Slaves of FarmVille Video

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Slaves of FarmVille Video

Posted on November 29, 2011 8:58 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

We obviously love FarmVille, but sometimes even we as FarmVille Freaks have to admit that playing FarmVille can be a lot of work.

Here’s an animated video of what happens when some farmers can’t quit the farm and playing FarmVille takes over their real lives.

Please note, the purpose of this video is not meant to be offensive, and the views expressed herein are expressed as a satire for entertainment purposes only. We apologize to anyone that took this video offensively. As we are a blog dedicated entirely to FarmVille, we think it’s important to cover all things FarmVille including findings around the web and FarmVille in the news.

Thanks for sharing your find with us FarmVille Freak Billy!

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28 Responses to “Slaves of FarmVille Video” »

  1. Boomer Says:

    Oh, HOW I an relate! 3 thumbs up!

  2. Sam K Says:

    LMAO. This is brilliant. And accurate.

  3. a Says:

    on my !! this is just so funny ;)))

  4. Feilcity Says:

    oooooh, I want of the purple penguins with a sparkly hat!!!

  5. Ruby M Kendrick Says:

    Hmmmmmmmm, I wonder who this sounds like? As my daughter would say that this is me 100%. But I can walk away and always come back. LOL

  6. Cassandra Says:

    damn that would work on me too. now release the purple penguin!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wohnderus Says:

    Really, just chicks play FV?!

  8. Catzilla Says:

    This is how it really is! but you have the string in your own hand!

  9. PetraViolet Says:

    Wow….comparing a Farmville addiction to actual slavery -which was a terrible time in America’s history- is in very poor taste.

  10. Inga Says:

    I just know my crops are really to harvest… *slap* hahaha

  11. Kristin Says:

    I didn’t find the underground railroad part to be funny nor did I find it funny that a minority character was bossed around it was a tad bit too much.

    Yes I know it’s suppose to be taken “lightly” but some of it just went t0o far.

  12. Gnome Says:

    Really poor taste. I think you can make jokes about FarmVille obsession without making a mockery of enslaving humans.

  13. Diana Says:

    This is too funny! And so true!!! I love it! Now where is our purple penguin with a sparkly hat?

  14. JewelTones Says:

    Brilliantly done and funny! I laughed outloud at several parts. The video’s funny ’cause it’s true. ;)


  15. Debra Says:

    It is so true I want the purple penguin with the sparkly hat!

  16. Sandra Tiner Says:

    Funny Funny!

  17. Krysia Says:

    ROTFLMFAO!!!! That. Was. BRILLIANT!!!! I love it…

    Feel sorry for my poor excluded MALE players though. ;-)


  18. karen Says:


  19. Laura Nason Says:

    It would have worked a lot better if they’d left out the starving then dead baby on the floor. Since something like that really happened a short time ago where a couple forgot to feed their baby as they played The Sims ( I think that was it ).

  20. No More Says:

    Slaves huh?

    Seeing as how LOW the current monthly/daily players are for this game now, it seems like a lot of “Slaves” are free at last. -_-

    This game isn’t as popular as it used to be. Plus I also find this video very offensive.

  21. tugrul Says:

    well, that really sums up the story of my life:) by the way i want the penguin, hear me zynga :)


    This is an awesome video and can be true to some of us :)

  23. Elizabeth Says:

    This is how it is but that purple penguin with the sparkly hat would cost a sh!t load of fv cash instead of being free

  24. Yomar Says:

    ROFL!!! This is hilarious; my sister and I can relate since I actually have quit 2 times but always come back for Halloween and Christmas. I don’t understand why there are comments of people offended; is a satire…have a sense of humor.

  25. Aimee Mouse Says:

    Oh my, this.. is… HALARIOUS!!!!!! So true!!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAA.

  26. David Says:


  27. jaanika Says:

    I got my purple penguin with sparkly hat yesterday. Aawww, it is sooo beautiful…

  28. redmark Says:

    i would be slave if all item are free like the purple penguin…lol