The Future of FarmVille Farms: The more, the merrier or too much work?

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The Future of FarmVille Farms: The more, the merrier or too much work?

Posted on April 6, 2012 2:33 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

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As FarmVille Freaks, we are no stranger to hard work. Even though we get our farm on through keyboards and computers without breaking a sweat, we know that farming, even the virtual kind, can be a labor of love. We are currently working on five FarmVille farms and maintaining all of them can be quite the full-time job. As FarmVille releases more destination farms, it seems as though this is where the future of FarmVille is going. As one destination farm wraps up, another new destination farm is introduced. Recently, on FarmVille Freak we discussed the rumors of the next destination farm on the horizon. The sixth FarmVille destination farm is rumored to be in the setting of Asia and possibly Japan. You can read more about that by visiting this FarmVille Freak article here.

We know what some of you are thinking- laboring and toiling over another farm sounds like way too much for you to handle. After all, there is only so much time in a day! I mean, hello, some of us have regular jobs outside of FarmVille. And let’s face it, as much as we love virtual farming, it’s hard to pay your bills with Farm Coins. I digress. Perhaps you find yourself giddy over the mere idea of another new farm in the sweet escape of FarmVille. A new land to explore, new prizes to uncover, and new crops to master. Most players seem split between two sides: over-worked disgruntled farmer or over-achiever up for any challenge. Where do you find yourself … do you welcome the idea of the more farms or do you dread the thought of working another farm? Naturally, as FarmVille Freaks, we say bring it on! Even if we can’t work all of our farms on a daily basis, we like the idea of having more FarmVille farms and having that option available. I know that many of you are already feeling overworked and maybe even overwhelmed, but it is helpful to remember- no one is breaking your wrist to farm and certainly won’t be forcing you to accept the challenge of working another new farm.

As FarmVille bombards us with new farms, endless quests, and never-ending construction projects we often forget that everything in FarmVille is optional. Ignoring the quests is okay! What’s that you say? You can just completely ignore them and go about your farming? Of course. Many FarmVille Freaks love questing, others hate it, and there are still many more that fall in between. Some find peace in questing only when they find the prizes interesting enough or worthy of their time and effort. So if you aren’t up to questing just ignore those beckoning quest icons begging for your attention and carry on. Likewise, failing to participate in the latest collection event is fine too. And if getting back to the basics of mastering crops suits your fancy, so be it.

Sometimes we forget that this is a game and every person should find their own enjoyment in playing it, whatever that happens to be for you is your choice. It’s perfectly acceptable to say no or work your little fingers off completing those quests before they expire (and maybe even doing them a second time for their rewards). But when it comes to new farms ignoring their existence may prove more difficult.  Who can say no to free farmland? We’ve all heard of those farmers that refused to travel to Hawaiian Paradise (even with free access) but we wonder how many of them actually did so.  Asian Farm?!?!! Yes, please. We think of additional destination farms as little virtual real estate gifts from Zynga. And frankly, it’s hard saying no to free property, even if it is just virtual.

What about you, will you say “No” to more FarmVille farms or are you ready for the challenge?

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83 Responses to “The Future of FarmVille Farms: The more, the merrier or too much work?” »

  1. Lawrence Says:

    Far too many farms already and with all the continual glitches as well, it is getting tiresome. Will somebody at Zynga realise that there is only 24 hours in a day?

  2. Deb H Says:

    IF Time Line had not screwed up the Newsfeed, maybe. Is Zynga aware we can’t see the FV posts on the Newsfeed w/Time Line?? Do they care? Does Facebook realize that & do they care? I lost 3/4′s of my FV friends because of the release of Time Line. I’m lucky to finish a quest these days.

  3. gloria Says:

    I have 13 farms over on Farmtown, and work them every day. They are loaded with facilities to make products, using the crops grown.. No sweat…. Of course, I’m retired and I wouldn’t be able to do it if I had to go to a job every day.

  4. Rob Robert Says:

    Farmville (Zynga) fools no one the new items in the market almost 99% are cash items now, new currency on the new farm (coconuts) probably yen in the sixth farm who knows? Constant harassing for our money ever since they put their stock on the market them seem to say to hell with the customer we have stock owners to thrill. Well you wont thrill with no one playing the game.

    I have 600 friends and you have chased so many players away it takes asking twice just to get ten items on a quest. Some have left and some are just damn tired of being harassed for parts and I dont blame them one bit I am sick of begging for them.

    And why the hell at level 250 am I denied a farmcash for levelling up? You would think I should get more for being a player so long, you have some f’d up logic zynga

  5. Shelley OBrien Says:

    I’m a former serious FV addict, but I completey walked away August, 2010 because it just became too much… Numerous quest, cost of farms, etc just did me in. I want my old FV back where I interacted with my neighbor’s and we all had fun. FV became a full time job…Greed took over FV when Zynga was going Public

  6. Margaret Says:

    Yes i could handle another farm, just rotate what you can do on each farm, i try to do crops on each farm daily now but if it gets to hard i will rotate them like i do orchards and stables now.

