Zynga Confirms New 125 Facebook News Feed Limit for FarmVille

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Zynga Confirms New 125 Facebook News Feed Limit for FarmVille

Posted on January 19, 2011 6:08 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille FaceBook Notice Error

As we posted earlier today, there is a new limitation of 125 items collected per Facebook news feed per day per person and Zynga has confirmed this limitation via the official FarmVille Forum.

In her message on the forum, Lexilicious reminds us that using any apps created to automatically retrieve news feed items is in direct violation of Zynga’s Terms of Service.

We also learn a few more details about the new limitation:

  • 125 limit will be reset at 9 PM (Pacific Standard Time) each day.
  • Posts between two neighbors (wall to wall posts) do not count towards this limit.
  • Barn Raising Help Requests do not count toward this limit.
  • Fuel posts do not count toward this limit.

If you would like to leave feedback to Zynga concerning the 125 limitation, you can do so by visiting the link below.

FarmVille Feedback Thread for 125 Limitation

We also encourage you to discuss it here on FarmVille Freak at this post or previous one.

From FarmVille Community Manager, Lexilicious:

“FarmVille is, at its heart, a social game – a game that is fun because you can play it with your friends and family. We’ve heard from all of you that one of the most fun parts of the game is the ability to share cool items and rewards with your neighbors. Sharing that rare foal from your stable with friends, or sharing holiday gifts with your neighbors – these are the things that really show how important the social side of farming is to everyone.

We also know how exciting it is to see that someone you know has posted an animal or decoration you want for your farm, and how it can be a letdown if you don’t get that item. Especially if you never seem to get the items you want because they are gone in seconds.

Over the past year, a number of computer programs have been written that will automatically claim everything posted to the feeds. The result is that, while one person can get a massive number of rewards, everyone else is left out with almost no chance to get anything. We receive regular feedback from players who feel as if it’s not even worth trying to collect items and animals from their feed any more. Not only is this a bad experience for our players, but the use of these programs is a violation of the FarmVille Terms of Service.

To improve this experience for our players, we are implementing two changes today:
Each player will have a maximum number of items that they can collect from a feed in a single day.
Any player seen collecting a high number of feed items per second will also be subject to a throttle that will limit the speed they can collect items for the remainder of the day.
The vast majority of players will never hit either of these thresholds. Players who use programs to automate feed collection will quickly find that they are either dramatically slowed down or are stopped at their limit, and they will be unable to grab everything that is posted for the rest of that day.

Currently, our daily maximum is set to 125 feed items collected per day. This limit was selected after looking at feed item collection behavior in our game, and is meant to limit only the most extreme feed collectors – most of whom are using these automated programs. As mentioned, the vast majority of our players will never hit this limit. This limit will reset daily at 9:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Wall to wall posts between two neighbors, barn raising help requests, and fuel posts do not count toward the 125 items limit.

Our goal is to make sure that both of these limits are restrictive enough to prevent automation software from creating bad experiences, but also high enough that most people playing the game are unaffected. We will be monitoring the results as we roll this out in the coming days, and may tune the limits over time. We invite and encourage you to provide your feedback in the FarmVille forums.

We would like to thank all our players for the time they spend playing our game with their friends and family, and we look forward to working with you to continually improve the experience.

If you have any feedback you would like to share with the FarmVille Team regarding the new collection limit, please post in the following thread:


(Source: Official FarmVille Forum)

Thoughts, FarmVille Freaks?

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219 Responses to “Zynga Confirms New 125 Facebook News Feed Limit for FarmVille” »

  1. Lisa Lefrik Says:

    Its all about the money,
    its all about the dum dum duh dee dum dum.
    I don’t think its funny.
    To see us fade away.
    Its all about the money,
    its all about the dum dum duh dee dum dum.
    and I think we got it all wrong anyway.

  2. Lisa Lefrik Says:

    Its all about the money,
    its all about the dum dum duh dee dum dum.
    I don’t think its funny.
    To see us fade away.
    Its all about the money,
    its all about the dum dum duh dee dum dum.
    and I think we got it all wrong anyway.

  3. Breezy Brizzy Says:

    I do not agree with the restriction, I think in all honesty it is stupid. Many people post water, seedlings, tree’s, foals, and many other things and it’s first come first serve. If you can’t get it, then try again another time .. life isn’t fair what makes you think a game is? 125 is low, 500 would be low even, if people are going to cheat they will find a way around it, why punish those of us who don’t cheat with this restriction? If this continues I will probably find another game to put my money and time into. I do not agree with a restriction, grow up .. nothing in life is fair, trying to make FV fair will make it lame .. that’s part of the fun trying to catch an item before someone else does, but that is just my opinion! I hit my limit and I’m ticked, I have a lot of orchards so I try to get as much water as I can by hitting “Open in new tab” so I don’t lose my spot on the wall .. I can understand maybe a limit PER NEIGHBOR, but other than that .. this is retarded. That sums it up! Retarded!

  4. Chandra Says:

    Wow! I can’t believe there are some people who collect that many items per day! Most are so hard to get from feeds. I’ve tried collecting items and some say “no more” after it’s only been posted for 2 secs! Even when I do manage to collect, I don’t think it was ever near 125 items. Maybe more like 20? Probably less though.

  5. Rav Says:

    I think it’s fine. 125 is alot of collecting. With barn raising and fuel not included I can’t see why it’s be a problem unless you greedy on the feed.
    However I do see some people over reacting and only publishing to certain friends.

  6. Jan Says:

    Make it simple Lex – disable GU and all other snag bars as Zynga has done on all other games!

  7. Jason (Spinny) Says:

    I see no problem with this at all. I play FV, and have since the beginning. I play for about 15-20 minutes before work in the morning, and maybe 30 minutes in the evening. I have friends who I see that literally play this for 18hrs a day, EVERY DAY. It makes me question their social health; nevertheless, that’s not my business to pry.

    I think this will *finally* let the addicts (and I don’t use that word lightly) come to terms with their addiction, and remember that there *is* a world out here beyond the virtual farm.

  8. Ruth Nowak Says:

    This limit for collecting things off of the feed is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard! Instead of punishing the honest players that love the game, why don’t you do something about the snagbars?!!!

  9. steve Says:

    This sucks. I guess I’ll be playing less or stopping all together. Hey zynga do us all a favor and just shut down now, at the rate you people are going it wont be long before your just another .COM who bit the dust.

  10. assds Says:

    I’ve hit the limit now, mostly because I’ve been helping my friends with their chocolate requests and what not.

    What a great SOCIAL game you got there, z$y$n$g$a

  11. Lisa Lefrik Says:

    so you are watering just two trees a day … and nothing else.

  12. mcorey Says:

    About time! Excellent!

  13. Delilah Young Says:

    I do not agree with it, and will probably no longer play the game. I am not a cheater and don’t think those of us who do play, who are adults should be punished because someone else is cheating. I’m disabled so I can get online and play throughout the day, putting a restriction on what we can accept in a 24 hr period makes many of my “family and friends” no longer want to play, we depend on help from others, and there posts. 125 limit? That is ridiculous!

  14. Christine Wilson Says:

    Personally I think this new rule stinks! I don’t use any of the cheat apps. I feel that we should be able to collect as we see fit. This limits the amount of time I can spend playing FV. If the limit is not raised or changed in a way to remedy this situation, I shall look for other games to play and remove FV. The players who follow the rules are being penalized as well as the ones who cheat!

  15. hailey Says:

    wow,sorry farmville but that seems stupid,if you want more people to play dont put that i need all the thingsi can get and thats not fair,if you dont change that i wont ever buy anything from farmville again.i wont even go on! :(

  16. shaggy Says:


  17. Ted Says:

    This may be the most self-defeating move I have ever seen a company make! I have been reading forum posts all day and the grand consensus seems to be “I am DONE”.

    Can you imagine a grocery store saying “you can only purchase 100 items in a day. If you need more come back tomorrow”?!?!?!? This is a BAD decision and the person or group that thought of it should really consider building a time machine, going back to Soviet Russia in the 80′s, and open a ration stand. I, for one, will not stand in line for toilet paper…virtual or otherwise.

    As for the limit of 125; I can grab that much in one hour easy and use it in 20 minutes. So much for playing all day on the weekend.

  18. LeeAnn Says:

    Then FarmVille better re-think the fact they require you to have 20 animal feeds for the Animal Trough and they better lower the requirements for things like Cupids Castle that are in 3 Stages and as you graduate from Stage 1 to 2 and then 2 to 3 you need more and more items. That alone can do you in on your 125 count limit!!!!!!!!! Seems Farmville which is nothing more than a virtual game is becoming more of a nuisance taking the fun out of the equation!

    I can fully understand the restrictions on automated apps. I am totally against people who cheat on a game, but good grief to place a 125 limit seems far excessive.

  19. Diane Jurgens Says:

    Thank you for trying to do something about the collecting bots, Zynga! I hope that this makes the game more enjoyable. I have not been able to collect a paintbrush since the collection began- maybe soon I’ll be able to!

  20. hailey Says:

    why cant they just leave uit alone???!!!!!!

  21. Donna Says:

    Then they better quit posting stuff where you have to collect to progress. If you have 300 neighbors & you are collecting for multiple items (collections, chocolate for the family sheep quest, building materials) 125 pieces in 24 hours is nothing. THIS IS GARBAGE. What?? They don’t want us to actively play anymore????

  22. Brit J Says:

    DISLIKE. I have a lot of orchards, so I accept a lot of water. To put a limit on that then you need to start restricting how many seedlings are posted, or how about restricting the orchards like you did with the nursery’s. I do not agree with the restriction. I think that if your going to put a restriction then you need to restrict it on each neighbor, not all the neighbors as a whole, so that means I either have to go through and delete neighbors so I don’t feel guilty for not helping them, or delete myself from the game, I’m leaning more towards removing myself from the game and blocking the application.

  23. effieking Says:


  24. mcorey Says:

    If you are gripping about a 125 feed limit a day, you need a job or a LIFE!

  25. Sheri McNeil Says:

    So you are now penalizing people for collecting items? I got lots of water this morning, it takes 10 to grow one tree. I have never been so outraged and mad. I do not cheat or use anything to collect stuff. I was an active daily player. Today FV ruined everything and I will NO longer play unless this restriction is gone. I am at Level 108 and I had no idea how many things I was collecting on the feed. Add to it that over night FV ate over a hundred special delivery boxes out of my gift box. I was saving them until the glitch was fixed about shovels, because my duck pond was finished. So I learned a very valuable lesson and will never become addicted to another game. I also will use every outlet I have available to encourage has many FV friends as I can to QUIT. I spent tons of FV cash, was an awesome FV friend and player. I am so outraged and am not even going to say anything else on here.

  26. Erik Says:

    I have 26 orchards…have been doing the tree thing since it was introduced…and well this limit basically ends the game for me…as 13 trees a day takes 130 watering cans…that is 130 posts that i hunt for…i already have reached my daily limit and can no longer play for the net 24 hours…

    this is the stupidest move i have seen yet…i have stopped playing all zynga games because of ridiculously low limits or undeveloped games….have reached the end of CityVille…Frontierville etc….this i believe has ended my game play for Farmville…

  27. Beverly Koop Says:

    This is fair I beleive BUT PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOLD SO it is UNFAIR THAt not one PERSON WAS TOLD A THING ABOUT THIS. In the future let us know instead of us thinking the feed is messed up ect. You gave us a valentine castle to build that takes too many items way to many. I beleive zynga wants us to buy farmcash mo more, I won’t anymore ~ only because we were not warrned about this.
    My friend has been thinking her computer was broke all afternoon tht is not a nice thing to do tp people it is very mean. Notice should alsways be given, We play the game because it is fun. We aren’t mean selfish people at all. I have told people NOT to waste their gifting ect. on me. I don’t care to be the reason someone can’t build something ect. There are greedy people in fact the eggs it is a fight to beable to get one. Put that in your 125 items also and trees from the orchards do that please I personally am sick of the same people getting my mint trees and bubble gum trees every time. Make collectablese asier to get PLEASE! Thankyou or Alollowing Me To Comment,

  28. sonia savoie Says:

    je suie contre le fait que quand ont aide sa conte aussi dans les cadeau sa devrais pas conter et ces de valeur que apres une escousse tu peu meme plus aider si il en a qui triche ne feser pas payer les bon joueurs pour cela faite une justice mais faite en une qui a de lalure

  29. mcorey Says:

    “Effieking Says:
    Posted on January 19th, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    We’ll miss you!! Send us a card every so often!

  30. kathy Says:

    if it stops the cheating then YAY!!!

  31. Wendy Mahoney Cundiff Says:

    The ones of you who see nothing wrong with it evidently do not have the neighbors and friends that I do. Collecting 125 things is way easy. I collect all things off my feed. I use NO apps to get anything. I collect alot of xp’s from breeding my horses and get them from fr and Neigh. that do also. I collect alot of eggs too, plus watering cans feed etc. Why limit me, what am I doing wrong, I send a thankyou for everything I collect, I help every one I see. I visit and send gifts daily..I do not have friends or neighbors on these cheat sites i check and do not friend any one that uses them.. Its a crock..

  32. mcorey Says:

    “this is the stupidest move i have seen yet…i have stopped playing all zynga games because of ridiculously low limits or undeveloped games….have reached the end of CityVille…Frontierville etc….this i believe has ended my game play for Farmville…”

    Bye bye, send a card every so often!

  33. Kat Says:

    so basically the stupid snag bars have ruined everyone’s fun… obvious… and so they had to impose a limit and start cracking down on those people… GOOD!

    I still think the limit should be higher per day (at least during holiday events)… like 300-500, but I totally get why now.

  34. mcorey Says:

    “The ones of you who see nothing wrong with it evidently do not have the neighbors and friends that I do. Collecting 125 things is way easy. I collect all things off my feed. I use NO apps to get anything. I collect alot of xp’s from breeding my horses and get them from fr and Neigh. that do also. I collect alot of eggs too, plus watering cans feed etc. Why limit me, what am I doing wrong, I send a thankyou for everything I collect, I help every one I see. I visit and send gifts daily..I do not have friends or neighbors on these cheat sites i check and do not friend any one that uses them.. Its a crock..”

