It’s FarmVille Double Mastery Weekend!

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It’s FarmVille Double Mastery Weekend!

Posted on May 29, 2010 3:51 am by FarmVille Freak DarkFarmer

Double mastery weekend has officially started on our farms! For every plot you harvest, you’ll receive TWO mastery points toward that crop’s mastery. As an added bonus, with the new Farmer’s Market feature, if you use a bushel of the crop you are about to harvest, you’ll receive an additional +1 mastery, bringing it to a TRIPLE mastery credit.

This is VERY exciting news for those farmers working to earn their mastery signs. We suggest getting some of those difficult to master crops out of the way this weekend while we have this unprecedented opportunity.

FarmVille Double Mastery Weekend Notice

It’s unknown yet whether Zynga will be running this bonus promo through the full 3-day US Holiday weekend, or just Saturday and Sunday. We’ll update you when more information is released.

Are you excited about this opportunity, and will you be planning your weekend around getting crops mastered?

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81 Responses to “It’s FarmVille Double Mastery Weekend!” »

  1. Fernando Says:

    I’m going with ghost chili crop.

  2. Aura Says:

    Me too, Ghost Chilli, but is anyone else getting the “saving your browser” pop-up all the time? I barely seed 9 plots and the pop up appears, eeeeehhhh.

  3. Lynn Says:

    I’ll probably finish up my raspberry mastery (about 400 away lol), and then work on the ghost chili where I have about 4000 for the last star.

  4. Pratik Sethia Says:

    I would suggest mastering strawberries as it is a 4 hour crop and is a low profitable crop…ending up saving your farm time

  5. ReginaAgricola Says:

    i keep getting save your browser too and now with the wedding stuff i am getting the lost bits with a cow pic. im going to do basil and rasberries

  6. choesnah Says:

    i got pop up saving farm all the time too Aura :P
    i need asparagus bushel now i’m about to harvest!!! who has some?

  7. Clair Says:

    I’m sad, actually. ): My watermelons are only at 56%…. And I don’t have any room to plant more, and to go through and delete/replow all of them? x.x I wish there was a way to replant all of them without the deleting.

  8. Nightfalls Says:

    I cant even get on fv itself.

    I still see that yellow balk below, and that when my artichokes are dying :(

  9. Mikhai Says:

    I hope they’ll give us a day or two extra with the double crop mastery ‘weekend’, because there’s no way you can plant anything when you constantly have to reload (and then being unable to load).

  10. Seuche Says:

    I kept getting the saving your browser until i slowed down and planted one plot at a time, not getting ahead of the progress bar. The problem is too many people playing to get the double xp at once. :/

  11. sam Says:

    i keep getting that ‘Saving your farm, do not shut your browser’ message, and it doesnt go! i have to refresh. any one else?!

  12. domi Says:

    same here! either the game doesnt load, or its showing that message. and i cannot harvest my carrots for coop job, when i start it doesnt even count it towards ! im honestly getting fed up with this game!

  13. memba Says:

    i really like this
    i am able to get mastery signs faster
    this is really a good idea!!!!!!

  14. Mikhai Says:

    And while FarmVille is down, let me tell the moderators of this site that I’m setting seriously fed up with the comments that only say “first”. No one is excited about seeing who’s first except the people who think they are first. Why are you even moderating comments if you’re gonna let such useless comments through? It only makes it more difficult for trusted readers to find some more information in the comments, when they have to go through 20 random posts saying “first”.

  15. Dawn Says:

    This means nothing when you can’t seem to do anything on your farm. I’m having all these problems too. When I finally get to farm nothing opens, one time got to harvest but when I made it back to my farm it didn’t save. Nice weekend update-not.

  16. mystery Person... Hehe Says:

    u guys that are complaining about the save your browser pop up, BE PATIENT!!!!!!!! IT EVENTUALLY GOES AWAY. and if you aren’t satisfied that this game has this problem, for like, what? okay.. umm… three hours… (wow that’s SOOO long), well then MAKE YOUR OWN GAME!!!!!!!!!