  7. TreeMaster Says:

    if they would slow down on the quests and requireing them to get specific items. ect.. it would make the game 100% more enjoyable.

  8. Angel Says:

    I only play home and english farms, I have NO time and NO desire what so ever to play the other 3 (cove, winter and hawaii).
    I’m not playing any more farms, just 2 is more than enough for me.
    I think it’s time for Zynga to realize that we, the players, have lives outside the internet world, and that most of us prefer to actually live in the real world.
    The real world is no way near as glitchy as the FV-world…

  9. glo Says:

    I have no problem with another farm or even the quests to build it. At least, so far I don’t! But many others do. When a new farm or quest is made available I would like to see a “No, thank you” or a “Yes, thank you” button. Then we can decide if we want to do the quest or accept the farm and the icon won’t just sit there on our screens until it expires.

    And once a farm is built, I wish they would stop coming up with more quests for that farm. Right now I have 3 quests running at the same time. It gets confusing unless I keep strict notes. I’ve never had to be this organized! LOL

  10. Werewolfling Says:

    I’m actually in the process of downsizing/reorganizing. I deleted my plots from lighthouse cove and am debating moving my foal collection there or building animal storage for everything else instead. (Probably the storage) English Countryside has had almost everything eliminated from it and it’s down to a grid work of plots, spaced for easy counting for the quests (5 by 5 squares = 25 plots) Winter Wonderland is still in the process of being leveled up and expanded, but it’s unlikely I’ll do anything there once I’m done with that, expect maybe extra plots for multiple good quests running at once. I can quite easily ignore farms if I get over whelmed.

  11. meishere Says:

    Wouldn’t it just be easier to give a theme to change a farm to rather than create a whole new farm??????

  12. Linda Burleyson Says:

    having more farms is ok…..all the constant pop-ups are VERY irritating!@!!!! and…..having to spend OUR cash is disturbing to me….makes Zynga seem GREEDY……make MORE opitions in which we can use farmCOINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. keiji Says:

    the thought of not doing anything anymore pleases me. so yeah! bring it on. i want to continue ignoring all tasks and new items. that’s my last stronghold of fun in farmville.

  14. Rogue Robot Says:

    I’m fine with the idea of another farm. What completely turns me off, however, is the idea of collecting close to a thousand pieces of whatever to build another version of the cove/train station/volcano only to have it turn out worthless crap every day. I’m also turned off by the idea of collecting up to 85 pieces of whatever per pile for a couple dozen piles just to clear the land of the next version of the snow pile/ treasure. Then add in vehicle parts to build and expand a new combine, shovels to expand a new storage hole, and whatever new parts there will be for the new farm and it just isn’t worth it. Especially when you know that this new farm will just be abandoned by Zynga in three months like they have England, Lighthouse Cove, Winter Wonderland and soon to be Hawaii. It wouldn’t be nearly as bad if the 1500 SDBs in my gift box could be used for any of it, but the way it is now, they are mostly useless. And don’t give me this “you don’t have to do it” nonsense. If you don’t transfer your efforts to the new farm, you find yourself toiling away on an abandoned concept. All of the new crops and decorations are for the new farm and all of the game play is geared toward it. You can’t just ignore all of the “treasures” that pollute your new farm because they are strategically placed to get in the way. You also can’t just delete the stupid things to get rid of them. You must play the game the way Zynga dictates or else. If this is the way it’s going to be from now on, it’s time to admit that the FarmVille I enjoyed playing has been gone for some time now and it’s time to move on.

  15. John Wayne Says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s getting to be ridiculous! Too much already! No, you don’t have to do it all, but what’s the point, then, of doing it at all? It really loses its fun factor if you can’t keep up, if the goals to accomplish continue to be set too far away to reach.

  16. Leslie+ Says:

    My biggest complaint about farmville is the rate at which they release things compared to the rate that they actually FIX things before releasing new problems. The quests are irritating as ever but like you said ignore them if you don’t want too do them. I just wish they would ask you to do different crops other then the same ones left and right and i DO NOT mean the crops that take 2 or more days to do.

    I say bring on the new farm but fix the issues first!

  17. Dee Says:

    I think you should come up with some sort of plan to buy rare items with your coins. When someone had worked hard on their farms and have several hundreds of thousands or even millions of coins they should be able to buy rare items with them. Also, when doing quests, such as the one now in Lighthouse cove where it says to harvest the Horse Paddock 4 times, I’ve harvested the one on my home farm twice already but am not getting credit for it on this quest. That just doesn’t seem fair that you need to have every building on every farm. Come on now!!

  18. LiquidxAngel Says:

    If things were only this simple – I would agree with you wholeheartedly…


    Have you noticed the complete LACK of decorating items available for coins these days? Unless I wake up spontaneously rich, the only way I can get any good items for decorating is through the quests.

