent to plant the Hops & now I’m behind on my crafting. Sigh!

  63. Jackie Says:

    I had some this morning!

  64. HAROLD HAHN Says:


  65. Charleen Hall Says:

    I harvested on my 1st farm..and started plowing when all of sudden I got the pop-up saving ur farm please do not close browser…well it took for ever and I closed browser anyway and when it opened back i had a field full of wildflowers not on my English Countryside farm but on my Fv Farm…well I harvested and replanted…so it seems they will grow on both farms…I took pics……but on my wall on fb…

  66. Eve;yn Horn Says:

    Found them growing in my home farm in some missed plots. very pretty. Have not seen any on English farm. Think maybe I like this. Will wait and see.

  67. joegfarmer Says:

    I harversted them then plowed hit refresh and came back and they were still there. I just made 500,000 by keep doing this

  68. Lilsishotshot Says:

    I had them on my home farm this morning the whole field was full. It was very pretty actually.

  69. Jhey Says:

    My sister has some wild flowers.. getting 100 Geez per harvest.

  70. Jhey Says:

    And also does not wither

  71. FV FlowerLover Says:

    Actually, I found some in the main farm. There were only five plots, but interestingly enough my main farm had no plowed plots at the time (my farm has just the unplowed light brown dirt). It totally surprised me to see them there since I didn’t even have plowed plots. :) I was hoping I’d get some to put up as decoration, but sadly no.

  72. Heidy McCallum Says:

    Aww that’s a cute idea…but I wonder about people who harvest, plow, and go on vacation…(didn’t plant for a reason) Will they spoil if not harvested? I guess that will be interesting, as not everyone wants to pay 55 Farm Cash for 30 days…just to have to worry again type of crap…SO it’s nice but????


  73. John Says:

    I’m on my home farm and have had wild flowers blow in. It seems that every time I harvest and plow…then exit farm and then go back in a couple minutes later, the wildflowers are back again. Not sure if this is a glitch or not.

  74. Matthew Says:

    Every time i swap back and forth my Farms they are always there. Harvested 10 fields so far and i’m still going! :)

  75. Amy Says:

    Aha! I was wondering what this was all about, I was freaked out lol was like whoa I didn’t plant those but hey free money and xp was nice hey Zygna do it again!! lol

  76. Carolyn Says:

    I want to know if I don’t harvest them, will they stay pretty or wither? I actually would like to have wildflowers stay put until I want to harvest them.

  77. charles_kidd10 Says:

    were are these flowers comming from there nice but i did not plat them

  78. dee Says:

    this is great, since im home today, bored, i went back in forth to both farms and got enough coins to buy the ec gazebo, 150,000 coinss…plus the xp, thats good..i think im gonna keep going to see if i can get enough for another item..

  79. simun Says:

    That is so cool you can do it to earn coins ( 100coins and 1 xp) and its free finaly zynga did something good

  80. Maeve Says:

    I had a whole field of them too!

  81. justin Says:

    hey i know how to do it

  82. justin Says:

    any one want to know how to do it with no wait time?

  83. Laurie Hollerbach Says:

    do they wither?
    can ppl PUH-LEEZE stop whining about the pause issue!? do u really think zynga
    #1 didn’t know this would be the response? they are waayyy ahead of you,
    and #2 don’t you think they have heard and are perfectly aware how u feel about it by now?
    the complaining really gets old – ur buggin me bugaboos – if you don’t like the rules, the bugs, whatever, just go away! no one is forcing you to play this fun, creative FREE game! baahhh!! : /

  84. Laurie Hollerbach Says:

    @ #55 thank u for posting no wither i didn’t see it B4 – these sound really great : )

  85. SAM Says:


  86. Kath Says:

    Not sure if this has been said, but they grow on both farms, woke up this morning and found them on both farms, now as I have collected items from the feed, I have gone back to England and there is yet ANOTHER field full of this lovely lil flowers!!

  87. Gabriel Says:

    Problem with them.. I try to plow and whenever the game goes out of sync… they keep reappearing.. it’s the third time in a row I harvest them.. HELPPPPPPPP

  88. faith Says:

    i just harvested mine. although i noticed after i reload or log out and log in it’s there again. i have done this many times already the past 20 min. just log out and log in and whalaa they are there again

  89. Madelon Says:

    This seems to be Zynga’s solution to the paused farm. I just harvested wildflowers three times in less than 20 minutes… twice on my home farm and once in EC. I harvested in EC and went to my home farm to find wildflowers, which I harvested. Left the page and came back to my home farm a couple of minutes later and harvested wildflowers again. Went to EC to plant some roses and found it was full of wildflowers, which I harvested. That was a lot of coin and XP.

    If you are looking to level up, it seems that all you need to do is go back and forth between the two farms. You don’t even need to plow. Of course, if you are using the harvester, you will use fuel.