    SO GUYS.



  17. Mystery Person Hater Says:

    @Mystery Person,

    You are complaining about the Mustangs…and then you say all the people that are complaining about not being able to play should stop complaining ….are you stupid? Some people can’t even get Farmville to load, and then if does the save screens comes up every 8 plots…yeah thats not much to complain about…thee Mustang issues are much more important. Why don’t you get up off your lazy butt and go do something…and stop typing IN ALL CAPS!

  18. Matt Says:

    @Mystery Person. LOL. Yeah guys stop complaining about things that I find unimportant, so that I can complain about the important things (at least what’s important to me).

  19. Jack Says:

    I’m not getting anything different, when is this supposed to take effect?

  20. Lisa Says:

    it’s not working! I harvested three plots with a bushel and got 6 mastery points instead of 9! :(

  21. Timci Says:

    Hey Guys!

    I seeded 3 different seeds, and when I started harvesting, I got double mastery for my onions, but then the feature disappeared, and for the rice I harvested, I just got the regular 1 mastery point. Did you experience the same? Is this happening because of the server problems?

  22. Gwen Says:

    Can’t get double mastery if you can’t even get on your farm. Been trying over 2 1/2 hours!

  23. Hangman Says:

    Great,and I planted Cotton thursday evening. Really great. Probably I’ll do Raspberries…so that I can actually use the time I have.

  24. Rob Says:

    This is freaking great. I’m about to harvest my broccoli, and I need about 1,500 to get level 3, and now I’m going to get it all at once, as I have 525 crops planted!! Saved four days on my mastery!

  25. gultus Says:
    It is written on the official forum this event is available till Tuesday.

  26. Nancy Says:

    It is sad. Some of us can’t even get in our farms this morning

  27. JP Says:

    Lame, I just planted melons a day and a half ago.

  28. nelson2013 Says:

    ash i have to harvest tomatoes i get 2 maestry because of the bushless and i ‘am suppose to have the double maestry zero dont know why

  29. Melissa Says:

    “Plow, plant and harvest away!

    This weekend, you will earn twice as many mastery points for every crop!

    If you are using Bushels from the Farmers Market feature, you will get 3 XP points for every crop.

    This event will be available until Tuesday, June 1st. ”

    ^ This is from Zynga’s Forum ^ Looks like it’ll be going until Tuesday but who knows when it will start.

  30. Martin Says:

    Unfortunately it isn’t working for me. I’m just getting double while using the Farmer’s Market feature.

  31. nikki Says:

    so much for double mastery, I cannot even get on my farm.
    Shame :( Haven’t got any unwither for the stuff that is there either.
    Dog will go to the pound cos he aint been fed. Dear oh dear.
    Hope it is back soon!!

  32. Rob Says:

    To confirm, I only got double mastery, not triple mastery. Not sure if it is related to the other issues this morning, or if the FV Freak post above is erroneous. Has anyone gotten triple mastery earlier this morning?

  33. Chris Says:

    i didn’t get any extra mastery!!! when i first started harvesting, i didn’t use any bushels just to make sure, and i still didn’t get any extra!

  34. Sarah Says:

    Found this on the zynga forum:

    “Double Mastery Weekend!
    Plow, plant and harvest away!

    This weekend, you will earn twice as many mastery points for every crop!

    If you are using Bushels from the Farmers Market feature, you will get 3 XP points for every crop.

    This event will be available until Tuesday, June 1st.”

    I’m going to guess that the fact we (some of us and me) are not getting 3 mastery is because of the server issue. Also, glad to note it’s available till June 1 and not just for 2 days.