    The constant bombardment of buildings, quests, and farms has also left many of us exhausted. I enjoy variety in Farmville but there is such a thing as MODERATION.

    Instead of fixing the huge amount of bugs and errors in the game, Zynga simply keeps adding new content that only compounds the errors – thusly, many of us has failed quests or cannot complete quests.

    Sure, give us a new farm! (Just not every other month.) Sure, bring out new buildings with new features! (Just not every week.). Sure, I’ll buy some FC for some premuim, cool items (Just don’t rob me blind.)

    Zynga wants our money. How about giving some quality service and a smooth running game first?

  19. Lillie Robinson Says:

    i really enjoy playing and working all 5 farms but i have sent 2 or 3 messages about not being able to accept my farmville specials four about 7 months now and the problem still has’nt been fixed so what needs to be done to fix it i have lost a lot of vital gifts i really am a farmville freak so please fix my problem or let me know how i can fix it, and i really look forward to see more farms
    Thank you,Lillie Robinson

  20. Cobra76 Says:

    I can say that it was better when there was a new theme there would be new crops/animals/trees/decor that you decorate your current farm with. It is outlandish making a new farm for each theme. Plus I really dislike the fact that all new farms after the English Countryside have farm plot restrictions. Now I might be more open to new farms if there are NO restrictions on farm plots.

  21. I Love Toast Says:

    I feel pretty,
    Oh, so pretty.

    I mean. Go go more farms.

  22. peter Says:

    i dunno, i think 6 is *kinda* pushing it; but i am interested to see the crops and everything that it would entail… which is why i wonder why we cant just have a theme going on instead of another farm…. im totally down for quests with asian themed prizes :D… and the other cute ones they had… :)

  23. BernieG Says:

    I’m a Farmville fan that’s stretched ragged by the overwhelming crush of the number of farms to maintain and the quests and the buildings and the decorations and… and… and…

    While I admire those who seem to take any new challenge with a happy heart and an adventurous spirit, I am worn out.

    I used to master every crop, (The original Super Pumpkins came and went before I caught Mastery fever, to show how far back I go) I collected several kinds of decorations and animals and briefly flirted getting all the trees.

    I’ve paid out real money to get farm cash.

    I appreciate that this is a ‘social game’, but there once was a time when you could accomplish every game task solo, if you were dedicated enough to grow all the crops yourself, and craft things and master them.

    No longer. Now, every aspect–literally–requires not only some participation of neighbors, but it usually requires umpty-jillion pieces, parts, and the separate blessings of three heads of state and a religious leader.

    I ‘maintain’ my wife’s farm, and I’m limited to the friends she’s picked. (Strangely enough, they’re all people she knows in Real Life(tm) ) At the height of its popularity, we had 45 neighbors playing. Today I counted, there are five.

    It’s well and good to speak of not participating in quests or buildings or animal pens or whatever insanity Zynga has cooked up now, but there’s a real problem with that philosophy. Ultimately, it turns out that gameplay ends up being completely binary.

    Either you completely buy in and you participate in _everything_ Zynga requires, or you end up having to ignore it _all_. There is no middle ground.

    In my experience, when I’ve attempted to ‘ignore’ certain quests or buildings, it’s always come back to haunt me. Usually because Farmville requires the use of that building, or an animal or a crop in a future series of quests that had rewards that I liked or wanted. (Animal pens, I’m looking at you)

    And while I would love to stop collecting parts for the cove, or the station or the volcano, I _have_ to complete them, or I potentially lose out on a valuable asset. (Farm licenses, I’m looking at you, now)

    Plus, ‘going my own way’ is also nearly impossible, since everyone else is in lockstep, growing the same crops, begging for the same pieces, asking for the same stuff. And I have no option to permanently dismiss any quest I don’t want to start or finish–it stays there waving and demanding your attention for up to a _month_ now!

    Another thing: most farms look like PETA’s worst nightmare, now–with superfarmers packing every item in solid. With homogenous ranks of pens, orchards and buildings. What happened to the fun and creativity of arranging a farm so that it _looked_ like a farm? Nobody has the time, space or interest anymore. Hell, given that I spend all of my time on quests, begs and requests, I don’t even _visit_ anyone else’s farm, now. (Remember when you visited a farm and helped your neighbor perform some task?)

    Farmville is ultimately not scaleable. You may not think the quests and requirements are too onerous now… But wait, later this year Farmville has something planned that’ll stagger even your ample capacity for requests. (No, I don’t know anything, it’s just an extrapolation based on past performance.)

    I understand that Zynga is a business, and they want to extract every penny they can from the game before it inevitably implodes under its own unwieldy nature. But I believe this unrelenting push for more, more, more will ultimately hasten the game’s demise.

