New FarmVille Missions: Festive Tree

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New FarmVille Missions: Festive Tree

Posted on December 10, 2010 5:05 pm by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

There are now new mission/quests to complete in FarmVille! To view the mission requirements you can click on an icon on the left-hand side on the game screen.

There are three main steps to this Festive Tree Mission.

To complete the first part of the Festive Tree Mission you will need to fulfill the following requirements:

Stage 1 – It’s a Very Festive Tree!

  • Buy 1 Holiday Tree
  • Harvest 200 Poinsettia (You can skip this step by paying 15$FV)
  • Collect 10 Holiday Presents and place them inside your Holiday Tree

::: Spoilers :::

The rewards for completing this mission are:

  • 100 XP
  • 2500 FarmVille coins
  • Snow Angel (Decoration)
  • Holiday Tree Gifts to share with neighbors

Festive Tree Mission Rewards

After completion, you will have finished the first part of the Festive Tree Mission. To complete part two, you must fulfill the following requirements:

Stage 2 – Wrapping Presents

  • Harvest 200 Peppermint
  • Get 6 Sheets of Wrapping Paper (?!?)
  • Harvest 3 Presents from you Winter Workshop

Stage Two Festive Tree MIssion: Wrapping Presents Steps

::: Spoilers :::

The rewards for completing this mission are:

  • 100 XP
  • 5,000 FarmVille Coins
  • Sneezy Sheep
  • Holiday Tree Gifts to share with neighbors

After this, you will have completed two out of three steps of this mission. The final part of the Festive  Tree Mission asks you to fulfill the following requirements:

Stage 3 – Glistening

  • Collect 30 Holiday Presents and place them inside your Holiday Tree
  • Fertilize 25 neighbor plots

::: Spoilers :::

The rewards for completing this mission are:

  • 500 XP
  • 7,500 FarmVille Coins
  • Ice Pegasus (decoration & can be shared with one neighbor)

Have you completed these steps? What rewards did you receive?

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80 Responses to “New FarmVille Missions: Festive Tree” »

  1. Tyler Says:

    I like having quest on farmville. It gets kinda old when all your doing it just plowing and harvesting lol. It adds a little excitement to the game. I think zyanga did a good thing but adding quest to farmville.

  2. Bo Peterson Says:

    got the sneezy sheep on part 2 and the Pegasus ice statue on part 3

  3. Ming Says:

    FarmVille is beginning to look like fontierville.The rewards for this quest are not worth the effort especially since I already mastered poinsettas.

  4. dali-farmer Says:

    hope this is the last quest, i for one don’t want fv to become frounterville or cityville they are ruined by them

  5. Sandy Says:

    Does anyone know if we will still need the lights and cookies we acquired for previous quests? I have some left over and was wondering if I should sell them or if we will need them in the future.

  6. shadowdancer Says:


    Completed level 1 … reward = snow angel *can’t remember if there were coins and xp also*

    Completed level 2 … reward = sneezy sheep *coins and xp* i think, wasn’t paying attention much

  7. Melody Says:

    I agree with Ming. A frenzy of sending and receiving gifts for little reward. And it is a drag that I’ve harvested just this morning before the Christmas Trees were launched about 300 poinsettas! But the worst part of it all is that it seems that every time FV offers something new, something breaks. Loading issues and frequent ongoing problems sending and receiving gifts are taking the fun out of the game. My wonderful neighbours have send me about 15 presents for the tree and I’ve only been able to successfully accept two of them. The rest get lost along the way when the farm doesn’t load properly.

  8. Jensen Says:

    we now have quests… if FarmVille would now just put up an energy bar like frontierville, they’ll loose 98.7% of all players!

  9. lil Says:

    if there were worth rewards why not.thats why i dont play frontierville.

  10. Melissa Says:

    3rd reward is a Pegasus Ice Sculpture but not sure what the quest was. Someone posted it on my feed already.

  11. joan Says:

    I already quit Frontierville and about to quit cityville because of energy and goals that I don’t like, now if Farmville is going to make me plant stuff I don’t need and then reward me with stuff I don’t want or need, why bother with the goals. Farmville is a great game and I hope zynga doesn’t ruin it like their other games. Why fix something that isn’t broken. Christmas stuff was so much nicer last year. Looks like this year will not be much fun in Farmville with goals.

  12. LambChopp Says:

    Awww I think these missions are kinda fun. They don’t take much time to accomplish. It’s better than just plow-plant-harvest day in and day out.

