FarmVille Green Giant Fresh Promotion with Free Farm Cash

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FarmVille Green Giant Fresh Promotion with Free Farm Cash

Posted on May 20, 2010 10:39 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Free FarmVille Farm Cash from Green Giant

Looks like Zynga is gearing up for another FarmVille Promotion, this time with the Jolly Green Giant, or The Green Giant food company’s Green Giant Fresh products!

Green Giant is an American food company owned by General Mills that also sells under the product name Le Seur and is distributed internationally. They specialize in canned, frozen, and fresh vegetables which makes this an appropriate cross-promotion for the virtual farmers of FarmVille. While this promotion only pertains to the Green Giant Fresh products with special FarmVille packaging (see stickers below), this will be the first time ever that you will be able to purchase third party products and redeem farm cash! What a great way to buy groceries that you may already need and score some extra farm cash.

The specially labeled FarmVille Green Giant Fresh products will be available at your local Target stores and as of yet there is no official release date.

Thank you for FarmVille Freak Alon for giving us the heads up! If you click the following image below, you will be directed to where you can redeem your Farm Cash once you have purchased the FarmVille promotional item from Green Giant Fresh.

This is NOT a fake FarmVille promotion, as it has already been announced via Green Giant Fresh official website. You may visit here:

Green Giant Fresh Official Website

Please note, that this is an upcoming promotion and we will be waiting for more details.

FarmVille Promo with Green Giant Fresh (Click to view site)

Green Giant® Fresh is doing an on-pack promotion with Facebook’s social media game called FarmVille™. FarmVille™ allows you to “be a virtual farmer,” planting and growing your own crops, raising animals, and much more. Green Giant® Fresh is giving away Free Farm Cash. Each Farmville sticker on each participating package of Green Giant® Fresh produce can be redeemed for 5 Free Farm Cash. Limit 3 redemptions per user.

For instructions on how to redeem your Free Farm Cash, go to

To locate a Target store where you can purchase selected Green Giant® Fresh produce with FarmVille stickers, click on the “Target Stores Locator” link below. Check “Fresh Grocery” box, enter your city and state or Zip Code, then click “Find a Store” button.

Target Store Locator:

FarmVille Grape Tomatoes Green Giant Promo

FarmVille Green Onion Green Giant Promo

FarmVille Heats of Romaine Green Giant Promo

FarmVille Mushrooms Green Giant Promo

FarmVille Premium Lettuce Green Giant Promo

FarmVille Idaho Potatoes Green Giant Promo

FarmVille Sweet Baby Broccoli Green Giant Promo

FarmVille Teriyaki Stiry Fry Green Giant Promo

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88 Responses to “FarmVille Green Giant Fresh Promotion with Free Farm Cash” »

  1. Nemanja Says:


  2. Sam Says:

    I swear we only have green giant sweetcorn in a tin in england?!



  4. shauna Says:

    sweet! cant wait to get free farm cash for stuff I buy anyway!

  5. Liliana Says:

    I could actually use some of those products, but… no Target stores in Portugal… :(

  6. rita roslely simajuntak Says:

    ugh… ugh… whatever, NEw coop job.

  7. prostitute Says:

    cant they join up with INTERNATIONAL chains……so evry1 international player ACROSS THE GLOBE

  8. Sue Curtis Says:

    The cash amount it not worth the trip or the cost of a product that is not good.

  9. Marcel Says:

    This sucks big time.
    Another US based store which is not present here in the Netherlands.
    Zynga is completely ignoring their international gamers

  10. J Says:

    The caption on the second image “Free FarmVille Farm Cash FRO Green Giant”

    Do you mean for? or from?

  11. Marin88 Says:

    Where can I find the Rendem code?

  12. Maica Says:

    I have a target store a couple towns over but they do not sell fresh veggies

  13. amit Says:

    all these stuffs only for 30% of farmville user,US based but what about the others 70% users……..ZYNGA sucks!!!!

    totally ignoring all of us…(-_-)

  14. Gemsy Says:

    I buy these products anyway but as im in england i bet the offer wont be on promotional packs here! I think its about time zynga remembered about players who are NOT in the u.s otherwise they will end up losing a lot of players!

