Won’t you be my FarmVille Neighbor?

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Won’t you be my FarmVille Neighbor?

Posted on May 21, 2010 11:52 am by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

Won't You be my FarmVille Neighbor?

There was once a time when everyone could send gifts and share bonuses galore! Farmers could send gifts to non-neighbors, receive collection bonuses, mystery eggs, as well as fertilize/feed non-neighbors farms. This golden era of farming generosity has slowly been put to a stop by Zynga. In February Zynga stopped all non-neighbor link sharing, so homefeed bonuses and gift sending is now and has been neighbor only for sometime. Sometime this week (possibly last night?) farm viewing has been also limited to neighbor only. This means that you can only view, fertilize crops and feed your neighbors coops. While many people loved to take advantage of the coins and Xp of ‘ferting and feeding’ non-neighbors, this option has been used just to check out others farms. Now we will have to rely on screenshots or images to see farms.

Neighbors are now more of a must have than ever before. While some farmers are lucky enough to have the maximum 300 neighbors, there are certainly a lot of people who do not. FarmVille Freak has always offered you places to find neighbors, such as our FarmVille Freak Forums and Chatrooms. It is understandable though that some will not add people they do not know to Facebook. But, keep in mind that Facebook does offer different levels of privacy. So you can always add people for the use of FarmVille neighbors and keep almost 99% of personal information private.

How many FarmVille neighbors do you have?

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139 Responses to “Won’t you be my FarmVille Neighbor?” »

  1. Jess Says:

    You can buy neighbors on ebay. LMAO I saw a few auctions were someone is selling 5 -10 -20 neighbors for money. Wonder how much he/she is making off this. Would someone seriously buy an auction to get neighbors? I know I wouldn’t!!! LOL

  2. Jo Says:

    So you can always add people for the use of FarmVille neighbors and keep almost 99% of personal information private.

    Can you tell me how to keep this information private plz!?

  3. Michael Says:

    I have to say that I really hate that..:/ I had a list of links to farms with the new chickens. It makes stuff a lot more difficult.

  4. Steve4310 Says:

    I have 54 neighbors. There are only a handful of people whom I don’t know, but they are friends-of-family, kids-of-friends, etc… I need references before I accept neighbors!

  5. farmergirl Says:

    i have 295 neighbors. too bad there’s a limit, i wanted to add more. i have always had a fake acct to play games though, i have over 1200 people on my FB. i’m not sure why people use their real accts to play these games.

  6. Lillianne Says:

    I have 25 neighbors. I only want as many as I need for the ribbon though.

  7. frank meek Says:

    so with zynga limiting the neighbors to 300 what am i going to do as i have almost 450 friends who all play the game and its nice to pick and choose whos farm i vist every day,seems like its going down hill as the game continues to have its problems,im maxed out at level 70 over 1 million xp,cant collect any collectables as i dont need any more gloves,emporere butterflies, lady bugs,green feathers,needelpoints,and half the time farms wont load and NOW THIS wow wonders why i continue to play and spend cash on a company that is too controlling. over a game…

  8. moi Says:

    I stopped adding neighbors at 35, because the more you have, the more useless you are. Who wants to add a neighbor when all their posts are gone in 5 seconds? Yet, they will take bonuses and prizes from you? Its an unbalanced relationship, no thanks. People with 300 neighbors are useless….period.

  9. Darrid Says:

    This is not the case for me. I can still access all of my non”official” neighbors.

  10. Rogue Robot Says:

    Totally agree “Moi”. I wish they would limit it to 100 neighbors.

  11. Janice901 Says:

    I started deleting neighbors that had more than 100 neighbors because their posts were gone in, would you believe 2 seconds? They never fertilized or sent gifts and yet they always seemed to grab any of my posts. I didn’t feel it was a neighborly exchange plus because they were getting all my posts it was depriving my good neighbors that actually worked with me. No one can do right by 300 neighbors and I think it becomes all about ego.

    I had one neighbor that posted 30 collections at one time and I got none of them plus later that same day posted another 25 collections. I don’t need neighbors like that.