  13. ozarka Says:

    i hate that they are making this so much like frontierville, cityville, etc. so far, it’s semi-ok because there’s not too much to rely on your neighbors for. i don’t have enough dedicated players to handle all that. and i refuse to add facebook friends just for the sake of the game. no offense to anyone here.

    and don’t tell me “i don’t have to do the quests”. i’m well aware of that, but that just makes a portion of the game unusable for me. sooooo crappy. why can’t it just be independent play. ugh!

    and i will be really ticked if they add the energy bar like the games. once again, the lack of the bar is another nice part of farmville that makes it playable all the time and on your own terms.

  14. Linda Says:

    Cool!! I just got mine!!

  15. Farmville Freak Farmaholic Says:

    It Says you get a pegasus statue when you finish the 1 mission but here you get a snow angel.

  16. Mike Says:

    The absolute WORST parts about these quests are the useless items you are forced to beg for.

  17. Lucie McKinney Says:

    Missions are fun BUT —I too have mastered pointsettas and not once but TWICE and it didn’t for some of the other awards they are not worth the time BUT I am still having fun..The tree should have come last week — I am TIRED of getting Thanksgiving food !!!!

  18. Tfoxy Says:

    The missions aren’t too bad, but Jensen hit the nail on the head with that stupid energy bar. That has to be the absolute worst feature of the other Zynga games and why I do not play them.

  19. JNB Says:

    The rewards may be different for all players. My reward for the quest #1 is the pegasus sculpture.

  20. Villemar Says:

    Yeah, Farmville has Offically Jumped The Shark.

  21. Villemar Says:

    And keep in mind, a lot of people don’t have the time to complete mindless busywork and enless begging because they are actually *busy* during the holidays. Last year was perfect, just sending and receiving gifts, no stress no timesink no competition. And making it a QUEST of all things is the ultimate insult.

  22. Ania21 Says:

    Does anyone know how to send your neighbours presents..I mean when you visit their do you leave presents under their christmas tree..? I try clicking on it but nothing happens.
    Can someone tell me how..

    -Thanks! =)

  23. boo Says:

    the second prize is some chicken giblets i just used my biplane to get them !

  24. Ania21 Says:

    Dammit! No more missions! This isn’t Frontierville..
    I hope this is the last one! If they continue to do them, I don’t know if I’ll play anymore.. I don’t like Frontierville..and I don’t want Farmville to be the same..

  25. sta Says:

    So we have to get 200 of a crop we have to pay to plant? Is that right?

  26. clydethenewf Says:

    No. Peppermint and Poinsettias are available for coin. Candy Cane is the FV cash one.

  27. Herbie Says:

    Speaking of mastering the latest disasters…. I have a spa, winery and a bakery.
    All fully expanded and am slowly working on mastering each product. Since Thanksgiving I have worked my rear off trying to master the special harvest crops. The leaf candles, spice juice and cassarole are ALL at level 17…. So when do they become mastered???? I researched it and the rules state you can either produce OR sell the product, selling is not required. Each mastery of product as far as the 3 business go are at different levels… They better keep this going until I master each one after all of this crap….

  28. boo Says:

    as my comment is awaiting approval the next prize are chicken giblets

  29. olivia Says:

    Is Zanga doing anything to compensate people for losing all the the nails, boards and bricks in building the workshop? I had EVERYTHING I needed and suddenly it all disappeared.

  30. marianne Says:

    Sta – you don’t need to pay for peppermint… just candy cane

    Herbie – I know pumpkin cider is masterable at level 20

    I don’t mind these missions too much, i would rather just send gifts though.

  31. Jeff Says:

    I love the Missions. They keep me Motivated to Continue Playing. Level 92. I was getting Board. I have begun to play Frontierville more than Farmville.

  32. Gnafan Says:

    it didn’t show up on me… :(

  33. JewelTones Says:

    So we have to get 200 of a crop we have to pay to plant? Is that right?
    - Sta

    No. Poinsettias don’t require FarmCash, they’re coin just like any other crop. Ditto for the peppermint.


  34. Robyn Says:

    does the other quest have to be finished to get this task? it doesnt seem to want to accept that i have picked my cabbage 3 times now…

  35. sta Says:

    @jeweltones – my mistake! Thanks!

  36. lemonlemming Says:

    @Robyn Cabbage? The first quest required harvesting of strawberries and spinach. Perhaps you’ve been planting the wrong crops?

  37. IQd Says:

    I agree with everyone else. I am usually OK with the releases but I really don’t like the quests. Begging people for lights etc and planting things already mastered…just tedious and not fun. I hope this feature isn’t forever. I have tried Frontierville and quit because of the requirements, especially the energy bar.

