Thank You FarmVille Farmers Video

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Thank You FarmVille Farmers Video

Posted on February 1, 2011 11:15 am by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Thank You Farmers Notice

Following the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, players of Farmville rallied to donate over US $1.5 million to the emergency food relief effort. A year later, the WFP and people across Haiti are saying thank you.

- Official FarmVille Fan Page

FarmVille Haiti School

Do you remember last year when FarmVille did a huge fundraiser for Haiti? Seems that all the generous donations from FarmVille players have finally reached their destination, and been an enormous help!

Check out this video from the World Food Program from Haiti sending out a thank you message to anyone and everyone who helped build the School for Change!

Did you help out with the donations for Haiti last year through FarmVille?

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20 Responses to “Thank You FarmVille Farmers Video” »

  1. Kunal Says:

    great work zynga…!!

  2. Arvs Says:

    That’s nice :)

  3. Junior Says:

    good jobb!!

  4. KLAUDIA Says:

    GRATE JOB, =)

  5. Jay Says:

    why didn’t the monkey say thank you? they’re even ignorant all the way across the world!!

  6. Karen Says:

    I contributed each time that Zynga asked. We raised well over $1 million dollars. Why did she say the classrooms were “temporary”. Shouldn’t that much money be able to build PERMANENT classrooms? Juat asking.

  7. amanda Says:

    this is a realy touching video

  8. amanda Says:

    jay your a pig

  9. bdreamer Says:

    “temporary” got the kids back into school faster than “permanent.” better the kids are back to some kind of routine and eating one good meal a day in a temporary facility vs. running around the tent camps waiting for a permanent building. permanent is coming. be patient.

  10. bs Says:

    Glad to see that. :) Had fun with the backpacks and the sweet beats.

  11. Carlos Says:

    Jay Dude quit being an ahole on here take that to another web page this is a family website. There is no moderator around here? That should of been removed not cool.

  12. Linda Says:

    Awesome!! Yeah I remember we donated for Haiti who has lost their homes!! Thank you for share!

  13. Kyle Says:

    So glad that it’s helped :) Jay you’re such a pig… take your ignorant, malicious attitude to another forum like racists like you are welcomed …

  14. pandabear Says:

    Thats wonderful!! truly great video!! tho it seems Jay is the one that needs schooling. Btw Jay, karma is a B*tch and your ignoramous comment should be removed ASAP.

  15. Heather Says:

    I remember donating to this. It’s awesome that they made a thank you video… it’s really nice to see the effect our contributions have made. Thanks to Zynga for giving us the opportunity to help. :)

  16. FVwest Says:

    Good job Zygna ~ Thank you for giving Farmville Players a chance to be involved in something like this. I think myself and others would like to see Jay’s comment removed it’s very hateful. Pandabear you’re right on…

  17. Farmer Michael Says:

    Aww… children are cute.

  18. Brody Says:

    WOW! 1 million! I didn’t expect THAT much. Farmers, all our purchases went to a good job. GREAT WORK!

  19. shan Says:

    would of rather seen this money go to americans

  20. anonymous Says:

    I have supported Farmville and Zynga for Hatti and for the Gulf Oil spill. I play their games due to the fact that when you play you also have the chance to pay it forward, and whether to Haiti or to the Birds and fish in the gulf it is all good. We in Dallas are doing something neat in conjunction with the Superbowl. It is called the Souperbowl. Donate 1-8 dollars and it goes to any of the foodbanks in the metroplex. I would like to see Zynga do something like this for all of the 50 States partnering with Feeding I think that this would help them get a better attitude wtih the farmers if we were able to do something like this with crops that were no wither, short time and masterable. What about it Farmers Lets get Zynga to help those of our friends who are hungry, here in the united states, canada, and yes Hati Again.