    Go out and find something to do in the world????

  35. mcorey Says:

    “Kat Says:
    Posted on January 19th, 2011 at 6:32 pm
    so basically the stupid snag bars have ruined everyone’s fun”


  36. ratorr2 Says:

    Farmville, of course it’s a let down when I don’t get an item but that’s not because someone beat me to it but because we are forced to get much needed items that way. That rare foal you’re talking about I’m forced to away 2 or 3 times a week but out of the 50 or so I’ve posted I am never allowed to keep even one! I paid for these horses with FV$ but everyone else gets the rewards for my effort.

    What you said “We’ve heard from all of you that one of the most fun parts of the game is the ability to share cool items and rewards with your neighbors. Sharing that rare foal from your stable with friends, or sharing holiday gifts with your neighbors” is from the poll you gave everyone with only 4 choices. This was the most popular because the other 3 choices sucked and everyone wanted the FV$. It’s a social game because we are forced to play it that way or else we get nothing (unless we dish out some maga $’s).

  37. Jan Says:

    There IS a simple solution to the need for 20 “feeds” for that worthless feed trough! Sell the silly thing! I got tired of filling it day in and day out for nothing more than a silly 20 cent chicken. My farm space is far too valuable to waste it on KFC fryer chickens and time to fertilize for feed and collect the balance of feed that was needed. Managed to add two more orchards in the place of that space wasting feed trough.

    Nor do I plant every tree seedling produced from 28 orchards on my farm – I’ll plant only the seedlings I need whether they’re Chestnuts, Bubble Gum or Disco Balls …. nothing else.

    You need to farm SMARTER and not HARDER! Level 115 here & out of things to master other than a few trees,

  38. moebed Says:

    Considering the fact that FrontierVille has limits of 50 and 30 on their 2 feeds and I’ve rarely hit that number and have been limited; I think that 125 items is more than generous…..especially since neighbor to neighbor; fuel and barn raisings don’t count. I’m a hard core player with a lot of friends by the way, and I’m glad they are putting an end to the gamer apps being able to grab everything. And to #4 (Jan) if they disable one, then another will just pop up in it’s place. I think this is a good start.

  39. Keith Fredericks Says:

    Cupid’s Castle requires 3 x 4 then 3 x 15 items to the 2nd level. That’s 57 items. My empty Animal Food Trough needs 20 feeds a day. The upgraded Pig Sty needs 40 feeds every other day (20/day). That is 97 items in a 24 hour period. Then there are Chocolates, Valentines, Seedlings, Watering Cans, & Construction Materials to collect. This does not even touch upon newly-introduced animals OR the elusive “100 Free XP” – which we need to grow. Please come up with a REALISTIC numerical limit, ox exclude seasonal gift collecting from the limitation calculation!.

  40. vickie Says:

    give us a counter like there is on frontierville. i don’t want to have to keep a tally for a game.

  41. GothicHippy Says:

    As someone who is disabled and spends most days home with nothing to do but farm thanks alot Zynga! I will now turn off your wall posts to my wall since I cannot have the tiems why fill my wall with spam? I also will not post my items I will post them only to close friends walls so FU all you people who think you will now get what you want.

  42. UPSET_PLAYER Says:


  43. mcorey Says:

    Posted on January 19th, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    Im assuming FVille is following a national mental health code that makes people actually get out and…GET A LIFE!

    Very fair option, plus contributing to our national mental health institution for better living! Rock on FVille!

  44. Brit J Says:

    @Mcorey what about the people who are disabled? Who are unable to work. If you have a job good thing for you, but for those of us who are disabled, who play on and off throughout the day, this really sucks.

  45. Sandy Says:

    What a waste how are we supposed to grow our trees now? and build the castle. My friends post hundreds of items a hour and now I can only get limited items. I think my horses are not going to be breeding since friends may not even be able to collect the foals now and I am not going to waste my time.

  46. Terresa Says:

    I have blocked all zynga games and will no longer be playing cause I can set and watch the news feed and can collect just as fast as a snag bar can so this total bull sh*t. Kiss my money good bye zynga.

  47. Lexi Says:

    Could anyone please tell me a good game?I’m in need of another good game since Farmville went down the drain.KTHXBYE.

    @ Zynga – ps : Keep us posted on how many players you’ll lose this month.


  48. assds Says:

    Mcorey is a badass. He shouts out loud that everyone here has no life, yet he’s got the most comments on this topic so far… All of them bashing everyone else. Nice going there pal.

  49. rob Says:

    i bet we never get a message saying slow down partner you have spent to much fc today please try again in one hour you have reached your spending limit

  50. Deb Says:

    I think 125 is enough, really.

    People hit their limits faster today because of the new building and construction materials goin’ on the feed. But for a regular day of farming is enough. There’s no way anyone needs more than this, it’s just greediness.

    If you collect more than this in a day YOU HAVE A PROBLEM, and that’s not the new limit.

  51. Dee Says:

    Jason. I’m happy you have a job to go to and just farm before and after work. But some of us fare retired and like to play more than 20mins at a time.

    So why penalize us because you can’t be on more. We like the game and farming and don’t like the cheaters. So ZYNGA find the cheaters in the gamers unite, if we can you can too–give them 24 hours to remove themselves from the site or you will do it for them.

    Send them to the woodshed for a few days to think over their gaming ways then allow them back with a warning that cheating will not be tolerated.

    You didn’t seem to have a problem finding those who use these sites in Mafia Wars???

  52. mcorey Says:

    “Brit J Says:
    Posted on January 19th, 2011 at 6:41 pm
    @Mcorey what about the people who are disabled? Who are unable to work. If you have a job good thing for you, but for those of us who are disabled, who play on and off throughout the day, this really sucks”


    I respect your opinion and reply and KNEW it was coming. BUT, the % of disabled compared to non disabled on this game Im sure % wise is staggering. I can imagine what you are saying, but 99% of the “grippers” could be out doing something else! 125 feed snags are more than generous for an “average” player.

    FVille needs to take the average player into consideration. While I understand where you are coming from, you need to understand their point of view.

    There must be a LOT of “average” players % wise complaining to FVille over all this snagging than the grippers on here, otherwise they would not even worry about it. They are in the industry to make money..and to ake money they are going to listen to (once again ) the “average” consumers complaints.)

    The snag bar programs are the problem. Is it worth more for FVille to track, sue and take these programs to court, just for another to pop up? Or just to put a minimum limit in the long run? Im sure you see where the answer is.

  53. mcorey Says:

    “Assds Says:
    Posted on January 19th, 2011 at 6:46 pm
    Mcorey is a badass. He shouts out loud that everyone here has no life, yet he’s got the most comments on this topic so far… All of them bashing everyone else. Nice going there pal”

    I worked a 10 hour shift today “Assds”…Im not worried about missing 125 freagin FVille post. How many hours you put in today…and I mean actually doing something??

  54. rob Says:

    mcorey mate some of us dont need to work i for one dont need to work and yes i have nothing better to do than play fv and i think 125 sucks 2 hrs today and i have collected all i can for 24 hrs i need more water cans 60 parts for valentines castle bits for pond and parts for tractor parts for pig pen come on 125 ha 250 better dont bash the player if you ask me its just a sneeky way of getting your fc why wate pay and you dont have to collect for 3 weeks to finish it but thats my oppinion write or wrong it is how i feel i love fv

  55. Beth Driver Says:

    So let me get this right. Any player that reaches the limit is most likely a cheater?

    “Currently, our daily maximum is set to 125 feed items collected per day. This limit was selected after looking at feed item collection behavior in our game, and is meant to limit only the most extreme feed collectors – most of whom are using these automated programs.”

    I reached the limit today building the pink castle, and growing seedlings. Now I learn that I am considered a cheater. I play a lot and I PAY a lot. I have never once even considered using a snag bar. I realize that having friends with large lists of folks they play with will make it difficult to snag sometimes, but I’ve always gotten what I need.

    Disrespecting your customers isn’t a great way to keep the money rolling in Zynga.

  56. Candi Says:


    You keep telling people to get a job/life, well I could 7, THAT’S SEVEN times that you’ve posted that. What does that say about you?!?!?!?!?

  57. Anonymity Says:

    I don’t like being limited. :/ I’m level 80 something, I’ve spent too long on this game to be choke chained now. Seriously Zynga, stop screwing around with Farmville. Just give us the land expansion and eliminate the out of sync errors and give us some more horseys and we’ll be happy!

  58. tonia Says:

    I dont personally see a problem with this…being a stay-at-home-mum I am able to pop on line often and check the feed or my farm and I doubt I get anywhere near 125 freebies from the feed…sure you need 60 for the valentines expansion but there is no need to build it in 1 day.

    I love farmville and play several times a day but from reading all the comments here it is clear some players need to get a life outside of the virtual farm. I think they also need to calm down as this is not going to ruin the game for anyone except the greedy or obsessed ones…yes I do think your greedy if you NEED to collect 125+ just to play/enjoy the game…even those who are bedridden or disabled are more than capable of doing, reading or watching other things to pass the time.

  59. mcorey Says:

    “Candi Says:
    Posted on January 19th, 2011 at 7:00 pm

    You keep telling people to get a job/life, well I could 7, THAT’S SEVEN times that you’ve posted that. What does that say about you?!?!?!?!?”

    It says that after putting in 10 hours on a job that cuts me for taxes, I probably paid for your FVille time today and your gripping over 125 limit on FVille feeds. Just a guess. I feel Ive earned my time to sit down and “gripe” along with everyone else..no matter the opinion.

  60. Dee Says:

    Tonia I’m at level 99 and have over 30 orchards. When they produce seedlings, I can upwards of 13 at a time requiring 10 watering cans. I can use that 125 in one harvest. So where does that leave me for the rest of the day.

    For those of use who went big for the orchards, now we’re being penalized. Why. Not add to that the Cupids castle with all it’s requirements to finish, doing over 230 neighbors, how is that fair???

    With the weather what it is here, farmville is a welcome relief. So please do insult us that we’re not living. I’m retired and enjoy farmville as a welcome relief to actually what’s going on in the real world.

    To those who have jobs, God Bless you. We’ve done our working now it is fun time for us. We retiree’s, most of us, happen to like playing and socializing, and meeting new friends.

    Just saying,

  61. Amy Says:

    This is a bunch of crap!!!! I handpick all of my gifts. Sometimes I spend up to 3 hours going back in the posts for the last 24 hours if I’ve been gone. I do not cheat. I depend on these posts to get things built, to grow trees, to complete collections, etc…

    They should concentrate on getting the cheat bars shut down if this is their whole purpose of limiting us. I seriously enjoy Farmville and will admit to being entirely addicted, but I have to say this may just make me limit my play on here and find a game that isn’t run by Zynga.

    This is not fair! I understand it’s not fair that others are using the cheat bars but I still get plenty of stuff from my friends regardless of the cheaters out there.

    This was a very, very bad move.

  62. Candi Says:

    See there you go again. Why don’t you just get off the internet altogether if all you’re going to do is BITCH at the people that are putting in their opinions on the limit. One would think that after 10 hours of work, you wouldn’t want to sit and read everyone complain, you’d want to REALX. AND FOR YOUR INFORMATION I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN ON FARMVILLE TODAY. I have a job too that takes out taxes, so what ever time I DO spend on the net isn’t paid by your sorry ass.

  63. Brenda Says:

    TOTALLY SUCKS!!! I have a lot of neighbours that i collect from every day, I need 20 animal feeds a day, watering cans galore because of all the the seedlings i get from my orchards, building materials, man I’m never gonna get things done now. I sell the baby animals, egg items and such that I already have (that’s how I make my coin for decorations and stuff) I get a message saying that I claimed all I can from my friends for today, I haven’t even collected 50 items yet.I can’t even claim coin rewards and send chocolates to my friends. WHAT BULL CRAP IS THAT!!!!!!!! I don’t use any snag bars and neither do any of my neighbours. Now thanx to a few cheaters we all have to suffer. NOT FAIR!!!

    THANX A LOT!!!!!

    I’m retired and live in a very small town with nothing better to do than play farmville. I’ve spent a lot of real money on this game and I use to love it. Maybe this will make me get back into my crafts of cross-stitching and quilling.

    PS–I need more land to put all the crap I get from the mystery game when all I want are the animals and I have no room in storage to put them in.

  64. Brit J Says:

    @Mcorey I do see your point, but I noticed that you made it out like we was lazy because we played FarmVille or because we gripe about the limit, so I wanted to make it known that there are some of us who wish we could work, who are unable to work, for one reason or another, that play because our spouse/partner works so we have nothing left to do but to get online. I do think the majority of my posts today was grabbing supplies for the castle so maybe once it is completed I won’t hit the limit again, but after hitting the limit I am woman enough to say I was upset about it, especially since I cannot accept my truffles, or water for my seedlings, or more building supplies so I could get it finished up. I do agree the majority of players are able to go out and do something, but for those of us who cannot, who put money into the game, who don’t complain about anything, and accept the changes for the most part, I do not like this change. People have brought up the word “greed” also, those are sore losers in my opinion. I do not get upset or complain that I was unable to get a rare foal, or unable to get a bbg/mint/hazelnut tree or whatever else, it’s part of life, nothing is fair. Everyone wants the same things for the most part, first come first serve .. just like someone else said above about only being able to purchase so many items at the store, it’s ridiculous to put a limit on it, for those of us who play more than others. But that’s my opinion .. and you know what they say about opinions. =]

  65. mcorey Says:

    hehe…ok, does it for me! Just rmemeber folks, all have opinions! The “Im leaving Fville for good!” and all that crap just dont work when your gonna be right back again tomorrow! It just sounds stupid.

    Just remember, these snag bar games is what has brought this on. If you are on them or are supporting them then you are part of this decision. For the ones whom it effects that do not use them…bad as you hate to hear this…its just a game! 125 is not as harsh as it could have been.