    I love of things were done last year. I was very stoked about opening gifts on Christmas! The best part of Farmville.


  38. Andrew Says:

    ‘Is Zanga doing anything to compensate people for losing all the the nails, boards and bricks in building the workshop? I had EVERYTHING I needed and suddenly it all disappeared.’

    Build it gradually as you go and crap like this won’t happen…

  39. snugglenbumpme2 Says:

    I refuse to be forced by these “quests” REALLY REALLY sucks that zynga is really screwing this game up

  40. 2cats Says:

    @Ania21: To send gifts to your friends, you go into your own Christmas tree, and buy a gift. Then it lets you send that gift to 5 people of your choice and it puts a post on their wall that you sent them a gift. It will go into their tree and they will be allowed to open it on Christmas Day. (you also get the gift in your gift box)

    @Herbie: I think the Mastery Level for the Thanksgiving Harvest items is Level 20. I mastered my Harvest Casserole at Level 20, and I would assume they are all the same.

    And I agree, the gifts are pretty lame this year, not even worth collecting all the presents. Wish they would come out with some really cool stuff, but it all seems like the same old boring crap! LOL! And I hate the missions – I already mastered poinsettias and am working on other masteries since we have the double mastery from Amex for a few more days. No Zynga is screwing that up!

    Oh well, Merry Christmas to everyone!!

  41. dawn Says:

    never fails, I already mastered the crops.

  42. Amy Says:

    I keep losing my presents now. It tells me they are expired… Hmmmphhh. They were just sent. More *rap from FV :-(

  43. B Says:

    I don’t have peppermint seeds in my market!!!!

  44. mallory Says:

    stop complaining if your not a dedicated player an have the snag bar an lots of neighbors then do not complain an ruin it for those of us who are the quests take less than a day to complete an they add just a nice touch to the same ol everyday stuff i agree about the energy bar but i am very doubtful they will add it if you do not like the game then do not play it!!!!!!!!! its that simple no one is makeing you play so just get over it already

  45. Justin Says:

    love my snow angel

  46. flyingfresian Says:

    My tree has disappeared overnight and it won’t let me buy another one from the market. Bah.

    This happened with my workshop too – I built it up to level 3 and it went back to level 1. Getting pretty sick of this :(

  47. Denise Cardoso Says:

    Gostaria de expandir minha fazenda.Sai ate a postagem para almentar para 28 x28. Mas não consigo abrir para concluir a minha e´panção.Que devo fazer.Sou jogadora recente, e estou meio por fora!Obrigada!


  48. Robyn Says:

    @lemonlemming thank you!! i somehow was seeing the word cabbage and not spinach.. guess i really need sleep worse than i thought… UGH! But thanks now i can finish this crazy task!

  49. Beverly Koop Says:

    I am so fed up with farmville the first time I built th puke grren workshop with farmcash it reverted the next 6 times LIVE CUSTOMMER SUPPORT Built it, the 5th. time since anga refused to even ad they promised I kept every email took manu pictyres before and after it was builtt and reverted back to the begging Yesterday they claimed it was fixed but Hanah from Live support said I wuot ” you rebuild it yourdeeeek=lf ask for the suppled=s from neighbor I wanted to cry to 8th damn time,

    Also these stupid quests are exaclty like Frontiervill forces us to do al of this crap and hanf guys and girls there are much more quests to come…the cookie trays the exrtra lights sct. i will quit before I will be forced to the game their way. I want to plant what I want also the b eginning of the snow quest I had already snowed up my farm and has =d alreadt bought candy cane arches but ir made me do itt all over again not right nt fair a all.

  50. Lynn Says:

    Too effing bad zynga STILL HAS NOT fixed the dang workshop! Mine went back to the beginning state the day after I completed it and it’s still there!

  51. Kenny Says:

    do you have to have finished the barn quest with all the lights, spinach and strawberries before you can access this quest?

  52. SB Says:

    I don’t think Farmville gets what makes people stop playing. When Zynga overwhelms the game player, they give up, and leave, they feel defeated. Last year so many people abandoned their farms at Christmas. This year you’ll see more give up, but for a different type of overwhelming experience.

    - Releasing too many “missions” at once. For instance; I excitedly bought the Gingerbread House. Could barely even begin, because all of my friends dropped off like flies after last Xmas. There I am plugging away, begging for building materials. Then they release the Workshop which requires a RIDICULOUS amount of building materials. So I abandon Ginger Bread House, and begin to add to my Workshop. After the first stage of building is completed, i get excited! YAY! I can finish my Gingerbread house now, right? WRONG! My Workshop STILL needs MORE building materials to help it grow.

