FarmVille’s Model Farm Updates with New St. Patrick’s Day Items

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FarmVille’s Model Farm Updates with New St. Patrick’s Day Items

Posted on March 13, 2011 11:06 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille 03.13.2011 Model Farm (Click to Enlarge)

UPDATE: Items shown on the Model Farm are now available in the Market!

The Model Farm was updated tonight to include lots of new Limited Edition St. Patrick’s Day decorations, animals, and even a building.

Although the Model Farm is live with these new items, when you click on them you cannot yet buy them and the message says “No Longer Available”. Note, these items are not yet available in the FarmVille Market, but perhaps they will sometime very soon.

Some of the new items that we’ve spotted include:

  • Irish Hare
  • Irish Cob Horse
  • Shamrock Manor
  • Rainbow Trees
  • Rainbow Fountain
  • Leprechaun Girl Gnome
  • Mossy Stone

What new items have you seen?

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22 Responses to “FarmVille’s Model Farm Updates with New St. Patrick’s Day Items” »

  1. beth Says:

    I love it I want more stuff tho!

  2. Michelle Watt Says:

    I already got myself a Giant Rainbow Tree.(: It’s been a shadow waiting to show itself for the last 2 days, lol.

  3. kat Says:

    yellow and green dont mix for irish,only green,yellow and green is french!

  4. Rain Says:

    i WANT that horse!

  5. Loretta Wanoskia Says:

    i dont have the model farm on my neighbor bar how can i get it????

  6. Gerri Says:

    I can’t access the model farm…I am missing out on everything….

  7. NotNicky Says:

    I love rainbow stuff. I’m definitely interested in the rainbow fountain. :)

  8. beth Says:

    get your time zone right Zanga we set our clocks you set yours :))))))

  9. kimberly Says:

    I don’t have the model farm either. I keep writing to zynga and they keep telling me it’s a slow roll out. come on it’s been out for months.

  10. grant Says:


  11. stascia.honey Says:

    i’m so loving the rainbow tree!! i have had it for days now and it just now shows itself..i knew it would be fixed that’s why i kept trying to collect mystery seedlings and growing them trying to get more before they came out in the market….i was lucky enough to get two so far…i’m so getting the fountain!!
    the new horse?? hmmmmm….still debating because it kind of looks like a repainted shaggier gypsy horse…come on now!! we need newer horses!!!!

  12. Angelique Says:

    Lame! The rainbow trese are no longer available! I’ve been checking the market for them for days with no luck :o( my model farm icon just changed tonight cause it was showing mardi gras & I visited the model farm yesterday & there were NO rainbows trees – now they’re gone? WTH Zynga?

  13. lauren Says:

    Is the mossy stone new? Or did we have a mossy rock or something like that before.. It looks VERY familiar..

  14. Gail Says:

    It sure would be nice if I had my Model Farm, I have been emailing Zynga for 2 months complaining about not having one, and they keep giving me the run around like with everything else. Totally screwed up. WTF Zynga, where is my Model Farm?

  15. Rene Says:

    I have the Giant Rainbow tree. It finally decided to show itself tonight. I dont like that there is stuff that is not available yet. Now we have to worry about the times being off. I am still waiting for them to fix the foal grow up.

  16. John Says:


  17. Margaret Says:

    Mine says that the rainbow trees are no longer available either. :( I was excited when I saw then on the model farm but I can’t buy them either. @Lauren, the mossy stone fence came out with the coastal collection last year–the one with the lighthouse and crab shack.

  18. srinidhi Says:

    @Lauren: ”moss stone” of last year has been rereleased with some minor changes as ‘mossy stone”. i have it frm last yr.

  19. Elizabeth Sholl Says:

    The things that say no longer available will be out soon guys, they do not have their times set right!! The rain bow tree should be in market inminutes as well as fountain and horse. Also I agree PLEASE come out with some horses that are different! Stop just changing the color, use those artists! A nice green mini horse would be nice :)

  20. darklord Says:

    WHAT AN UGLY TREE!!!! I think I’m gonna get one! :D

  21. Coors Says:

    Still no model farm – what a crock

  22. Sonya Says:

    I don’t have a model farm what crap. My bf does meanwhile he hasn’t played as long as I have and hardly plays he only plays to send me a daily gift and bushels. Seriously if it’s a slow roll out (snail pace) the accounts with highes activity should get it first. Also my daughter just set up a FV account yesterday and already has a model farm…it’s so difficult to get fuel and my bf just got 10 refills by going to the model farm. Come on get you shyt together..this gives players an unfair advantage if it was not ready for all it should not be available for any…just saying