    Bye, bye

  66. Amy Says:

    As for those of you out there that think you have the right to tell anyone that they “need to get a life”. That is a personal choice and not one for you to have a say in one way or the other.

    Those of us that like to play are not hurting a soul by playing this game. It’s something we enjoy. What gives you the right to tell us what we should be doing with our lives?

  67. rob Says:

    i will be posting to myself then linking zenga my neighbours wont miss out because of this

  68. Alex Says:

    I’m honestly laughing at the CAPSLOCK RAAAAAAAGEin the comments here. 125 items is a lot of items. Chill.

  69. Kitty Says:

    I think this is a stupid move on zyngas part thy will lose tons of players and alot of money! I for one have and iphone and they can grab quicker then computers and i can get alot of things after only a second on the news feed and its not fair to deprive us of this bc of a snag bar! I for one will not be playin and spending hundreds of dollars on this game if this bull crap continues….

  70. ~Mel Says:

    I do work, but work from home on my computer doing freelance work. To take a break, I play farmville. So much so that I’ve managed to level up to 53 in about a month and half. I’ve done this by being on here a LOT. I have about 110 farmville neighbors that I try to visit and leave gifts with daily. I’ve done this so I have more chances at grabbing items from the feed…

    With the pig pen expanded to it’s limit, that means 40 feed for that every other day. 20 feed at least once a day for the corral? that animals wander into. We are now up to a minimum of 40 per day. Say you have a few orchards and get an average of 4 seedlings a day (I get about 10 a day). Now add another 40 watering cans to that total bringing it up to 80 per day… Well folks, it appears we have about 45 things a day we can snag WITHOUT it affecting our daily running of our farm… Which is ALL used up if you are trying to build something… Shoot, this valentine castle thing they just released took 120 parts to complete!!! Really?!? 125?!?

    No, it is not as bad as it could have been. But then again, it COULD be a LOT better! For those who have a few neighbors and can’t grab anything, do like I did, get more neighbors! There are websites, forums and facebook profiles out there DEDICATED to people looking for farmville neighbors! It CAN be done.

  71. Colon Easterling Says:

    This is to make people BUY from Zynga!
    Look at the # of animal feeds, the # of water cans to grow sleeding, the # of boards, nails,bricks to build & expand properties. This is a bunch of BS. This should really cut the people playing!
    I am retired and only play Farmville and don’t use any cheats or snag bars. I usualy play 3-5 hours a day. I don’t buy my way (gifts,water cans, shovels,etc). This will stop me from playing any Zynga games,
    Does any one know any other games to play?

  72. eva Says:

    I have been reading lately that zinga was going to delete the farmers using the cheat bars. So if I can check to see who they are why can’t Zinga. Just get rid of them… Byee Byeee

  73. Rose Says:

    I think this is an awesome idea. I commend you for coming up with it..
    I think anyone who thinks this is a bad idea is a greedy freak and should get over it .. Learn to play the game fairly, or not at all..

  74. Sheerie Says:

    Not Impressed!!!!! I’ve collected my so called “quota” already so no need for me to even bother with the game for the rest of the day. Think I’ll go outside and do some real farming. See ya!!!

  75. Dee Says:

    This is just stupid. Just last night, you needed more than 125 items to finish the castle if you did the complete upgrade. Boy, talk about limiting our time on Farmville. I have played the game for quite a while now and started buying horses with real money but this just put a sour note on my fun. I’m really considering not playing anymore. Thanks, Zynga. Way to go!

  76. Pam Says:

    When I have something worth the wild for my friends I find it easier to make it specific to that one person so that way the get the feed if is something that gives out 3 or 4 I just put 5 or 6 name on that list. I am sorry to hear that you are gonna limit it to 125 but I do think that is a little low there are some people who can get that in an hour. I may not be one of those people but I can do that in a few hours.

  77. Mike Says:




  79. Just Me Says:

    The 125 limit will not work. The people that play alot are the ones that have time to give you your rare foals (which we pay money for) and are also the ones helping everyone out with barn raisings and other things. We also dont collect things we dont use because we have enough coins so to collect and sell a foal is not even worth it. But when it comes to things like collecting gifts for the christmas tree, part of the fun is the competition of who can collect the most. I have alot of friends and if I collect 200 gifts in one day that is because there is alot being put out there. I also have friends that probably collect double that (WITHOUT CHEATING) and I dont mind at all. If they keep this limit on they WILL lose alot of the players that make the game fun!

  80. JENNY Says:

    I do not agree with it, and will probably no longer play the game. I am not a cheater and don’t think those of us who do play, who are adults should be punished because someone else is cheating. I’m disabled so I can get online and play throughout the day, putting a restriction on what we can accept in a 24 hr period makes many of my “family and friends” no longer want to play, we depend on help from others, and there posts. 125 limit? That is ridiculous!


    http://www.causes.com/causes/567043-stop-the-zynga-farmville-125-feed-per-day-limit-for-legitimate-farmers-just-remove-the-snaggers/ab JOIN THE CAUSE………….THIS WILL ONLY STOP PEOPLE FROM PLAYING……….I LIVE ON FV……I SPEND ALOT OF MONEY AND I WONT SAT HERE AND NOT BE ABLE TO COLLECT WATERING CANS AND STUFF THAT I NEED…………THIS IS STUPID!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE ONLY GOING TO LOOSE BUSINESS………………….
    PLEASE JOIN OUR CAUSE …………..This is you grow up 3 seedings thats 30 cans you have to obtain………….if u get lucky and get 10 thats 100 you can only gift 50 gifts………..How can u play this game ………..Why would u want to continue to play with these restrictions???????? Why would you invest money in stuff you can grow up or benefit from? WAKE UP FV!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS ISNT GOING TO WORK!

  82. Mon-chan Says:

    This is stupid and the final straw! It’s going to severely affect me and I just can’t be bothered with this bullshit game anymore!



  84. kisha Says:

    I do not like this 125 limit, and I do not play this game all day and resent people who insinuate that we have no lives because we are complaing about the limit. zynga is taking the fun out of the game there is no reason to punish people that dont cheat. I will not continue to play if the fun keeps being taking out of the game!

  85. Deborah Says:

    Okay, so instead of actually blocking the cheat sites or de-activating the accounts of people who use them like you SAID you were going to do, you’re going to go ahead and let them play on and penalize the majority of us who do play fairly! Well, that just makes all kinds of sense – NOT! You know how many watering cans I had to use today to grow my seedlings from my own orchards? 100!!! I have to go searching for those as I’m certainly not getting gifted that many. I have never once used the cheat sites nor do any of my neighbors (I check before I even accept a new neighbor). I have spent a lot of money on this game and it just pisses me off that you think you know what’s best for me. For those of you who think it’s no big deal and have derogitory remarks for those of us who NEED more materials than you – well, shame on you. Sure, some people play more than others (it may be the only release they have) and some people take more of everything than others but it’s still a game and those are the breaks. Penalizing honest players IS NOT the answer. ZYNGA: if you are able to tell by how quickly some people are grabbing things that they’re using the cheat sites then put your focus there and leave the rest of us alone!

  86. Lynn Says:

    well, it definitely feels like those of us who don’t cheat are being punished right along with those who do. Personally, I dump or totally block any friend who uses a snagbar like GU. I can get many things off the feed because I DON’T keep cheating friends around. If nothing else, a 125 limit will make it so I have time to play other games that I really enjoy but have set aside because of the FV friends I have made and how we interact and help each other…If Zynga keeps this limit, then I think they’d also better reduce how much materials for the buildings…lemme see…cupids castle (4 + 15 + 20) x 4 = 156 ….just slightly ridiculous, don’t you think?

  87. coalcat82 Says:

    Reading through the forum, it seems most people are concerned that the limit will inhibit their ability to complete buildings and grow trees. The limit does not affect gifting. My friends and I gift the necessary building materials and just use the feed to fill in the gaps. Who said that buildings need to be completed within the first 24 hours? Relax. Sometimes it takes more that an hour or two. I think the limit is a positive step to limiting the ability of bots to collect 24/7. I have friends who had literally thousands of holiday gifts within 48 hours of introducing the workshop, before the rest of us had even completed the first level. Yes they use bots, and yes it’s frustrating. I have no malice towards them because they do respond to my help requests, but I am happy that Zynga has leveled the playing field. If you want to grow massive amounts of trees, gift water. I have less than 50 neighbors and I fill my feed trough daily, by visiting. Please people, lighten up a little, I am seeing alot of people with a serious case of the gimmees.

  88. ruSh.Me Says:

    I think who spends what amount of time on work or playing farmville, is no one else’s business.. Is there is limit on how much FVC we can spend in the market? Or how much coins in the market?

    Zynga talk about being fair? Then why are most things for FVC when many players I know don’t spend real money (Out of my 180 neighbours, 23 do); Why doesn’t Zynga makes things fair to the remaining 157 people in my list?

    Zynga is no one to take a moral high ground, when they actually ask people to spend real cash for a virtual game! But it’s their game, and they are free to manoeuvre it as they wish!

    Yes, I use a Snag Bar, I am at Level 100, and I can tell you, NOT ONCE I have been able to get a Newest Rare Foal by my Snag Bar! I always try for foals manually and I succeed. Yes I get an occasional Pink Pony or Pinto Mini, but who needs them?

    I am just gonna set my bar to Collectibles and bonuses! Or try each day, for difference permutations, combinations, to keep it below 125!

    And all feed items can be collected only 3 times or 5 times; So if the first 5 people didn’t get them, next 5 will; Zynga can’t decide, which 5 of my neighbours SHOULD get the items I post.. I can always hide my post from a neighbour I don’t want to collect it! What can Zynga do then?

    It’s an IDEALISTIC move but Life is not fair, Zynga, and nor can you make it! :)

  89. Sam Says:

    I don’t know if anyone has asked this already, but is the limit placed on items you get or number of items you clicked on (even ones that are already gone)?

  90. Jeff Says:

    Why does everybody have to water every tree or grow everything in one day, be more selective with what your grow or harvest and enjoy it, its not a race, I’m at level 102 WITHOUT SNAG BARS. It’s a game to enjoy. . . and to relax while doing. You don’t HAVE to spend a dime to play this game, no one forces you to BUY anything. Didn’t your parents teach you to share . . . the simple answer is to eliminate the SNAG BARS and reduce the stress of trying to get the things you want and need. Once you do that all this anger we’re reading on this feed will go away!

  91. Sweet Spirit Says:

    No Freaking Way! Zynga …you are GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY A HOLES! I can’t wait to see your revenue drop when a TON of people stop playing this game because you just don’t get it. I personally have slowed down SO Much… and I don’t want to give Zynga any more of my REAL dimes.

  92. Kim Dumbra Says:

    I dont think this is fair or agood idea, why limit ur faithful players who spend thier time and MONEY playing farmville. You are only going to cause people to quit the game as we can not play freely anymore . Please retink this limit thing. It is tatally wrong. I am a level 135 I do not cheat and i do spend alot of time and Money playing and not u r limiting my time I can play and spend money wow this is so wrong..

  93. Will Says:

    Here’s my thought.
    125 a day? Okay so people are still going to cheat and get 125 items with their snag bar or whatever. That doesn’t put an end to the cheating. You will still find that items are gone in 2 seconds.
    Instead, people who play the game by clicking are now being restricted. I have over 35 orchards. I am collecting trees, 10 watering cans per tree. 20 for feed. three stages of this cupid building, parts for another orchard, friends that are horse breeders creating cool foals…
    it adds up quick.
    Very quick.
    So people who say “yay, its great its going to stop cheating!” I want to see your face when you go to collect a rare new foal and it tells you “Sorry, you accepted the maximum amount of gifts!”
    Farmville was great because it didn’t have so many restrictions like the other games. This is not cool. I’m very upset.

  94. Raindrops Says:

    @Jason (Spinny)

    It’s amusing to see how juvenile some people have become over a virtual game and threaten ‘termination’ with Zynga. 125 itens are quite many in one day.

    @mcorey – 59

    I totally concur.

  95. Sweet Spirit Says:

    I just realized something…. Isn’t the FV GAMEBAR the same damn concept as a snagbar?
    Uh.. yeah it is. LMAO
    What the hell is the difference Zynga? None… oh wait, the FV gamebar has YOUR NAME on it!

  96. ruSh.Me Says:

    And now another rant, since people are cursing Snag Bar users, for punishing the non-snag bar users!

    Multiple Breeders are the reason, why Zynga made rare foals/calves grow into ordinary horses/cows! They were taking advantage of a glitch that let the horse-stable get at 100% before 24 hours; and producing foals like it’s their last day on Earth! Yes, I get rare foals from such breeders only, and I thank them for that! But that doesn’t take away the facts, if they weren’t producing foals by the minute, Zynga wouldn’t have made such a move!

    Now is it FAIR, Zynga, that because of multiple breeders, normal breeders like us have lost the chance to get the same Horse/Cow as the foal/calf? Why were we punished for their deeds? Just because, breeders were actually spending real money for the horses, and that wasn’t hurting you at all…

    We use a free snag bar, and that stirs the moral police inside you?

    *Phew! Exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale.. Rant Over! * :)

  97. farmer_Rox Says:

    it’s only 7 pm PST and my limit has already been reset. what’s up with that? surely zynga didn’t actually listen to it’s players and lift the limit.

  98. Mary Says:

    I have been playing Farmville since day 1 and I play off and on all day every day. I am disabled and this is a way for to get away from it all. I am a big horse breeder on the game with over 60 horses and about 24 ponies and a dozen or so stallions that I do every day. So my sharing for just my breedings is close to 100 or more.I have almost 300 neighbors and am neighbors to many friends that are not on my neighbor list. I also have friends that play that aren’t my neighbors and to set the limit at 125 is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS. I DON’T HAVE TO CHEAT TO GET MORE THEN 125 GIFTS IN 1 HOUR LET ALONE 1 DAY.