  12. mohit tomer Says:

    i have more than 200 neighbors and don’t mind adding strangers… i really like good neighbors who communicate and share links… i have many of them….
    if u would like too add me as your friend here is my profile

  13. pafarmgirl Says:

    Am I the first person to successfully get a Neopolitan cow? It’s on my farm, I emailed a pic to farmgoddess because I am too computer challenged to know how to post it here….haha…I hope she posts it. I got the ice cream today at 7-11, and it appears that the website is up and running!!

  14. thelazzyboy Says:

    Well I can only accept 300 neighbors and that sucks they need to let us have more neighbors so I say sorry to my friends I can only accept 300

  15. deniise Says:

    There are news in the mistery gif like: flower bike, green pinwheel and pink pinwheel :)

  16. Eric Says:

    Anyone interested in trading rare foals? Just add hans.david13@yahoo.com and leave a message saying what horses do you have and what foals do you want.. Thanks!

  17. up2myeyeballs Says:

    I am with Moi and Janice. None of my good neighbors share or post unique items though, so I wish I could connect with a couple addicts that also use real $ at times. Months ago I tried using the forum here to find a few, that just landed me with people who use bots to take my stuff or never shared, gift, fert, etc. I deleted them after a week of nothings. Surely I gave them too much acess by even friend requesting some forum posts.

    Speak of that I STILL have on fantom neighbor that STILL will not remove from my FVN page!!! When I try to remove, I get a fert visit shortly after but they are still there. Anyone know how to get my fanthom friend deleted?

  18. giftbuyer Says:

    I have 33 neighbors and am completely happy however, several of my friends/neighbors seemed to want to compete for “most neighbors” award. A friend pointed out the lock icon on the publish window and now I occasionally customize my posts to rotate rare collectable finds and when I cash in coins, eggs etc so I can share among my neighbors. Part of the fun and allure of this game is the sharing/winning of awards.

  19. Trisha Says:

    I have 90 some neighbors…I do get the things they post and all of us have a ton of neighbors. I don’t know what you guys are complaining about. I have more trouble getting posts my mom puts up than I do posts my “forum neighbors” post. You just have to pay attention.

  20. WeirdJedi Says:

    I’m trying to get this through my head. They have limited the number of people who can receive an item in a post. You can only become neighbors with your Facebook friends. You can only send gifts and fertilize those who are your friends, even though the amount of gifts you send has gone up.

    The part I don’t understand is you cannot have people see your farm without being a neighbor? I don’t get it. Did someone complain that they saw something a non-friend had that they wanted? I just need a moment to think about this.

  21. secretive Says:

    Why can’t we only be able to just VIEW other farms, even if we can’t fertilize crops/feed chickens. It’s useless!! I want them to bring this possibility back!

  22. dannyboy Says:

    This is probably the prime reason Zynga has lost so many farmville players! It is a hassle to get stuff done on your farm! Before, it was as easy as pie — as a task should be on Facebook — to expand your storage, coop, or whatever… but now, if you don’t have enough neighbors, you have to pay with farmcash!

  23. Dee Tague Says:

    I have not been able to get into the ‘My Neighbor’ site for at least 5 months. I can’t add or delete anyone! I have neighbors that stopped playing a long time ago, but they still show on my neighbor bar on the farm & are at the same level they were at months ago… so I guess I’m screwed!

  24. Rachel Says:

    Most of my friends have abandoned their farms & I now have very little ACTIVE neighbours. I started farmville a long time after I started my FB account. I’m not about to go & start a new account & start farmville all over again. I still think it is a bad idea to add people you don’t know to your facebook account just for farmville purposes, even if you can restrict what they see.

    I really believe Zynga needs to allow you to add neighbours without having to add them as friends.