    I think that if they took a month off every so often. Let people play ‘catch-up’, or take a vacation, or even just putter around and decorate their farms. Zynga would prolong the life of their product and generally make the game a happier one to play. And happy people spend money.

    Just my two cents,

  24. Lisa Says:

    I wouldn’t mind another farm if they backed off the quests on the others while we got set up on a new one. I like how the Winter Farm went “dormant” when Hawaii came out. And I don’t want to see another farm until they are done with the Hawaii Chapter quests either.

  25. Stephen Says:

    Glad to see the negative gets more votes this time. I really don’t know how new farmers manage to get anywhere – it would be overwhelming. I farm only the latest farm, with the others for quick mastery of new and/or LE crops with low mastery levels. I have tree production on one farm (winter), watering can production on two (home and England), and the fields do nothing. The home farm I sometimes use for bushel production, because I have an unwither ring there. I harvest the trees/animals on other farms because the trees do produce coconuts, and I make a few arborists and farmhands to keep up. One day I’ll spend the day redecorating the England and Cove and Winter farms without fields, or a few fields for show. I don’t expand the newer ones beyond 2-3 levels up. I don’t do quests unless I happen to have fulfilled the criteria for the non-wall posting sections.

  26. Denis Says:

    I voted No.

    Good write-up and so true, nobody is forcing anyone to do quests or collect for the next collection event. I came back when I realized I enjoyed the game but am only doing quests if the prizes are ones I really want. I ditched the craft shop and the silos. I plant crops and work with the crafting buildings like the winery, pub, tiki bar etc.

    I collect animal feed and watering cans to finish the trees and animals I already have and not “freak”ing out to get all the new ones all the time.:)

    Feel more relaxed farming now.:)

  27. Sandy Says:

    I voted Maybe. The new farms are OK if they would just slow down the quests to one at a time.

  28. Hot Ash Says:

    Yes, I’m so sick of it. I do enjoy playing my original farm and my winter wonderland and I skip the quests since none of my friends play anymore!

  29. Merja Says:

    I will wellcome a new farm :-) Love the idea :-)J

  30. Cindy Says:

    new farms are fun but all the quests are a pain i find a happy medium by just doing the newest farm quests and not the other ones unless theres a realy good prize in the others. Also having pens on the other farms comes in handy for finishing the quests.

  31. goodnred Says:

    i stopped doing the quests…. it just got to be TOO much. i only get a short time in the morning and evening to work on my farms. out of the 4 that we currently i only work two of them. the quests it seems as though there isn’t enough hours in a day to be online all day long, it’s always the same crops. then mastering the animals take so much longer than the crops… who has FV $$ to keep spending. i would be nice if they had more that we could purchase with coins instead of fv $$.

  32. Drocket Says:

    Things are definitely getting a bit out of hand here, with regards to the number of farms and how much time it takes to keep up with Farmville. Sure, you can always choose to ignore a couple of farms for a while, but then when they release some new animal for X million coins, you have no way to buy it (queue inevitable ‘I have 10 trillion coins and only play 10 minutes every other day!’ trolls.) On the other hand, new farms ARE fun.

    I think the best solution is:
    1) They need to make the ‘home’ farm the main farm again. Keep adding new farms, but they should be side-destinations. A big part of that is that the home farm should be bigger and more involved than the home farm. Right now all the farms can go up to 36×36. Even that, I think, is bigger than the extra farms should be, but since they’re already available, lets just say that 36×36 is the maximum for side farms. In that case, its time to release 40×40, or more, for the home farm (and for reasonable coin costs. Stop pricing stuff for the people exploiting no-longer-available dairy farms.)

    2) Limit the number of farms that you can play to, say, 3. This would be the home farm, the newest release, and each player could chose 1 other farm that they want to keep active. You’d be able to change what that 3rd farm is, but there’d be a delay in doing so. Maybe 2-3 days, where you’d ‘pack up’ to move to the new farm, during which you’d be able to harvest crops but not plant new ones, and then after the delay the new 3rd farm you picked would be active.

    This would allow Farmville to keep adding new and interesting farms, but not make the game as ridiculously overwhelming as its becoming.

  33. FarmerB Says:

    You think it is optional – but the reality is that it drives players away. I have had many “neighbors” quit because it is no longer a game – it is a CHORE. I am on the verge myself. It is no longer fun. Are there 6 Cityville’s or 6 Frontierville’s (now Pioneer Trail) or 6 Castlevilles – no. You are killing this game. Enough. It takes FOREVER to travel between farms….honestly, when a GAME is not fun, it is time to move on. Zynga, will you make it FUN or not. I have enough hard work in REAL life.

  34. dom Says:

    I don’t have a problem with more farms, but leave more time in between introductions – I still don’t have all of the items (most of the items) uncovered in WW, and with every farm you have to rebuild animal storage, etc.

