Still Missing Your FarmVille Cupid’s Castle Quest?

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Still Missing Your FarmVille Cupid’s Castle Quest?

Posted on February 3, 2011 9:24 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Red Sheep Quest 1

FarmVille Quest 2 Rose Ram

FarmVille Quest 3: Pink Baby Lamb

Some FarmVille Freaks reported that they never got the ability to do their second or third Cupid’s Castle Quests. These players were stuck in a waiting phase, as the Quest never appeared on their farm as an option.

If you are still missing your Quests, it’s okay you will still be rewarded with the prizes including Farm Coins, XP, and the free animals (Gentle Ram and Pink Lamb) which include the Gentle Ram and Pink Lamb. Check your Gift Box for the animals. This compensation goes live tonight.

You can check out all three Cupid’s Castle Valentine’s Day themed quests by visiting the FarmVille Freak links below.

FarmVille Quest 1 – Looking for Love

FarmVille Quest 2 – A Suitor Comes A Callin’

FarmVille Quest 3 – What a Cute Family

From Official FarmVille Forum:

“We realize there’s a good portion of you that managed to get and finish the first part of the Cupid’s Castle quest (which ended in getting the Red Sheep) and then you couldn’t get the second or third parts of the quest.

Today we’ve decided to award those players who were stuck with the rewards from the second and third part of the quests, thereby finishing up the quest chain for them. XP and Coins will be granted and the free animals should show up in your Gift Box (Gentle Ram, Pink Lamb). We’ll be compensating everyone affected tonight.

Happy Farming!”

FarmVille Stumpgrinder Cupid Castle Compensation Announcement

FarmVille Cupid's Castle Notice

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28 Responses to “Still Missing Your FarmVille Cupid’s Castle Quest?” »

  1. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    My Castle has been fine except that 2 out of 3 game loads it becomes a gigantic monstrosity that moves right one space, blocking a group of orchards.

    I was robbed on Quest #2 as I received credit for only one Valentine for each three harvested from my Castle. Was credited 15 valentines several days after I completed Quest 3.

  2. Malinda Says:

    So.. now can i just say screw the quests even if i want the prizes for them and i’ll get them later without any work?

  3. D-$ Says:

    So what about the rest of us that have completed all 3 tasks early? FV is getting really messed up these past few days with this V’Day theme. Items costing too much, glitches with my Cupid’s Castle and now this among with other problems! Where’s my compensation??

  4. Emily Says:

    @Moo moo moo the same thing happens to my castle every time I load my farm it blocks orchards AND crops. Very annoying!!! The only time it goes back to normal is when I harvest it….

  5. Megan Says:

    @D-$ and Malinda: no, they arent getting the rewards for nothing. there are people that were never given the option to complete the quests… it happened on my fiances farm. he finished quest one and then the goals just disappeared. thats what this is referring to.

  6. Kara S Says:

    I get the giant Cupid’s Castle too. It stopped being amusing and is just annoying now, it blocks my sight of some crops (which makes it hard to harvest and plant) and my duck pond. Though the giant castle next to my itty bitty snowman is kind of funny.

  7. reincloud Says:

    ok… but what about the fact that if my neighbors had been able to finish their quests, then they would have been able to gift TO ME another pink lamb (or Gentle Ram, but Im not really concerned about those).. Im screwed out of several pink lambs people were going to give to me but weren’t able to due to not being able to finish their quest. How about compensating me a lamb for the four -I- missed out on???
    It is getting really annoying the way stuff doesn’t work right, then zynga decides who’s been affected and hands out “compensation” that really isn’t fair to everyone else. C’mon, you get enough of our money through fv cash Im SURE you could do better than this…

  8. Janis Says:

    I finished the quests. The only problem I had with them is that I dislike them. Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing for awhile, but I find these new quests to be a nuisance. They remind me of Fronteerville. I stopped playing that game last October. I preferred lasts years valentine program. It was exciting. All the neighbors were enthusiastic….This year, folks seem frantic….

    Gee, I wish my quest function had completely malfunctioned…Then I wouldn’t have had to bother with it. (Like MooMoo posted, I also received credit for only one Valentine for each three harvested from my Castle.)

    Anyone who was unable to complete these annoying “quests” have my sympathy. They deserve to be compensated.

    As for the rewards, I already had the Red Sheep. I won it from the summer Lottery. She was no big deal.

    I should have sold all of last years prizes because this years items are almost all rehashed from last Valentines Day….. How many Eiffel towers, Peking ducks, pig in love, giant teddy bears, dellie bopper sheep, carriages, fountains and pink patch cows do I need? I understand that new players are probably excited, but Zinga has got to start respecting their veteran players if they want to keep them.

