FarmVille Wishing Fountain Arrives!

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FarmVille Wishing Fountain Arrives!

Posted on November 21, 2012 10:16 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

The FarmVille Wishing Fountain arrived this afternoon!

FarmVille Wishing Fountain Preview

In order to build your Wishing Fountain you will need to craft its construction materials (or purchase them with Farm Cash). The following parts are required for the first stage of the Wishing Well.

FarmVille Wishing Fountain Parts Needed:

  • FarmVille Drill Bit
  • FarmVille Copper Tube
  • FarmVille Cut Bamboo


FarmVille Drill Bit

FarmVille Copper Tube

FarmVille Cut Bamboo


FarmVille Wishing Fountain Parts Requirement:

  • Stage 1 – Place Wishing Fountain
  • Stage 2 – 2 Drill Bits, 1 Copper Tube & 1 Cut Bamboo
  • Stage 3 – 4 Drill Bits, 2 Copper Tube & 2 Cut Bamboo
  • Stage 4 – 6 Drill Bits, 3 Copper Tube & 3 Cut Bamboo
  • Stage 5 – 8 Drill Bits, 4 Copper Tube & 4 Cut Bamboo
  • Stage 6 – 10 Drill Bits, 5 Copper Tube & 5 Cut Bamboo
  • Stage 7 through 50 – 12 Drill Bits, 6 Copper Tube & 6 Cut Bamboo
  • Total – 546 Drill Bits, 273 Copper Tube & 273 Cut Bamboo

Will you build a Wishing Well on your FarmVille farm? 

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15 Responses to “FarmVille Wishing Fountain Arrives!” »

  1. Cobra76 Says:

    What does this fountain do? Kinda need to know if I am gonna invest in the time hoarding the parts needed. Zynga doesn’t do well at explaining new features.

  2. Rufino Says:

    Something is wrong in your total line last line). Please correct that….

  3. Tom Says:

    1,000 parts for something I don’t really want… think I’ll pass, thanks.

  4. Alan Says:

    Ah its out, I have it on my farm, I saw elsewhere it is 50 levels, and you get 2000 coins, 2000 jade and 2000 coconuts, and each level it goes up by 2000, and at level 50 you earn 100,000 of each.

  5. Geraun Says:

    I have it also. You need to craft the items needed in the craft shop. Waste of time.

  6. Farmer Chet Says:

    Just 17 days to craft stuff to get 200,000 jade and 200,000 coconuts every day? I’m in!

  7. Duchess Says:

    Its a wasre of time, as you can only craft the pieces one at a time..I’ll pass thanks.

  8. Hannah Says:

    Not so terrible. Shared posts give lots of parts except for the drill bits, which you mostly have to craft. Meanwhile you get rewards – don’t have to finish all the levels to harvest it. Why are people complaining?

  9. Lucinda Says:

    Yep… not that difficult really… you can get parts by shared posts, and if you put a crafting building up on each farm, (this is also easy enough wince you can now use your special deliveries to build them quickly) the crafting building can give you as many as 8 parts every 6 hours if you collect the proper bushels when available. ;)

  10. Lucinda Says:

    It’s a case of getting what you ask for…
    It was set up this way in response to the ones that “hated begging” for parts and wanted to be able to do it themselves.
    They are all crying now that they can’t ask their neighbors, or post for parts, and panicking at having to get through all 50 levels (it’s actually completely built by level 7) ;)
    It’s actually not all that hard to complete it to level 7… but it’s got the greedy, instant-gratification players all in a tailspin! LOL!!! The only benefit to reaching the final level is the ability to harvest more coconuts, coins or zen, from it, and there are plenty of ways to get those anyway, in the game. ;)
    I find most of the parts on the feed, except for the drill bits. They are harder to find… so I put craft shops on all my farms using my special delivery boxes, and am at level 7 now. Just gonna go slow on this one from this point on. ;)

  11. lj Says:

    craft the parts????? and just how many people do you think are going to be bothered doing this????? I figure this one will be finished in maybe 2015???? this game is supposed to be fun….someone let Zygna know, that this kind of buildable, is NOT fun…..50 levels??? really????

  12. Tala Says:

    As someone who has over 50 million coconuts, there isn’t much you can buy with them at this point. Sure, it was great to have the cash on hand to realize three coconut expansions at one, but after you have one of every boat and building that you can buy with coconuts, the thrill is gone. It just accumulates with nothing new to buy.

    For those who harvest every day and want a good supply of coconuts, I recommend purchasing a Bottlenose Dolphin for 300,000 coconuts, and breeding them. When the aquarium is full, keep expanding or make more. Blue Whales (500,000 coconuts) are good too. Remember, dolphins create more dolphins, whales make more whales but horses and cows only create foals and calves. I make hundreds of thousands of coconuts and coins every day on my aquariums in Hawaiian Paradise.

    As for Jade, there was a “cash cow” animal for a limited release for farmcash only in the very beginning of the farm. (The Imperial Dragon) But a lot of the animals and trees released in “Jade Falls Era” harvests for jade as well as coins and awards mastery in Zen, even if the quest or event that awarded the critter wasn’t necessarily associated with Jade Falls. Quantity over quality, max out the pens then just keep harvesting even after you have mastered the animals to get Jade. But just like the coconuts, once you have maxed out on Jade expansions, and have one of every decoration, there is no real turnover in Jade items to purchase.

  13. Nette Says:

    Betsy, if you need coins, this fountain is a great way to get it. I am on the subscription plan so I need 14 million coins each month to get all of my farmville cash. So I’m working hard on completing this fountain because it gives a good bit of coins. It has 50 levels. I am on level 45 and it is giving me 90K coins every time I harvest, which is every 12 hours. It also gives coconuts and jade coins too but I don’t care about those enough to find out how much.

    So if you don’t need coins, don’t worry about it. If you do, this is a great way to get them. I have put working on quests on hold until I complete level 50. It should take long since I level up every day by putting a crafting shed on each of my 8 farms.

  14. guy Says:

    several thing: if you have a craftshop on each farm you can make a piece goes fasrer that way
    got to level 48 98k then it stopped adding parts.

  15. Serena DuBois Says:

    I’m working on the Wishing Fountain and that Geyser that works the same way for the same reason. I want to enlarge the Hawaiian plantation which takes FC which I don’t have or coconuts which were hard to come by before the fountain. Each added stage adds another 2000 each in the bundle, so the balance is growing by leaps and bounds since I got to level 15. It’s a pain to make parts but some show up on the wall and it’s a chance to grow and master crops I haven’t before. JMHO.