    And I know FV is a social game, but it isn’t supposed to be a demanding game – lower the requirements on the quests (and yes, I do ignore the quests I don’t want to do) to maybe 4 items – I don’t have FV friends that play everyday, and the FV friends (not FB friends) can’t see my feed so they can’t respond to all of the requests there.

    That being said, kudos to the programmers and system administrators that keep the servers running for all of these farms and all of the games’ features.

  35. Stephanie Says:

    It doesnt matter what we think they’ll make more farms anyway…hope this doesnt make too many people stop playing…gotta have neighbors to play!!

  36. John doe Says:

    leak from the inside, I work for Zynga, next farm will be a rainforest :) will be great

  37. Alan Says:

    It wouldn’t be so bad if they let us play how WE want not how they want us to, why should people be punished for wanting to plant crops and spend money on animals and not on on decorations.
    If they stopped with limiting plots, and do not do more stupidity like coconuts instead of coins it wouldn’t be so bad.
    Free real estate, who cares about more land, I would rather less bugs then more land.
    I know there is no money for them to make by fixing bugs.

  38. Susan Says:

    I have started saying no to the quest except for Hawaii. I love that farm. Now if you offered more coin expansions that would be great! Love the pretty trees!

  39. shoptherapy Says:

    so true. . .i just do what i want on my farms. We tend to forget that this is just a game. We are players not slaves. We forget that we can CHOOSE what we want to do with our farms. In fact,i love that with farmville we don’t need to use up “energy” points to do things.

  40. Doris DeLooze Says:

    It doesn’t matter to me how many farms we can aquire. But, I am finding , for some reason , I keep getting very low on fuel. It doesn’t seem as if I’m getting as much fuel from harvesting and no matter how many farms I visit I get pretty low. I even click on the fuel instead of the exp’s. You need to come up with easier ways of obtaining fuel.I keep getting the fuel from the craft houses and anywhere else I can get it. About 2 months ago, I had over 2,000 fuel. Now I finally climbed back up to over 200. If it stays this hard to get fuel, no I won’t be able to take on another farm. I even run out of coconuts . It gets very nerve racking.

  41. FarmFarm94 Says:

    OMG NO!!!!!

    There is allready now TOO MUCH WORK TO DO, and when there’ll come a 6th farm……… I’m going to quit….

  42. Michael Says:

    Yes, everything in Farmville is optional.

    Despite being a lot of fun, Farmville itself is also optional. I haven’t played the game in almost a year now. Didn’t want to, but I was sick of having to beg strangers for construction material, and how everything was a $5 money-grab. I could not keep playing.

    The first week was difficult, but after that? I never looked back. The hour I spent farming everyday was mine again, and my friends thanked me for not spamming requests in their newsfeed. Never had to deal with microtransactions anymore. Never had to deal with out-of-sync issues. Never had to beg for hammers.

    Every once in a while, I check this site to see if anything has changed, but they’re still making you beg strangers for bug zappers and charging you $5 for a picture of an horse. Whoever reads this, I want you to know that, despite how much effort you have put into your farm, if you want to quit you should quit. You won’t regret it. You might have a nagging sensation, knowing that limited-time quests are passing, but it is a feeling that doesn’t last long.

    Thank you,
    Michael, Former Lvl 108 Farmer

  43. catzilla Says:

    I will not do a 6th farm and shure when it is the asia theme they took away my farmville chinese so I don’t do this again!

  44. Koko Says:

    No comments yet?

    I will share my point of view then :)

    Me year or two ago:
    Master Crops all of them! Yes :D
    New event- valentines. New sheep, aww its so cute. Need to have.
    Gather valentine’s tokens and redeem etc etc.
    Event ended. Oh my gosh when is next comming?

    Some time later, when I was fully addicted and FarmVille became a HUGE game:
    Master Crops, new crops, super crops, greenhouse crops..
    New “event” (not such an event as it comes every week now) – get sheep, cow, goat, 2 horses, 2 trees, 2 calves, 2 foals. Master trees, produce big trees, master lvl 2 giant/big trees, master horse, master sheep, master everything. Plant those limited time crops. Dont forget craftshop recipes – master them too. Oh and Crafting Buildings, craft, sell and master.. And in meantime new things hit the market so cycle repeats again.
    Wont be naming all the things that come to FarmVille everyday really.. We all know, we all are freaks. Some freaks quit couse they are too tired already..

    My solution was different. I realized I wont be able to have EVERYTHING..
    All cows, sheeps, horses, trees, decorations..
    I gave up 1st on horses, then on cows.. Then on tress couse there were 2 new ones per day! I decided that all I am going to do is collect sheeps, becouse I just love them!
    And I always remember that FV as any other flash game can get closed as soon as its not bringing profit to Zynga anymore.. Happened to few Facebook games I played :( all my hard work is gone now and cant even view it anymore.