    I love Farmville. It’s a great game, but the developers are starting to make some poor choices.

    FYI I added up Valentines Day FC Items….If you spend real money to buy one of each of the VALENTINES DAY items, you will end up spending almost $100.00. Get real Zinga!

    How much will St. Patrick’s Day cost? Oh I forgot. It won’t cost me anything. I saved all of last years St. Patrick’s Day Items too. I guarantee…. there will be nothing new offered that will entice that kind of real money out of my pocket.

  9. Barbara Says:

    Well, once I looked at the castle I decided I didn’t want it on my farm, so I sold it. I completed the first quest, but since the second required a castle, I bagged it. No regrets, either. I’ve stopped grabbing Valentines from my neighbors’ newsfeeds because none of the gifts are really that interesting. I had stored the Pecking Ducks from last year’s Valentine promotion in my cellar, so I’ve placed them back on my farm for the time being.

  10. Janis Says:

    Yeah Barbara, I didn’t really like the castle either… I kept it but I resented all the space it ate up…. Same with the party barn and haunted house.. They serve no real purpose. I could use that space for crop mastery or something else that produces coins….Unfortunately, there isn’t much to spend coins on these days….

  11. dustinoverboard Says:

    So tonight I got on my farm, I completed all the quests, but they awarded me the animals again anyway. Thanks.. I guess?

  12. Tala Says:

    My quest for the gentle ram disappeared from my game as soon as I harvested the red tulips.

    (I wish a previous mastery would suffice, I think it’s silly to plant for a quest, but at least the crop used this time was one that had a co-op job; so my neighbors and I just ran a Frantic for Flowers for some bonus XP.)

    I am a sheep collector, and when I got the message that I would be compensated, I was surprised and pleased. I completed my quest for the pink pig, and the balloon quest popped up…

    along with the quest for the gentle ram!

  13. ruSh.Me Says:

    My quests were completed, still I got compensated! Weird!

  14. chelle Says:

    I finished the quests and farmville still sent me the prizes LOL how strange is that! to bad the rewards weren’t a horse that i would have liked even better :D

  15. Poochy Says:

    I lost my cupid gnome! its just disappeared, can anyone give me a link to report this plz

  16. Rebecca Says:

    Made it through 1 and 2 but never got to 3 – it just didn’t show up and gifts are loading very slowly; to the point of locking up the page.

  17. Carmen Says:

    Finally got the ability last night to finish the valentines quest… planted red tulips this morning. Was NOT compensated with animals/xp. Guess I’ll have to finish the quest.

  18. catherine Says:

    I finished my quest early..didnt have a problem..the problem I have is my castle keps turning into this giant thing that makes it impossible to harvest my crops properly..every time I logg on Im told some of my crops have withered..and just when i traded for everything i wanted and was ready to sell the stupid thing..farmville released additional prizes…now im just saving for my chocolate fountain and them Im out!!!! selling that horrible thing..

  19. Paula the farmer Says:

    Anybody else getting this message….

    Slow down there Farmer, you’re trying to claim too many rewards from your friends at once! Try again in an hour.

    On top of the crappy limit we now have this. NOW WHAT???

  20. Kara S Says:

    You don’t need the castle to get the chocolate fountain, just the mailbox.

  21. Elisa Says:

    I never got the third quest.

  22. Molly Says:

    I finished all 3 quests last week and still got all 3 of the animals and the xp today, even though i already completed it… definitely not complaining!

  23. Servant of Christ Says:

    I never had any problems concerning this quest, but hey, I got all the rewards again as if I did. Sweet! Lol! Only problem with me is as mentioned above – Sometimes the castle itself will be as big as the screen during every other load of the game, but nothing a refresh won’t take care of.

  24. ekk Says:

    i received the gifts again too…but what i’d like to be compensated for is the Farm Cash I spent to skip some of the steps in the quest…I’d rather have that than another pink lamb or sheep!

  25. Kara S Says:

    If you wanted your farmcash why did you pay to skip some of the steps? It’s not like these quests are hard in any way.

  26. jason Says:

    Um didn’t get the rewards, but my gf did. What gives?

  27. Justin Says:

    I have 3 farms. 2 I completed the quest and one I did not. They compensated for the wrong farm..despite contacting Zygna earlier about that farm.

  28. ekk Says:

    @Kara: Because I’m trying to master my crops and didn’t wanna waste my time having to plant red tulips again. Thanks for asking though