Two Additional Changes to New FarmVille Gifting System

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Two Additional Changes to New FarmVille Gifting System

Posted on May 1, 2010 11:21 am by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

Over the past few weeks Zynga has been slowly rolling out a new gifting system. As we reported previously, you now have an option to accept and send free gifts in the FarmVille game screen. In the upper right corner of the screen there is an envelope, you can click on this to accept gifts neighbors have sent you. After selecting the envelope, a new screen will pop up allowing you to accept or ignore gifts, accept neighbor requests as well as help neighbors through requests.

FarmVille in game message center

There have been two significant changes this week to the new gifting/request system.

1. After accepting a gift, there is now an option to send a Thank You gift in return. It does not redirect you, another screen simply pops up allowing you to send the same gift in return, much like on Facebook, rather then choosing from a menu of all gifts.

FarmVille in game Thank You gift option

2. The most important and significant change to the new in game gifting system came last night. You  no longer need to reload your farm in order to receive gifts. After accepting (and returning like any good neighbor should :)) simply wait a moment and mouse over your gift box, and the number will change and the gifts will appear.

This new in game gifting option has been updated/changed slowly. With each change, gifting seems to become easier and faster.

Have you been using the in game gifting system? What other changes would you like to see?

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80 Responses to “Two Additional Changes to New FarmVille Gifting System” »

  1. Jason Milne Says:

    Nice Update i was waiting for something like this

  2. beky Says:

    where is podcast ????????????????

  3. Pokii Says:

    This is awesome!!

  4. gooooooosbumps Says:

    where is the fv podcast !!!!!!!!!!! ????????????? i am so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jaana Says:

    The secondary popup for sending back the gift is not working in on Mac with Safari. I’ll test with Opera and FF next.

  6. John K Says:

    I hate it.
    Once you click the yes button for more gifts that are pending, it just goes to the game. It takes me forever to load the accepting thing.

  7. mdccxxvii Says:

    This is way way way better than accepting each individual gift, which usually took about 3-5 clicks each, and plenty of load-waiting time.

  8. hcorea65 Says:

    I like this new Update.Very good…(*O*)

  9. Sallie Says:

    Is it just me or when we use it this way you can’t see the comments? Lots of my farmers leave special notes when sending gifts. I can’t see them from here.

  10. Sandra Says:

    Somebody want to have a Clyde or Purple pony foal ? Would like to have some farm$ Stuff :) Write me a Message if u are interested :)

  11. 4uk4life Says:

    Sandra how are we suppose to write you.

  12. Jaana Says:

    @Sallie, that’s correct, I can’t see any personal comments either, not a good thing!

    Works on FF for Mac!

    Also the list only shows requests from today, not from yesterday or earlier. I have puppy kibble and doggy treats and other items that I haven’t accepted yet and they won’t show in that list.

  13. wondering Says:

    This new update didn’t work for me. I lost 11 gifts. They didn’t appear in my gift box immediately, nor did they after the refresh.

  14. Ransley Says:

    Sandra im interested in a purple pony foal what do i need to do for you

  15. Shelleybean Says:

    Bummer. I want to see the comments when gifting. Hope Zynga can make this a priority!

  16. Austin Says:

    haha Kari is one of my top neighbors

  17. Em Says:

    Gifting has become so much better. They just need to work on the thank you option a bit to make it more user friendly. Right now you click get a page…you click thank you .. a pop-up and you click again to send. 4 clicks to send a thank you gift.

    It will be super fabulous to just click thank you and have it send the gift – the same way you accept with a click now. Hopefully this is their next improvement.

  18. DerekC Says:

    This update is absolutely AWESOME! I hope the 100% move to this soon, so much more efficient. You still have to accept them here and ignore them in your requests.

  19. iLiaWneK Says:

    @Sallie: I really want the personal message to show up… I normally leave a note asking for a thank you gift but now my neighbours can’t see it anymore.

  20. jenn Says:

    I like the new system, I just hate that it doesn’t sync with facebook–so I end up with tons of gift requests that I’ve already collected and there’s no easy way to clear the requests page–is there some secret to fixing this?

  21. The Taminator Says:

    Thank all that is holy; I was ready to quit over this.

  22. rene Says:

    how can i send the help for gift? thank you

  23. Władca Says:

    Sandra, i wuld like :)

  24. Jen Says:

    Also, now you are not limited to 50 when accepting things like materials, collectibles and eggs from the facebook feed. It let me go up to 70 gifts today!!! You are still limited to 50 when accepting gifts though.