    Ofcourse noone will say no to new farm. Its fun if you do it when you want it.
    Quests absolutely optional.
    Now my Lighthouse Cove farm is my sheep showoff farm, and Hawaii is place where I enjoy to plant new crops. :)

    Hoping to see Japanese farm as soon as the quests on Hawaii are done(wich btw arent that exausting as WinterWonderland quests were)

    Thank You – FarmVille Freak for reminding all the FV Freaks that this is just a game!

    Regards, Koko

  45. Barbara Merriman Says:

    I don’t have time to finish all the work I have to do now, much less another farm. Thanks for asking. :)

  46. Ness Says:

    I really don’t mind the new farms, what is really annoying is all the quests. Not only do I have 5 quests going on now, I think it’s 5, but it’s also the tea party. It is so hard getting the items needed to finish the train station in WW, not to mention all the items needed for the animal pens and things like that. It’s just way to much. I remember when it was enjoyable and I was able to go to my neighbors farms. It’s so hard to do that now. Zynga needs to cut back on the quests and bring the game back to what it was, helping out your neighbors.

  47. Fredie Says:

    I think they need to dial in the many glitches that come up on a daily basis before they attempt to modify the game any farther.
    Also,They make those quest to hard to complete unless you spend real money,(which I Dont).
    And why can’t you share items you no longer want with other farmers.

  48. Steve Says:

    No more farms! I’m not even doing Hawaii. I refreshed at just the right moment when they posted that click on to go to Hawaii that gave you no choice and Hawaii isn’t even an option on my pull down menu! They can add all they want and I’ll just do the general quests and raise my trees and enjoy FarmVille like I used to before they went extra farm happy…

  49. Memike Says:

    I love the idea of new farm destinations… I just wish Zynga would give us more of a break in between. Instead of starting immediately after the last one ended give us a few months to try and catch up and organize and decorate. Coming out with a new destination in less then a month after the last one ended doesn’t give us any breathing space or chances to catch up. We all wind up drowning and burning out. Yes, I know no one is forcing me to do anything, but come on… there’s a reason we are all called “Freaks” :)

    That said, I am really looking forward to the new Asian themed farm, but all I ask is to give us some time to catch our breath before shoving it in our faces… again.

  50. Nathan Says:

    I really don’t understand why people complain so much about too many updates and things to do. I still only use my home farm and use the others for farming if anything and I only buy and quest for the things I really want. What’s so wrong with there being new things that you don’t like? Just don’t invest in them! Simple as that.

  51. lizlemon Says:

    I’ve put far too much money into the game to stop now. While I wish they would stop releasing farm after farm after farm…it looks like they won’t stop.

    They’re going to drive away the casual players and the hardcore ones will stay.

    I honestly hope they drive away the whiners. They are insufferable.

  52. Tired farmer Says:

    I am just too tired and out of cash to add another farm …
    Tired of the do you want to report error screen now and constantly having to reload.
    Personally I think they should have just allowed you to change your own scenery.
    Used to love visiting friends farms to see how they decorated …. they really screwed up the game.

  53. flit Says:

    when I quit – was going to say if, but it really does feel like a when, now… it will be because Zynga just can’t be bothered to listen/care to our feedback, not because of too many farms.

    Too many trees, too many quests, too many buildables, too many glitches….

  54. Cindy court Says:

    well said, the quests are optional. Maybe though they need to break with the releases of all the new stuff and fix some of the bugs. Slow down the horses it is getting really expensive (yes optional but I buy these and it is my choice to) love how we can help each other to get the trees need to do similar with the horses though.

  55. robert sickler Says:

    i need more farmville friends please

  56. robert sickler Says:

    can anyone add me for farmville

  57. Steve Says:


  58. Moose Says:

    If they took as much time fixing the problem with the game as they do bring out new content we would have a perfect game. NO NEW FARMS. use the new content people to fix the problems we already have dont create more

  59. Amy Says:

    I’m with Deb…Timeline makes it very difficult to collect items that haven’t recently been shared, which includes helping with quests. If you don’t see it on the main feed page you have to go digging and click too many times in someone’s timeline. It’s not worth it most of the time. SO, I’m ok with more farmland and new animals, trees, etc…but if my friends don’t post when I am actually online, I’m not going to their profile to help them. And I don’t expect them to do it for me. So quests take forever.

  60. Linda Says:

    No more farms please – when you work full time this is just getting too hard to keep up with but i do really enjoy playing with what we have now. Quests get a bit too much too at times.

  61. Mary Says:

    I started two other farms back when I couldn’t get anyone to click on my quest challenges. Now I try to maintain 15 farms. I attempt quests but because of the difficulty of mastering animals to one star, I pretty much just get as much as I can then forget about it. I would love for the quests to back off so I can spend more time fixing up my farm(s) with the loot I have collected. But for now it’s just left in various places on my farm, or hanging in my giftbox, or put in storage til FV gives us time to make our farms look nice. It used to be lots of fun. Now it’s work and if something else comes up, I’d drop it for sure.