  15. Noel Says:

    I was all excited until I realized the nearest store to me is 15 miles away which probably isn’t worth the FV cash to drive my truck over to the store :P

  16. geo Says:

    Im from greece and i cant buy this products like 7elevn grrrrrrrr that breaking my nerves why they ignore the players who not live in USA zynga sucks grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!


    ++++ the new mistery box is awfull i want new animals and not only colored animals i want new animals like kangaroo!!!!!!!

  17. bridget Says:

    not real please with is one if its only sold in target stores, thats 2 promotions i cant join in on, 7-11 and green gaint. no 7-11′s in arkansas and the closes target is over a hour away. bummer

  18. Steve4310 Says:

    I plan on going into Target with a razor blade and stealing every sticker I can find!

  19. mona harnish Says:

    why is there no promotion for us players that live in canada ???/

  20. sandy Says:

    love green giant

  21. BB Says:

    Will you people stop complaining about Zynga ignoring their international players! Zynga doesn’t control what companies want to give them a load of cash to advertise through their game. Its not the US players or Zyngas fault that those companies have money to spend on advertising, so stop complaining about something that is not Zyngas fault, its the companies where you live that are at fault since they are the ones not giving out the money for advertising!

  22. Doctoree Says:

    Hey Zynga, please add promotions with Starbucks and Subway. They both fit your natural/ healthy concept and are international chains!

  23. cris Says:

    i whish they did this type of proms in other countries… they are probably transgenic food anyway, so, good for my health! hahah

  24. Naughty Farm Girl Says:

    Wish they would join up with McDonalds or something now that would rock!

  25. Shanna Says:

    I think this is a FAKE. I dont see Farmville doing this. Anyone know for sure its real?

  26. Nancy Says:

    why do people put “first” when responding to these posts?
    just curious, I’m obviously missing something

  27. FVFreakCody Says:

    Let the whining commence!

    “Why couldn’t they have teamed up with Birdseye? I like their vegetables better!”
    “There are NO grocery stores within 100 miles from my house. This is so unfair!”

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The pickings are slim when it comes to Zynga’s choices for corporate partnerships. They are not a huge company and the fact that they got 7-Eleven amazes me. They are not going to be able to partner with these big wig international chains or even some national chains… I just don’t see it ever happening. Just sayin’.

  28. Pierre Says:

    Green giant is international… people stop complaining ! I guess they are just starting this partnership things… waiting to develop it on international scene…

  29. ladiebug88 Says:

    Cool. I buy veggies every week!

  30. MooMooMoo Says:

    This clarifies why Green Giant frozen products have disappeared from my grocers’ freezers.

    I’m not going to travel two counties over to get pre-packaged produce for a small amount of FV$. There is no break-even for my time and effort.

    Agree entirely with BB; promotion and advertising are a beast unto themselves. It is probable that GG approached Zynga to offer a win-win deal for corporate balance sheets. Actual game players are but an infinitessimal discussion point of these sorts of business meetings. Promotions of this sort are generally geared to attracting more new players, particularly the parents of children that nag them.

    Happy farming.

  31. dawn Says:

    I have never seen Green Giant fresh produce in US. And I have not seen any Target stores that sell fresh produce. Where are these stores?

  32. Stephanie Says:

    I totally agree with BB, besides, given some time, I’m sure that things will expand and Zynga WILL do some international promotions, but they’ve gotta start somewhere.

  33. Frank Says:

    Baby Carrots-2lb
    Grape Tomatoes-10oz
    3 pack Tomatoes
    4 pack Tomatoes
    Broccoli (packaged bunch)
    Celery Hearts
    Celery Sleeved Stalks
    Green Onions-5.5oz
    Iceberg Lettuce
    Romaine Hearts
    Sauced Steam – Green Beans w/ Garlic Butter
    Sugar Snap Peas-8oz
    Broccoli Florets-12oz
    Teriyaki Stir Fry
    Vegetable Medley (Broccoli, Carrot, Snow Peas)
    Sauced Steam – Broccoli & Baby Slim Carrots w. Garlic Butter-12oz
    Snow Peas- 6oz
    Broccoli Medley (Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots)-12oz
    Broccoli & Cauliflower Medley-12oz
    Broccoli Slaw-12oz
    Sugar Snap Peas- 1lb
    Sweet & Sour Stir Fry

  34. Martijn Says:

    You guys only discovered this now? It has been in the xml files for weeks allready :)

  35. karla Says:

    dont get too excited… you can only redeem 3 products per user and each will give you just up to 5 dlls … so that’s 15dlls tops… jajjaja not even a mystery box… :-(

  36. Amy Says:

    They are already there! Hubby works for target produce and called me yesterday from work to tell me about it!