  99. Angela Says:


  100. Random Says:

    There’s no reason to stop playing altogether, Zynga will more than likely do something once players stop using their real money to get FV$

  101. Alysia Mumphrey Says:

    Just tried to get a wall to wall item and it won’t let me since I guess I am at my limit. I guess I’m done playing for the day :-(

  102. beth Says:

    I dont think it’s fair to punish people who actually click on a lot of different things. I was not aware of the change and was waiting for a friend to breed his horses so i could collect them, but come to find out, “WHOA THERE FARMER!” What the hell is that? i was very upset because he was posting things i didnt have yet adn i got my hopes up to be able to get it for once and then you go and screw it up! I dont think it’s fair for you to limit the amount of things we can collect when you dont limit the amount of real money we can spend on your site. I buy my horses because i can never get to them before they’re gone from others pages, but, i dont see you saying, “WHOA FARMER! YOU’VE SPENT TOO MUCH REAL MONEY TODAY!” It’s not right and its unfair.

  103. lindalinda Says:

    If they are giving us limits, why can’t they increase gifts. Seriously, they want us to have more neigbors to expand our farm and we have lots of neihbors but zynga puts limits on gifts. I remember the links used to be usable for everyone even if you are not friends with them. That’s fine but please increase our gifts because we have lots of mystery seedling and needed to get our tree done also our builidings. Why don’t u just warn those cheaters instead of the royal players.

  104. Sue Says:

    I went on FV this morning to harvest my crops and orchards, to clean out my ovens and bake some things, to buy bushels from friends and even their market produces, to share seedlings, water cans, chicken eggs and other items that might bless my friends. I also visited my friends walls to pick up more cans, seedlings, a few eggs, and even a couple of shovels. I got to send some gifts and bushels to my friends and thank them for helping me in our ‘friendly, little, farming community’.

    Then, I went back to farm; and there was the CASTLE, waiting to be built. I almost didn’t do it. I had sold off my pig pen, animal trough, cow barn, stable and nursery during the past week, because of the time and effort required to keep them going.

    It was right after I added that stupid castle to my farm that “something horrible and UNEXPLAINABLE” happened to my Facebook. I started getting that ‘message’, telling me to ‘come back tomorrow’. None of friends could explain it, and the problem was spreading like a virus among my friends. Still no explanation.

    Miraculously at 9PM, the message disappeared; and I thought that FV problem had been solved. Now, I realize THE PROBLEM is still there, hanging over us all…and will drop without warning at some point in each day….UNLESS…

    #1 – Cut way back or top farming; #2 – Eliminate friends (and I only have about 40 FV friends); #3; – Look for another ‘friendlier place’ to spend my free time.

    No, I don’t have a job. I am an old lady in a small town with no car and little to do, except do a little house work, read a good book, watch a little TV and talk to my online friends. Farmville is (WAS) my little guilty pleasure. If that is wrong in your mind…sorry, but it is my life.

    Farmville…Zinga…whoever – This limit is not realistic for many of your customers. Yes, I am a customer; because sometimes, I actually buy FV cash to gift to my friends or for special ocassions. Can you afford to lose so many people just like me?

  105. chilloutpplz Says:

    if it helps me get the few foals that im missing from my collection because they are GONE in LITERALLY 2 EFFIN seconds…then ill actually like the restriction i think. who needs to do every little thing in one freakin day? and yes, they should have disabled all snag bars INCLUDING their own instead of doing this. but listen folks, there is a world beyond the virtual one. if you are disabled or must stay at home— take up art or music or writing or reading. there are other things you can do. or what about the old favorite…solitaire…i think they still put it on every computer made. :) 125 should be plenty….rome was not built in a day and neither should you damn farm.

  106. niquedaone Says:

    ok i dont get it i keep seeing everyone saying why cant zynga just delete and or ban people using snag bars well let me tell you why.

    first off lets use the gu site as example. they have a snag bar. but that is not all they offer. you can find game tips from all sort of facebook games,neighbors,& gifts. it can collect ur posts off facebook so u can click them in gu. you can send gifts to friends from gu. if you go to the site just once it will list you as being a users of gu. like most things facebook you usually have to link or sign in with facebook first/also when using sites that can link to facebook. so if all your doing is trying to get game tips or see the latest farm stuff or get neighbors how can zynga ban/delete those people. that would be like banning every one who uses farmville freak for checking out the unreleased items. unless zynga can get on everyones personal computer to see who actually has a snag bar installed i dont see it happening.

    just a note most ppl dont realize they are on gu until someone tells them & the only way to get off is to go in facebook applications and delete the access that was given. some people click links without noticing some links automatically add their self’s even if you dont continue. so as long as facebook lets then have access to their site there isnt much zynga can do. you would think that if it was so wrong facebook & zynga would be having a major problem about this because facebook is the one who gives these sites access to users walls. zynga banned users for using bots on cityville to get coins so im sure if it was a serious issue to them people would be getting banned and booted left and right.

  107. Gym Says:

    So no need for more neighbors because of this limit.

  108. jolene Says:

    This is total BS… so not only will i be punished for the faithful hours i spend refreshing the page so that i can get the items instantly … But i will have a limit to how many i can get altogether?

    So because i am dedicated and want to camp people’s pages and win great items i will be pinged and have a reduced rate at that point i will no longer for the REST OF THE DAY be able to accept items posted. Because i want them and will waste my time to camp them i am being punished. Such bullshit. Srsly. Not ok.

  109. Miss Conservative Says:

    For goodness sakes! When is the USA (Zynga is a US company) going to stop forcing social fairness on us! It’s bad enough in real life when the government tries to make sure we all get our “fair share” regardless of how much effort we put into something. Farmers who are online all day should reap the rewards as they come up and NOT be penalized by a limit. It is their choice to sit there and click away ad nauseum – more power to them!
    Zynga, go after those who don’t play by the rules AND PUNISH THEM, NOT the hard working loyal farmers.

  110. deborah Says:

    Those who run farmville and make rules are dumb asses!

  111. Ellie Says:

    I’m happy they enforced this. I’ve missed out on some pretty sweet stuff that i thought I was lucky to have clicked to claim in less than 10 seconds! I highly doubt I manage to collect 125 items from the newsfeed anyway, and if I did and am now limited? BUMMER, I play for half an hour instead of 2 hours, and have all the more time to devote to my REAL life. Either way, good comes out of it. For once, I can say, “Thank you, Zynga.”

  112. xesianichole Says:

    The horses in the mystery game sucked, and i thought about leaving the game, but i decided that sense the following horse wasn’t i would keep playing, the limit isn’t that big of a deal, it has nothing to do with the gifts you can send or receive. All though if the pink mini horse is in the game I will say good bye all together, I put real money in the game, you would think that the people at Z**** would care a little bit about the players that pay to keep their jobs.

  113. fifi97 Says:

    ZYNGA, you have ruined a great game for everyone.
    There should be NO LIMIT on the amount of feeds you collect in a day and this is not going to stop snag bar users.
    Also your “125 per day” is so unrealistic when you consider materials you need to collect for building items, feed for troughs, pig slop, watering cans, bushels for crafitng and the list goes onnnnn.
    It better be fixed immediately, or I will no longer be playing.
    and by the way, THANKS so much for warning us about this!!

  114. Duchess Says:

    They have totally lost it!!! 125 a day they are kidding..With the large building projects they roll out…Stupidity at its finest…Hope that they find a brain somewhere amongst all of the..C’mon Zynga, Cut down the pop-ups..Now that would be helpful.

  115. sam Says:

    Everyone should start putting a name on every thing they publish and send it neighbor to neighbor and let the whiners live with that! HOW CAN THE SNAG BAR BE CHEATING WHEN ANYONE CAN USE IT?

  116. SuMom2 Says:

    I HATE this limit. I play several times a day every day and have for over a year. I will hit that limit every day! My prediction? That limiting the number of posts that people can get will only cause players to send their posts ONLY to certain people. i don’t like that practice at all, and i think it will be happening more and more. The hard to find items or limited items will be posted specifically for certain people to their wall so that they don’t “waste” their 125!

    I understand Zynga’s concern about people using cheats or snag bars. Let the players take care of the cheaters! I have ended FV and FB relationships with several people after discussions about their use of the programs. If everyone did that, then there’s no problem!

  117. mary buttram Says:

    If it’s about snag bars, that’s a crock. I just read in the Zynga/FV forums, GU are making their cheats even ‘better’ because of this great idea from Farmville. I’ve said for quite sometime, I think Farmville is just an 8th grade class project somewhere and NOT run by intelligent people who think things through. Their logic in most things is ridiculous. So either 13 year olds are running this game…OR it’s about MONEY! I quit Cafe World and won’t have a problem dropping this also. I’ve been playing for 16 months and worked hard to get where I’m at…oh well. Not worth the hassle and so many other game play problems encountered along the way, here lately.

  118. sassymom Says:

    I guess I should be thanking Zynga for saving me so much time. I love farmville but I do question some of the decisions that Zynga makes. I truly do not believe that these new limits have anything to do with the snag bars. It is all about the almighty dollar. Just like every large corporation in America the more money they make the more they want. The craziest thing is that there are many players that will spend their money to buy nails, boards, bricks, watering cans, animal feed etc…. Not me and not many of my friends.

  119. Daniel Says:

    My computer acts weird for some reason. Everytime I try to publish something to the wall my computer always says “An error has occurred with farmville. Please try again later.” When I work on other computers it seems to work fine. I can’t figure out why it’s doing that.

  120. Mon-chan Says:

    “Hey there, farmer! You’ve claimed all the rewards you can from your friends today. Try again tomorrow!”

    …and it’s only been an hour since it reset! F#&K YOU ZYNGA! You’re not getting a cent out of me anymore! What’s the point in playing now!? I can’t get anything until tomorrow night! WHAT A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT! If this isn’t changed back, I’m going to quit!

    I have a feeling this is going to make a lot of people stop playing this game. They’ll lose their players and their money. Fucking brilliant move, Zynga. NOT. I hope this backfires big time and they lose so much money that they’ll have to beg us to come back!

  121. WeirdJedi Says:

    There are other things that may constitute the limit of 125 feeds other than the fact some people may be using illegal programs, as the famous Snagbar. For example, there are numerous games who have adapted time limits and various other means to detract people from spending too much of their free time playing the game. The game has been introduced in China and perhaps this was a suggested change.

    Another thing to consider is perhaps that the limit is in-tie with the new reward system coming out. Perhaps obtaining items in the game gives you points and they would like to regulate the system.

    Personally, I only collect maybe 50 items just because I have a limit of about 25 neighbors. Perhaps this would wean some individuals from using all their time collecting items. I do not know.

  122. Kourtenay Main Says:




  123. Jack Says:

    Here’s what I say about this! Everyone has the same opportunity to use the same programs…………… I play for hours each day because I enjoy the game and the sociality of FB! If they are going to play this game I just won’t post any of my stuff and if I do it will be sent to only a few from now on…………how’s that for the sweet taste of success?

  124. jo Says:


  125. Kourtenay Main Says:


  126. Mark Says:

    Hi, my name is Mark and I am a Farmville addict. With that said…

    A. I find people complaining that FV limits you to 300 neighbors to be ridiculous. I’m level 103 and I currently have 31 neighbors.

    B. If you need more than 125 items per day then you really need to find something else to do with your time.

    C. This will make the game more fair. There’s nothing more annoying than someone who joins Gamer’s Unite.

    D. I agree there is a serious addiction to this game. I’ve seen people take this game so seriously that they are downright nasty to each other. This limits the amount of hours people spend on this game per day.

    E. Farmville needs to focus more on farming food. There are a plethora of herbs, veggies, fruits, etc. that are missing from this game. I’d rather have that than buildings.

  127. bare Says:

    I think that to many people are crying for no reason about this I have over 20 orchards i am lvl 90 bult valantines house in one day and if I collect 10 or 15 thngs off the wall i am surprised that’s what having neighbors ae for te send you gifts 125 LIMIT WILL NOT RUIN MY PLAYING AT ALL SO QUIT NING ABOUT IT

  128. LynnT Says:

    I have no issue with the limit. I farm a good bit of the day and have reached level 97 in 6 months with less then 30 neighbors. If you have good neighbors that send out gifts daily you shouldn’t need to get all the items for things such as the Valentime house off of the feed. I had enough SDB’s saved up to totally build mine as soon as I got it. I also took the time to build several snowmen over the last month so I get over 20 watering cans a day just from those. I also get them from the SDBs as well as gifts from my friends. I have about 20 orchards but I do not grow every seedling, especially if it’s going to be something I already have a few of. I got rid of my trough long ago so that’s not an issue for me. I have all my buildings expanded so I pretty much know I’ll get what I want out of the SDBs when I use them.

    I only have one neighbor that things are instantly gone from her feed. I don’t even bother trying to get anything, especially eggs. Maybe I can get one or two of them now.

  129. amy Says:

    ummm…..why cant u all just shut up and get snagbars for urselves?

  130. TorontoFarmer Says:


    Just games from Zynga, like they didn’t know they were going to raise it in the first place. Make it seem like we won something when we won nothing and they were going to give to us anyways.

  131. sam6321 Says:

    I am a loyal player for over the last year…I don’t understand why they are doing this setting limits…I for one have used the gamersunite snagbar, I am not currently using it because it doesn’t snag everything like everybody says it does, most time i have to goe back to the feed manually and click on what i want…..I think most of the complainers out there have not used it and don’t know what they are talking about, they are only going by what they have read on websites and forums about it …I have also used programs called bonus checkers, that just goe back into my feed and displays the bonuses that i have missed or have not been already taken…by my neighbours…So i hope zynga rethinks this stupid limit thing and give us back our bonus’ that we are right to get from our neighbours…

  132. katy Says:

    you guys all need LIVES. seriously. there is no reason why this should make you mad. there is no reason why you should play for more than a few minutes each day. i don’t care if you are disabled or a shut in. find something else to freaking do with your life that means more than a virtual farm that IS NOT REAL. imagine if you died tomorrow…. this would be your life? pathetic. grow up.