  25. Suzy Capri Says:

    I’m with you on that. Nobody can do right by having that many neighbors.
    I really don’t even like people to come to my farm and fertilize
    just another pop up I have to deal with.
    And as far as gifts go they are generally useless.
    At some point it’s useless to even sell them.
    Because you have so many coins you’ll never spend them.
    As for the people who want to add neighbors
    that they’re not friends on Facebook with
    if you’re not going to communicate with your neighbors
    maybe you should take up solitary lol

  26. Sandy Says:

    I have a question for people. I got a request about something called Farmville 2. Does anyone have any information about that. I haven’t clicked accept or ignore yet . Just wondering.

  27. HideNSeek Says:

    I have 42 neighbors but more than half now don’t play it no more=\

  28. Susan Says:

    #26 / Sandy: Big article on Farmville Fanatic says FarmVIlle 2 is a scam. YOu might want to check out the article.

  29. amber Says:

    eric i tried adding u, but could not find u on fb…. i really want a purple pony foal :(

  30. doug Says:

    Another reason I can’t wait to finish mastering all the crops and be done with this game.

    I bet it had something to do with their new agreement with facebook. I used to f&f several dozen “strangers” a day. Was super helpful to get eggs, cash, and collectibles.

    No way am I going to “friend” strangers. I guess you can apply “security” but who really trusts fb these days.

    The bummer is all of my real neighbors have let their farms die.

  31. dwuayne Says:

    What I do is create a friends group named Farmville and put all my fv neighbours in there. Then I go to the privacy settings and exclude that friends group from seeing the private information I do not want to show. This way you only do it once and when you add new friends you put them into the group.

  32. Cyd Says:

    “So you can always add people for the use of FarmVille neighbors and keep almost 99% of personal information private.”


  33. jeanette Says:

    I didn’t know you could feed and fertilize non-nabors.I do good to get on 5 of my nabors farm aday to do that task.

  34. The Freak! Says:

    anyone can add me as a neighbor. just search nicky l vaught and say that you wanna be a farmville friend

  35. Debbie Says:

    I have added neighbors with great success in the past, but yesterday I went to the farmville web page and picked up a few new neighbors again, It would seem all is well, but noooo!!! I logged into my facebook home page this morning and there on the very first post is a picture of a very naked new neighbor!! I am not a prude but that is not at all what I was looking for!! So do beware!!!

  36. Caroline Says:

    If anyone wants to add me, this is the link to my “Farmville facebook”. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000879821858 All I do is play FV on it, but I only have a handfull of friends. No worries about any sketchy photos lol since I don’t even have a profile picture…

  37. louannda Says:

    After getting rid of the grab bar people we have seen a big differnce in getting things. But still, if you get about 100 neighbors & I notice I can’t get anything from you anymore, I drop you. If you can’t gift to me every day, even every couple, come to my farm & all your stuff is gone, what good are you to me? At that point I am only good to you.

  38. alokbarso Says:

    be my farm neighbor please


  39. Cindy Pettit Says:

    I am always looking for neighbors! I am nowhere near the limit and can use all the help I can get. To those who have said that they don’t even like people visiting their farm…..don’t you know you get xp from fertilized crops and you can’t do that yourself?!! If they don’t visit, you get nothing. Also, visiting their farms gives you xp. I have 2 farms so here are the 2 links, I hope they work.




    Or just look for Cynthia Pettit Arhontis
    Or Cindy Pettit
    and please state farmville neighbor in friend request!!!

  40. GABRIEL Says:

    ADD ME PLEASE http://www.facebook.com/gabriel.herdozia

  41. omgas perez Says:

    Plz add me lvl 29 gifts daily and on every day http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=100000260745391 ^_^

  42. Ian's Farm Says:

    I am looking for more Framville neighbors. I am pretty easy going, but just want to get some great Co-ops going and build buildings faster. Any ideas on how to do that?

  43. Bhanu Says:

    I want more neighbors. Please add me add farmville neighbor.

  44. Jess Says:

    Add me please :). New farm account, old farmer (other farm is lvl 74).. I hope to get many neighbors, fast, so that I can quickly lvl this farm up ^^. I am making it to breed the rare horses and calves. I always fertilize & send gifts, so I’m a good neighbor to have! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001432133131

  45. Omar Says:


  46. VIPUL GORE Says:

    Please add me add farmville neighbor. I need neighbors.