  25. Mike Hahn Says:

    The gifting envelope don’t work for me. The only thing in the envelope is Gold bars (for the pot of gold that I sold long ago and slate tile. I may get one to three new gifts in it, but when I go to facebook I have 30 to 40 gifts there. It would be nice if it worked like it is supose to.

  26. Carol Says:

    I also don’t really like this new gifting method.There is a place to write a message whan you accept a gift in the acknowledging pop up.. I also don’t like that the gifts stay on the home page until you go in and “ignore” them. Has anyone that bought or won a FAN COW know of anyone getting a calf from the barn?
    SANDRA please contact me at if you would like to be my friend.

  27. MooMooMoo Says:

    Does not work for me on Firefox. Second screen never appears.

  28. Sandra Says:

    Oh srry everybody there :) here is my profil link

    Wirte me a personal message and tell me how many foals u want and what u want to pay max. :)

    Somebody want to have a Clyde or Purple pony foal ? Would like to have some farm$ Stuff :) Write me a Message if u are interested :)

    Hallo habe ein Purple pony foal und ein Clyde foal im Angebot, hätte gern i-welchen farm$-Sachen :) Schreibt mich einfach an wenn ihr interessiert seit :)

  29. Scolova Says:

    It works for me, but like others have said:
    1. don’t see any comments.
    2. have to clear the notices on facebook.
    I’ll wait til they (hopefully) work out the kinks.

  30. kitkat Says:

    I love the new feature, so very easy and convenient!!

  31. Khan Says:

    I will second Kitkat.
    Though a bit slow but it is much more suitable as one doesn’t have to load the game again after receiving gifts.

  32. Penny Says:

    This new gifting hasn’t been working for me. Have accepted so many gifts and none appeared in my gift box :( I have puppy kibble I want to accept to feed my puppy and it hasn’t been working :(

  33. katty Says:

    @sandra Me i want some what do i have to do???????

  34. Static Says:

    Doesnt work for me on Chrome.. the send gift button wont click

  35. Lynn Says:

    when I use the envelope to accept gifts I loose everything…absolutly a waste of my time…now I have to accept refresh accept refresh accept refresh stupid

  36. Gottaloveit Says:

    How come my gift box quantity keeps shrinking and I keep loosing gifts? Also the items shown on facebook as gifts is not the same as on the farm page.

  37. Lynn Says:

    Absolutely HATE the grouping on Face Book….

  38. WeirdJedi Says:

    This system seems to be working. I still have all the items listed as Facebook Requests, but I feel they will fix that soon. The wish list, accepting gifts, and sending gifts are all cool features.

    The thing I really like is how the interface automatically pops up when you highlight it and pops up after planting an item on your farm. That and the instant harvesting is real cool – although I am going to miss “harvesting milktonium”.

    The only thing that STILL aggravates me from the start is the sheer computer waiting time it takes while on the farm. I have to drag off of anybody’s farm (including my own) just to get things loaded/done. I can’t even change tabs in Firefox until I do that. Real sad. Being able to disable animation may help out with that. I already have it on low quality.

  39. Andy Says:

    Has anyone noticed that when you accept new neighbor request you dont get to send them a gift anymore or get one?

  40. QueenGSA1 Says:

    Having to clear the notices on the Facebook page. How do we know if we have already received those gifts or if they are new gifts waiting for us? Im not using the new gifting system. Thats doing double duty. Not worth it.


  41. James Smith Says:

    The problem I find with the ingame gifting system is that,while it’s great in FarmVille, the system doesn’t communicate gift acceptance to Facebook. So Facebook still tells you that you have 24 gifts even if you’ve accepted them. You still have to go throught the process of clicking each gift request and then getting a screen that tells you you’ve already accepted it.

  42. Carol Says:

    There are kinks to iron out, but it’s a move in the right direction.

    I’d like FB to resolve the issue of gift items remaining on my notifications page after I’ve already accepted them within the FV app. It’s tedious to clear one by one.

  43. bang Says:

    boy ,you can simply ignore evry gift on FB anftre accepting all on FV

  44. Fifi Says:

    I love it. Now could you make the gift requests on my FB home page go away? They seem to stick around, mounting up and they are all now useless.

  45. Adam Says:

    I’ve found one problem. Any gifts given to you by non-friends (say I posted this link on a site: )
    You can accept them, even through facebook, as it always comes up with a gift error :(
    Now I’ll never get my botanical gardens done.

  46. Tio Says:

    Why not just automatically send a gift in return? Most people send gifts because they’re hoping to get the same thing back–why not just set it that way-and make (the current) click button for sending a DIFFERENT gift or no gift? Over 90% of the time we just send a ‘thank you gift’ which is the identical item returned to the sender. So make that the default by auto-sending with no effort/clicks/time lag!!!