  133. Kasaundra Says:

    I have only 22 neighbors and I was able to complete my entire Valentine’s Day Castle yesterday, all three of the little missions and water a bunch of seedlings. Do any of you realize that the gifts your neighbors can give (about 4 times a day) are not included in this? If you have 100+ neighbors, you should have no problem obtaining most of your goals. Come out of Farmville heaven for a minute and welcome to reality, a place where life isn’t fair. It hits you pretty hard when you have to realize that there is life outside of Farmville.

  134. Tom Says:

    Funny, they want to give us a chance to get rare things like foals and rainbow eggs… You never get a chance on those because of people stalking the news feed, not from people with snagbars, those are mostly too late to get that.

    Also, I don’t really mind snagbars, you just have to know how to use them in a fair way. I only activate mine when I haven’t played for a couple of houres. In that way, most snagged items are things that nobody claimed and most likely won’t claim. Then I just stop snagging and follow the newsfeed.

    Leaving your snag bar on all the time sucks, you always get a lot of crap you don’t want and have to clean out your box. That can take some time, time I don’t want to spend.

    I understand that people don’t like the snagbars, but not everyone has bad intentions…

  135. Jess Says:

    Uhm, for anyone that does not know… these limits happen to also include EVERYTHING except the few things that they posted. It counts when YOU HELP someone else. You get nothing from that yet because you clicked the link and helped someone else then it counts towards your total. If you go to the farmville forum discussion page it is actually listed by numerous people that this is occurring and was acknowledged as occurring. Also if someone posts a gift on your wall (except for fuel) then it charges you one for that too.

    So I am a high level, I do NOT use a snagbar. I play the game a lot. I am a disabled stay at home mom and so it takes up some time while my kids are at school. I also spend money on Farmcash a couple times a month. I know that I will no longer spend any money on the game until this is fixed. I seriously think that it is just a way to get people to spend more money. I dont think that it has anything to do with the people using snagbars. I think that they want people to get tired of waiting for days for their things to be finished, like quests, trees, etc. Then when they get sick of waiting they will just purchase farmcash so they can purchase an upgrade that way.

    I think that 125 is not reasonable. I do have a lot of neighbors. I have around 100. I post a lot from my farm and I collect a lot of things from my feed. I can easily get 125 items in an hour in the evenings. Not so much in the day time but in the evenings when everyone is home its easy. I think that people should not be so worked up and pissed off about it unless they are spending money on the game. If you are not spending money then really they are not hurting you int he long run. As someone that spends money on the game I am upset as I think that everyone has the right to be, but I am not allowing myself to get all pissed off and screaming mad over something that I cannot fix.

    Hopefully by not spending any money with Zynga they will get the message. Hopefully everyone else that purchase farmcash will do the same and they will change it back when they lose massive amounts of money from being retards!

  136. sexy lady Says:

    i think its good they did this i hope it stays 125 limit only thing i see is the snag bar cry babies going on about what they cant steal now well its fair to all so dont get mad at zyna hate the thiefs of the snag bar ty zyna for this leave it 125 fair lmfao u snag bar users now what u got 125 too now you wanted everything u could get not let others collect it so ur in same boat have fun or leave the game stop crying about it whats done is done lol u only hurt us true players because u had to cheat but less trash on my wall now i can see it clear lmao

  137. Matt Says:

    This is just another cry fest for all you pathetic farmers. Anyone remember what happened to the double nursery glitch? Those neighbors who had 2 of them, they took away the second barn then commended them with farm cash.

    Shut up and deal with it. If you don’t like what is going on, get up and do something about it if it makes you so mad.

    I really don’t care about this because i can’t get 125 things in a day. I’m not crying and neither should you.

  138. Matt Says:

    And another thing about snag bars, i don’t use it but know people who do who keep on telling me to try it out and try it out.

    Doing some research on this thing, it really is not cheating at all.

    Let’s say the neighbor i have posts a disco tree on the news feed. Ok fine, that means that any possible 300 neighbors that the person has will have the chance to get that tree. Even myself, while using a snag bar. If i grab it, great. On to the next item, which is….the same tree. Ok let’s say that same guy is just doing a disco tree streak and posts 10 trees in a hour. The snag bar will only snag items every minute. So all 300 neighbors of his will indeed attempt to grab that tree. Out of 10 trees, the person using the snagbar grabs only 1. I seriously don’t consider that cheating due to the fact that…

    1: your posting it on the wall, once it hits the wall it’s open to the public. Like if i toss 10 bags of money over a football stadium for no reason, anyone can grab it, yet i’ll being coming with a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the money. That’s not cheating, that is just being smart.

    2: I honestly don’t think they are doing this 125 thing because of snagbars. i think their doing it because of all the people being able to post so many disco, bubblegum trees. You know those are on the market for farmcash right. So one person buys a bubble gum tree and now he can make more for other people.

    I have over 30 bubble gum trees and i didn’t pay any farm cash for any of them, i simply am a fast clicker and grab them when they appear on the news feed.

    That my friends is my opinion of why they are cutting it down to 125. People aren’t buying farmville’s trees so they thought, hey cut it down so people can’t continue to claim other neighbors trees. If i was working for zynga i would of said 30 just like frontierville. All i see is trees on the newsfeed.

  139. Kourtenay Main Says:

    I don’t use a snag bar….and to KATY…that’s pretty heartless don’t ya think?

    I take care of a legally blind, wheelchair bound young man with SEVERAL limitations and have many friends that are disabled due to debilitating health issues and this is about all they can manage for recreation ( and except for using a telephone and going to the occasional doctor appointment) this IS their only interaction with the outside world. I really hope you never have to experience these things for yourself. But I do know that this “game” brings them a little joy…
    Stop saying, “get a life”…I know for a fact if they could GET one better than what they have, believe me they would! Perhaps you should be grateful for what YOU have…and put yourself in the shoes of someone less fortunate. Your comments are cruel and condescending….

    If people want to complain..let them. We are the consumer….and have that right. When people don’t complain over an inferior of defective product, we as consumers set the stage for sloppy standard-of-operating-procedures. A company deserves a chance to make it right….if they don’t then THEY loose. But if we don’t hold them to accountable to ANY standards then we ALL lose.

    At any rate…they say they’re going to fix it..I’ll believe it when I see it. But I don’t intend on spending another dime of my real money on this game again.

  140. Synco77 Says:

    I just don’t get it why would people who don’t even like this game have to come all the way to an external forum to just post things against it and it’s players? pff pathetic internet trolls. Anywho, yeah this limitation pretty much defeats the purpose of the game. It didn’t surprise me one bit, matter of fact I was just counting down the days till something like this would come up. Oh well, let’s make the best of it and hope they remove the limit or raise it a bit at least. I haven’t hit the limit, I post more things than what I take. As for the Valentine Castle thing, it’s ridiculous, I’m not participating in that. First off it’s HUGE, eats up other stuff on your farm, and plus there’s this glitch on my account that keeps throwing stuff into my gift box! Just today guess what? I got tons of items to build the Botanical Garden, WTF??? That thing was ages ago,. It seems that every time I manage to lower the number of items in my gift box, the game likes to play a little joke on me and throw random stuff into my gift box just so it will stay above 500. (?)

  141. LehuManu Says:

    Well, using *any* automated programs within FV or any of Zynga’s programs is in violation of their TOS and they have a right to take action against players who use them.

    That being said, people use certains kinds of scripts and programs, of which there are many kinds, as well as “game glitches” (aka “exploits”) (such as when everyone had multiple chicken coops, due to a programming error–a “glitch”–that clever users figured out how it worked and how to take advantage of–an “exploit”, so that some users had like 20 chicken coops or more). Stuff like that. Well, kind of hard for programmers to complain about users mis-using their programs that have errors written into them, one might argue… or one might argue another way… the developers certainly have the right to correct the errors and remove the “advantages” the “exploiters” have gained from them, as long as they have provided advance notice that that is the action they plan to take (as Zynga rightly did). No complaint against Zynga on the multiple chicken coop glitch, other than having a program with errors in the first place.

    As for people who blatantly violate TOS by using outside scripts or programs to “automate” some aspect of the game (harvesting crops or trees for example), those people are clearly in violation of the TOS and the provider of the game or service has the right to take whatever action they chose to stop users from these violations for their own purposes. They have a legal contract, you signed it, by violating it, you take all the risks unto yourself.

    If you are using a program that automates accepting the gifts from FB into your FB apps (as i do), well… I am not sure quite how this would shake out in the above… the app does not really run inside the app (FV for example) and it’s certainly not trolling the feed clicking on stuff that gets posted there before “live” users have a chance to see it, only accepting gift requests that someone else has already sent to me, generally in the background while i am doing something else, as i have to be present to run the program to do it. So, i might argue that one doesn’t even violate any of the TOS of any of the apps, but they might argue otherwise…. question then would be… where is the app running? inside their program or inside FB?

    As for apps that troll the feed, which i think are the ones mainly being discussed here, these do seem really unfair to other users… hey, if i could write and run an app like that, then i could just run that app and walk away from my computer and i’d never have to stop by again and i could (in theory at least) possibly snag every post that was posted by any of my friends in any of my apps to the feed before anybody else got a chance, denying everybody else, meaning everybody who was sitting live in front of the computer manually hitting the refresh button over and over (my usual method of getting the goodies when i’m here). My computer could do this for me 24/7, my only limit would be my internet connection and the servers i have to go thru. For feed items that are “limited”, this would give *me* and my script a very unfair advantage over other users. For this reason, i would never use an application of this sort, and I find it annoying when one of my posts receives a comment telling me how it was harvested by something that appears to be one of those apps.

    Some people are gonna be able to collect more stuff and less stuff, depending on how much on time they have, how aggressive they get about their searching the feed, their internet connection, how many friends they have playing the games and how many friends their friends have… well, all right… it happens… but we still get there in the end thru persistence… using the feed bots is just unfair… dun do it

  142. Michal Says:

    I have read that they want to level the players, lessen the difference between fast clicking people and the slow ones (who cry they never get anything from the feed). That seems fair – slow clickers won’t be (that) upset.

    If Zynga is enforcing fairness here… I would welcome if they enforce the fairness in FV promo actions that are mostly US-only. I want they “level things”. Slow clickers are upset every time they click something that is already gone. I am upset every time I see there is a promo that gives 2 FV for answering a stupid questionnaire, watching a movie trailer,… I NEVER see these and I never have chance to get the free cash. Is that fair in your opinion?

    I know that there might be legal reasons in some of the cases but that is not the fault of the players. Slow clickers can install a snag bar but non-US people can’t move to the United states.

  143. Jason (Spinny) Says:

    All I read through since my last post was mostly “wah wah wah, I’m retired/disabled/a shut-in…” who cares? Think back to a time BEFORE Farmville and ask yourself “Now, what on earth did I do with my time?”

    Just because you have limitations that may confine you to your home, doesn’t mean your entire existence should revolve around a virtual farm! Please, think realistically! There are literally thousands of other things you can do to occupy your time! Heck, play a different Zynga game if you’re that addicted!

    Mark’s post (#125) is probably one of the most logical posts on here at the present time. Be sure to read it. :)

  144. Päivi Says:

    Last night my castle finally “arrived” and I started building it at around 9 pm.. I had hardly any building material in my giftbox, so I started asking for it and collecting it from the feed. Around 10-11 pm, my castle was finished – greatly thanks to my neighbours who had shared their material publications to FB news feed – and I moved on to watering my seedlings. I was just starting to collect some cans, when I realized that I was unable to get any. So it seemed.. I, too, had reached the “mysterious” limit my active neighbours had been complaining about afternoon. For FV to release both big building projects and “feed limit” simultaneously is just pointless! I’m not all that active player myself, yet even I exceeded the “feed limit” in just about 1-2 hours… and during this time, all I managed to get was building material for the castle and a couple of watering cans. :-/

    To me, the greatest fun of playing this game is sharing/publishing of new/interesting items (special trees and eggs, fun and rare stuff) and related discussions on neighbours walls. The fun is not in… building stuff all the time.. or collecting as many Xmas or valentine’s collectibles as possible =) The special/rare/interesting items are only seldom available via “sunday players”, basically you can get them only via active neighbours. No other Zynga game works the same way either… I have tried Frontierville and Cityville too, but the “fun element” is lacking there… maybe because there is less rare/interesting stuff available to share.

    I have played FV for a loooooooooooooooooooooong time, I’m currently at level 97, and I have about 70 neighbours… out of with maybe 10-15 are very active, daily players. If I did not have these friendly, active, daily players on my neighbours list, I would not I play this game at all anymore. So any decision FV makes to disable active, fair (*) players from playing the game at the end of the day…. will only eat the fun out of the game and eventually lead into people stopping to play the game. And that includes also me and most of my neighbours. The Zynga people should take care not to underestimate the importance of active players on gamers’ neighbours lists. No social game survives, if the “key social players” get limited and forced to either slow down their gaming or stop doing it alltogether.

    *(Been checked many times: none of my active neighbours use Gamer’s Unite etc, yet they all were unable to play the game by yesterday evening due to this “feed limitation”)

    As LEXILICIOUS wrote: “…the most fun parts of the game is the ability to share cool items and rewards with your neighbors. Sharing that rare foal from your stable with friends, or sharing holiday gifts with your neighbors – these are the things that really show how important the social side of farming is to everyone.”

  145. Morgan Says:

    I want to address the person that commented about addicts. I feel you think inside the box and need to expand your thinking. When I was diagnosed with cancer and became a fv player, I used the game as therapy. One way was as I was constantly throwing up from kemo, I used the game to distract me from what I was going through at the time instead of sinking into depression and wondering if I was dying. Secondly, I grew up on a farm. As my grandparents had to give up the farm, playing fv brings me back to a very pleasant childhood, back on the farm and I play more when emotional instead of drugs, alcohol or other destructive behavior. Yes, there are some that may over do it in your opinion. However, is it hurting you in any way? I am glad you have friends or family to turn to, others may not. I am glad you have full use of your body to do as you please, but some do not. FV serves to different people different things and without seeing the whole picture and thinking beyond what you experience, I hope you can see it is more than what you stated about people being addicted. Finally, I am level 100. Yes, I need more than 125 a day. With bushels and seedlings and water cans alone. Never mind helping 300 of my neighbors. On top of that, new goals, building construction, etc. And why is everyone just focusing on fv? If you truly cared about cheaters, wouldn’t it cover ALL the games?