  47. parimal Says:

    I need farmville neighbors. My profile name is http://www.facebook.com/people/Parimal-Kalikar/761810108. Please add me as a neighbor.

  48. Matthew garrison Says:

    Add me Matthew Garrison I need neibors bad. Thanks in advance.

  49. Marlene Mynhardt Ferreira Says:

    Marlene Mynhardt Ferreira needs neighbors who will send gifts and fertilize.

  50. Larry Says:

    If you wish to limit access to your personal information from your ONLY FarmVille friends/neighbors it’s really simple. You can make LISTS of friends, meaning you can designate a list such as Farmville and add those friends to this list. You can then go into the account settings for this list and limit what information they have access to. I have three lists: Friends & Family; Work; and Farmville. Each has different settings. Happy Farming!!!

  51. qmedic Says:


  52. a2000 Says:

    add me http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001224323092

    write FarmVille in the request

  53. a2000 Says:

    add me http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001224323092

    FV in the request

  54. jarett Says:

    will anyone add me as a neighbor in farmville. please and thankyou.

  55. marquitoa Says:



  56. Rottiedog Says:

    I do disagree with having to accept a friend on Facebook before they can be a neighbor on Farmville. I have a nine year old who likes to play farmville but I won’t let him befriend just anybody on facebook – - I don’t think it’s safe – - even though I have fake information on his profile. I’m not technically saavy enough to know how to block information and make lists like Larry says so my kid is trying to level up with only six neighbors.

  57. leslie henry Says:

    I have strict privacy on viewing and posting to my wall. My fb friends I added just for farmville tell me they can’t post. When I go to my wall it is loaded with all these posts from these “friends”. When I hit the x by their names my only choice is to accept all feeds or none at all. Why won’t fb and farmville recognize that ppl have neighbors just for farmville and let them receive farmville only posts from some neighbor. Basically as I got a new friend for farmville I.put them in this group that limited what they could see on my wall. As their non farmville news feeds and posts started clogging up my wall I started hitting that x by each name but my only choice was to accept all feeds/posts or none at all. What am I doing wrong? I am not seeing seeing most of what they do in game stories. If they share a bonus w everyone I see that in farmville but if they visit my farm and try to send a post to me it won’t let them. What am I doing wrong. I want only farmville posts from these new neighbors and nothing else. Fb won’t let me go and delete individual. Items from my news feed. I have to accept everything from a person or nothing. I can clean out my wall but not my news feed. What am I doing wrong? I want to limit not only what these just for farmville friends can see on my wall but what they can post. I put them all in their own “farmville friends” group in fb but that doesn’t seem to be working.

  58. leslie henry Says:

    To everyone that says just create a special farmville friends group in fb and limit what that group sees. I did that but there is nothing to limit their posts I get from them on my wall or news feed. I don’t want their crappy posts just to get farmville posts about sharing a fuel bonus. Fb news feed gives me two choices accept all feeds from a person or block all feeds. Why can’t feeds/posts be categorized and certain ones are allowed and others not. I know how to protect my privacy from these farmville only fb friends but how do I keep all their non farmville junkfrom being posted on my wall/news feed?

  59. Branvdon Says:

    Add me as a neighbor


  60. abreah Says:

    add me please!

  61. Stacey Marshall Mobley Says:

    Need more farmville neighbors. Please send me a friend request with Farmville in the subject.

  62. Jodi de Matos Says:

    Need more neighbors – help please

  63. Gina Brown Says:

    Daily player, even on the weekends.


    Please add my husband as friend and a neighbor on Farmville. He needs all the help he can get. :) Thanks.

    Thank you so very much!

  64. migoo Says:

    i need neighbors in farm ville

  65. Shantaya Says:

    I need Farmville neighbors I play everyday! :3 I wouldn’t mind new friends either.
    Daily gifts, and reply to help posts about your farm. :D

    If you add me please add in the add friend message ‘Farmville’ thank you! :D


  66. Geri Says:

    Looking for Cityville Neighbors!