  35. harrison Says:

    i did this with the bushels and didn’t get 3 mastery points, only 2

  36. Lizzie Says:

    I planted cranberries last night and just harvested them — no double points. Also, I don’t have the Tuscan wedding thing in my gift box and no tuscan-related gifts show up on my gift sending page. I am able to load the farm, at least, but seriously, so many glitches. Yes it is a free game but with all these glitches it is becoming increasingly annoying. And this idea that you have to add 3 more neighbors for an additional market stall or spend 20 farm cash….not doing it. The more annoyed I get at all these things, the more time I spend on Farm Town.

  37. Michele Says:

    When does this start and how does it work. I harvested a few minutes ago and got nothing doubled? Please help.

  38. Linda Says:

    Double mastery would be awesome, except I have not been able to access my farm to harvest, or give gifts, access gifts………….what’s going on?????????????????????? Please fix, this is Memorial Day Weekend, supposed to be stress free, a relaxing weekend……………..

  39. james Says:

    i got 3 mastery this morning on raspberries with a bushel, but now am only getting 2 with a bushel

  40. cpangili Says:

    I haven’t been able to get on my farm either! :( I wonder if they are fixing all the glitches they have for all these double mastery points or if there is just an enormous amount of people trying to play this weekend. Just want to get to my farm :(

  41. SWEETIE1982 Says:

    What is the point of this “SO CALLED DOUBLE MASTERY”!!! if we dedicated farmers cannot access our farms: I have been informed for those of you who will bother to come back and read the comments

    That those of us who woke up today and by sheer excitement put out the stupid wedding tent thing that goes with the tuscan theme, well thats the reason your farm is failing you. PPl who don’t have the tent out their farms are fine! I tested one of my other accounts to prove!!Not fair! Now I cant even get the farm loading screen. Just says blank screen and “done” at bottom!!!!Wtf I am seriously losing my patience. Luckily I had a 16 hour crop planted earlier before all the probs but they better fix this fast – It seems you cannot collect any feeds atm either and if u notice only a small number of ppl are still posting FV feeds. If u ask all those ppl they will tell you they did not put that TENT out!!! Zynga get this sorted as I want to take full advantage of double mastery unless u can award it to us at another time for all this inconvience. Something’s got to give

  42. fj Says:

    for the first time in hours I got into the farm now.
    But no double mastery is given when I harvest.
    Someday maybe farmville will stop putting out a lot of things, and get some of them to work instead.

  43. Jan Rob Says:

    I had contacted support in reference to the “Saving your farm, please do not closer your browser” message.

    Essentially, what I was told was to SLOW DOWN. With all the people that play Farmville, especially if you have the hot rod vehicles, what we are doing is making 9 clicks at once….the computer/server needs a little bit of time to “catch up”. It is maddening as I have been getting them for awhile but now that I know I just take an extra second or two. It has not alleviated the problem totally but it has lessened the number of times I get the message drastically. Where I would normally get it 12 – 15 times, this morning I got it 3 times. Much, much better.

    Hope this has helped.

  44. Max Says:

    Im NOT getting a double bonus! (just getting the +1 and +2 if using bushels) I also havent received my tuscan wedding thing.

  45. deb Says:

    no triple mastery here at all and i used a bushel. does that mean i am wasting bushels when i harvest? probably. what a PITA. but i do have to say thank you to FV for the double mastery. double mastery is better than single for sure.

  46. Vince Says:

    I was able to get triple mastery for Blueberries but during my third harvest FV is down and up ’til now it still down. Hoping for an extension.

  47. Sunny1 Says:

    I planted corn on Thursday morning because I had 456,987,097,001 things to do on Friday and knew I would not have time to play on farmville. I am excited that my corn will be done Sunday.. Hopefully I will get double mastery so I can be done with Corn. I have all my berries done, and now I am working on my six and eight hour crops. I will try to get some ghost chilies and sugar cane out of the way on Sunday. I hope they extend this a few more days (like monday and maybe even tuesday) for those of us who have difficulty getting onto our farms..