  146. Roberta Atkins Says:


    All you have done is make way for the “casual player” who is NOT LOYAL after harvesting and planting how do you expect us to keep playing I personally play countless hours a day I have spent thousands of dollars in here.
    As you can see I am not the only one unhappy and word is getting out, with building materials and water you have totally restricted people from leveling up you have now made it imposable to play or help neighbors. We used to be a community, but take this morning my neighbors are asking for help with their castle and I am not helping afraid I will reach my limit before noon.
    I am sorry to say if this does not change I am gone I play a few other games in here that do not have the oos issues and disappearing items that I tolerate from you.
    Why spend my money of rare items like the Christmas chickens to help people who rarely play and give them one of those eggs that is crap and you know it??

    You may or may not know this but if FB you can post to whom ever you want, we are not stupid we know who the takers and givers are let me make that decision as to how to post my stuff. It’s my stuff, I earned it and work my ass of for it. I know people snag but that is not a problem for me I can send my posts to the people I want to share with.
    What is the point of having 300 neighbors in this game? When you have a 125 limit so for now I will not be helping others I am currently looking out for myself sad sad day in Fv I have been playing this since you started and yes I have missed stuff on the feed but so what there is always more, I can not believe that you are catering to whiners. Take a good hard look at the people you are making this change for and then take a hard look at the people you are screwing

    I will not put another cent into this game, I had no problem Buying items you can say I actually pay to play, look at my account I buy game cards for all my friends and not just the e cards cards from Game stop and best buy. NO MORE without people like me who do spend money where would you be?
    Roberta Atkins

  147. Paula Says:

    To Katy and Jason…..I am disabled. I live in a town that is 25 miles from the nearest town. My house is clean. Its just my boyfriend and I. No kids. We live WAY out in the boondocks. There is nothing to do here. Nothing! U 2 need a severe ass kicking and need to learn compassion. I play about 8 hours a day. Its nice to talk to the friends online that I went to school with back home and I made some wonderful friends playing farmville and we call each other up. I think u 2 need to realize that to some people, farmville is a way to find something to do. I rather be on here than watch some blabbermouth on tv. U 2 need to shut your moths anf grow up. Ur pieces of farmville cow dung!

  148. Paula Says:

    Oh Jason, I played on Pogo before this.

  149. hmmmm Says:

    I use Farmville Bonus Checker, which is not an automatic collector. It gathers bonuses from about 12 hours, many have already rolled off most screens. I still have to click to collect them.

    Because I work long hours and am limited in the time I play, it’s the only way I have progressed in the game.
    I don’t sit on the game all day, but I do have a very active network of about 180 neighbors, most aren’t people I know. I recruited them, which Zynga’s structure for games seems to encourage.

    Given Zynga’s setup encourages neighbor recruitment of strangers, I think 125 is a low limit. I alone publish at least five grabs (stable, beehive, snowman water, egg and matured tree) each night, and I don’t publish near everything the program wants. That would cover 25 to a 35 neighbors only using my conservative method.

    I’ll see how it goes. I reached level 100 two weeks ago and have mastered most of the crops (with the exception of raspberry, columbine, ghost chili, sugar cane, carnival squash, and some of the 12 hours, electric lilies, and now goji berry).

    I never intended to play this long, stayed in mostly because my dad is still in it. He has a much larger network of fake neighbors and with the limit, I’m sure his opinion has soured.

    Maybe it’s time to set up that forever nonworking farm city, build a sculpture out of haybales and fences, and cut the cord.

    If Zynga thinks this ploy will get more people to sink real money into their buggy game, they are dead wrong. The people who are spending will continue to spend. I see a moral imperative to never pay them a cent.

    Maybe this is an effort to dump the nonpaying players so they can make room for a few more suckers.

  150. Rhonda Says:

    This is bull I have paid my money to up grade my farm. And I am disabled from 3 heart attacks and all I can do is set and play FV and you all put a limit of 125 a day well kiss my money good by until you you do something about it now you have made the game boring . On 1/19 I paid you all 40.00 to up grade stuff on the game I don’t have money to throw away but I guess I did my family gave me money for Christmas so that I could do thing on the farm. Now you have just messed up the whole game. You want to make money well fix it or have you already made your money and the ones who play the game are just left hanging thanks for nothing .

  151. Lindsay Says:

    Paula, I agree with you.Jason and Katy need to pull their heads out of their collective uncaring asses.

  152. FarmerGirl Says:

    This sucks big time for me who play 10 hours a day. OK I need a life. I am addicted to FV, I know. But 125 limit a day? That is ridiculous. Esp. when you need tons of stuff to build a house or water a seedling.
    This is just a way for Zynga to make you think “OK, I reached my limit and still need 5 wooden boards. What the heck, I’ll just buy them so I can finish my building”.
    All kinds of ways to make us spend money. As if we don’t spend enough already. At least I do. Greedy greedy, Zynga. Claim it’s bec

  153. FarmerGirl Says:

    This sucks big time for me who play 10 hours a day. OK I need a life. I am addicted to FV, I know. But 125 limit a day? That is ridiculous. Esp. when you need tons of stuff to build a house or water a seedling.
    This is just a way for Zynga to make you think “OK, I reached my limit and still need 5 wooden boards. What the heck, I’ll just buy them so I can finish my building”.
    All kinds of ways to make us spend money. As if we don’t spend enough already. At least I do. Greedy greedy, Zynga. Claim it’s because it’s not “fair” on the slow grabbers? No, that’s too transparent.

  154. Paula Says:

    As of tomorrow morning, all my neighbors and I are going on strike and letting our crops die until they change it

  155. CMK Says:

    In farmville, as in life, a few cheaters have to spoil it for everyone else.

  156. Sherri Says:

    They need to change the decline back on the collection rewards…Getting 5 trowels that I DONT need just took away 5 things I could of got that I needed! If your neighbors uses the cheat apps, JUST remove/delete them…Its not that hard.

  157. Elizabeth Says:

    I have two major concerns with this limit.

    One– We’ve been told this limit is due to snag bar users not leaving anything for the rest of us and that this limit is being implemented along with a “throttling back” of snag bar users’ ability to collect so quickly. Why, then, not just implement the throttle? Whether or not I personally need 125+ items a day, this arbitrary limit is an unnecessary intrusion into the gaming of honest players.

    Two– Given Zynga’s track record of difficulties instituting new “features” and elements, the frustration of people being limited by error/mistake is practically GUARANTEED to irritate far more people than are mad about not getting that special pony.

    The “unite the brown lamb/sheep” promo above my game was stuck on “Played 2 days in a row” for nearly a week. Now not only has it not registered the 3rd day, it’s actually rolled back to 1! If this game is that bad at keeping track of what day it is, there’s just no way this daily regulation scheme is going to be anything but one massive headache, both for the players and for Zynga.

    Without even getting into whether the limit is fair, this has BAD IDEA written all over it.

  158. Edie Says:

    Why not punish those that have the grab bar and let the rest of us be. Someone always has to wreck it for everyone. Also while I am in here —WHEN???? are we going to get the 28by28 farm…I think we have waited a fair—- long enough time for this…we soon won’t have any room to farm with all the stuff you keep putting out. It is fun but mystorage-barn is full almost and have had to sell a lot to keep it that way. I enjoy your game but PLEASE!!!! LET US BUY OUR FARM….Thanks for letting me give you my view point….AND I hope soon for the 28by28….

  159. dena Says:

    I’ve mixed feelings about the 125 limit.

    I do think fv should do something about snag bars. Since there have been orchards, I’ve only been able to collect about a dozen trees out of hundreds that have been in the live feed. Most are gone within 1 to 2 seconds. And finally yesterday, I was able to get some of the rare foals for a change.

    However, 125 might be a bit low. It’s especially hard to get enough water to grow your seedlings. Plus feed and pig slop. And all of those nails and bricks and boards needed for the cupid castle and helping friends with the chocolates they need. And during Xmas I spent a lot of time clicking on gifts to get enough to buy the snow stallion, bear, and fox.

    I surprised how many people are knocking fv. It’s a fun game. I love the new duck pond, growing crops and seedlings, dressing my avatar. When fv had its sale, 40% off, I did buy some fv cash, but you can have a wonderful farm without spending real money. I don’t begrudge fv wanting to make money, they are a business after all and it cost money to run a website, pay programmers, etc.

  160. Robert Says:

    I have quit playing. It isn’t fun anymore. You say this is a vilation of your TOS. If thats the case, then why don’t you block the players that use the SNAG toolbars.
    I hope you lose all your players. I already know about 25 that have quit.

    Which means no more $$$ out of the pockets of most. No more Zygna games for me.

  161. joni Says:

    Crybabies. It’s not like you can’t get unlimited gifts. If you’ve got SO many friends, ask them for parts instead of depending on their feeds.

    I appreciate the limit. I can’t get a paintbrush either. There’s no way things are sucked up in 4 seconds.

  162. Shannah Says:

    I do not agree with this at all, and will probably no longer play the game because of the feed limit.:mad: I am not a cheater, I do NOT use snag bars. I don’t think those of us who do play honestly should be punished because someone else is cheating. I’m currently unemployed so I can get online and play throughout the day for hours.
    Putting a restriction on what we can accept in a 24 hr period makes me. If I put in the hours of game time, I should be able to reap the rewards. PERIOD!!!

    So, in essence, you will cut my game time from 4-5+ hours a day down to 30 minutes or less since I hit that 125 bonus limit manually within clicking my feed in about 30 minutes.

    125 limit? That is ridiculous! I will probably quit playing. Again. Thanks, Zynga, for sucking the fun out of this game again….:([/QUOTE]

  163. joni Says:

    Good Lord, you guys really click all the garbage your neighbors put out? Everything?? I’ve got over 100 neighbors and I probably don’t even click 50 things a day. And I still can build my stuff within the first day and have multiple specialty trees.

  164. Hannah Says:

    Even with 300 neighbors, [which I don't have] I can’t see how people expect to collect over 100 watering cans per day from the feed, let alone 20 animal feed – most of my friends don’t post these things every day. Besides, who wants more than 2 or 3 of each of those dumb animals “trapped” in my trough. I generally keep 19 bags of feed in the trough, hoping that zynga will add a new animal; when my gift box has over 40 bags of feed I’ll fill the trough just to make room in the gift box.
    People complain that they can’t finish their castle in 24 hours because of the 125 item limit – what’s their hurry? Mine will be finished in 3 days – so what? [Not because of the limit - because there's not enough parts available on the feed.]
    If it’s true that sending things to friends counts to the limit, that’s really not fair. Otherwise, anyone with lots of time to farm & lots of neighbors can visit all their farms for xp, fuel & animal feed, & collect most other things from gifts returned & requested, plus 125 from the feed. I love fv – could spend hours on it if I had the time – and I don’t understand those people who curse the game & swear that they are quitting it every time there is a change or a glitch.
    PS I’ve been playing for about 4 hrs so far, & haven’t hit the limit yet.

  165. joni Says:

    Excellent post, Hannah.

  166. Pinkie Says:

    I just don’t get it Zynga wants us to have neighbors, help our neighbors I have 2900 friends which for the past 2 days after 1 hour I am finished playing Farmville Your rule S U C K S ZYNGA Do you want every one to quit????? I am down to one hour game play you can have your game i went to Farmville China no linit ;)

  167. sabrina muahahaha Says:

    You will not get one more dime from me Zynga… that’s too bad, since income tax check is coming, you shot yourselves in the foot AGAIN!

  168. Vanessa Says:

    I completely understand why they put the limit, but instead of not just limiting the cheater as well as those that don’t cheat, how about if they block the cheaters from being able to even play FarmVille. What difference does it make if they get everything from the feed if they can’t play the game. Then those of us who don’t cheat would be able to collect as many items we want from the feed. Although, I am wondering if this 125 limit includes using the farmville.com feed?

  169. lana grospitch Says:

    Dont think I understand: why not just disable the snag bars??If fv can slo the pace, they surely know who is using them. Or just cut those farmers off. Reinstate them if they dlelete snag bar. Problem solved. Further, since we are punished with a limit, why cant fv give each farmer a counter so we know where we stand daily.

  170. Angie Says:

    Just exactly how much time are you people spending on this game if you collect 125+ news feed posts BY HAND in one day?? I play for hours and I’m lucky if I get 10. Why is it fair that you get all the feeds and I get none? Aren’t we supposed to share?

    And do you know that threatening to quit playing on this site is just a waste of breath? This is a fan site, not the zynga site, it does no good here!

  171. Bev. M Says:

    When you need over 100 pieces to build one building and require 10 watering cans to produce one seedling, 125 is a very low daily limit.

    there is also a limit of how many gifts you can give friends and how many you can collect from friends. One time I was trying to get my seedling count down & watered and sent 7 trees to the feed – that is 70 watering cans – and I only benefit by getting 7 trees!

    The fact remains that every change made on Farm in the last few months has made plahying & moving forward more & more difficult. Why? What is the point? I am NOT – spending my hard-earned money to play this game. That is insane ot spend real money on a virtual game that is under somebody else’s control! And one that is full of glitches too!

    So if Zynga is looking to make more money I think they defeat themselves. I will NOT be paying – I’ll just get bored making no progress – and quit.

  172. Average Joe Says:

    I have NEVER come even CLOSE to collecting 125 items off newsfeeds. Primarily because I only play a bit in the morning and then a little again in the evening, but in great part because everything is gone before I get there (even after seconds).

    I think this is a GREAT idea and completely fair. I cannot even fathom how I would obtain more than 125 or absolutely need more than 125 items each day.

    Those of you threatening to quit over this… I really hope so because if 125 newsfeed gifts (in addition to regular gifts) every 24 hours is too little for you, then I think you’ve lost sight of the true spirit of the game anyway.