  37. Angelberries Says:

    Oh great, another Us promotion. F you, Zynga, F you.

    And we even get green giant here in the UK, so….. C’MON!

  38. Jodee Says:

    I have never seen a targt store with fresh produce or groceries.

  39. Momma Freak Says:

    I think that Zynga should pair up with McDonald’s to provide codes. That would be awesome! They could even have Monopoly type contest where if you collect certain items, you win food, FV cash, trip to Southwest, Italy, India (somewhere these buildings have been from, continent specific (Europe can have Italy, North America could have Southewest, Asia could have India, etc.)

  40. Mia Says:

    Well…Sweden dont import fresh veggis from the states…they would me old when they got here….so once again…I cant get anything from this promotions.
    Not the 7-11…not Green Giant…ITs shit….:(
    And it makes me sad…because I love the game! And now with all those US-based releases i feel more and more less of the game…

  41. Carol Says:

    Geo ther already has been a kangaroo. only recently too. I have it on my farm

  42. Gottaloveit Says:

    My closest fresh food Target is over 100 miles away – just a tad too far for a package of fresh food. Hope they rethink this promotion….it’s not really fair for alot of players.

  43. Lizzie Says:

    “Super Targets” are the Targets that carry groceries. Regular Target stores don’t have groceries. Where I live (in Minneapolis), we have a mix of both types of stores.

  44. haley Says:

    um..BB…zynga does have a hand in promotional offers and the companies that choose to do it..

    lets not be idiotic and think that zynga reps just sit around a table and twittle their thumbs and think hmm i wonder whose gonna pick us next.

    no. they get out there and hold meetings with different companies and see which they wold benefit from

  45. Tarrah Says:

    I am seriously, LOVING, these new promotions!!

  46. Liza May Says:

    anyone rich enough here or nice enough to send me a 16FV mystery box plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  47. kelly Says:

    are these only available at Target? Just checked Publix and no sign of them!!

  48. Eric Delimar Says:

    It’s a free game people and for those of you whining about not being able to get to the store take the $5 you were gonna spend on veggies and buy 25 farm cash thats 5 times the amount and look at the gas and time you save. Geez people use your brains.

  49. Eric Delimar Says:

    Also this is not like the 7-11 promotion, its not limited edition items its farm cash which everyone regardless of your country can purchase so what is the problem???

  50. callie Says:

    Wonder if this will be in all Targets or only a Supe rTarget center. I really hope it’s not just for Super Targets!

  51. farmergirl Says:


    if your target store has fresh veggies in their coolers, then i’m sure you will find something.

    i’m loving all these new promos with companies. i’m sure there will be more to come.

    we don’t have a super target here in my city, just regular targets. i’ll still check though. i’m happy for those of you that can get it.

  52. Farmer Says:

    No promotions for people from Spain either!! Why cant ZYNGA talk to Starbucks or McDonalds???

  53. Susie Says:

    “Green Giant is an American food company owned by General Mills that also sells under the product name Le Seur and is DISTRIBUED INTERNATIONALLY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For crying out loud! READ 1st!

  54. Eric Delimar Says:

    I just went to Walmart and they carry these green giant promotion items as well.

  55. ashiq Says:

    i think zynga hates the people who cant get this stuff.

  56. Tarrah Says:

    Lol! Could you imagine little FarmVille happy meal toys?

  57. Moa Says:

    Hello! I would really want a farmville camecard but I haven’t find anyone in my city in Sweden, are the camecards avaible in other countrys than in the USA. Hope you can answer this. Thanks for a great blog!