  67. Teco Saco Says:

    I need farmville neighbours. Please add me to your list of friends/neighbours. I will gift everytime possible (1 per day at least):

    E-mail: teco.saco@sapo.pt


    Best regards

  68. Manuel Bachmann Says:

    Hey guys, I’m searching for farmville neigbours

    Name. Manuel Bachmann or search for “manuelb92″


  69. Mindy Says:

    Please add


  70. shane cooper Says:

    ADD ME DAILY PLAYER http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=549906280

  71. S K Goel Says:

    Add me your neighbour in Farmville


  72. Erik Says:

    Add me! erikpeter@luukku.com

  73. Henrik Sehstedt Says:



  74. onkar Says:

    i will be yr neighbor. i play fair, add me on

  75. jeremy Says:

    add me as a nieghbor my facebook profile is jeremy zavorski my picture is of a blonde kid in an orange sweater animated

  76. BhudismPunk Says:

    add me in FV :-


  77. Laurie Says:

    I need neighbors. Can anyone help!

  78. John Says:

    I am having a few issues with FarmVille at the moment.

    1) I have tried on numerous occasions to add some friends to my FarmVille neighbors list, But, while they tell me that I am already on their lists, they ARE NOT showing up on mine. Their names do show up but as ‘NEIGHBOR PENDING” Has anyone else had this problem?

    2) I keep getting a certain Valentine’s Day Tree. But, every time I refresh the page, it disappears.

    Can anyone help with either of those two problems, Please?

    Any info would be extremely helpful.


  79. Mika Says:

    Please play farmville with me!

  80. Cheryl Klass Says:

    I need neighbors for the next expansion. Please add me :)

  81. Antoinette Says:

    Need FV neighbors….add me

  82. Katie Says:

    I need 10 more neighbors please add me!! Thanks!!!

  83. Bartek Says:

    Add me please

  84. Lillian Says:

    Add me Please. Good daily player, a lot of my neighbors have left the game, would like to have new. Thanks.


  85. Marcel Says:

    Please add me to Friends in Farmville! Thanks!


  86. Angie Says:

    looking for more neighbors…trying to get 275 valentines to get the eiffel tower reward! PLEASE HELP!!!

    http://www.facebook.com/angiestarr13 (please add)

  87. Anya Says:

    Hi, I only just started playing FV a few months back and am now addicted to it. Please add me as a neighbor. I play FV everyday and would really like to get ahead in the game. Here’s my link.



  88. trae Says:

    add me on farmville


  89. Lillian Martin Says:

    i would love to be your neighbor on farmville and any other games you play.

  90. Lillian Martin Says:

    I would like to get some neighbor for Petville, Frontierville and Treasure Ilse please add me as your neighbor.

  91. Angel Says:

    please send me a request and a farmville neighbor request please i really need the help from neighbors so i can get more stuff and help out more people thank you =]


  92. Dolf Says:

    FARMVILLE Add me plz! I play everyday! Thanx

  93. Margo Says:

    add me – i send gifts everyday

  94. Holli P Says:

    Please add me

  95. Joseph W. Says:

    Please add me on farmville, add me as your neighbor and gift me too i need to max spoiled, not gifted and local celebrity ribbons!!

  96. Joseph W. Says:

    sorry about that >.<

  97. Joseph W. Says:


  98. Joseph W. Says:

    omg ._.
    ok my email is


  99. Sarah Says:


    play all the time, need neighbors. level 88. thanks :)

  100. monica arzola Says:

    Please add me as neighbor, I need at least 40 more !!!
    just send me a request, in personal msg put FV NEIGHBOR, thats all

    thank you

  101. cash purtill Says:

    need farmvill neighbors add pleasehttp://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000081665288 thanks

  102. Fuzebox Says:

    Please add me. I play regularly, send random gifts (material/mystery) and accept all help requests.