  173. Ariesmum Says:

    I think its great coz im sick of trying to get like a foal or rare item and its gone in 2 seconds coz people snag them. i also think its funny all the snaggers are complaining coz its wreaked their game. fair go people some of you have 5 accounts with 5 farms all running at the same time….get a life!!
    BTW Zynga….where are the Australia Day things???? Aust Day is 26 of January and my country always seems to miss out…grrrrrrrrr

  174. Cozmosiss Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Average Joe!! I could never even DREAM of reaching 125 items in one day!

    I just don’t understand why some of you are so upset? Instead of hunting the feed and wasting your time and “item collecting” on building materials/watering cans…..Why don’t you just use the special delivery boxes to build or water seedlings?? That’s the only thing they’re good for. Saves a lot of time and patience. And I don’t want to hear that it can’t be done because I do it all the time :)

  175. LMEDLEY Says:

    At first I thought that the collection limit was a bad idea then I though it was a good idea to help those who do not use the snag bars,,, but when you have neighbors who are higher levels and have 300 neigbors or more,, even though they do not gift all of their freinds,, they still post alot of things, and those things would not be possible to list so many of them if they had limits albeit I seldom if ever get an egg or a tree unless I specifcally ask for one, but I do get them if I need them,,,,, so I really don’t think that is such a good idea to limit those who are trying to get items. How can it be a social game if there are limits that affect those that are higher levels that make it possible to help those who are lower levels get the things they need too, eg., 300 people send them water they have 20 orchards with the best trees in them people may be after the trees but there is still cans of water to be had for the 52 good seedlings you collected from them that need watering without snag bars that would not be possible, so I think there may be 2 sides to this. I really don’t know how this is going to affect all those who play, we may not be able to get the water we need for all the trees and all of the newest buildables that are constantly coming out. I have been playing constantly all day today from 9am til 3 am constantly and have not reached my limit,, so I do not think that it is even possible to reach that limit in the first place unless they use a snag bar WHICH I DO NOT USE,, but IF I am going to be slowed down because I have collected too many things in a certain amount of seconds then that is just plain wrong. They should just limit the snag bars and NOT those of us who do not use them. I don’t think is going to be possible for player to gather all the things we need every other week with all the newest buildables,, maybe they will have to start limiting the all the newest buildables along with the snag bar,, not just allow thenm to collect 125 things then cut them off,, because those of us who do not use the snag bars still are competeing with those people who use them,, regardless whether they limit thier uses of them>>>>>>they are still using them,, it doens’t really make any sense…. ‘?’

  176. LMEDLEY Says:

    We still have to be quick to beat those snag bars,,, slowing down the people who NOT use snag bars makes no sense either! We STILL have to compete with all of those people who are allowed to collect their 125 things a day! I know because I have been playing ALL day from 9 am til 3:00 am and still have NOT reached my limit. But if I am penalized by being slowed down, how can I possibly compete with the 300-1000 people using 300-1000 snag bars each collecting their 125 things BEFORE I can get my chance? Then when I do try to get my chance, I’m only going to get slowed down because I have to try to beat those snag bars that are STILL being allowed to be used first when I only have 25 friends in the first place and only 4 that are daily players? I have to compete with the friends of thier freinds who have 300 to a thousand friends all with snag bars! I should not be slowed down!!!!

  177. Valerie Says:

    I am an avid player, and disabled, I bet maybe I collect 50 items a day. I always have a stash of special delivery boxes saved up in my gifts, when a building comes around, I use the 100 or so special delivery boxes in my gifts. They also work for watering as well and building orchards. Secret to using them for a project is if Cupids Castle ask for 4 of each item them cash in just 12 of them, and then do the same for the next levels. That way you still have plenty of room for the foals, stars and seedlings. 125 is a good deal, and will quickly burn out the cheaters and their snaggers. You guys need to be more vigilant about the people you add as friends that you don”t know.. Go to this link http://www.facebook.com/social_graph.php?node_id=222868257269&class=AppUserManager&edge_type=mutual&ref=mf
    it will tell you who is using United Gamers in your friends list, and just delete them. I don’t care if they are my best friends they get deleted, If we get rid of them, pretty soon they won’t have anyone to use it on.. Then just maybe they will lift the amount again.

  178. Paula Says:

    OMG 45 of my friends left farmville OVERNIGHT! I saw a graph that said on Jan 4th farmville has 54 MILLLION players and they are down to 55 THOUSAND!!! WTH ZYNGA, U guys just killed farmville but then again you wanted everyone to leave farmville because you want them to go to your new bany Cityville so you can close farmville down.

  179. Racquel Miller Says:

    I do understand the purpose however I don’t agree with punishing everyone. 125 items per day, a legitimate player can use up 125 in no time. The cupid castle alone was pushing it. With the orchards; 10 cans of water per tree. The people who take advantage of the snag apps really annoy me but I think the 125 limit annoys me more. Or maybe put limits on the limited items but not on building materials and everyday stuff.

    If Zynga wants to make it so difficult to play, people just won’t play. I’m getting frustrated with 8M coins to do nothing with. Everything is in FV$ – or should I say anything good. Maybe convert coins to FV$?? 100 coins = 1FV$ or something. 8M coins and I can’t buy a watering can…argh!

    Farmville is a great game but too many restrictions and having to purchase FV$ to buy things is getting a little out of hand.

  180. Paula Says:

    Kourtenay Main thank u so much for sticking up for us disabled people. Jason has a lot of growing up to do.

  181. Paula Says:

    hot off the zynga forums…..

    When we hotfix later tonight, the following items should not count toward the daily feed collection limit:
    Wall to wall items.
    Barn/Coop raisings.
    Fuel feeds.
    Truffles from pig pens.
    Quest requests for help.
    “Ask for..” gifts. (That’s things like bushels.)

  182. antoaneta Says:

    i do not agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is not fair for those that play fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. Zac Says:

    “Posts between two neighbors (wall to wall posts) do not count towards this limit.”

    They only dont count if its sent out by the game, things like feed, slop etc , anything thats actually useful a neighbour may want to send you counts, dont be confused.

    I was unable to collect a tree grown especially for me (the grower using nearly 10% of her limit on collecting water to grow it dont forget) got the dreaded message I had reached my limit on that private post.

  184. auntrainey Says:

    Many of us have emailed Zynga in the past asking them to get together with Facebook and blocking these cheat programs. Now the cheaters are making it harder for us fair players, and making us suffer. I hate cheaters and they should all be IP banned.

  185. Cozmosiss Says:

    As Auntrainey stated “Many of us have emailed Zynga in the past asking them to get together with Facebook and blocking these cheat programs.”

    Listen to what you said carefully. Everyone wanted something done SOOOOOO badly about the “cheaters”. Well here you have it. You got what you asked for.

    Be careful what you wish for :)

    And as far as finding the people that use snag bars and banning them from farmville. That is impossible. There is NO program that can find exactly who is using the snag bar. Gamers unite is a site and isn’t just used for “snag bars”. And I don’t want to hear that “guilty by association” CRAP! Take a GOOD look at yourselves to….If you have ever gone to the gamers unite site and commented on something to b*tch or ask questions (since you are all SOOOOO knowlagable about the subject) GUESS WHAT? You are on the list as well!

    Everyone wants to point the finger at someone else.

  186. Karyl Says:

    I understand the need for limits if the developers can not detect snag-it tools, but how they imposed the limits seems a bit chaotic, and I firmly believe the limit is too low.

    How do you know when you are reaching the end of your limit? There is no counter or lifebar. There are counters for everything else.

    If they want to encourage more “socializing” between farms, why are there more samples given away with the recipes than what is actually on sale? I have absolteuly no need to buy somebody elses wine when I can get samples for free.

    If they can impose limits per day, than why not impose a limit of 100 every six hours. I play early in the day (I mean really early, like 2 AM), and my clicks are gone in an hour. How about giving me a second chance a little sooner … so maybe I can grab some bushels and work on some recipes.

    Truffles found on another person’s farm should not count. I mean really, who else can grab those? Duh.

    Did you know the “ask” feature doesn’t work after giving so many bushels between friends? Seems to be limits on thsoe too, but it never resets. I can ask and ask and ask, and never get ANYTHING from my longer term neighbors.

    My neighbors who were grabbing EVERYTHING, are no longer my neighbors. PLAY FAIR.

    At least give me a counter so i can see how close I am. So i can save a few for those special trees, or one last bushel.

  187. Chris Says:

    I am an honest player, do not use a snag bar and just hit my limit. guess I am done for tonight. Funny, just bought a cash card on my way home. It will be the last one. Im done..

  188. Jan Says:

    I thought FV was going to bannish the cheats~~~>>>>what happened to that threat??
    No follow through??? Why punish the rest of us who play fair???
    With over 120 seedlings in my gift box, I need all the extra water I can find !!
    Now I have to weigh my need for water over the need for seed and bushels~~~~this is exasperating. Is FV gonna supply us with daily read outs so we can comply??
    The fun of this game is diminishing….with this news and these silly snow ball fights that slows the game….may have to return to reality….

  189. Marta Says:

    Well, I played a few different times throughout the day today (Friday) before 9 p.m., each time for maybe 4 or 5 minutes clicking on the feeds. After a total of about 45 minutes, I only had 8 more items I could have clicked on before I reached the idiotic limit of 125 items per 24 hours. And, that was only for building materials for orchards I’m working on, 2 foals I didn’t have yet, experience points, and watering cans for tons of seedlings. I stored the stupid castle and I’m going to sell it as I’m done collecting all of these holiday items — as a matter of fact, I’m probably going to finish up with all of the seedlings I have, build enough orchards to store all trees, grab 1 or 2 more foals, grab 1 or 2 special horses, and then abandon my farm. I’ve now started asking everyone for either watering cans or building parts. About 3/4 of the time, at least half of the stupid special delivery boxes end up being shovels and I had my storage cellar built months ago so don’t need the dumb shovels. I have maybe 70 to 80 neighbors and the majority of them spits out anywhere from 100 to 500 feed posts per day. Most of my neighbors are above level 90 and they have tons of good stuff they post all of the time. I’ve now started focusing on playing more on Pogo and in a 3d chat site (as well as doing image editing and making textures for virtual goods on the 3d chat site to sell – MUCH MORE FUN THAN STINKING ZYNGA CRAP).

  190. Wibi Says:

    I am still unable to understand why 125 items/day is not enough. I was angry first too, but then I quickly noticed that I come nowhere near this number during the day. I grow maybe 3-6 trees/day (thanks to people sending me watering cans).

    I hand pick everything from my feed and I am even one of those idiots who still clicks “like” when they take something. Most people don’t do this anymore and it bugs me more than FarmVille’s 125 items limit.

    I have a feeling that a lot of people who complain, are using a snag bar, but imo it’s hard to reach that many items per day when people should also let others know they took an item. I could be wrong though.

    I have also too much time on my hands because I am currently unemployed and guess what? There are still other things to do besides playing FV all day long. I picked up drawing again and also bought a guitar. It gives me stuff to talk about with my friends, because no one out there cares about the fact that you just reached level 100 in FV.

  191. Chandra Says:

    @Lisa Lefrik

    Um…no. I don’t grab watering cans. I get them as gifts from my friends. I have 81 in my storage box right now. I mostly grab chicken eggs for the ribbon, collectibles for the ribbon and animals. What a silly question.

  192. Chandra Says:

    And, I don’t care what people say, 125 items a day is A LOT!!!!! You don’t have to grab every little thing that people post. If ya need watering cans, just click on those posts. If ya need more watering cans, ask friends to send ya some. If you don’t need the item, don’t click on it. Save it for someone who might need it. Some people can be really greedy when it comes to a game.

  193. Ozzy Says:

    “We also know how exciting it is to see that someone you know has posted an animal or decoration you want for your farm, and how it can be a letdown if you don’t get that item. Especially if you never seem to get the items you want because they are gone in seconds.”

    The good Items are gone in seconds because we only have One(1) to share w/ our neighbors … Not because of any snag bar. Be real Zynga… if we can only post one to share…how long is that 1 thing supposed to be on the feed???

    Other things in feed are pretty much unlimited …. never have I been denied Water, Feed, Slop, and a few more items. Other than Water Cans (cuz I need all I can get to get my orchards done) I collect nothing else …. why bother collecting feed???? So I can get another Red Chicken, or a Reindeer to go along w/ the 100′s I already have.

    I have One of something for you Zynga:
    A big Thank You :) for saving me lots of time and Money ….. I used to Play about 20 hrs per day, now it’s an hour or so. I used to spend $300. per month, now it’s Zero. So a big thanks to you for saving my precious time and money.

  194. B.T. Says:

    Ok,first of all I agree with a couple comments…but….About a week ago I recieved a mail from a new FV friend. She told me if I am a true friend I remove myself from Gamers Unite . I didnt understand what she was talking about,honestly.She did send me a screenshot about the site and I checked my ‘liked sites’…I found it and did go there. After reading all the stuff I reallized that about a year ago when I started playing FV they helped me a lot about how to play and given me advise how to do everything. My english is not soo good to understand everything and they where really helpful …I heard about the snagbar but didnt now anything about it.This friend told me the snagbar is stealing gifts and other stuff from my FV friends and even out of the gift box.I checked my friends and found a couple who use the bar and told them about it.They denied what I told them and told me to try the bar.Actually before I say something is bad I should know what I am talking about. So I installed the bar.I have a couple friends called ‘breeders’ and I started…You know what? I didnt get one horse or the other stuff they posted! You have to understand,the bar reloads every min.and not faster.There is no cheating at all.I did get more stuff with clicking .Before anybody talks about cheating they should check out Gamers Unite.Its not just the snagbar,they have games and other stuff.Be careful who you call a cheater, nobody has the right to judge others without knowing the truth.I am not useing the bar,because she makes my comp slow. I am not playing 24 hours a day,just at night when I am back from work.I am Level 62 and most of the time I waste reloading the game than playing. I think with the limit its all about money,they wanna force us to pay for the stuff we want. Its zyngas right to do it and its our right to stop playing…thats all.

  195. FV Daily Player Says:

    This is soo STUPID, especially when you need 10 watering cans for a seedling, tons of materials to build something etc etc

    Not fun anymore.