  58. BUSTA Says:

    get over urselfes u pople whine its only 5 fc geesh spend the money on buyng 5 dllrs wrtk n u have more lol or install the damn toolbar u ppl never happy lol

  59. ProAlbo Says:

    Redeem your code and Play FarmVille with 5 free “Farm Cash*” on us!????????

  60. Emma Says:

    I’ve never seen the fresh stuff for sale in the UK, just sweetcorn in tins! If any US players have a spare code (as you can only enter a maximum of 3) I’d be very grateful :D
    McDonalds would be cool, they could even bring out happy meal toys that are farmville ‘characters’!

  61. LindaM Says:

    Farmville strikes out again. We don’t have 7-11 stores anywhere near our area. Our Target stores don’t have refrigerated or freezer sections, so no Green Giant veggies. When will there be a promotion available to everybody?

  62. dropofkim Says:

    Ya know what? I live in the Midwest…freakin’ Iowa, US and I can’t participate in either of the promotions! No 7-11 nor a Target! All you Canadians and Turkeys and UK’s and whatever else other countries there are complaining that Farmville is only doing the promotions for the US need to realize how limited this really is! IT’S A TOTAL BUMMER for this USA gal!

  63. Julie Says:

    I got mine today – my local Super Target was fully stocked!! I picked up Green Onions, Celery, and Broccoli. Haven’t entered the codes yet though.

  64. farmergirl Says:

    on the happy meal subject, part of california (maybe all, not sure) have banned happy meal toys. they say giving a toy leads to obesity. of course it does, so does FV :P imagine if there were FV toys and california couldn’t get them. and like Dropofkim above most places in america don’t have 7-11′s or target stores, so non-americans you aren’t the only ones being left out, in fact most are. let’s not complain about a free virtual game. let’s just have fun with it.

  65. Jinx Says:

    Meh…if I’m going to buy FRESH produce, I want it to actually be FRESH not just say “Fresh” on the label. Not worth it for a few farm cash.

    I agree with other commenters that Starbucks would be a great place for a Farmville promo!

  66. Julie Says:

    I just redeemed my codes – the FC goes directly into your Gift Box. It was really simple.

  67. Rob Says:

    To all of the non U.S. gamers who are saying “It’s not fair”, instead of wasitng your time complaining – why don’t you take the initiative and contact the customer relations departments of some large regional retailers in your country, and tell them that you think it woudl be a good idea if they entered into a Farmville promotion with Zynga, a U.S. based company that has massive exposure to you, the company’s customers in your own country. Hell, if they like the idea, the company may even offer you a job in their marketing department! Ii is not Zynga’s responsiblitiy to hire a huge marketing staff to look for a partnership with a grocery retailer or convenience store in every corner of the globe! Would that really make sense from a business standpoint? Hardly – the overhead would be ridiculous, not to mention that it is reallyt he retailer who is benefitting from this strategic partnership through extra foot traffic more than Zynga is. I’m guessing that 7-11 and Target approached Zynga, not the other way around. There comes a point when you should separate your own disappointment from the reality of the situation in order to look at things realistically.

  68. steph Says:

    i was at target & bought broc & lettuce & had the tabs on there too,i also seen alot other produce with it on,the one onion had the sticker pealed off,so its easy for people to steal,not good!

  69. haley Says:

    claps and snaps for susie. im glad someone can read. now if only everyone else could follow

  70. dcorn Says:

    Nancy (post26)– about your question about why people say FIRST to almost everypost…

    This is basically because Farmville has a lot of children playing. If you see someone who writes FIRST… he/ she must be about 9 years old.
    So it’s like a competition or something amongst the children. I imagine each kid who gets FIRST would be jumping around in front of their PC or something.

    You may also notice some also do this on other forums.. eg utube
    However, no where near as much as FV freak as so many Kids playing.

  71. White Wolf Says:

    THAT IS SO UNFAIR!!! The nearest 7-11 is over 300 miles away, and I’ve never heard of Green Giant Fresh!!!! It would figure Zynga would only partner with small, spread out companies >=(

  72. Koka Says:

    in my country this is not available, but if it is true what u say $0.89 i would definettly buy 3 of those so i can have 15 FV cash to spend on my farm

  73. Ben Says:

    @those who whining for international players whining

    The fact that Zynga is a US based company doesn’t mean anything as their product (game) is internationally available and they have huge profits from their international gamers. With all those promotions Zynga is giving US players an advantage over international players and thats unacceptable for a game. Games from their nature, like it or not, are competitive so it is unfair for non-US as for US players that don’t have access to those promotions.