    Amidst all of THAT, here comes the Holiday Tree, Torn… I want gifts for my tree, but I also need to get that workshop growing. I can no longer choose. I’m FRUSTRATED that my stupid Gingerbread House is abandoned, and that people are now sending gifts and I still need LOADS of building materials for the Workshop.

    The kick in the teeth doesn’t stop there… Now I’ve got to work at getting LIGHTS? I’m overwhelmed, and frustrated. There’s TOO much going on at once… The only way I can feasibly see getting on top of all of this is to add STRANGERS who play Farmville to my FB. What an awful option. I’m private. I don’t want to add strangers to my FB.


  53. Brad Says:

    I was placing my holiday gifts in my tree and came up you have enough to redeem for frozen frenzy clicked ok didnt say how much to redeem for prize when i went to check to see bout frozen frenzy it was gone crazy

  54. Be Says:

    Try clicking on the actual tree to trade in what you want hun.

  55. Rob Says:

    I like the quests, and there’s probably about a million other people who like them as well, but just don’t bother to come onto this site to read the complaints of all of the malcontent wihiners who hang out here. If you don’t like the quests, just don’t do them. There’s not going to be an energy bar. Why would they add an energy bar to Farmville? There’s energy bars in the other games due to the nature of the gameplay. If there were no energy bar in Frontierville, losers would just sit in front of their computers turning over 5 minute clover crops for 16 hours a day so they can get to rank 2,500 within months. Thanks for reading, you can post your thumbs down now.

  56. A farmer Says:

    When I first started playing Farmville, I added a bunch of “strangers” because I needed neighbors, and a lot of those strangers are now friends. That’s one of my favorite things about Farmville; the people I’ve met.

    I love the quests.

    YES, it sucks that we need so many building materials, and stupid watering cans, and it’s really not fair to people who don’t have a lot of lot of neighbors. But, that is something that’s easily remedied.

  57. Heather Says:

    Back to a question about the “quest”. I am on the third one, which states you have to harvest 3 gifts from the workshop and that bigger workshops give more gifts. Does anybody know how many gifts are harvested at a time from the fully expanded workshop? Is this something I could get done in 1 “harvest”, or am I basically going to be waiting 3 days?

    So many strong opinions about the quests, I guess I don’t know yet how I feel about them. I don’t play the other games with them so I am still figuring them out. But I am thankful for FF and all of you who post what to expect with them! Very helpful to know what’s next and whether or not it is worth it!

  58. 2cats Says:

    Well, I’m on the 2nd part of the quest, where you have to harvest 200 peppermints, get 6 sheets of wrapping paper and harvest 3 presents from your Winter Workshop. I had over 6 sheets of wrapping paper so they all got put in the quest okay. Then, when I harvested my Workshop, I got 3 presents, so I thought great! I’ll be done as soon as I harvest my peppermint in the morning. NOT! I used all 3 gifts from my gift box, and now it only says I have 1/3 gifts. What the hell – so now, do I have to wait 24 more hours to harvest the Workshop again?? ( and then if that happens again, I’ll have to wait another day???)…I thought I’d be done tomorrow morning when I harvest my peppermint, but now it will be at least tomorrow night or maybe even 2 more nights! NOT LIKING THIS!!

  59. Kayley Says:

    Is anyone else still having an issue receiving the AMEX statue? Every time I try and redeem, it says ‘something went wrong…blah blah blah’. Just curious.

  60. Kayley Says:

    @Heather – A fully expanded Workshop produces 3 gifts at a time, so you could complete that portion of the quest in one day. :)

  61. Syl Says:

    Hmm everyone is talking about getting quests after putting their tree down but I didn’t receive any. I bought my tree for one coin as soon as the option came out (I thought it was normal) and I didn’t have to plant anything. I am now up to 70 gifts and I still haven’t received any missions from the Christmas tree…

    I am in the halfway through building my workshop though and those missions are working fine.

  62. Mohammad Says:

    At first I kinda hated the quests but, if when I thought of it well it didn’t seem so bad. I mean we’re getting free XP and beautiful gifts for doing thing we were probably going to do like harvesting the poinsettia or harvesting the workshop.

  63. tim Says:

    my workshop is fully expanded but when i harvest it only one gift is counting towards the mission even though i am harvesting three. also, i thought that you could harvest your neighbours workshops for gifts? but this isnt happening when i visit their farms. :(

  64. Kara S Says:

    I too have made some good friends from adding “strangers” to play farmville. There are some nice people out there.

    I have also added people who my only contact with is FV related. They don’t cause me any trouble but help me in the game.