  48. V Says:

    no double mastery at my farm.. I just harvested 49 raspberry and the stats shows that I only got 49 more (not 98) :(

    Also I don’t have the tuscany wedding thing… when I receive the ingredients it directs into the game immediately..

  49. V Says:

    I harvested some broccoli this morning and didn’t get the double mastery either!!

  50. Jam Down Farmer Says:

    I also harvested two crops this morning and did not get the double mastery..
    If this works once the FV is back I will plant chili and sugar cane as they require the most crops to mastery at 12,600 and 11,000 respectively.

  51. Kk Says:

    Double mastery or not, no diff since can’t get into FV for more than 6hrs!!!!!

  52. Kevin Says:

    This will be running for the three days…… —– Lexi Said Till Tuesday June 1st

  53. Rose Says:

    When I harvested early this morning (about 7:30 a.m. EDT), I got triple mastery. But the crop that I harvested at about 10:30 a.m. EDT only gave me double mastery. Something obviously went wrong during those three hours and apparently remains wrong.

  54. peter, seattle Says:

    the double mastery is NOT working for me, after doing 2 full farms this morning… hope they credit you later, or add a day, that will really suck if i dont get any bonus mastery… especially when trying to do black sugar cane which is like 11,000 plots :(

  55. warren Says:

    It’s not working for me… still don’t have the Tuscan wedding thing, either.

  56. Spin the Cheetah Says:

    I’m not getting double anything – boooooo!

  57. somebody , find me if u dare Says:

    @spin da cheeta
    according to lexi , If you are using Bushels from the Farmers Market feature, you will get 3 XP points for every crop.

  58. BA Says:

    It isn’t working for me. I just harvested one raspberry plot (as a test )using a raspberry bushel and I only received one mastery point.

    PS And I don’t have the Tuscan Wedding event either.

    PSS Also…I never received the free market stall in my gift box earlier this week. I waited almost 24 hours after all my neighbors had one and then I had to buy it with 50,000 coins.

    I wish that Zynga would not release so many “new” features at the same time, i.e. market stalls, double mastery bonuses, Tuscan Wedding, nuresery barn (building with purpose). Quite possibly this could give them the opportunity to work out glitches on each item before releasing it.

  59. Femmy Says:

    This morning I got the double masteries (so 1 mastery pont + 1 double mastery point + bushel mastery point = 3), but when I harvested my crops some minutes ago, I didn’t get the double mastery points anymore, just 2 :(…

  60. Stephen Says:

    I am getting 1 mastery as usual, with 2 mastery if I use a bushel. I was going to ask if it was for US people only for their holiday weekend (apparently they have one) but some seem to have it on and off.

  61. Courtney Says:

    1.) That ‘saving your farm’ thing pops up all the time with me too. Only when I plow with my 9 plot tractor though. It goes away instantly. I agree with everyone, just slow down a little on the plowing/seeding if you don’t like it.

    2.) Is anyone having problems with this double mastery thing? I harvested two of my raspberry plants just to see if it worked and it only said I had two mastery points with those two plots :(

  62. Maica Says:

    no double mastery points still and no wedding stuff, however seeing everyone not being able to access they farm since placing the wedding thing i am happy i don’t have it—but hate not being able to accept any gifts

  63. Jill Says:

    No triple or double or even single for me, I have 470 plots, I harvested all of them this morning using a bushel & I only show credit for 284.

  64. V Says:

    It seems that those who don’t get double mastery don’t have the wedding stuff.. I’m assuming our farms haven’t update to the system :(

    But I’m glad that the double mastery will last until Monday, so hopefully they will fix it soon…

  65. Janine Says:

    I got triple mastery points and got the first star of my crop. :)

  66. Janine Says:

    And I also have the wedding stuff, so maybe it is related…

  67. Rachel Says:

    This is so awesome. I was surprised when I unexpectedly mastered green tea today. I’m going to take full advantage. Love this! I hope they do it again soon…

  68. jeditoad Says:

    I harvested poppies w/ a bushel and got 2X mastery .. but they were planted last night so I don’t know if it counts when you plant them or when you harvest them. I’ll know on the batch i’m taking in here in an hour or so if I get 3X or not. That will be sweet – then I can KILL on those dang ghost chilies at last.