  90. Erin Says:

    I was able to do it quite a bit, but now they no longer are reloading on my farms… anyone else not getting them anymore?

  91. Diane Birmingham Says:

    I had it as well this morning but it seems to have stopped any thoughts on this?

  92. dee Says:

    i manage two buy some items from harvesting the flowers, gazebo and country picnic that are 150,000 coins each, oh plus some rose fences..after that I stopped getting the flowers on both farms, so i guess after collecting 300,000 coins, no more flowers..cant complain, got free stuff plus went a level up.

  93. Sarah Eden Says:

    Ive not had them yet… does it have to be fallow land or plowed plots?

  94. Barbara Says:

    I harvested about 20 fields, but suddenly they have stopped. They stopped appearing about 2 PM EST,,,,,was this just a termporary thing for us? Wonder if it will happen again??? Has anyone else stopped getting them?

  95. Rebecca Says:

    They have not appeared in my fields…

  96. Fran Says:

    Yeap, I did get a small patch, then left and came back and had a few more, then left and came back again and my whole planting area was covered. Kinda nice to get something useful that was free!

    Thanks Zynga, nice to see your your tring to do something good for your farmers!

  97. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Laurie @83 – I think we will all continue to complain about the pause – until Zynga reconsider, buy some more servers, and let us really have two farms instead of an original and an alternative.

    This is a major issue for many of the players, since it makes it almost impossible to enjoy the features Zynga is giving on both farms.

    And Laurie if you don’t have a problem with it, and don’t want to hear the complaints, then don’t read them.

  98. jo Says:

    yes had this am when i went to my farm they are beautiful i loved them wish we get them to put on our farms in patches like the lush grass

  99. Golffy Says:

    Still haven’t on my field

  100. jan Says:

    I only got the first 6 plots,,then plowed my entire field on my home farm, harvested those,,plowed again and no more this a one time thing?

  101. Hannah Says:

    I had a big field on my English farm plowed but not planted – came back today after 12 hrs on my home farm & did not get a single wildflower. Why did everyone get this except me??

  102. denise Says:

    my husband got his today and earned over 1 million in coins from them. i didn’t get them and am so disappointed because doing the EC and the regular farm has used up all my coins and now i can’t really do anything at all in either farm due to being totally broke coin-wise

    am bummed that they gave this feature to some farmers but not all farmers. still hoping that it is a slow roll-out and mine will come, but i am not holding my breath :(

  103. Chase Says:

    Got the chance to harvest them this morning but only made a little because I had to go to school…got home and they were gone…no more can anyone tell me how to get them to come? My grandmother plays too and she didn’t get them. Will she get them tomorrow?

  104. Duane Reynolds Says:

    Well I don’t mean to be a party pooper, but I am level 104 so XP’s don’t really matter I no longer get $1 FC per level and as for coins I got 24 million plus. I would rather save the gas for harvesting something that I can MASTER!

  105. Suzykins Says:

    Yes I will be growing these

  106. Robin Says:

    They grew on my home farm as well this morning. Was short of strawsberry seeds and left the plots bare till I would harvest in 2 hours. They just appeared to my surprise!

  107. Fahim khan Says:

    i earned 10000000 money from that wildflowers bug ,, it rises as u harvest them and visit other farm. thx for the wildflowers.

  108. Shikhar gupta Says:

    These grow on my old farm tooo!!!

  109. bc2004 Says:

    I don´t get them – left my farm unplanted – nothing :(

  110. Claire B Says:

    I’m not enjoying the 2nd farm bcz of the pausing
    when I started I bought a pond and it disappeared (lost coins)
    my black swan disappeared
    I bought a chicken coop before the “adventure” quest
    more coins gone!

    What’s fun about that?

    Withered crops…
    I tried to get the wild flowers by going through the steps…

    The only thing I like is the pub and the sheep pen.
    Too bad they didn’t just incorporate that into the 1st farm and forget about the crappy 2nd farm. :(

  111. jacob Says:

    I had wild flowers on my farm and got about 1 million coins from continually harvesting them. As soon as i harvested my home farm and would go to the game page and immediately back to farmville there would be another field full this continued for about 5 hours. Good Luck in finding them

  112. Lena Says:

    Wel I left fields unseeded – still no wildflowers …

  113. denise Says:

    me either :(

  114. anabel sta. cruz Says:

    i got them all,
    i was surprised…

    thanks for the xp and coins..
    but there’s no mastery in this crops..

  115. nm Says:

    No wildflowers :(

  116. Cindy huggins Says:

    i havent gotten them does the EC have to be active ? cause im growing crops on home farm and EC is paused ive went to check and no wild flowers on EC

  117. Susi Says:

    No wildflowers :( No wildflowers :( No wildflowers :( No wildflowers :( No wildflowers :( No wildflowers :( No wildflowers :( No wildflowers :( No wildflowers :(