    I don’t intent to buy any of those products even if there were available in my country but Zynga policies are at least annoying.

  74. Larry Says:

    It IS distributed internationally!!! Under the brand name LeSeur.It’s in the 2nd paragraph.

  75. Sonya Says:

    Zynga… This has become complete and utter B.S……. Why are the states so freakin important??????????? What about Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America????????? Are we n ot providers to your company??????? I know I have invested a CRAP-LOAD of money into your damn company !!!!! If this persists.. I will start a fan page called ” boy-cot Zynga, for not allowing anyone but the United States to be part of any promotions” .. How fast do you think it will be before you LOSE a bunch of clients???? We are all getting fed up with your B.S!!!! Soon enough, you can shove this game up your BEHIND!!!!!!! I have copied this and will be posting, if you decide to delete this.. and it will be followed by a note saying how you guys are selective with your messages when it has to do with your racsist ways.

  76. Big Farm Stud Says:

    why don’t you complainers just stop the bitching and quit the game. this is a fan site, complain to zynga elsewhere.

  77. Jim Says:

    How about promotion with Coke or Pepsi..they can be found all over the world. Please all those international players too.

  78. Celia Says:

    Hmm Sonya, Zynga being a U.S. company, founded in the U.S., operating out of the U.S., employing U.S. citizens, etc. Makes it pretty logical that they’re doing business with other U.S. companies, which in turn means that these U.S. companies mostly distribute their goods . . . .take a guess. . . . .that’s right, here in the U.S.

    No one forces you to play the game or spend money on it. Quit playing, start your boycot zynga page, and enjoy. Try switching over to Farm Town. And considering how the U.S. is one of the most ethnically diverse countries, I’m not seeing how racism figures into the equation here.

    All of that being said, how about a Farmville-McDonalds promotion so that all of the whining, crybabies will stop already.

  79. Terry Says:

    Everyone who is whining about not being a part of it can just go and quit. The whining, the game, life… whatever… just quit.

    You can never please everyone. If they start a Farmville/McDonald’s promotion, people will whine about it making people fat. People will always find a way to continue feeling like they’re singled out.

    I’m in Korea. Good for the people who have access to this. They can almost afford a Mystery Box.

  80. zahid Says:

    would be ver nice if all who play the games can have equal .. i guess we will have to wait .. :)

  81. Julia Says:

    I put in three promo codes and only got two… Then it wouldn’t take them again to see which one it didn’t take. :(

  82. Maggie Says:

    I’m Canadian and was able to claim twice on the first day of the promo until they figured out that my IP address came from Canada. I guess I got lucky!

  83. Jessica Says:

    Price Chopper is carrying Green Giant products with the promotion. Now I just have to figure out where to enter the promotion code. ???

  84. UrbanFirefly Says:

    I just bought some Green Giant mushrooms with the codes on Sunday at Strack & Van Til in Chicago, So the promotion is still going on and it’s in more than just Target.

    FYI, Many Targets have grocery sections, but not all. There are two near me that are installing them right now so I think more will have them in the future. The limit is 3 redemptions per account, but I haven’t heard of any mention of limiting the code redemption to the US so Intl players should be able to use the codes if they can get them. It’s not a huge promotion though because of the limit, so just chill out people, I’m sure there will be plenty International promotions at some point!

  85. Lisa Says:

    I found them today at Target in Southern Califorina. The codes were accepted, but the FVC hasn’t show up on my account yet.

  86. Teri Says:

    I bought Brussel Sprouts at Target last week. I didn’t even see or know anything about the promotion. I just cooked them and was delighted to get $5 farm cash! Yes, that means that I was actually buying Brussel sprouts just to eat them! Sorry for all those not in the US. However, I am sure that ebay will be selling the codes soon. Also, I have many international neighbors. I always posted extra 7-11 codes for them. Maybe your neighbors will be so kind.

  87. mtownshend Says:

    I am surprised to see all the complaints. This forum is usually full of insightful comments that are of great help to many. :P


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