    Or, add “accept all” and “Send thank you gift to all” buttons

    Or, add a small check button to select all the gifts we want to accept /send thank you’s to.

    And while we’re at it, do the same for adding neighbors! It is so laborious to add 1 neighbor, what with changing screens and the lag time. Why not just have check buttons that let you select and then add 10-20 at a time?

  47. Becca Says:

    WTF???? I just accepted 24 gifts using the new system and not ONE of them is in my gift box!!! I have refreshed a million tims and still not there!!! I am NOT happy Jan!!! :(

  48. FarmerRCNS Says:

    Well the complaint about having to clear out your facebook requests if you use the Zynga messenger will be gone soon, eventually it sounds like Facebook will be removing that window.

    What I’d really like to see happen is a “wish list” incorporated directly into the gifting system. You select send a friend a gift and it shows you a few items they’ve put in requests for and you can pick one, so you’re sending people what they want instead of what you want.

  49. Penguin Says:

    I’m missing the “personal message” (if there is one) in the new gift bar. The only way to see it is inte the “Home -> Requests”

  50. Amanda Says:

    Now if only they’d fix the fact that I’ve lost TONS of gifts over the last few days! I’m talking… at least 10-15 per day. Insanity!

  51. Timothy Bowen Says:

    I would like to 1) be able to see comments about what the person wants in return if anything. 2) have the popup’s WORK 100% of the time. Too often I am left with white pages without being able to gift, or after I gift. It is simply annoying. Other then that, I do like it.

  52. Lidz Says:

    For some reason the page to send gifts back does not load for me?? Its just blank!!

  53. Barbara Says:

    I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t clear out the gift list on Facebook when you accept the gifts on the Zynga message center. You still have to go through all the gifts on FB to clear out your mailbox. Why does it keep starting up FV even when you tell it you have more gifts to accept? I would like it to go back to FB each time I tell it yes.

  54. Barbara Says:

    I agree with Tim. I would like to see a list of items the giver would like in return, not just the identical item they gave me. They might not need or want the same item.

  55. patricia niebuhr Says:

    I agree with #52,53,54. It’s very frustrating to lose things that you need and earned. I lost a home last week and can’t count the gifts that get lost. The blank page hit me today. This has been a fun experience for me but I DON’T like the quirky things that disturb my play All the time.

  56. Kathleen Campbell Gagnon Says:

    This is Free Fuel Week!!! I sign in & out EVERYDAY & have not received ANY
    FREE FUEL!!! All my friends & neighbors have but NOT ME!!!
    I’m VERY FRUSTRATED!! It had also said something about free fuel if you get
    awards while playing Co-Op games!! I have played 4 or five and got the gold once,
    silver twice and bronze at least twice! AND AGAIN NO FREE FUEL!!!! Most of the
    people I know have 20 to 30 tanks of fuel and I can’t even finish seeding or harvesting my crops without running out of fuel and having to do the rest one space at a time!!
    I’ve really enjoyed playing Farmville but I’m getting very frustrated and close to just quiting! I’ve tried EVERYTHING I can think of and NO HELP HAS COME MY WAY!!
    PLEASE HELP ME! Or head me in the right direction for help. Oh, I know they are making a big deal about getting fuel with coins instead of FV’s! I’ve had a problem getting FV’s! All the people who started with me have well over 20 to 30 FV’s and have used alot already! I just now have 11 and spent 5! So I haven’t had the luxury of using my FV’s to buy anything!! I’d really like to get the fuel I’ve missed out on all week at least! PLEASE HELP ME!
    Thank You!
    Kathleen Campbell Gagnon

  57. kristy Says:

    I have a complaint about this new system. If I take care of my stuff on the farm. Then facebook should remove it from their end. I have to weed through all of the gifts and hope I don’t delete something that hasn’t been collected yet. or something from another game.

  58. kristy Says:

    Hey whats a girl got to do to get one of those kelly calves? Did,t anyone put them in the barn?

  59. Suzykins Says:

    I do not like it. I am just going to accept gifts on facebook period. I spend too much time with “you already received this gift”

  60. QueenGSA1 Says:

    Facebook needs to take away the similar posts thing. I hate having to do so many clicks to find everyones posts.

    Also why arent mystery eggs in the bonus checker anymore? Any mystery eggs are found on the facebook main page.

    I hope Lexlicious is feeling better, podcasts arent the same with out her.

  61. CHRIS Says:


  62. Farmer Suz Says:

    Nice update but it never works for me. After I send back a gift, it just freezes.