  196. Nancy Says:

    Personally, I feel like water cans should be excluded from the 125 limit. (and while they are at it, how about fix water cans so that at least 10 or 20 people can collect off every water can posted). If you are a tree person, you need lots of water cans to push out those collector trees. This new limit has already caused me to delete my Animal Trough (I’m not wasting clicks on feed when I need water cans), and I’ve completely quit collecting any animals … I focus all my clicks on water cans and orchard parts and on collection items (and I’m considering giving THOSE up too). This new limit makes me wonder if trying to put the brakes on those people that cheat isn’t just taking the fun out of the game for everyone. I’m really on the fence about even bothering to stay in the game. Next thing you know, they’ll tell us we can only have XYZ number of trees on our farm, or some other restriction. This was one move that really seems to be “out of sync”.

  197. Michael Says:

    so instead of working to stop cheating we just limit everyone so the cheaters are limited? brilliant

  198. Beth Lierl Says:

    I have to say that the limiting is not a good idea. I breed with my stable and at times post over 50 foals for friends in one sitting. That is almost half the limit! I also tried to collect a truffle shared from my farm that was sent back from a neighbor and it would not let me collect, said I had my limit for the day. So much for wall to wall posts by neighbors not counting! I think you will find that people who do play a lot and invest their hard earned cash will not be doing so with this limitation in place. I know that I will not purchase anymore FV cash with this limiting. If you do insist on this draconion limiting, you need to go back to whether we want to accept a collectible as you did in the past. There are only certain ones that people need and why waste one click out of 125 if you don’t need the item? Leave it for someone else. Wiseup people! FV was working fine before we became under Communist rule!

  199. Michael_S Says:

    After reading all the comments here and in the forums, I must say that they really did screw up this one.

    One thing is that there are a lot fo snaggers out there, and that people use them vigoruously (spelling?) for some reason (perhaps because they are lazy, who knows?), but implementing a limit instead of just getting rid of the programs is a very bad idea alltogether.

    It should not be a problem for Zynga to actually make the code that snagbars and whatever uses to pick things off the feed totally useless. And even so, I have never been using a snagger for the feed, and like many says, still have gotten what I wanted from it. Even rare animals now and again.

    As many also points out, watering cans are now an even bigger issue than they were before (I have 60 orchards, what am I gonna do with all the seeds now I wonder), since you can only collect so many of them now. Not to mention all the other things they roll out endlessly. So if they wanna continue down that route, they need to reset the limit to 1 watering can per tree, lighten up the building material requirements, and so on.

    Also, its very unfair to people using the game a lot, and collecting things off the feed in the normal human manner. Why they get punished is far beyond me.

    I think they need to rethink their strategy. As with Mafia, they lost about 4 million players when they started implementing their gift limits there. The ramifications to Farmville can be even higher over time. I wouldnt know, as I am not a psychic, but a fair guess is that they will feel this one.

    I, for one, will stop using orchards from now on. Perhaps I should delete them alltogether, in fear of not getting the things I need from the feed? In any event, I will play this game much less now, and not spend any more money on it (I have spent a lot, since I am also a breeder, until yesterday when people that are my neighbors (I sometimes post specifically to some people knowing they havent this and that kind of foal or calf to be cool, before posting the other one on the feed, and they told me they couldnt get it because they hit their limit, and this is retired people talking that use Farmville as a relaxant in their everyday life) ever again.

    One thing is to limit the snaggers, another is to punish dedicated players. Some people tells us in these comments we need to get a life. Well, to them, you need to get a life as well, having nothing better to do than berate people that dedicate themselves to a game. You can do the same in the WoW official forums and start a war :)

    And for the record. I work a five shift rotation taking my shifts around the clock, and I still find time to play this game a lot, and party with friends, have a wife, a daughter and go skiing in the winter. Tell me, do I need a better life?:)

    Peace Out!

  200. Christine Says:

    I for see one problem with this. The cheaters will change the way they cheat. Claiming their friends wall to wall items that do not count against the 125 limit. The fix will make it where none of us will get out friends shared items.

  201. Shawn Says:

    Just sounds like a way to force us to fork over cash for the stuff we want….. so much for this being a social game. But then sooner or later Zanga is gonna stop playing nice and get all the money they can out of its players, I guess that time is coming soon. As for not getting things on here I only have 10 friends, most of them have 50+ friends I rarly dont get stuff that they share, so I dont see the problem.

  202. Linda VanHorn Says:

    I have been playing for little more than a year now, this is the first time i EVER hit a limit!….for months and months now i haven;t been playing as long as i had, so when i have the time to sit ALL day, I want to SIT ALL DAY AND PLAY! NOT be told i CAN”T collect anymore…..I have never cheated by using a Bar or any other method nor would I…To be treated like I’m doing something wrong, makes me NOT want to play FV on top of all the other problems WE deal with from FV EVERY DAY, it’s simply NOT fare…Please reconsider this this matter

  203. patfrisk Says:

    I do not use any snag bars or any cheat apps whatsoever. I don’t even use the Zynga Game Bar. I only use the news feed…….YET I REACH THE LIMIT EVERY DAY!!! THIS SUCKS!

    The limit should be at least 300.

  204. Brian Keith Says:

    Farmville fans listen up! Staring February 5th which is next Saturday we will be banning Zynga Farmville Game for 2 days!..Please do not play Zynga Farmville for these 2 days if you disagree with the limit BS..

    This will be passed everyday until 02/05/2011 over Facebook news feed!

  205. Laura Says:

    I have only been playing for a couple of months and these rules are turning me off to the game. I legitimately play the game and it is ridiculous to be stopped after 125 or too many moves in minutes. Some people can only play and hour or two in a day and have to try to get everything they can. It is not fair to limit this when they are getting what they can each day. Makes me want to quit playing!

  206. Cathie Says:

    I will be honest and say that I “LOVE” Farmville. I like the ability to master the crops and trees, but I think this limitation is a JOKE! How is it that we are to conduct buildings in which need pretty close to 75 bricks, 75 nails and 75 boards when we can only collect 125. I think that if they want to set a limitation on it set it a little higher like 250. Or lower the amount of materials needed to expand buildings and grow seedlings. A friend and I breed our horses so that we can share all the cute foals. But when you have to conduct a building and grow seedlings and would like to grab some collectible items and foals, there is NO WAY! Realistically you would have to chose one over the other. I do feel sorry for those who bash on people like myself who enjoy playing the game. But think about it, all games are competitive. If there wasn’t that thrive to compete then it would not be called a “game”. It is the most played game and if they start to limit what we can and can not do because other players are crying because they can’t seem to collect certain items. Well then maybe cause they are too slow or too late. It happens! But to sit there and cry about it is sad. For those dedicated players should be rewarded. But for those who do it occasionally well then, too bad. Play more to get more I think. So now that I spent all this money on new trees and was grabbing as many watering cans as possible, I was unable to grab a few of my friends foals cause I was at my limit. That is crap! Maybe another suggestion would be is to add more to the bonuses. For example, three people can claim the same foal. But only one person can claim a tree. I think I have said enough, let the comments, negative and positive begin!

  207. Lililan Reyes Says:

    Esto de los limite de Zynga es una gran porqueria,ya a las diez de la mañana me dice que ya no puedo coger nada mas, mejor dejo el juego hasta que analicen la situacion.

  208. Susan Says:

    I play when I have free time…dont see how I am hurting anyone by collecting water or bonus coins…most people just pass those items by anyway.. Part of the game is collecting friends posts…they are putting too much of a restriction on the game…they are going to loose alot of players…I stopped playing for a while and just got back into it and started building my orchards up and now I cant even complete that after already dropping 30$ + for trees, water and building materials cause I cant collect what I need. They dont realize we pay real money to buy the nice trees to give away, why limit the water we can collect to grow those trees. Might have to put FV on the back burner again for a while till they fix this. I can reach the 125 cap with just water and building supplies…whats the point of the game now if you cant get the items that you need.. Screw it they think Im going to continue to pay for what I need with cash just becuase they want to limit the items…Ill find something else to do on my days off.

  209. Susan Says:

    Makes me want to install every snag app available at least then they have a reason to restrict what items i can collect :P

    Also whats they point of posting items for other people to collect if I cant collect what I need…Oh wait..thats the game way of screwing us more….give give give ….better to give than recieve is not always the best medicine when it comes to games….especially when I spend earned money to buy items…

    So mad with this restriction….I refuse to spend any more money of any zynga games unless this is fixed..I will not keep buying stuff for everyone else to benefit from and nothing for me…selfish maybe…but I work too hard in my regular job to give away my money and I worked too hard and spent alot of time working on the vitrual farm to get nothing in return…

    Thanks zynga…you outdid yourself this time.

  210. Susan Says:

    Response to Cathie:::

    Youre absolutely correct….some buildings require too much materials to construct and now with a limit on what is available…and seasonal items…Im not after 4k valentines like some people…just enough to get a good prize.

    Restricting collecting is a horrible more on their part.

    Those who truly play the game correctly …play the game…go collect what they need then play the game…at least thats what I do..I dont just sit there and wait for feeds to collect everything posted. I collect the water I need then go work my orchards…after I get water…I can no longer play till crops are ready and Im working on some that take 2 to 3 days to harvest…

    Basically they restricted our playing time and in turn are losing alot of players and money…Nice work Zynga

  211. Malagu Says:

    This is suck, big time!!!! Specially people like me with little neighbors and only 10 of them are active. Yes! when my neighbors post; like materials, watering can and collection stuffs (e.i valentines, Xmas etc etc); it’s a big help to me.

  212. bella Says:

    the limitation is TOTALLY STUPID. i play this game for more than 4 hrs. i could collect things from the feed only in an hour. and farmville asked us to finish so many tasks. if you wanna put the limit on it at least fix the game. i have 30 orchards and only get 3 seedlings per two day, that is so stupid. and we have this new tree, that new foal and so many things, and since i dont buy the farm cash the only thing i could get for a tree is by collecting so many mystery seedlings from them. and we need 8 cans per seedling. so you just go figure. why cant you disable and block the snaggers from the system. i always play it fair, always click everything that i got and say thanks. that is so pissed me off to know about this limit. and another stupid thing is, the thing that we already clicked but its gone is also count as 1. so not fair.

  213. Me Says:

    “FarmVille is, at its heart, a social game – a game that is fun because you can play it with your friends and family.
    Well I am not social. How dare Zynga tell me I can’t have more bonus……am I a two year old for my mommy to say I’ve eaten enough candy? Zynga you are not my Mommy – or for that Matter the Government of the United States

  214. Birdy Says:

    I noticed that the date is INCORRECT. It says January 19th,2011….that was ONE YEAR AGO. What the heck ?????????

  215. Shell Says:

    Ummm….didn’t this same bug crawl up their butts last year at this time? How are we suppose to finish umpteen million quests on 125 items??? Oh yeah…they want us to use farmville cash! NOT happening. If this is what they are going to do..then either people will protest like we did last year OR they will lose a bunch of players like always. But, they don’t care about us having fun. Farmville is not fun anymore, it stressful… Think it is time to find another game.

  216. FarmGoddess Says:

    @Birdy: The date is correct. THis post is one year old.

  217. Ange Says:

    This is a contrary statement made by zynga, they said they want to make their players happy with sharing, oh but yes let’s put a limit on sharing. Don’t they realize that their players are starting to slim down due to the nonstop constant quests after quests and having bugs that they aren’t fixing?

    Everyone has their opinion on the bonus collectors/auto. I have mixed feelings about it. I am sorry but I’d rather have my time spent playing the game, not being glued to the feed. I don’t see how it’s considered cheating when all it does is sort the feed, not all items are available to collect anyhow. Especially with how facebook changed the news feed, it’s hard at times to see posts when they now full of stories rather than game posts.

    Here’s another thing to consider, it’s not the collectors that grab the items, let’s say you have 100 fv friends, you post an item, there’s only a chance of 5 out of 100 friends who will get the item. Also, there is a timeframe, some receive the feed seconds later depending on location of the person who post it. If they live in the same timezone, they have a faster chance of collecting than someone who is in another country who tries to get it at the same time.

    As others mentions some items require a lot due to zynga putting more requirements in them to build fully. Yes, we can request them through the game, but not many help out, and it’s tedious to ask for help constantly for this or that, but all games are like this, and instead of limiting collections from feeds, they should limit the building materials needed to finish it.

    most i see that needs collecting is animal feed and water cans, why can’t they resolve it on their end by limiting the random pets from a certain pen, so it reduces us to collect and waste it on an zoo baby that we have a hundred of?

    And really, no one has the right to judge another if one plays more the other, no need to accuse them of not having a life just because you see them online a lot. Everyone has their way of destressing and unwinding their stress.

  218. Lavoux Says:

    I have read a lot of the comments and I agree that it is wrong what Zanga is doing cause the way I see it. Is if it comes up on my wall then I should be able to get it. I only post to my friends not to the public and I do not feel that Zanga should interfere with what I do on my own wall. Now if I were going to other peoples wall and collecting then yes there should be a limit but it should not be on my own wall. My husband does not even touch a computer and he agrees that no one should interfere with what or how much I collect on my own wall. Cause not everything my friends post shows up on my wall. I do have to go to their wall to get some items. And as for as a job, being disable or retired Zanga should be able to tell the difference cause the disable or retired people will be on here at least 8 hours a day, 5 to 6 days or more a week. By telling me how much I can collect on my own wall is Communism and I am sorry I thought I lived in the United States Of America where we or suppose to be free to make our own decisions. But I must be mistaken I must be in Russia. But I do not remember ever leaving the soil of the USA. I just want to know why I friends, family and neighbors fights in wars for our freedom so that others can take it away from us. I guess who ever is over Zanga must not be from the USA . They must be from another country.

  219. david Says:

    this is frigging bull shit on the limit again,no wonder people are frigging quitting the game,hell they can’t even let the players be happy and enjoy the game,and also paying money for the dam expansions,that is also bull shit,should be coins,hell zynga needs to play farm town,that is where a lot of players are going to,they and i all are getting fed up with zynga.read this zynga you dam tight wads.