  62. Avril Says:

    I too have nearly had enough of this game, of I am going to play I like to do it all. But it is getting beyond a joke, it is so time consuming it is ridiculous. Everything costs too much FV dollars. Zynga it is time you slowed things down and gave everyone a breather. This farmer is just about ready to quit

  63. Susan Says:

    Bring the Hawaii Mystery game back again. Thanks!

  64. Muriel H Says:

    With all the changes that have been made since I started playing Farmvlle a few years ago, I have less than 20 neighbors with whom I can send and receive things. The other Farmville neighbors who are not my friends on Facebook are limited in what we can do for each other. This makes absolutely no sense! And although I am serious player of this game, I just don’t have the time to farm five farms (I farm only three), and the quests are designed so that a player can barely finish them–if s/he can finish them– before another one or two quests are launched. Although the quests are optional, it’s hard not to want to play them given the great “prizes” that are up for grabs.

    Given all this, my biggest gripe is that I have millions of FV coin and can’t spend any of it because everything has to be bought with FV cash. (I have already bought everything that can be purchased with coin, and farm expansions that can be bought with coin don’t occur often enough for me to take advantage or I can’t expand all three farms when I can do so with coin because I don’t have enough. It’s insane!)

    I think Zynga has lost its vision for this game, and its the players who have suffered all for the sake of the mighty dollar and its shareholders. What a shame.

  65. Joan baker Says:

    I love playing the farms, and, yes, it is overwhelming with all the quests, but, the farms are not free, FV dollars is the bottom line. I have lost of farmville neighbors because of the problems, so, I am limited in what I can do at times. Please let us use some of our farmville cash and an incentive to keep adding to it. FV dollars are a little hard to come up with in this economy. I am a very faithful player, just listen to us, yes, it is a choice, but, I do not need to keep losing my neighbors. Go easy on us, love my farmville!!

  66. Carol Says:

    Looks like it’s getting to be time to say goodbye to Farmville, I’ve loved this game from the beginning but with all the continual problems and more and more farms being added it’s getting time to say goodbye.

  67. robert Says:

    I like the new farms an look forward to more since they connect together. I have dropped most other games, mafia, pioneer, and such to have enough time for the multiple farms.

  68. Joan baker Says:


  69. Buster Gay Says:

    I resisted the English farm for quite some time, due to a surgery and recovery. I regretted I did not do it as when I later took it on, there were no quests, and did not ern the free travel between the farms! I would love to have the ability to travel between England, the cove and my home farm, but will not be able to buy a ticket to England.
    I know I will do the new farms, may cut off some quests if prizes are not exceptional..and that will ease a lot of the over whelming feeling of too much to do on too many farms, especially when then run two or three at us at one time..

    There are some things I would love to see…prizes of instant grow and FV cash, a two step collection process, one to comment TY and one to click LIKE…this would keep grabber apps from taking the things off the feed without leaving a trace OR make it VISIBLE WHO takes the reward..this would force the person to say TY, we can also check to see if that person is using a cheat app.

    Love your blog, and your web site!

  70. Phyllis Says:

    I really think you need to make more items for coins not Farmville cash though It keeps getting more and more expensive to do and you are going to lose a lot of players not everyone can afford to pay for items that aren’t even real but just for a game you have become greedy Make the horses and other items for coins and cash nor just coins It needs to stop with everything for cash the items people want are jut too much.

  71. nancy jones Says:

    i enjoy farming but lately there has been way to many quest at time as many as 5 at the same time i do enjoy doing them but it leaves no time to do what i got into this for and between get the quest done on all the farms I don’t see how you could even think of another one

  72. valerie Says:


  73. kurt Says:

    please take time off quest we can get all quest please let us do all quest but please take out time on quest ty

  74. LaVaune Says:

    I am a FarmVille freak and I wouldn’t mind another farm. There are a few things I DO have problems with.
    1) It really upsets me when I have finally gathered 85 picks to finally get rid of an ice present and what do I get?? A giant teddy bear.. Yuk..With that many items to collect you would think the reward would be greater. They put the items in such places that it is almost impossible to farm around them.. Same with Hawaii..
    2) A lot of my FV friends are coming up as they are not my neighbours. These are people that have been my Facebook friends and Farmville friends since I first started playing. No matter what we do it doesn’t change.. glitch? or is there something I am missing?

  75. cilek Says:

    I’m wondering what the statistics say about the number of players (still trying to play or left the game completely) through the time since the game started to turn something else. As I remember Farmville was a game like.. “oh, my crops going to wither, must harvest them” or decorating the farm with colorful flowers in my spare time.. and now? one more farm? no thanks… others are already done, no eager to play anymore and no sign of a much clearer and gameful move from the developers and it’s time to say “enough for me” I think.