    Also, I have added a few people (not many) who it turns out I don’t like. I just unfriend them and they go away. No biggie.

    It was annoying to have to plant strawberries and spinach which I already mastered but the strawberries were useful for crafting materials and it wasn’t too much spinach. I’m working on masterin the pointsettias now and I’ll be working on the peppermint too, once I start planting it.

    I don’t play any other Zynga games so this is my first exposure to the Quests. It doesn’t seem so hard, kinda fun.

  65. Sarah Says:

    I’m not too happy..I’m on part two, and I harvested 3 gifts, and it says I only harvested one….

  66. Heather Says:

    Harvested my workshop this morning and received 3 gifts in my giftbox, but only 1 out of 3 credits on the quest – which is what a lot of others are saying so I guess it should say “harvest your work shop 3 times” to be accurate. No big deal, I will finish Tuesday morning and if the info on this post is correct it won’t take long at all to complete the final quest.

  67. CatLadyy Says:

    @2cats + @heather same problem here!

    It’s making me do the second part of the quest three times.
    I am receiving two presents from my winter workshop, but the clicker is only counting it as one each time :(

    Just under 5 hours until my third harvest. Hope this one works

  68. Katrina Says:

    Will all the gifts I’ve already placed under my tree count for the third step, or do I have to place them after completing the first two steps?

  69. bee Says:

    this goes to all the people complaining how they’re not gonna play because its turning out to be like frontier ville……….1: its optional, u dont have to do the “quests”. and 2: nobody wants your opinion if you want to continue or not, they just care minor information like if you had completed them or what new thing you had gotten on them…and lastly, instead of complaining, since its starting to look like frontier ville, just save your self the time of writing on forums, and stop playing the game!

    i myself appreciate zynga for putting new “activities” so the game wont feel same and boring.

  70. ali Says:

    @ A FARMER…took the words outa my mouth…well said …

  71. Chandra Says:

    they changed the 2nd quest. mine says “Harvest your winter workshop 3 times”. :(

  72. Wendela Says:

    FV changed my 2d quest too: Harvest 3 presents from the Winter Workshop is now : Harvest yoru Winter Workshop 3 times.
    OMG changing the rules while playing…
    FV has an odd X-mas spirit.

  73. Denise Cardoso Says:

    Eu tenho a arvore, plantei varias vezes poinsetias, tenho a estatua do pegasus, tenho a ovelha insatisfeita, o que falta agora?


  74. Mike Says:

    I don’t seem to have this mission/quest. I have the winter wonderland one, but nothing for this one… is that a bug i should report??

    I agree with the others who have said if you don’t like quests, don’t do them. I play farmville, frontierville, and cityville, and I don’t spend money on any of them. I have what I feel to be awesome farm/city/frontier lands full of great decorations i won, or got through quests, or earned by finishing missions and quests and outright earning coins to pay for what i didn’t win. Yes, i don’t have some of the items that cost game cash, but oh well… big deal.

    I may in the future buy something if it’s really nice, and seems worth hard earned cash, but complaining about energy is downright childish. It’s easy to play frontierville, and simply wait for energy to rise, OR harvest animals or crops to get food to trade for energy, and it’s more than possible with a little dedication to wind up with more energy than you know what to do with. As for cityville, yes it’s a shame there is no trade in for energy, but again, oh well… it’s more than easy to simply wait for energy to refill itself, and there isn’t really all that much in the game that requires energy after you advance past the beginning stages by making smart decisions.

    In my opinion, people don’t like these 2 newer zynga games mostly because they are brainless pawns who only like farmville because a trained chimpanzee could play it. There is no “real” mastery of farmville, it winds up coming down to money, and who wants to spend money to look “cool” to other farmville freaks ?? Nobody smart, that’s who. Play because you enjoy it… and get over yourselves. Let us have our fun “working” to “achieve” our fun little worlds, while you buy your farms. bah humbug!

    - M

  75. hugacat2 Says:

    What do I go with all the cookies, lights, & wrapping paper I’ve collected. When I try to use them, it says “you’re not on this quest yet” ???

  76. tammyfaith66 Says:

    you sell all the extra collectables…and if you keep helping those who ask , you will keep getting them for a while and can keep selling them…which is kinda nice.

  77. sierra Says:

    ples do that

  78. sierra Says:

    that is a good name

  79. dana rios Says:

    hola quisiera saver como le hago para poder jugar tambien en las granjas england y wonderlan i like to play that too please please thanks a lot

  80. neslie g.j. Says:

    help please i wan to play in wonderland y england what can i do please please i like to play that to thanks a lot