  69. Jeremy Says:

    I really don’t know why everyone is complaining.
    I have used bushels and have gotten triple mastery for raspberries.
    I am doing raspberries like I said and this is easy!
    Doing the math.. with the triple.. if ya have about 400 plots you will
    reduce your harvests from about 52 to 17!

    P.S My farm is loading fine and the wedding
    thing is going smoothly for me.
    All is good!

  70. keiji Says:

    don’t forget to use bushels of the right kind just before starting to harvest

  71. jacob Says:

    i am mastering lilies about 1000 more needed for third star :)

  72. mmichaelandrenee Says:

    Who knows I have double mastery and my wedding stuff is sparkling but not crediting. So the theory may not be working out perfectly ;) Hopefully they get it fixed soon though I want to use all those truffles in my gift box!

  73. Ash Says:

    Saturday had problems with the Tuscan wedding, double-mastery, and getting market stalls, but it seems cleared up for now. The tripple-mastery is working fine and I can clear up the cucumbers and get a big dent out of my Acorn Squash faster. I wish I could fly through my Ghost Chilis but I have over 10,000 harvests left and I’d like to get the longer-harvest crops mastered first. I only have one 24-hour, one each of 18/16/12/8/6/4-hour crops, two 10-hpur crops and no remaining 48/72/96-hour crops left to master

  74. casey Says:

    @ Gultus (post 25) & Melissa (post 29). Thanks for the link and the copy/paste. I can do 12 hours of Raspberries and then start my Ghost Chilis since we have through June 1st!!!! YAY!!

    Already hit the Strawberries (yesterday) and currently working on the last 1000 of Blackberries (today). This is the best thing Zynga has done in my short time playing. I’m at level 70 and the only thing I can work on is Crop Mastery.

    @ Mystery Person… Hehe (post 16) – When I see ALL CAPS, I ignore the post. It wasn’t until after I read some of the responses to your post that I kinda of agree with you. It’s just your method of delivery…. Don’t annoy the reader!!! Is it so hard for the posters to stay on topic, and yes even you strayed (this is not the Mustang complaint thread). BIG WHINE @ U

    As for those on the slow loading/saving browser issues – didn’t you figure that the FV servers would be maxed out because of this promo?

    …and those complaining about the fact they planted a 4day crop and want to delete it so they can participate with the short time crops i.e. the berry family. Aren’t you reading FVFreak??? They posted this well in advance of the date and it’s your own fault you did not read it and plan accordingly. That’s why this forum exsists! Shame on you for your gripes to FVFreak, your mis-directed anger should be saved for yourself.

  75. casey Says:

    Jermey (post 69) YAY! for you! ;-D

  76. Becky Says:

    “Until Tuesday” is not “through Tuesday”…Just plant and use bushels and hope for he best.

  77. casey Says:

    @ Becky (post 76) – Until or Through, it’s halfway INTO Tuesday and Double Mastery Points are STILL happening!!

    ….and It’s the BEST!

  78. lmd2 Says:

    IIt’s Wednesday and ‘m still getting double mastery points today when harvesting crops that I planted yesterday and earlier this morning :)

  79. Shaz Says:

    I have noticed that this is still happening!! When will it really end because I want to plant some items but only if its still giving the double/triple mastery…please let me know when this is really going to end as the weekend is over and I am still getting triple with bushels.


  80. Ellen Says:

    I’m using bushels but when I harvest that crop I’m not getting the +1 Mastery Bonus. Does anyone know why this is happening? Another glitch?? Is anyone else having the same problem??

  81. Shannon Says:

    I’m having the same problem – not getting the +1 Mastery Bonus. Frustrating! I haven’t found any reports though that it’s something they are working on.