  103. Boy Says:

    Add me as friend (: I play farmville every day (:


  104. Rebin Says:

    please add me , i have only 4 neighbors … :(

  105. Rebin Says:


  106. Rebin Says:


  107. sadik Says:

    plz add me as neighbour

  108. ashlie Says:

    Add me! I need neighbors! lusey420@yahoo.com

  109. Vinny Says:

    Add me for neighbor!


  110. Brian Lacomo Says:

    Please add me on Facebook to become a Farmville friend!!!


  111. Tanya Says:

    I would love to have more Farmville Neighbors please http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1455502798

  112. Murat Altun Says:


  113. Ques Says:

    A neighbour to be added:

  114. deepak Says:

    plz add me as your neighbour ,im 30 stage , both will be banifited

  115. hazzy93 Says:

    m at level 36 and want neighbor’s so add me..http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001646715005

  116. dinesh Says:


    looking for farmville neighbors

  117. dinesh Says:


    looking for farmville friends

  118. Claudia Szuberla Says:

    Hi! Just read your post regarding the loss of being able to visit others farms. Unfortunately, this is not true. We have always been able to go to Add Neighbors on the Farmville tool bar. Click on this. A list of people who play and are your “friend” on Facebook are listed. If you click on their names you can then visit their farms and give them gifts and harvest their animals, trees and feed the chickens too! This has always been available. Additionally, I have always been able to give gifts to people if they are playing and put something up. Maybe you are unaware that on Farmville if you click on the “Free Gifts” on the tool bar you can still send gifts to all your neighbor and non-neighbor friends. Pass this on to all our Farmville friends they may want to know they still have access!

  119. loretta Says:

    why cant i asked the neighbors that actually plays farmville,i have already lost 4 missions about to lose 2 more cause i cant asked my right neighbors,so its only a game but im getting really mad cause i cant even asked for help.and im about to stop playing farmville cause of it

  120. inger Says:

    j want some neighbors inn farmvill

  121. Faith Graham Says:

    I play everyday if you would like to add http://www.facebook.com/Metal.Faith?ref=tn_tinyman

  122. Philip Says:

    Please add me, i need neighbors.
    I am accepting all friend requests and always sending gifts back :)

  123. mari Says:

    if you need more neighbors, plz feel free to add me


  124. richard joy Says:

    i am new to farm ville and i need as many friends as possible who love this game. please send me a request in farm ville..

  125. Austin Mcdonald Says:






    (im also a little freaky.

  126. jo Says:

    what is this and how does it work for us fv freaks lol

  127. Brittany Gaddis Says:

    Please add me.. Need neighbors. accepting all friend requests. Play daily and gift often.


  128. MArija Faust Says:

    Add me please

  129. Someone Says:

    Feel free to add me. I started this account only for FV, so I don’t really have anything on it yet.


  130. Brianna Says:

    i need farmville neighbors! :) add me

  131. Michelle Says:

    level 125 daily player / helper / gifter looking to add new neighbours
    I don’t use cheats & will not accept anyone who uses them either


  132. Chris Says:

    If you would like to add me on farmville my profile link is (http://facebook.com/cladeau) and I actually am a good neighbor

  133. Vicky Says:

    i’m level 105 … i play daily … i return requests … add me if you play daily and return requests.

  134. Sharon Burtch Says:

    i farm twice a day. i’m at a 107 level but growing quickly! i’m an adict!

  135. Sharon Burtch Says:

    i farm 2 x’s/day, gift twice and share often. pls. add me!

  136. Dianne Says:

    I really would like to get some neighbors that play,share, and help…if your interested please hit me up I play daily…at Dianneangers@yahoo.com or at http://www.facebook.com/dianne.angers THANKS a Bunch and as always Happy Farming :)

  137. misty eaves Says:

    add me

  138. paula Says:

    need neighbors

  139. Noah Noia Says:

    hey, will every one please add both of my farms! :) I am a daily player, level 75 on one and just starting out on the other, :)



    also, many people are having a problem with being blocked by facebook if you do not say that you know the person your adding when prompted, please could you click yes to prevent people from being blocked!

    Thank you and happy gaming :)