  63. PHyles Says:

    I HATE IT! Ever since the change I am not getting half of my gifts and can not send any in return. I also don’t like being redirected to my farm after each gift. And when you are collecting bonus’s and collectibles we get redirected too. Change it back to the previous way. And why would you put a yes/no option on accepting a gift. Of course we want to accept it that is why we clicked it.

  64. Lidz Says:

    I agree with #59, & 63. After this change Im loosing tooo many gifts. I lost like 10 fuel gifts today.
    Ya, getting directed to the farm after accepting each gift is annoying. If Zynga wanna make things better, Make it better. But plz dont mess things up, when they were actually running smoothly!!!!!!!

  65. Sue Curtis Says:

    I have and do use, on my MAC, Google Chrome, Safari…which is the WORST there is…Firefox and Camino. Camino is awesome for facebook and farming. The pop up to return gifts is a blank white window on ALL of the above.

  66. Ingrid Says:

    Half of the gifts in my list say “sorry… you already received this gift”
    So why are the items in the list?

    I noticed that a lot of people say: This is great, except…
    So basically, it does not work!
    Wish zynga would try their stuff out before they release it.
    that shouldn’t be so hard with all the millions they are earning from us.

  67. Gottaloveit Says:

    I don’t like the new system. The number of gifts I have on facebook is 4 times greater than the number that shows up on my farm. When I accept the gift on facebook, I get the message I have already accepted it…don’t think so. Also, my gift box continues to decrease in the quantity of gifts I can accept. When I send email messages to zynga I still don’t get any answers…my patience is running down and it’s a shame because I really like playing farmville.

  68. Lara Says:

    I too agree with a few points above. I wish the personal comments were attached to the gifts as I usually send things to neigbours (like building materials) and do not want them sent back. Also I would like to be able to access a “wish list” when sending items to neighbours. Perhaps addig this to the neighbour bar INSTAED of send gift to neighbour have “wish list for gifting” or similar? But them i am a neighbour that takes notice of people’s farms and tries to send them what they NEED and not what I need to get the same thing back (frustrates me big time!)

  69. Lara Says:

    oh and i also have problems with the page not loading after clicking on sending gifts requested via facebook…i click refresh each time but it is frustrating

  70. karla Says:

    they are fixing the glitch about using the botaical garden parts to get free stuff and farmvile cash…. the gifting system should be fiixed soon… read aout it at , knew about it too late :-( but it did work for some of my neighbors….

  71. Catherine Says:

    Upon receiving gifts, the 2 options should be “Accept” and “Sell” NOT “Accept” and “Ignore” .

    If we don’t want or need the gift, we should have the option to sell it immediately instead of having to accept it and then sell it from our overflowing gift boxes. If the profit automatically gets added to your coins upon pushing the “sell” button, I don’t know anyone that, given the choice, would rather “ignore” than “sell”.

  72. dani Says:

    The gifting would be better if u did not have to go back to fb to delete what u have already accepted..It needs to be one way or the other..also there seems to be more gifts on fb than on the gifting page…

    Also..when r u going to up the level higher than 70..fv is not fun any more..

  73. Dagobert Says:

    I wish that the gift-requests at your profile disapear after you accepted them. I’m sure i ingnored gifts i got because i thought i accepted them in the gift feature.

  74. Winfried Says:

    The new “in game” gifting system does not work on my PC.
    I tried with actual versions of IE 8 – Safari – Chrome – Opera and Firefox.
    When opening Farmville or Frontierville and clicking the symbol indicating gift requests there is no “in game” gifting: the “old” gift list opens, I am kicked “out of game” to accept and to return gifts. After all I have to re-open Farmville or Frontierville. Actually the symbol in Farmville shows 43 gift requests even though the list is empty.

  75. gwen christensen Says:

    I gifting is awesome thru farm screen………..also receiving gifts. Why cant all gifts go to the farm screen rather than the Facebook page? It takes me a very long time (when I have over 100 gifts) to receive these. I think it would be great if all gifts were transferred to the farm screen. Takes me minutes to get gifts….facebook page takes hours.

  76. gwen christensen Says:

    I think gifting is awesome thru farm screen………..also receiving gifts. Why cant all gifts go to the farm screen rather than the Facebook page? It takes me a very long time (when I have over 100 gifts) to receive these. I think it would be great if all gifts were transferred to the farm screen. Takes me minutes to get gifts….facebook page takes hours.

  77. brigitte pelecq Says:

    I am glad that the game is being made easier amd quicker to play. thanks.

  78. johanna Says:


  79. linda gagne Says:

    how do I get gift request?how do I get earn free farm cash video’s??????????only way I get free cash.


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