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Play FarmVille Express at

Posted on May 11, 2012 1:54 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Express Promotion

FarmVille is inviting its players to try out FarmVille on the new and improved or FarmVille Express and they are throwing in 5 free Unwithers!

FarmVille Express is a website, it is not an app that needs to be downloaded. Simply get your mobile device and visit using a browser on your device and start playing now. FarmVille Express supports iPhone (or other Apple devices) using iOS 3.14+ and Android powered devices.

FarmVille Express 5 Free Unwither

Have you played FarmVille using the new and improved FarmVille Express? What do you think? Tell us your review, FarmVille Freaks!

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31 Responses to “Play FarmVille Express at” »

  1. Lani Says:

    I did but didn’t receive the free 5 unwither

  2. Erniexzz Says:

    It will be great and im sure were i am i can now haevest my crops with no longoer using my pc. Thank you so much to the management. I’ve been waiting this for so long.

  3. Dennis Dalton Says:

    Just want to see how it works.

  4. Teek Says:

    I just get options to pay FC for EVERYTHING, crops I’m growing, EVERYTHING! God forbid I click a link accidentally.

  5. lisa Says:

    I noticed that there isn’t an “e” at the end of is that intentional? It brings me to a survey.

  6. Dennis Dalton Says:

    let’s play. :-)

  7. Di Says:

    Its a good way to plant what you need for tasks..but maybe let us know how much…I use it for that. And it was letting me harvest orchards but now I don’t see option.

  8. David Thalmann Says:

    I’ve been using it for months. Absolutely love it as it allows me to”farm at work and it’s faster at times than sitting in front of the computer. They had orchards and groves fro a few days, but took it away. Most likely to fix a bug…. you could harvest them, but no coins would result. Refresh and the 100% orchard is ready to go again. Can’t wait until that feature works.

  9. Nichole Crnokrak Says:

    I like…..

  10. uticax Says:

    Have not played yet ,no mobile device besides laptop.I play farmville all the time where are my 5 unwithers.I get nothing just for not being rich enough o have another mobile device that really sucks! But I am sure the game is as awesome as ever,but I guess I’ll never know:(

  11. Lorraine Says:

    I still can’t get on Farmville Express with my Ipad.3

  12. Eleanor Mouzer Says:

    I think this website is a joke – I am most upset that you are scrapping the app and replacing it with this? It’s slow to load and im often unable to send/receive gifts without it crashing – I’ve been a daily player since farmville started and now regret that I will be playing a lot less!

  13. Lou Ann Copeland Says:

    Look forward to having access to FV on
    my phone also.

  14. kerollos Says:


  15. josé luis Says:

    Mi android device supports flash. so why is that your paternoster me to the Mobil site instead of the full site. I want to be able of use my device in the full farm. Not only in the

  16. Ruth Shepard Says:

    don’t have one

  17. Jackie Carpenter Says:

    I have played FarmVille on my iPhone. I have also played FarmVille express on my iPhone. My complaint is that express does not show me my farm. Nor does it allow me to see my orchards, work my trees and animals and it doesnt allow you to advance on the bonus rounds that are offered on my home computer. As I have access to my iPhone more than my home computer I am going to miss the original FarmVille app that I have had on my phone.

  18. maple Says:

    ive had the app for ages and used it alot, after various updates and bug fixes. and tbh i dont like the idea of fv express, surely they could just fix the app so it works as it should? now im not going to be able to play on the move, as the express thing will probably take all of my available mobile internet to load just one farm. grr.

  19. Gina Loveless Says:

    I love being able to harvest my crops when I can’t get to a computer :)

  20. mechelle r Says:

    Freezes up a lot!

  21. Ralph Says:

    I can’t see my farm. I don’t like it. Liked other farmville app way better.

  22. Rita Says:

    Can someone tell me how to get on farm ville

  23. Anna Rivas Says:

    I havent played the new Express farmville yet, iv been playing old One i not dure how to fet, Mt laptop mot workin. Ri now. My Kids say the animales got and ran all over it anat I need to go to farmville rehab.

  24. john Says:

    farmville express doesnt work for iphone5, plz fix it

  25. john Says:

    farmville express still doesnt work on i phone 5 plz fix it

  26. Donita Says:

    Why doesn’t Farmville Express have all the farm on there to be able to get to them? I use it all the time but two things I don’t like about it are that you can’t get acess to all the farms and that you click the buttons to plant and get the a bunch replanted to have a error and then have to redo it over and over again several times, which is very upsetting and a big waste of time.

  27. Angela Says:

    Tengo problemas para acceder a Farmeville express. Es lento para cargar y no puedo enviar / recibir regalos. Las misiones no se pueden terminar .

  28. dennis hill Says:

    i really do not want this app on my phone,how can I delete it

  29. Ellen Says:

    Farms missing and crops die if I can’t get to the computer. Need to be able to work all farms!

  30. Keith rylance Says:

    I am unable to access my new farms on Farville Express such as the new Australia Farm and
    Atlantis Farm and Enchanted Glen Farm,
    Will it be sorted out any time soon,
    Thank you from keith

  31. Anita Deloney Says:

    Farmville Express SUCKS!!!!!!! I was able to plant crops once and since then I’ve not been able to harvest those crops. The only thing I can do is accept gifts. I also cannot accept Help Request from my Farmville Neighbors. It’s a total waste of time for me to even attempt to depend on Farmville Express to maintain my farms and their crops.