Sneak Peek! Zynga Seeking Beta Testers for New Mafia Nation Game

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Sneak Peek! Zynga Seeking Beta Testers for New Mafia Nation Game

Posted on January 20, 2011 10:57 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Zynga Mafia Nation

If you are already tired of city life (CityVille) and the never-ending quests and energy consumption or perhaps you need another game to to play while waiting for your crops to grow (FarmVille) then you are in luck! As reported by Inside Social Gaming, it looks like Zynga is gearing up for yet another social game.

In a survey distributed by Zynga to existing users, they are asking for beta testers for a new game concept by the working titles of Mafia Nation or possibly Crime Nation. What, no MafiaVille?! :(

According to the survey, Mafia Nation is “your crew against the world: build your team, defend your turf, and lead them to power and luxury… by any means necessary. Are you tired of rules? Time to step up and start making your own.” As of yet Zynga remains mum on the game as it is most likely still in development.

This new game is interesting to us and we are looking forward to seeing it live. We are hoping it will be a FarmVille/FrontierVille/CityVille and Mafia Wars mash-up of simulation and role playing with more exciting content and we’ll be crossing our fingers for no energy requirements.

What do you think about this new game? What would you like to see regarding content and concept for it?

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33 Responses to “Sneak Peek! Zynga Seeking Beta Testers for New Mafia Nation Game” »

  1. Mark Watson Says:

    i’ll give it a try

  2. WeirdJedi Says:

    Mafia version of Cityville? I wonder…

  3. Wendy Mahoney Cundiff Says:

    Ha ha ha..good luck..After the FV screw up im not playing anything Zynga. Are they not making enough or what. RESET the LIMITS in FV ..will not play other games use the FC I have or buy more until they do. I will not help them when all they do is sc**w me

  4. kat Says:


  5. barbara holford Says:


  6. Rhyz Says:

    cityville + Mafia wars w/o energy???

    i think it is impossible…

    i guess that game will also uses energy

    well let’s try it, theres nthing bad if we try it

  7. Ryan Howell Says:

    Intresting…. but i dont buy it!

  8. Pingo Says:

    Aren’t we still beta testers for Farmville ??
    Or FV is not Beta anymore ?

  9. Natalie Says:

    Why can’t Zynga get the problems with the existing games fixed before starting more games? Still waiting for the expansion in Farmville but you keep putting out more buildings and we have to keep removing plots when this is a farming game isn’t it?

  10. jessica Says:

    they need to improve farmville than to make new games.. i wonder why farmville always get bugs and errors because they dont focusing on fv anymore, busy with new games putting up with something new .. oh well i guess they dont care at all.. they only care about making new games and getting new money ? :( land expansion, storage cellar expansion is all that we need not new games :(

  11. Debi Says:

    We don’t need another game. We need them to concentrate on the ones they already have and get them running properly first. I’ll not even look at it. I have enough to think about with my Farm, Homestead, Pet and Fish Tanks and all the problems with them. Why on earth would I want to start another Zynga game that is just going to end up being more trouble than it’s worth.

  12. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    I don’t play Mafia anything and I will not be adding any Zynga games until the FarmVille limit is removed. My feed has slowed to frozen molasses.

  13. Anonymity Says:

    Sweet Jesus No…. DX

  14. Anon Says:

    LMFAO…. so EVERYONE are beta testers for all their other games… yet they are asking for beta testers for this new spam fest? It better be perfect when released. Just sayin’

  15. Nick Says:

    i don’t play anything except farmville. moreover i block all other zynga games cos they spam my wall a lot :P

  16. Shannon Says:

    So it’s Zynga’s copy/version of Crime City? A friend plays that and I joined to send her a few things but played a little. It is entertaining but it does use energy.

  17. Rogue Robot Says:

    I’m debating whether to eliminate games from Zynga, not add more. I don’t need another way for them to kick me in the teeth.

  18. nm Says:

    If this goes well i wonder if they will put out a version for vampires since I know most of my friends are in the 1000 level for Vampire Wars. I’m sure they would be happy to get a new game to sink their teeth in. lol Bad joke I know :)

  19. jamie Verri Says:

    I really don’t like the games that use energy. so maybe if this doesn’t its worth a shot..

  20. Vladimr Says:

    Hello everyone!
    How can I sign up for the beta testing? I searched google, I looked in zynga pages but found nothing about it.

    ps: all the games on facebook are beta :D

  21. Katt Says:

    Mafia Wars , where you can move around and possibly annihilate your sworn enemies? I’m in *grins*

  22. Bobby D. Says:

    We’ll give it a try. Any game that doesn’t make us wait to continue to use our Energy etc. Is very well worth it. So C’mon… Bring It On…!!!

  23. Josie Says:

    I’m with you Bobby D. I would give it a try also. Not interested in the energy thing at all.

  24. Leanne Says:

    I will give it a try!

  25. likes2play Says:

    Why would you want to play another game by Zynga??
    They’ve stated publicly that they’re deliberately unconcerned about user experience.

    Here’s an interesting article:

  26. tunc Says:

    im farmville 28×28 will ich haben es wäre sehr nett wenn ihr das mal freigeben könntet wir warten schon alle drauf gibt es bitte frei

  27. garrett Says:

    how do we try

  28. Bill Says:

    New Game concept?
    More like another rip-off.
    Anyone ever hear of Crime City?

  29. Frankie Says:

    Can we keep this site for FarmVille Freaks only? Discussing FarmVille only and not selling other games would be nice. Have Zynga advertise in another way. With the feed limit this week, I thought this site was a bit more caring for F/V fans.

  30. Miro Says:

    As usual…. podcast has been delayed till Monday. Why don’t they just cancel that thing once and for all?!

  31. farmviller Says:

    i’ll play it if it doesn’t use energy, if it does i will block it like all the others lol

  32. Echo Moon Says:

    Why bother? When they can’t take care of the games they already have out on FB and don’t seem to care how badly things screw up would I ever be interested in another game by Zynga???

    With the energy crap going on in Yoville? I maybe go and play once a month when I use to play every single day for as long as I could.

    Zynga can’t be bothered to put out the coin expansion like they said they would for FV. And all the buildables they keep coming out with and the new Cupids Castle takes 117 to build not counting the chocolates and tulips it requires. Then they start the 125 item limit.

    No I don’t think I would be the least interested in another Zynga game.

    I think I’m gonna go check out Farm Town.

  33. Elizabeth Says:

    The Mafia theme just doesn’t interest me at all, and after trying the energy-dependent AND neighbour-dependent FrontierVille, I’m just not going to start playing anything else that’s going to expect me to spam and wheedle my online friends in order to advance.