  76. Donna Says:

    I love playing FarmVille. The main problems I am having is not so much trying to keep up with the work or the Quests, but not having enough storage in the markets. With 5 farms it takes lots of gas and when you only have 500 spaces for bushels, you can not store enough to make anything in our spa, restaurant etc. thus no products to get gas from. I have to sell bushels before I harvest each crops. I used to have at least a hundred friends that were selling products to purchase from, but now it’s hard to find 30. We need at least 200 bushes storage for each farm. Even tho this is a virtual farm we still need the tools to do get the jobs done. Before giving us another farm fix the problems we are having now. Listen to the players because we know the game better than the programmers.

  77. Megan McConnell Says:

    For those who are complaining about the quests and bugs – play Zynga’s Cafeworld and you’ll see true quest overload and buggusnon-fixus!!

    I will probably play the new farm – though with the ones we have now it takes me a couple of hours a day to do the minimum, and on the weekends I play for much longer.

    I do think that they need to use some different crops though – I’m getting sick of the same ones being needed – and I also think that having crops that take 2 or 3 days to grow being in quests is a little unfair.

    I’d ike to see some ongoing quests that are untimed – maybe they could do a storyline that wanders through all the farms.

    Ahh dreams – is nice to have them!!

  78. Rufino Says:

    I am like the other person who commented here, I also play Farmtown and have 13 farms, but Farmtown does not have much problem as Farmville. Farmtown fix their problems right away so it is easier to play. Farmville is a nice game but riddled with so many problems so it will be a hard task to work on so many farms. Fix the problems including the ancient ones and the ones that keep recurring, then I do not have a reason to complain.

  79. Linda Rogers Says:

    I love all the farms but there is so much to do and you do not give us enough time to do… and I am retired and spend many hours on farmville…
    Please please please extend the building times and leave items/buildings unlocked to enable completion instead of closing them and leaving us with unfinished buildings. The option was there to build each new item on each farm and so none were finished if you chose to do that. That choice was good for emptying parts from gift box no matter which farm you were on but as soon as I realised that each item was being built separately it was too late to transfer items to the main building so now have nothing finished and one on each farm unfinished. Just building one thing now on one farm at a time. So frustrating though after trying so hard to complete so many building items and not making it. I can understand that you need to remove the parts from the gifting page but why can’t you leave the buildings open as you have done in the past with the option to ask friends for the parts so we can at least complete each item eventually. Looking forward to the next farm…

  80. Sara Says:

    I only recently, as in this week, started doing anything in Hawaii, and then only because it seemed the most appropriate place to put the dinosaurs I got in the mystery dart game. I use the plots for emergency needs on the regular quests but I’m not even doing the Hawaii quests. New currency there is a dumb idea, as I don’t need another thing to remember to earn. The limited plots compared to WW or LC are ridiculous. I don’t really care to work that farm when I have so much invested in my other ones. So a new one? No, I will ignore it as long as Zynga lets me. Of course, with HP, I had no choice as it wouldn’t let me load any farm until I went to HP finally.

  81. eessa Says:

    I’m not sure, if anybody who is responsible for anything read this… but:
    I like the new farms they are really exciting at the beginning (the feeling of them – if you know what i mean), but later they are going to be boring- cant change the topic of them etc. – and they are disappointing 20 new crops – thats all… (ok i havent finished mastering all the crops yet) and after a few months they are abondened by zynga – nothing is happening there…
    At the moment I’m playing on all – on home farm doing the quests, on english masterising super crops for the home farm and on the other 3 masterizing the normal and super crops… but i think, after i will finish them, i will leave those farms… maybe going there once a week or so (on the english one i started with 4days super crops – the visit it 1/2 times a week only).
    And what disturbs me a lot: it is SLOW to change farms and today it dropped me out like 4 times, and had to resart the slow game.
    And an other bad thing: if you have more farms, you need more stuffs – like fertilizers (min 5 a day), farmhands, parts for the tractors… etc.
    I would appreciate, if first they solve the bugs, and make an option somehow – tht few things could be used on every farms in the same time (fertilizers would fertilize 5 farms by using only one)… in my dream all 5 farms are on 1 BIG SCREEN (just have to scroll a bit)
    But is is really getting a lot of work…

  82. Tree Master Says:

    I have really horrible insomnia so I farm at night when I can’t sleep. I say bring on another farm!! I only wished that as soon as we were donr upgrading our Train Station and Volcano that the inventory would automatically open up. I have so many winter trees I would like to transfer to my WWL and now I don’t have much room on my regualr farm. I have started putting only themed trees on my farm, floral and fruit tree on my countryside, woodland trees on my cove and so on. Aso I would love if the quest were more like Pioneer Trail and that we didn’t have time limits so we could not worry about hurrying up! Anyways I would love an asian themed farm! So curious as to how its gonna look! :-)

  83. charles ivan Says:

    Why are all of you complaining??? the more farms, the better…. If you’r tired of farming, Just stop playing farmville or ignore all the other farms and dont invest in them.. That’s the only solution!!!!!!!! The future of farmville will be awesome so BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!